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Patty Lane (Duke) is a normal teenager living in the Brooklyn Heights section of New York City, who loves boys, ice cream, and sleepovers. Her father is the managing editor of the New York Chronicle. In the unaired pilot episode, her "identical cousin" Cathy Lane (also played by Duke), whose father also works for the Chronicle as a foreign correspondent, arrives in the United States from Scotland to live with Patty's family and attend school.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Patty Duke Show

S01E01 The French Teacher 18/09/1963 Patty gets a crush on her new French teacher after he makes her his test subject.
S01E02 The Genius 25/09/1963 While Patty is taking a test to determine the intelligence of today's students, the machine goes nuts and the results say Patty is a genius with a 185 I.Q.
S01E03 The Elopement 02/10/1963 J.R. Castle leads Martin to believe that Patty and Richard are planning to elope. Acutally, they are helping Natalie plan a surprise vacation for Martin and her at the same fishing lodge where tjhey spent their honeymoon.
S01E04 House Guest 09/10/1963 Martin's Aunt Pauline comes to visit.
S01E05 The Birds and the Bees Bit 16/10/1963 Ross is invited to his first dance, so Patty and Cathy try to teach him about girls.
S01E06 The Slumber Party 23/10/1963 Ross tape records conversations at Patty and Cathy's slumber party's, and then blackmails them with the tape.
S01E07 The Babysitters 30/10/1963 When Mr. Lane refuses to pay for an evening gown for Patty, she decides to go into the babysitting business.
S01E08 The Conquering Hero 06/11/1963 When the star basketball player's parents move to Michigan, the Lanes invite him to stay with them.
S01E09 The President 13/11/1963 Patty and Cathy both run for president of the Girls' Leauge.
S01E10 Double Date 20/11/1963 Patty plays Patty and Cathy at a party, after Cathy got sick for having taken a flu shot meant for Patty.
S01E11 The Actress 27/11/1963 The school is putting on a lavish version of Anthony and Cleopatra. Cathy tries out for the lead, but Patty unexpectedly gets it.
S01E12 How to Be Popular 04/12/1963 Cathy wants to win more friends, so she writes to Aunt Jane,a Lonely Hearts colunnist, for advice.
S01E13 The Song Writers 11/12/1963 Richard enters Patty and Cathy's song in the Jimmy Dean Songwriter Contest,Unfortunately, Patty had copied the words from a book of poetry!!
S01E14 The Princess Cathy 18/12/1963 Cathy falls in love with a foreign exchange student.
S01E15 Christmas Present 25/12/1963 Christmas is a day away and Cathy anxiously awaits a visit from her father, only to learn that he is a prisoner in a foreign country.
S01E16 Auld Lang Syne 01/01/1964 Martin's brother Kenneth sets out to write his autobiography, but discovers writing a book to be more difficult than he imagined.
S01E17 Horoscope 08/01/1964 Patty become an astrologist in order to earn money to buy Natalie a birthday present.
S01E18 The Tycoons 15/01/1964 When all the girls like the dress that Cathy made, she and Patty decide to go into business.
S01E19 Author! Author! 22/01/1964 Patty writes a novel presenting the viewpoint of the American teenager and immediately gets a publishing contract.
S01E20 The Continental 29/01/1964 Martin learns that he is being transferred to Paris.
S01E21 Let 'Em Eat Cake 05/02/1964 Natalie makes the mistake of leaving her cake in the church bazaar on the kitchen table unattened.
S01E22 Going Steady 12/02/1964 Patty and Richard decide to go steady.
S01E23 Are Mothers People? 19/02/1964 Natalie Lane begins to feel unwanted and devises a plan to get even with her family for the uncaring way they have been acting.
S01E24 The Con Artist 26/02/1964 Cathy buys a vacuum cleaner for Natalie's birtyday but finds the cost is too much for her to handle.
S01E25 The Perfect Teenager 04/03/1964 After flunking an exam for teenagers, Patty decides to enroll in modeling school.
S01E26 Chip Off the Old Block 11/02/1964 To increase the circulation of the school paper, Patty uses scandalous stories which infuriate the school principal.
S01E27 The Wedding Anniversary Caper 18/03/1964 In order to buy a gift for his parents wedding anniversary, Ross enters Patty's photo in a teenagers beauty contest.
S01E28 Pen Pals 25/03/1964 Patty receives some beautiful letters from a new pen pal, and therefore loses interest in Richard.
S01E29 A Slight Case of Disaster 01/04/1964 In order to impress Sue Ellen, Patty buys an expensive dress that she can't afford.
S01E30 The Friendship Bit 08/04/1964 Patty discovers that she is allergic to Cathy.
S01E31 Patty, the Foster Mother 15/04/1964 Patty unknowingly signs papers to adopt a korean orphan.
S01E32 Drop Out 22/04/1964 Richard decide to quit school.
S01E33 Leave it to Patty 29/04/1964 In order to get elected chairman of the class prom,""Patty promise to get Pinky Gristol[""The Mop""] as a guest.
S01E34 The Little Dictator 06/05/1964 Cathy, who is student principal for a week, has trouble dealing with Patty.
S01E35 The Working Girl 13/05/1964 Patty gets a job at the local ice cream parlor.
S01E36 The Cousins 20/05/1964 Patty and Cathy reminisce about Cathy's arrival in the Lane household.
S01E99 TO DELETE (Pilot unaired, added in Specials) 00/00/0000
S02E01 The Green-Eyed Monster 16/09/1964 Richard is jealous of Groffrey Davis111, a military cadet in town for a visit.
S02E02 Practice Makes Perfect 23/09/1964 Patty decides to take tuba lessons.
S02E03 Simon Says 30/09/1964 Patty is ghost-writing an advice column for the school newspaper;and craving lots of trouble for lots of people.
S02E04 Patty, the Organizer 07/10/1964 Patty,Cathy,and Ross form the UAFUM[United Association for Unproteced Miners] in the hopes of getting more privledge at hom
S02E05 Patty, the Pioneer 14/10/1964 Patty accepts the challenge to live like a pioneer for one week.
S02E06 The Boy Next Door 21/10/1964 Patty and Cathy both like their new next-door neighbor
S02E07 Patty, the People's Voice 28/10/1964 Patty anbd Cathy campaign for T.J. Blodgett[Martin's boss], but discover that thery prefer his oppenent.
S02E08 The Greatest Psychologist In the World 04/11/1964 When Patty is invited to the Harvard Prom by Sue Ellen's cousin Rip, she decides to use psychology to persuade her parents to allow her to go.
S02E09 Patty and the Peace Corps 11/11/1964 Patty decides to join the Peace Corps.
S02E10 How to Succeed In Romance 18/11/1964 Cathy falls for Chris, a new student, and seeks advice from Patty; Chris, meanwhile, asks Richard for help.
S02E11 Block that Statue 25/11/1964 The hero of the football team is in love with Cathy.
S02E12 This Little Patty Went to Market 02/12/1964 Patty forms,""Patty Lane Inc."" in order to market Cathy's apricot jam.
S02E13 Best Date In Town 09/12/1964 Martin promises to take Patty to the father-daughter dance, but must cancel at the last minute.
S02E14 Can Do Patty 16/12/1964 Patty follows Martin's suggestion and volunteers to do a lot of things at home and at school; everyone else, however, ends up doing the work for her.
S02E15 Hi, Society 23/12/1964 Patty and Sue Ellen vie for the attentions of Woodrow Warren Calden 111,a new student at school.
S02E16 Patty, the Witness 30/12/1964 Patty witness an auto accident and thinks that one of the men is a robber.
S02E17 Every Girl Should Be Married 06/01/1965 Patty belives her parents are tring to marry her off to ayoung man whom they invite to dinner.
S02E18 The Perfect Hostess 13/01/1965 Cousin Betsy from Chattanooga comes to visit, captivating all the eligible young men.
S02E19 Patty Meets a Celebrity 20/01/1965 Sal Mineo visits hie alna mater, and Patty is cast in a play opposite him; the night of the performance, she gets stage fright and cannot speak of her lines.
S02E20 The Raffle 27/01/1965 To raise money for a church bazaar, Patty raffles off Richards.
S02E21 Patty and the Newspaper Game 03/02/1965 Patty and the Newpapers Game""2.3.65 Martin is distrubed when he thinks that a new reporter has been hired to replace him.
S02E22 Little Brother Is Watching You 10/02/1965 The Lanes have decided not to give Ross a suerprise party, buy he has already made plans for it.
S02E23 Patty Pits Wits -- Two Brits Hits 17/02/1965 Patty tries to help a British singing duo become successful.
S02E24 It Takes a Heap of Livin 24/02/1965 The Lanes discovers that their home was used during the American Revolution and is therefore an historical landmark.
S02E25 Will the Real Sammy Davis, Please Hang Up? 03/03/1965 Patty is elected prom chairman and must get hold of a big-name star.
S02E26 Don't Monkey with Mendel 10/03/1965 After styding genetic theory in school, Patty decides that Richard would not be a suitable father for her children.
S02E27 Patty, the Practical Joker 17/03/1965 Tha Lane house becomes a ""no-man's land"" of booby traps, thanks tp Patty and Ross.
S02E28 Patty, the Master Builder 24/03/1965 After finding a composition[on Ross's desk] i which the author praises his sister,Patty decides to help Ross build a car for the soap box derby race.
S02E29 Patty and the Cut-Rate Casanova 31/03/1965 Patty deserts Richards for Carlos, a boy who knows all the latest dance steps,so Richards begins dating Cathy.
S02E30 The Daughter Bit 07/04/1965 Patty feels guilty when Martin complains that she doesn't spend enough time at home.
S02E31 Cathy, the Rebel 14/04/1965 Cathy, writes a letter to the Chronical criticzing an editorial and calling the authora "" Man with the mentality of a dinossur.
S02E32 Patty the Folk Singer 21/04/1965 Patty becomes a fols singer at a local coffee shop.
S02E33 What's Cooking, Cousin? 28/04/1965 Patty tries to improve her cooking in order to impress Richard, who has grown fond of French food cooked by a girl named Gloria.
S02E34 Take Me Out to the Ball Game 05/05/1965 Ross tries out for the Little League, an everyone tries to help him.
S02E35 My Cousin the Heroine 12/05/1965 Cathy becomes a heroine after rescuing a drowning baby.
S02E36 Patty, the Chatterbox 19/05/1965 Patty will get an extra week's allowance if she can refrain from talking for three days.
S03E01 A Foggy Day In Brooklyn Heights 15/09/1965 Frankie Avalon stops by the Lane house to make a phone call, and ends up spending a short time there because the airport is fogged in.
S03E02 Operation: Tonsils 22/09/1965 Patty falls for an attractive young doctor, and misunderstands his feelings for a boat as feelings for her.
S03E03 Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow 29/09/1965 When Richard goes to a party without Paty, Patty decides to give a party the same night.
S03E04 The Guest 06/10/1965 When Richard's parents go out of town, Patty invites him to stay at the Lane house, but his personality and living style clashes with everyone else's.
S03E05 Our Daughter the Artist 13/10/1965 Tha Lanes don't dare give Patty their true opinion of her op art creation.
S03E06 Patty's Private Pygmalion 20/10/1965 Patty decides to give a shy girl lessons in self-confidence.
S03E07 The Girl From N.E.P.H.E.W. 27/10/1965 Patty becomes involved in the spy business when an Interpol agent visits the Lanes.
S03E08 I'll Be Suing You 03/11/1965 Patty is the only witness to a traffic ac cident involving Richard.
S03E09 Patty and the Eternal Triangle 10/11/1965 Patty decides to test Richards fidelity by posing as Cathy.
S03E10 Sick In Bed 17/11/1965 Patty has a slight temperature and is forced to stay home from school, against her will.
S03E11 Ross, the Peacemaker 24/11/1965 Ross tries to patch up the quarrel between Richard and Patty.
S03E12 Patty, the Candy Striper 01/12/1965 Martin checks into the hospital the same day that Patty starts work as a candy striper.
S03E13 Patty Meets the Great Outdoors 08/12/1965 When a handsome young forestry students movies in next door, Patty takes a sudden interest in nature.
S03E14 Cathy Leaves Home -- but Not Really 15/12/1965 Cathy decides to apply to be an exchange student, and is very disappointed when the family doesn't stop her.
S03E15 The History Paper Caper 22/12/1965 Patty gets a bright, new student at school to ""help"" her with her history paper.
S03E16 A Very Phon-y Situation 29/12/1965 When Martin puts a time limit on everyone's phone calls, the kids try to earn money to buy their own phone.
S03E17 Ross Runs Away -- But Not Far 05/01/1966 Martin and Natelie go away for the week-end, leaving Patty in charge. Trouble ensues when she and Ross becomes handcuffed together.
S03E18 Poppo's Birthday 12/01/1966 Martin uses a pocket-knife advertisement to show the family what for his birthday, but they read the wrong side and try to buy him a $99 rifle. 4
S03E19 Anywhere I Hang My Horn Is Home 19/01/1966 When Patty invites an out of work musician over for a meal, he decides to make the Lane home his permanent residence.
S03E20 The Greatest Speaker In the Whole Wide World 26/01/1966 Patty promise her creative writing class that her father will appear as a guest speaker, but does not check with him first.
S03E21 Big Sister Is Watching 02/02/1966 Patty patcher up a quarrel between Ross and the new boy in town because she is interested in the boy's older brother!
S03E22 Patty Leads a Dog's Life 09/02/1966 Patty takes care of a society columnist's French poodle.
S03E23 Too Young and Foolish to Go Steady 16/02/1966 The Captain of the football team asks Patty for a date.
S03E24 Patty, the Diplomat 23/02/1966 As a assignment, Patty must write to a government offical. Problems arise when she chooses the President of the Soviet Presidium.
S03E25 Do You Trust Your Daughter 02/03/1966 Patty has a date with an ""older man."" Due to a misunderstanding, Martin belives that she came home after the curfew he set.
S03E26 A Visit From Uncle Jed 09/03/1966 Martin's Uncle Jed arrives the same night as Patty's formal dinner party.
S03E27 Don't Bank On It 23/03/1966 Martin decides to teach Patty a lesson in responibility after she conceals the fact that she was not able to make an important bank deposit for Martin.
S03E28 Three Little Kittens 06/04/1966 Three kittens cause some promblems in the Lane household.
S03E29 Fiancee for a Day 13/04/1966 Richard and Patty decide to get married after graduation from high school.
S03E30 The Invisible Boy 20/04/1966 Patty asks Ross to do a favor for her and the new in town, in hope that he will ask her out, Patty, in return, tries to talk Martin into allowing Ross to drop French.
S03E31 Do a Brother a Favor 27/04/1966 Patty agress to date the president of Tigers' basketball club in order to increase Ross's chances of becoming a member.
S03E32 Patty, the Psychic 04/05/1966 Patty belives that she has ESP.