Affiche The Partners (1971)
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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Partners (1971)

S01E01 Here Come the Fuzz 18/09/1971 The Partners are given just twenty-four hours to solve a bank robbery.
S01E02 Abra Cadaver 00/00/0000 The Partners' investigation of a murder is complicated when the body keeps disappearing.
S01E03 Waterloo at Napoleon 00/00/0000 The Partners must work with the F.B.I. after they stumble into an ongoing case.
S01E04 The Prisoner of Fender 00/00/0000 Captain Andrews sends Lennie and George to collect a prisoner being held by his old friend Sheriff Fender but two of the prisoner's men impersonating them beat them to it.
S01E05 Witness for the Execution 00/00/0000 Lennie becomes the target of an assassin when he is due to be a witness at a gangster's trial.
S01E06 How Many Carats in a Grapefruit? 00/00/0000 George's mother unwittingly becomes a carrier when a stolen diamond is hidden in a grapefruit.
S01E07 To Catch a Crooke 00/00/0000 Lennie is taken into custody when his gun is found at the scene of a crime. He escapes and tries to prove his innocence.
S01E08 Requiem for a Godfather 00/00/0000
S01E09 Have I Got an Apartment for You! 00/00/0000 Lennie becomes a victim of fraud while apartment hunting.
S01E10 Take My Wife - Please 00/00/0000 After a bank robbery goes wrong, the would-be robbers decide to hold the bank president's wife for ransom.
S01E11 Our Butler Didn't Do It 00/00/0000 When Freddie Butler's therapist is murdered, Freddie confesses as usual - but this time it looks like he might really be guilty.
S01E12 New Faces 00/00/0000 Wanted criminals are using plastic surgery to change their appearance.
S01E13 North Is Now South 00/00/0000 Gang warfare threatens to break out when city rezoning results in rival protection racketeers claiming the same territory.
S01E14 Desperate Ours 00/00/0000 An escaped killer, seking revenge on Captain Anderews for testifying against him, takes Higgenbottom hostage - along with anyone else who shows up.
S01E15 Headlines for Higgenbottom 00/00/0000 When Higgenbottom worries that his son is ashamed of him serving only behind a desk, the Partners decide to take him on one of their cases.
S01E16 Magnificent Perception 00/00/0000 The police department hires a clairvoyant to assist in tracking down a bomber who is threatening the city.
S01E17 Two in a Pen 00/00/0000 When it is learned that a jailbreak is being planned, the Partners go undercover inside the prison - with Lennie as an inmate and George as a guard.
S01E18 They Steal Cars, Don't They? 00/00/0000 The Partners investigate a series of car thefts that appear to be the work of an organized gang.
S01E19 Two or False 11/08/1972 A glamorous woman tricks Lennie into letting her steal a bracelet from a jewelry store right under his nose.
S01E20 The 217 in 402 08/09/1972 Lennie poses as a coma patient in hospital, acting as a decoy to protect an informer from a hitman.