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Festival favorites, Academy award winners, and provocative political and point-of-view documentaries that will inform, sometimes outrage, and always entertain you.


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S255E00 Future Earth: 2025 04/06/2011 Narrated by Corey Lawson.
S255E01 Shake Hands With The Devil 31/01/2005 Canadian Lt.-General (ret.) Romeo Dallaire may never fully come to terms with the horrific events that unfolded while he commanded the United Nations peace-keeping mission in Rwanda, but the emotionally scarred Dallaire is trying. Over 100 nightmarish days in 1994, more than 800,000 men, women and children were brutally murdered, despite the valiant efforts of Dallaire and his small number of peacekeepers.
S255E02 Gypsy Child Thieves 11/06/2011
S255E03 True Love or Marriage Fraud 15/11/2010
S255E04 Cowboys in Paradise 07/02/2011
S255E05 Assault in the Ring 18/06/2011
S255E06 Tsunami: Caught on Camera 27/12/2010
S255E07 The Kennedy Saga 12/12/2010
S255E08 Diana's Jewels 22/06/2011
S255E09 JFK's Women: Scandals Revealed 26/06/2011
S255E10 My Mother Diana 26/06/2011
S255E11 Nazi King 27/06/2011 When the Duke and Duchess of Windsor sailed into Palm Beach, Florida on the SS Berkshire from Nassau on April 18, 1941, they were looking forward to enjoying three days of relaxation, playing golf, drinking and gossiping with American high society. But unbeknownst to this infamous couple, the night before the ship docked, President Roosevelt had instructed FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover to launch what was to be an extraordinary covert intelligence exercise, one that had to fool both the exiled royals and the American secret service agents guarding them. The final FBI report, recently released under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act, running to 227 pages, reveals that the Duke and Duchess of Windsor harbored pro-Nazi sympathies and that Edward was earmarked by Hitler as a potential puppet king if Hitler defeated Britain. There has long been a great deal of speculation about the Windsors and their political views, which has always been vehemently denied by the ex-king, the establishment and Philip Ziegler, the official biographer. But there is more than the sole FBI report that is damning. Recently, a number of key documents have been released, as well as British military intelligence reports and, crucially, the sensational publication of the diaries of Sir Alan Lascelles, the Duke's private secretary. Together, these prove that Edward VIII's sympathies lay squarely with Hitler's regime. Now, for the first time in The Nazi King, the full inside story is told, in which Edward and his wife were warmly welcomed by Hitler in Germany and thereafter Edward passed on top secret Allied information to the enemy. It's a tale of treachery, corruption and depravity at the heart of the British monarchy - and one that could have changed the course of history.
S255E15 Diana: Her True Story 26/01/2014 The tell-all Diana book based on secretly taped interviews with the princess shocked the world when it was first published, & ruined the reputation of its controversial author. We learn what really happened & how it irrevocably altered the relationship between the press & the monarchy.
S255E17 Last Call At The Oasis 27/01/2013 When was the last time you worried about getting a glass of water? From the producers of An Inconvenient Truth & Food Inc., an inspiring wake-up call for why you should be worried. Investigates why the global water crisis will be the central issue of the 21st century.
S255E18 The Dark Matter of Love 09/08/2014 Two former Disney employees hire a team of psychologists to help them with the challenge of adopting three Russian children all at once. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, we get to watch as the idealistic couple and their not always ideal new kids, learn how to love each other.
S255E20 The Invisible War 20/01/2013
S255E21 Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi 25/10/2015 A fragile and depressed university student disappears from his apartment. Four weeks later his name and photo explode across social and mainstream media as 'Suspect #2' in the Boston Marathon bombings. The search for truth derails as collective fear and suspicion take hold. Exclusive access and never released footage reveal a family’s enduring faith, strength, and love.
S255E25 Shakin All Over 16/04/2006 The flower-power decade gave the world a wealth of great music, from England's mods to America's psychedelic rockers. But the hippie era also gave us cool sounds from the Great White North. It started with the folk music of Ian & Sylvia and the rhythm 'n' blues of Ronnie Hawkins and quickly evolved into a sonic revolution, as literally hundreds of bands and singer-songwriters from coast to coast began making noise. SHAKIN' ALL OVER captures all of those freewheeling sounds, from such legendary stars as Joni Mitchell, The Guess Who, Neil Young, Anne Murray and The Band to cult heroes like David Wiffen, The Collectors and Mashmakhan. SHAKIN' ALL OVER takes viewers on a trip back in time to Vancouver's 4th Avenue, Winnipeg's community centres, Montreal's dance halls and the clubs and coffeehouses that sprang up along Toronto's Yorkville and Yonge Street. There, in the absence of a music industry, a brave new sound began to emerge. The special is full of candid interviews with more than 60 iconic figures like Gordon Lightfoot, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Bruce Cockburn, who offer illuminating stories about each other. And, the show features an abundance of rare performance clips from the period, from Early Morning Rain to Oh What a Feeling. But SHAKIN' ALL OVER also features some of Canada's brightest younger stars, including Blue Rodeo, Barenaked Ladies and Sarah Harmer, who pay tribute to the period. Hawksley Workman tells of being inspired by Ian Tyson, who wrote his first song, Four Strong Winds, after hearing "this punk named Dylan." Matthew Good fondly remembers cranking the volume on Steppenwolf's Magic Carpet Ride. And Sloan's Jay Ferguson draws a connection between the Canadian bands of the '60s and current garage-rock favourites. Said Ferguson: "If you listen to records by The Ugly Ducklings or The Great Scots, they could almost be a hit in this day, because it's so
S255E34 FrankenSteer 31/10/2005 Frankensteer is a disturbing documentary that reveals how the ordinary cow has been turned into an antibiotic-dependent, hormone-laced potential carrier of toxic bacteria, all in the name of cheaper food. Frankensteer exposes the harsh and sometimes frightening realities of how our beef gets to our tables.
S255E40 Strange Days On Planet Earth: Troubled Waters 16/07/2007 Have Earth's vibrant waterways become massive delivery systems for invisible poisons?

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