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This listing comprises not only the original CBS show, but also the Showtime additional seasons: The Paper Chase: Second Year, The Paper Chase: Third Year, and The Paper Chase: Graduation Year Based on the movie, written by John Osborne, The Paper Chase is a classroom drama about students in a law school (based on Harvard Law School). The two main characters are a stern but fair Contract Law professor, Charles W. Kingsfield, and a student who idolizes him, James Hart. The Paper Chase was voted the best new drama of 1978. Although the critics raved it didn't get the "numbers" that CBS wanted and it was cancelled after its first season. Five years later Showtime picked it up and made 3 new seasons of episodes from 1983-1986.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Paper Chase

S01E01 The Paper Chase 00/00/0000 James Hart (James Stephens), a farmboy from Minnesota, starts his first year of law school. Being unprepared for his first day of ""Contracts"" he is 'shrouded' by Professor Charles W. Kingsfield, Jr. (John Houseman), pronouncing the hapless Hart as ""dead"" in his class. This means that he will never call on Hart and his part of the class's ""Socratic dialogue will be at an end. Hart finds out that Kingsfield shrouds one student each year and that student remains deceased all year long. Kingsfield is the reason Hart has chosen to come to this school; we are shown a couple of his nightmares now that he is the ""former Mr. Hart"". Another student, Franklin Ford III (Tom FitzSimmons), is organizing a study group and invites Hart to join. The members of the study group decide to have each member do an outline of one of the classes that they can then copy for each member of the group. Hart wants to do the Contracts outline but the others worry that Hart cannot be effective if he is shrouded. In
S01E02 The Man Who Would Be King 00/00/0000 Anderson pushes Hart to run for the first-year slot on the Law School Council. Elsewhere, Ford's father and sister come for a visit. Ford's father is an alumnus of the school, and his very presence (at the school and in the classroom) puts extra pressure on Ford to excel. To impress his father, Ford decides to run for the Law Council post (against Hart) which forces the study group members to choose sides. Hart's part-time job is at Ernie's Tavern.
S01E03 A Day in the Life of . . . 00/00/0000 Hart asks Kingsfield to answer a question before he thoroughly researched the case himself. As a penalty, Kingsfield gives Hart additional research that is due the following morning. Hart is lost in thought while bicycling across campus, and is struck by a car driven by Leanne Laski, the president of the Law Review. Meanwhile, Bell misplaces his Property outline (actually stolen by Ford, as a prank). Elsewhere, Logan is arrested when her off-hand legal advice to some high school girls results in a riot at the girls' private school.
S01E04 Great Expectations 00/00/0000 The study group plans a weekend getaway picnic to blow off steam, but Professor Kingsfield assigns a lot of work at the last minute, causing the group to drop the getaway and just have an on-campus party. Self-styled ladies' man Anderson makes the rounds, and inadvertently gets stuck at the scene of a campus burglary, and is hauled in by the police. Hart and the others come to his legal aid.
S01E05 Voices of Silence 00/00/0000 As part of Prof. Rolf's prison internship program for first year students, Logan is assigned to help in a hearing of a political activist, Eric Ryerson, who was put in solitary confinement for stabbing a fellow prisoner. Ryerson convinces Logan that the prison establishment is only supressing him for his political activism and Logan is taken in, emotionally as well. Kingsfield is not in favor of this program because he believes that the students are not ready scholastically and that it takes away valuable time from their other studies. Logan is banished to the back bench in his class for being late as a result of her work in the program. Hart displays his fluency in Spanish, acting as interpreter of another prisoner, Sanchez - the prisoner who was stabbed. At first Sanchez denies that it was Ryerson who stabbed him (because he and other prisoners are afraid of Ryerson), but we find out that Ryerson stabbed him because Sanchez would not give Ryerson a cool pair of sunglasses. THINKING L
S01E06 Nancy 00/00/0000 Hart has a girlfriend with whom he is very close and share's his deep love of the law. Together they uncover a ""secret"" repository of all of the collected books, articles, and even class notes of all the law school's professors (including Kingsfield). They look very good in the Contracts class the next day. Things seem to be moving to the next level when Hart is invited to her Father's house for the weekend. All seems to go well, Father is impressed with Hart, Hart with the Dad. Dad makes Hart promise that, no matter what, he will try to help Nancy keep her dream alive of being a lawyer. Hart thinks the promise is a little odd, but agrees. Back at school, a news bulletin shocks Hart and Nancy with the news that Nancy's father has been killed in a ""gangland hit"". We find out that Nancy's dad is an underworld figure, one that Nancy does not want to emulate, but whom she loves nonetheless. She and Hart try hard to make the relationship work, regardless of the constant interference of news
S01E07 Da Da 00/00/0000 This episode focuses on Tom Clayton, the guy with the ""photographic memory"" in the study group. Early in the episode Kingsfield intimidates Tom to the point he is incapable of speaking and freezes up. In an effort to ""start at the very beginning"" and teach him how to talk again, Kingsfield tells him to say ""da da"". In this episode Tom's wife, Karen, announces she's pregnant. Faced with stresses due to his (losing) struggle with law school and the further complication of having a child, Tom goes on a drinking binge and falls behind in Kingsfield's class. In an all-night cram session, where members of the class impersonate Kingsfield, Tom is helped to learn to synthesize the material he so easily memorizes into fully developed ideas and he is able to make a good showing in the actual class the next day.
S01E08 The Seating Chart 14/11/1978 As the weekend approaches, Hart gets a special, paying assignment to index Kingsfield's new book of essays, due Monday - an impossibly difficult deadline. On top of that, his employer Ernie asks him to manage the tavern while he's away for the weekend. Meanwhile, Bell becomes obsessed with his goofy picture on Kingsfield's seating chart, believing that's why he always gets called on first in each class. Bell sets about getting his picture changed. When Kingsfield's secretary declines to change it without his approval, Bell arrives on the hair-brained scheme to break into Kingsfield's office and change it. While everything possible is going wrong at Ernie's and the index is still looming large, Hart inexplicably agrees to accompany Bell in this ill-fated mission, ending up trapped in a closet over the weekend.
S01E09 Moot Court 00/00/0000 This is one of the standout episodes written by the John Jay Osborn, Jr., the author of the original book and screenplay for the 1974 movie. Moot court is the chance for first year law students to compete against each other (in teams of two) in a courtroom setting in front of a distinguished panel of judges, including Kingsfield. To win is a high prestige – Kingsfield himself won this competition when he was in law school there. Teams are drawn at random and the pairings are: Hart and Logan (a pseudo romantic relationship ensues), Bell and Raymond Livingston (a new character introduced for this episode), Anderson and Gagarian (minor emphasis on this pair), and other minor pairings. Raymond Livingston is being put through law school by the military, he is black, and from an economically challenged background. He is highly motivated to achieve in all endeavors of his life and unhappily finds himself in a team with the lazy, slovenly Bell who doesn't care to win (his main focus has al
S01E10 Kingsfield's Daughter 00/00/0000 Hart falls for a woman who turns out to be Kingsfield's daughter - Susan Fields.
S01E11 The Sorcerer's Apprentice 00/00/0000 This episode features Elizabeth Logan. Supreme Court Justice Reynolds pays a visit to campus to commemorate a milestone anniversary of women being admitted to the law school. During a question and answer session in Kingsfield's class, Logan confronts the judge as to why he has never hired a female law clerk. Professor Kingsfield attempts to stifle her, yet she persists, but does not get an answer from the judge. News of Logan's audacity quickly spreads across campus, and to national women's activist organizations, who send a bunch of demonstrators/hecklers to campus for the judge's celebratory speech. Much to Logan's dismay, the outsiders have turned it into an embarrassing circus.
S02E01 Outline Fever 00/00/0000 The second year begins with Hart and Ford moving to an off-campus apartment, while Bell is still at the dorm as the advisor for the 1-L students. Some of the 1-L students hound Hart for his Contracts outline, until Ford and Bell auction it off (against Hart's wishes). Meanwhile, 1-L Connie Lehman shows a personal interest in Hart ... or is it only his outline?
S02E02 Birthday Party 24/05/1983 Kingsfield's friend and former student, now the Attorney General of the United States, asks him if he would accept a nomination to the Supreme Court. Hart decides to celebrate Kingsfield's eightieth birthday, even though it is known that the professor disapproves of such festivities.
S02E03 Spreading it Thin 26/06/1983 Hart has a feeling that a popular law professor has plagiarized an article for Law Review, and tries to prove it, to the detriment of his schoolwork. Lehman suspects he is just jealous because she greatly admires the professor.
S02E04 Cinderella 00/00/0000 Connie attempts to help a returning student, now a single mother with no child care, and recruits Hart and Bell for assistance. Ford is assigned to an older woman's case against a slumlord.
S02E05 Commitments 15/09/1983 When Hart's girlfriend Conny Lehman devotes all her time to an extra assignment from Kingsfield, the relationship is strained enough that Hart cheats on her and sleeps with a singer he met at the tavern. Dorm-Adviser Bell ignores the pleas for help from a first year student.
S02E06 Plague of Locusts 26/10/1983 Recruiters descend on the campus, much to Kingsfield's irritation, offering summer employment to promising students. Hart, at the top of his class, is inundated with offers, particularly from two very different law firms. Bell despairs of landing a job because all his interviews go badly. Ford considers turning his father in for violating the school's recruiting rules using illegally obtained grade information when selecting interns.
S02E07 Snow 22/11/1983 As usual, the Law Review is behind schedule, but this time Golden is sidelined with pneumonia. Second-in-command Shaw seizes the opportunity for a power play, but it predictably backfires. Law Review activities are further complicated when, while their new computer is being installed and tested, a power failure threatens their precious deadline - until they enlist the help of the 'Wonks'.
S02E08 Mrs. Hart 22/05/1984 Hart's girlfriend receives a scholarship offer in England. Hart tries to presuade her to stay with him, she suggests he come to England, which he refuses. Awaiting her decision on whether to accept the scholarship or stay there with Hart, she asks him to go with her to Kingsfield's empty classroom which she describes as a ""temple of reason"" (you knew then which she had chosen). Hart leaves angrily, but Golden talks him into seeing her before she leaves. As she leaves, Bell is there to comfort his friend Hart. True to form, Hart announces that he needs to check on what assignments Golden has for him and then he will study for Kingsfield's seminar.
S02E09 Tempest in a Pothole 29/05/1984 Bell sues the city for damages and lost wages when he rides over a pothole and breaks his arm. Kingsfield has difficulty coping when Nottingham, his secretary, transfers to another office.
S02E10 Labor of Love 05/06/1984 Love is in the air. Hart drags Golden out of the Law Review for a drink in Tavern where they meet two ladies (who are from another school and are on 'the hunt' for rich-lawyer husbands). Hart likes one, but is so busy that Ford steps in and dates her too. The other finds an actual attraction to Golden hindered by his focus on the Review.
S02E11 Burden of Proof 12/06/1984 Working in the public defender's office, Hart has to defend the perpetrator who assaulted and robbed Kingsfield. The violence on campus puts student on edge.
S02E12 War of the Wonks (aka Machine) 19/06/1984 A minor incident between Golden and an engineering student about a parking space causes hostilities between the law students and the engineering students (or ""Wonks"" as they are called on campus). Golden has the Wonk's car impounded and the Wonks retaliate by moving Golden's car into the Law Review office (which is in a basement...). A romance between a law student and a Wonk is strained by the conflict. The matter is settled by a contest of legal knowledge between Kingsfield and a computer.
S02E13 Limits 26/06/1984 Ford's classmates want to petition for the replacement of a longtime professor they suspect of becoming senile. He strongly resists due to painful memories of his own aging grandfather being dropped from the family law firm by his father. Hart tries to develop a better relationship with his ultra-competitive (and beautiful) Law Review rival, Harriman.
S02E14 Hart Goes Home 10/07/1984 Hart, returning home for his sister's wedding, ends up having to ignore family and boyhood friends because he has to spend every minute on the phone editing last-minute changes to his amicus brief notes he did for Kingsfield to give to the US Supreme Court. He recognises for the first time how much he's changed due to law school. Returning to his apartment, he tells Ford "for the first time, I feel like I belong here".
S02E15 Judgment Day (aka Tenure) 17/07/1984 The students fear they will lose a popular professor when he becomes eligible for tenure but lacks significant publication credits.
S02E16 My Dinner with Kingsfield 24/07/1984 A snowstorm stands Kingsfield, forcing him to spend the evening with Hart while Ford and Bell get to know Nottingham in a local bar.
S02E17 The Advocates 07/08/1984 Hart and Harriman compete to represent the school in the national moot court competition. First-year student Vivian struggles with speaking up in class.
S02E18 Not Prince Hamlet (aka Rashomon) 14/08/1984 A grieving father struggles to understand why his son committed suicide.
S02E19 Billy Pierce 21/08/1984 Stressed-out first-year students prepare for Kingsfield's final. When the final exam is stolen, Bell is charged with finding the students responsible.
S03E01 Decisions (1) 11/05/1985 Golden has some choices to make. Who will succeed him as president of the law review, and if he should accept a clerkship with the supreme court. Kingsfield shows a potential professor (former head of the SEC) how challenging being a teacher would be. Ford's younger brother comes to visit and look over the school. [Although aired a part of "The Third Year" this episode shows the end of Hart's second year.]
S03E02 Decisions (2) 11/05/1985 Hart, begins his third year as the new president of Law Review. Guiding the staff in a different way than Golden, the first publication proves a struggle. Meanwhile, Ford tries to adjust to the idea that his younger brother is now attending the same law school.
S03E03 Free Advice 25/06/1985 Franklin Ford's mechanic friend has landlord problems and asks for first-year student Tom Ford for legal advise. Tom gets in trouble with the results.
S03E04 Laura's Struggle 02/07/1985 Laura feels the pressure of being a 2nd year, and working on the law review. She turns to drugs to help her do the work.
S03E05 Pressure 09/07/1985 Ford younger brother defends a first year who cracked under the pressure and hit his teacher.
S03E06 The Big D 16/07/1985 Rose has to contend with her husband filing for a divorce and her friends band together to help her prepare. They find the ex wasn't being honest in several ways.
S03E07 The Day Kingsfield Missed Class 23/07/1985 Kingsfield stays away from campus for an entire day to teach his students to cope with problems in his absence. He also wants to teach his class an important lesson regarding different ways of fulfilling a contract.
S03E08 The Source 06/08/1985 A visiting state supreme court judge is toasted by the facility, but his clerk, (a former law review member), has a story that needs telling.
S03E09 The Choice 13/08/1985 Ford's girlfriend announces she's pregnant and as much as he wants the baby, she says has no say in her decision.
S03E10 It's Only a Show 20/08/1985 The Law School's annual stage show is directed by dictatorial Bell. Kingsfield travels to Los Angeles and finds himself in a very unfamiliar environment. Franklin Ford sings Gilbert and Sullivan and Bell is convinced to amuse all (except returned Kingsfield) with a skit wherein Kingsfield goes to heaven.
S03E11 Security 03/09/1985 Hart has to find a keynote speaker for a dinner and approaches a past Law Review President, Jeremy Brooks. Mr. Brooks is almost as well respected as Kingsfield but is found hiding at home now a stroke victim and too prideful to be seen in a wheelchair. Hart finds out the medical treatment that could substantially improve Brooks's condition has ended because of Medicare bureaucrats. Prof Kingsfield to go to court to fight for reinstatement of his friend's benefits so treatment can resume.
S03E12 Lasting Impressions 10/09/1985 Golden, having passed the bar, is now a lawyer assigned to defend an antisemitic client in a libel suit. The first-years mourn the retirement of a popular janitor who's anxious for his retirement.
S04E01 A Wounded Hart 24/06/1986 (Beginning the fourth season of this show, the third year of law school continues). Harriman is dumped by her fiance and has a one-night fling with Hart, who finds it meant much more to him than her.
S04E02 Mistaken Identity 01/07/1986 Franklin Ford is falsely arrested and spends three agonizing days in jail before Golden can extract him from the police bureaucracy. Ford is deeply affected by his glimpse of the underside of the imperfect system he had spent most of his life pursuing.
S04E03 Honor 08/07/1986 The graduating class scramble to learn if their grades earn them Honors, Summa or Magna. Ziess finds he is a tiny fraction below the threshold and files a lawsuit against the law school over its grading procedures.
S04E04 Suppressed Desires 15/07/1986 Laura stumbles across an art show, enters and wins 3rd prize, reawakening her past dreams about being an artist. Meanwhile, the other students have a "suppressed desires" party where everyone dresses up in a costume depicting what they really wanted to be in life.
S04E05 Graduation 09/08/1986 [This episode has several clips, flashing back to early episodes] The first-year study group fractures under the pressures of finals. This two-part series finally shows all the characters future plans. Hart and the rest of Law Review scramble to get out their last issue while Bell scrambles for a job. Hart considers a possible teaching position at the school but Kingsfield resists. Laura tells Hart that she's going to drop law for art, which is much more fulfilling. Ford and Hart say goodbye to their apartment. Bell has one last time to talk with Kingsfield, and his parents step in. The graduation ceremonies begin with Hart as commencement speaker, giving deep thanks to Kingsfield. Diplomas are handed out.