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"The People's Court," produced by Ralph Edwards/Stu Billett Productions (the producers of the original series which ran for 12 years), draws on ordinary people who have filed grievances in civil court and have opted to have their cases heard and mediated by Judge Milian. An experienced team of researchers continually canvas courts across the country in search of the most compelling, unique and thought-provoking cases. Running the gamut from disputes between neighbors and family members, to dissatisfied customers suing businesses, Milian's decisions – based on current law – are final and binding. "These cases are never about the money, they're about principle," Milian proclaims. "The People's Court" has been delivering reality television to viewers for over two decades. "The People's Court" is a nationally syndicated television court show that is taped at the Connecticut Film Center in Stamford, Connecticut. The taping of this popular long-running reality TV show features ordinary people, from all walks of life, who have filed grievances against other parties in civil court and then choose to have their cases heard/mediated on The People's Court TV Show by the Judge Marilyn Milian. The People's Court has been delivering reality television to viewers for over three decades beginning with the no-nonsense Judge Joseph Wapner in September 1981. Doug Llewelyn was the court reporter who summarized each case at the end of the show. The first version was based in Los Angeles and ran until June 1993. A team of researchers canvas courts across the country in search of the most compelling, unique and entertaining cases. The litigants all agree to have their disputes settled on "The People's Court." The decisions, based on current law, are final and binding. Judge Wapner's original "The People's Court" ran from September 1981 before being cancelled in June of


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S16E06 16 Nov 2012 00/00/0000
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S16E08 Our Dream Home Is Haunted 12/09/2012
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S16E41 Tough Love for a Troubled Teen 29/10/2012 Young man is sued for throwing woman's wallet in dumpster and causing her hospital expenses for panic attack, he claims it was a 'harmless prank'; Man sues dumpster business after they emptied trash all over his yard.
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S16E47 Cozying Up to the Landlord! 06/11/2012
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S16E55 17 Nov 2012 00/00/0000
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S16E75 14 Dec 2012 00/00/0000
S16E76 S16E76 17/12/2012 Smoking A Tenant Not Cooling It Losing Power With A Customer
S16E77 Lovers Quarrel in Court 15/01/2013 Bad Boyfriending Going In The Out Premature Cashing
S16E78 Couch Catastrophe 16/01/2013 Lousy Leathering Not Roofing It Right Rockin' It
S16E79 Disastrous Dentist Dilemma 17/01/2013 Toothing It To Court Being Off-Key Being A Crummy Craftsman
S16E80 That Baby Sitter Put My Son in Danger! 18/01/2013 Blaming A Babysitter Unfriending A Friend Give Me Back My Stuff Or Else
S16E81 Neighbors for 40 Years Battle It Out in Court 28/01/2013 Encroachment Doing A Wife Wrong Flip-Flopping
S16E82 Advertising Nightmare 29/01/2013 Flying Off The Handles Sticky Goo?...Eww Not Fitting In
S16E83 You Replaced My Diamond Ring With Junk! 30/01/2013 Junky Jewelers Fouling Up The Food Holding On Tight
S16E84 You Ran My Dog Over and Showed No Remorse! 31/01/2013 You Killed My Dog! Botching Up On A Bus Being Moldy
S16E85 Exotic Dancers' Drunk Driving Disaster 01/02/2013 Flipping Out Blowing Hot Air You Tricked Me
S16E86 It Was Extortion When You Called Child Protective Services! 04/02/2013 You're A Bad, Bad Mother A Doggone Shame That Car Is Definitely Not Cherry
S16E87 A 40-Year-Old Friendship Goes Down the Tubes 05/02/2013 Friends No More Driving A Roommate Mad Stonewalling
S16E88 The Weeds Were Enormous: What Kind of Landscaper Are You? 06/02/2013 Yawning Over The Lawn Tapping A Rear-End That's One Jumpy Dog
S16E89 Mouthing Off to a Cop -- Twice! 07/02/2013 Causing A Hiccup With The Pick Up Failing To Pay A Feliner Getting An "F" In Finance
S16E90 Daddy's Little Girl Dilemma 08/02/2013 Not Treating A Daughter Right Out Not Selling Out Not Containing Their Bull…Dog
S16E91 He Came to My Job and Accused Me of Selling Drugs to His Kid! 11/02/2013 Being A Rotten Roomer A Bon Voyage No More A Whelly Bad Job
S16E92 A Soccer Mom With No Manners 12/02/2013 Not Suiting Up You're As Crooked As They Come Shocking A Customer
S16E93 A Filmmaker Flakes Out 13/02/2013 Being A Commercial Failure Needing To Do A Better Trim Job Being Paperless
S16E94 Your Dog Grabbed My Dog by the Mouth! 14/02/2013 That's One Crazed Dog Being Unavailable Cracking Up A Customer
S16E95 Buddies Battle Over a Bundle of Cash 15/02/2013 Failing A Friend Being H2O Happy Ruining A Renter's Day
S16E96 Voice Messages Reveal an Explosive Ex 18/02/2013 Leaving An Ex In Debt Manipulating A Mother
S16E97 Underaged Drinking Disaster 19/02/2013 Serving Up A Lawsuit Ruining A Renter's Day Take Your Stinkin' Piece Of Junk Back
S16E98 Two-Timing Telephone Trouble 20/02/2013 Not Acting His Age Holding On Tight To The Cash Not Cementing A Deal
S16E99 You Forged My Car Contract 21/02/2013 Fudging A Contract Singing The Wedding Day Blues Being Luke Warm
S16E100 Motorcycle Mama With a Racy Logo 22/02/2013 Clubbing An Issue Not Figuring It Out Hustling A Tenant
S16E101 A Grandfather's Grudge Drags His Granddaughter Into Court 25/02/2013 Letting A Grand-Daddy Down Yelling Timber
S16E102 A Handyman Scamming Senior Citizens?! 26/02/2013
S16E103 Hairdresser Horror Story! 27/02/2013
S16E104 Contractor Conned out of Thousands 28/02/2013 Stiffing An Employee, But Good Having An Infestation Don't Shirt The Issue
S16E105 I Found Out on Facebook He Was Cheating on Me! 01/03/2013 Hanging Up On A Girlfriend Copping An Attitude Causing Lots & Lots Of Problems
S16E106 Teen Drivers Collide, But Their Witnesses Run and Hide 04/03/2013 Darting Bilking A Biker Being Slippery
S16E107 When Things Didn't Go Her Way, She Turned Into Bridezilla 05/03/2013 A Wedding Wipeout Poof! It Disappeared! Landlording To The Letter Of The Law
S16E108 A Starved Showhorse Exposes Foul Play! 06/03/2013 Horsing Around Soaking A Customer Letting A Lover Down
S16E109 You Ran Your Shopping Cart Into My Car 07/03/2013 Carting The Issue Give Me My Money Honey Making A Mistake
S16E110 Was She a Cougar on the Prowl or a Victim of a Con Artist? 08/03/2013 Gold Digging Serving Up Nothing Lousy Landlording
S16E111 All Fired Up Over the Heat 25/03/2013 Chilling Out A Tenant Fencing In A Neighbor Disappearing
S16E112 Dog-Bite Disaster 26/03/2013 Unleashing A Firestorm Not Flashing Watch It Buddy
S16E113 A Halloween Horror Story 27/03/2013 Getting Spooked Get Off My Land Not Fixing It Good
S16E114 Car Loan Catastrophe 28/03/2013 Being A Poor Prayer Not Knowing His Bow From His Stern Once A Peeper, Always A Peeper
S16E115 Flat Screen TV Fiasco 29/03/2013 Flat-Lining A Flat Screen Taking Way Too Long Shooting Out Of A Gas Line
S16E116 Your Son Damaged My Car! 01/04/2013 Crummy Childcare Mowing Down A Friendship Striking Out With A Coach
S16E117 You Vandalized My House 02/04/2013 A Dog Park Dilemma Keeping What's Not His Going Bippity-Boppity-Bang
S16E118 Did Getting Caught in the Act Trigger a Payback? 03/04/2013 Locking Out A Friend Junking A Jalopy Causing A Storm Of Controversy
S16E119 Drunk Dune-Buggy Driving 04/04/2013 Sandbagging A Friend Rubbing A Renter The Wrong Way Watch What You're Doing
S16E120 An Expensive Hobby Lands a Hubby in Hot Water 05/04/2013 Racing Off To Court Not BeingVery Neighborly Running Out On A Roomie
S16E121 00/00/0000
S16E122 Mr. Right Asked to Borrow $15,000 as Soon as We Started Dating! 23/04/2013
S16E123 00/00/0000
S16E124 00/00/0000
S16E125 00/00/0000
S16E126 00/00/0000
S16E127 Airplane Argument 30/04/2013 Hitting Some Turbulence Selling A Chump Pup Banging Up A Beamer
S16E128 00/00/0000
S16E129 00/00/0000
S16E130 00/00/0000
S16E131 00/00/0000
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S16E136 00/00/0000
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S16E140 00/00/0000
S16E141 00/00/0000
S17E01 A Sister Smackdown 09/09/2013 Creating A Dump Not Seeing Clearly
S17E02 Commercial Contract Confusion 10/09/2013 Letting A Lovely Lady Down Stinking Up The Joint Getting An Escalade Owner Excited
S17E03 Contractor Painting Problems 11/09/2013 Poor Painting Ringing Up A Lawsuit Keeping Too Much For Himself
S17E04 A Bedbug Infestation 12/09/2013 Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite Bumping It Up Making A Neighbor Weep Like A Willow
S17E05 A High Priced Lawyer Gets Stiffed 13/09/2013 Having An Attitude With An Attorney A Doggy Dilemma Double-Dribbling His Way Into Court
S17E06 Claims of Assault Triggers a Domestic Disturbance 16/09/2013 Going Ballistic Over An Ex Being Incomplete Running Out On A Roomie
S17E07 A Fake Diamond Fiasco 17/09/2013 Bejewling A Jewler Fooling Around With A Former Fiancé Not Trimming
S17E08 Rubbing a Woman the Wrong Way 18/09/2013 Rubbing A Woman The Wrong Way Being Real Fraudsters Ruining A Renter's Day
S17E09 Work Place Havoc 19/09/2013 Not Paying The Dough She Owes Blowing It, But Good Give Me Back My Money Honey
S17E10 A Dental Disaster 20/09/2013 Crowning Around Failing A Friend Having No Heart
S17E11 Causing A Hairy Situation 23/09/2013 Causing A Hairy Situation Getting A Guy Steamed Failing A Friend
S17E12 Getting His Wife Hot 24/09/2013 Getting His Wife Hot A Back-Up Crack Up Put Your Pit-Bull Down!
S17E13 Rocking the Boat 25/09/2013 Rocking The Boat Coming Up Short Being A Sloppy Sider
S17E14 Driving a Guy Batty 26/09/2013 Driving A Guy Batty A Doggone Mishap Damaging A Tranny
S17E15 Storage Wars Between a Woman & Her Boyfriend’s Mom 27/09/2013 Help Yourself Smoking Up The Joint Making No Shirt Sense
S17E16 Scalped By a Stylist 30/09/2013 Creating A Hairy Situation Blowing In The Wind Renting A Wreck
S17E17 Brothers Battle It Out 01/10/2013 Failing A Family Member Control Your Child Being Two Feet Too Short
S17E18 A Foot Doctor Fiasco 02/10/2013 Not Having Good Footing Once A Pooper, Always A Party Pooper Making Waves
S17E19 Lawyering Up For Free? 03/10/2013 Making Things Messier Being A Poor Payer Fouling Up A Friendship
S17E20 Mr. Nice Guy Goes Berserk 04/10/2013 Dressing Sexy For Someone Else Getting Paved Into Court Being Lazy About A Bed
S17E21 A Dental Disaster 07/10/2013 A Damaging Dentist Scratching A Customer The Wrong Way Stumping A Customer
S17E22 You Said You'd Make My Son a Star 08/10/2013 Not Getting The Picture Burning Up A Customer Unloading A Clunker
S17E23 A Puppy Mauling 09/10/2013 Poor Pit-Bull Protection Tricking A Trucker Woeful Wedding Gown Washing
S17E24 A Best Friend Blowout 10/10/2013 An Alarming Situation Give Me My Car You Cad Couching The Issue
S17E25 You Threw My Kitty Away? 11/10/2013 Pulling A Disappearing Act Snowing A Guy Dusting Off A Customer
S17E26 Love for Sale 14/10/2013 Cruising On A Relationship Being A Real Wheeler-Dealer Not Fixing It All
S17E27 A Creative Clash Leads to a Return of Cash 15/10/2013 Yelling CUT Too Soon Losing The Loot Unloading A Loser
S17E28 A Catering Catastrophe 16/10/2013 Cooking Up A Lawsuit Bugging Out A Home Buyer Not Letting A Guy In
S17E29 A Contractor and Customer Collide 17/10/2013 Cleaning A Guy's Clock A Co-Worker Coontroversy Backing Up & Cracking Up
S17E30 Losing Out On a Lapsed Layaway 18/10/2013 Firing Up A Customer Lackadaisical Landlording An Unsafe Safe Sale
S17E31 Ruffled Feathers Over A Bird Battle 21/10/2013 Plucking Your Way Into Court Failing To Yeild Cleaning A Woman Out
S17E32 Stepping On a Stepdad 22/10/2013 Letting A Step-Pop Down Causing Problems Gaming A Kid
S17E33 A Car Loan Catastrophe 23/10/2013 Letting An Auntie Down Being Bitter Over The Litter Not Finishing Up
S17E34 Beauty Isn't Cheap 24/10/2013 Getting Herself Skin Deep Backing Up Blind Being A Rotten-Roomie
S17E35 Amateur Breeders Exposed 25/10/2013 Going Doggone Crazy Fouling Up A Friendship Having One Too Many Hookah Parties
S17E36 You Owe Me $7,000 In Vet Bills for My Sick Dog 28/10/2013 Selling A Poor Puppy Squatting Unleashing A Lemon
S17E37 A $15,000 Loan For a Man She Just Met?? 29/10/2013 Harley Having An Excuse Not To Pay Flooring A Customer Gassing Up A Woman
S17E38 The Music Died When the DJ Was Late To Their Wedding 30/10/2013 Being A Wedding Wrecker Making A Mess Of Things Baing A Bad Car Guy
S17E39 Her Sugar Daddy Sent Her To Modeling School 31/10/2013 Not Paying A Guy Off A Real Trouble Maker Being A Concrete Nightmare
S17E40 A Mother & Daughter's Emotional Battle 01/11/2013 Being Mean To A Mom Leaving A Loan Shark High & Dry Flipping Out On A Motorist
S17E41 You Ruined My Designer Sweatpants 04/11/2013 Doing Nothing Junking Up A Pair Of Juicy's Being Lax On A Loan
S17E42 A Roofer Rip Off 05/11/2013 Being Sticky Fingered Being A Heavy Sleeper Lackadaisical Landlording
S17E43 Your Trash Fell and Dented My Car 06/11/2013 Trashing A Neighbor Not Playing Fair Stiffing A Minor
S17E44 A Rockstar Friendship Ruined By Rumors 07/11/2013 Talking Way Too Low Being Too Heavy-Handed Take Back Your Hunk O' Junk
S17E45 Roommates Rumble 08/11/2013 Some Friend That's One Mean Junkyard Dog It Does Not Compute
S17E46 Your Daughter Is a Bully 11/11/2013 Getting Into It Renting A Stinky Place Not Trimming
S17E47 Precious Puppy Abuse 12/11/2013 It's A Doggone Shame Not Being Too Faithful Pilfering A 50
S17E48 Roommate's Romeo Needs To Pay Rent 13/11/2013 Stiffing A Vet Running Out On A Roomate Causing A Shattering Situation
S17E49 You Bought a Car Without Seeing It First? 14/11/2013 Taking From A Tenant Bad Smelting Having Second Thoughts
S17E50 Butting Heads With a Baby Sitter 15/11/2013 Butting Heads With A Baby Sitter You're A Criminal & You Can't Live Here Two-Timing A Double-Crosser
S17E51 You Can't Drive Away Attached to a Tow Truck 18/11/2013 Towing The Line Not Playing Ball Causing A Family Pain
S17E52 Custom Awning Catastrophe 19/11/2013 Not Being Shady Being Flakey Keep That Beast In Your House
S17E53 Rumors Ripped Them Apart 20/11/2013 Not Phoning A Friend Not Owning Up To It Getting Painted Into A Corner
S17E54 A Rocky Road To Recovery 21/11/2013 Being A Real Clothes Horse Lousy Landscaping Making A Mercedes Disappear
S17E55 Her Ride Was Damaged During REPO 22/11/2013 Blowing A Tow Being A Wedding Wreker Not Trimming
S17E56 That's One Crazy Dog 25/11/2013 That's One Crazy Dog You're A Rat Being A One Man Wrecking Crew
S17E57 Joyriding Gone Wrong 26/11/2013 Cracking Up Stealing From An Ex It Does Not Compute
S17E58 A Rental Ruckus After a Divorce 27/11/2013 Backing Out Silencing A Master Of Ceremonies Backing Into A Lawsuit
S17E59 Get Outta My House 28/11/2013 Get Outta My House Not Controlling Her Little White Dog Being A Pain In The Glass
S17E60 Ruined Relationship Over a Loan 29/11/2013 Being A Real Heal Being A Tad Tardy Lumbering Along
S17E61 Claims Of Adultery Triggers Late Night Fun 02/12/2013 Chillin' Causing A Catastrophe Being A Phony
S17E62 You Stole My Dog 03/12/2013 Being Doggone Stubborn House Wrecking Unloading A Clunker
S17E63 You Forged My Signature 04/12/2013 Rotten-Renting Taking A Guy For A Ride Failing A Friend
S17E64 A Fender Bender Fall-Out 05/12/2013 Backing-Up & Cracking-Up Fouling Up A Funeral Rotten Renting Practices
S17E65 Troubled Teen Turmoil 06/12/2013 Painting The Town Pink Being A Troublemaker Not Having Any Money
S17E66 A Broken Hearted Mom Sues Her Abusive Son 06/01/2014 Making Mom Mad A Doggone Dilemma Jamaican Me Crazy
S17E67 A Dog Walk Disaster 07/01/2014 Musky The Husky Getting Painted Into A Corner Being Catty Over A Kitty
S17E68 A Fresh Photographer 08/01/2014 It's Not Working Out Heating Up A Landlord Dinging A Door
S17E69 Storage Wars Between Exes 09/01/2014 Trashing An Ex Lousy Lawyering Fouling Up A Floor
S17E70 How Dare You Sell Me a Lemon 10/01/2014 Unloading A Hooptie Taking Off With A Truck Pooping Out On A Puppy Purchase
S17E71 A Painting Dilemma 13/01/2014 Getting Painted Into A Corner Having A Very Short Fuse Banging A Biker
S17E72 A Birthday Dress Disaster 14/01/2014 Getting A Customer To Roar Keeping It All Clipping A Guy, But Good
S17E73 Your Unleashed Dog Impregnated My Dog, Now Pay the Vet Bills 15/01/2014 Dogging A Neighbor Not Delivering Making Things Worse
S17E74 A Garage Construction Catastrophe 16/01/2014 Running Off A Simultaneous Back-Up Ctack-Up Renting A Rat Trap
S17E75 Tantrum Over a Ruined Table 17/01/2014 Screwing Table Badly Having A Heart Attack Over A Mirror Improper Pawning
S17E76 A Cat Catastrophe! 27/01/2014 A Cat Catastrophe Being A Busy Body A Tailgating Mishap
S17E77 Wretched Rear Window Repair 28/01/2014 Failing To Finish A Job Being Wishy-Washy Touching Off A Firestorm
S17E78 You Owe Me Two More Dining Room Chairs 29/01/2014 Shortchanging A Customer It's Raining Debris From Above Wrongful Renting
S17E79 Fouling Up a Friendship 30/01/2014 Fouling Up A Friendship A Derriere Dent Unbrotherly Love
S17E80 Ticking Off a Tenant 31/01/2014 Ticking Off A Tenant It Doesn't Add Up Failing A Friendship
S17E81 A Car Loan Crashes and Burns 03/02/2014 Annoying An Aunt Paying Poorly For A Pool Letting A Lady Down
S17E82 Rental Car Ruckus 04/02/2014 Failing A Friend Dissing A Private Eye Making A Mother Mad
S17E83 Busted Big-Screen Bash 05/02/2014 Making A Woman Scream Over A Broken Screen Rotten Renting Steering A Customer Wrong
S17E84 Nasty Neighborhood Confrontation Over Lousy Landscaping 06/02/2014 The Root Of All Evil Not Letting Go Pay Up Or Else
S17E85 I Paid for Your Vacation: Now Pay Me Back 07/02/2014 Discharging A Friendship Come Get Your Darn Couch Having A Bad Case Of The Shingles
S17E86 Altercation Over a Dress Alteration 10/02/2014 Strapping A Customer Changing Her Mind Alienating An Aunt
S17E87 Seduced out of Big Bucks 11/02/2014 Cutting Off An Ex Being A Bumper Thumper Ticking Off A Tenant
S17E88 Custom Shoe Catastrophe 12/02/2014 A Shoddy Cobbler Pulling Out Too Early Spraying Gravel
S17E89 You Owe My Dead Father Money 13/02/2014 Ducking Out On A Debt Ruining A Renter's Day Being Carted Off To Court
S17E90 Furniture Finance Fiasco 14/02/2014 Not Delivering Going Berserk The Wishy-Washy Tenant
S17E91 Friends No More 17/02/2014 Making A Mess Of Things A Condo Catastrophe Faking It For Furniture
S17E92 Did a Stranger Steal Her Laundry? 18/02/2014 Lousy-Laundering A Scary Hairy Backing Up & Cracking Up
S17E93 Child Care Crisis 19/02/2014 Dodging In Full Trouncing A Tranny Not Waiting Forever
S17E94 Bridesmaids Battle Over a Loan 20/02/2014 Breaking A Bride's Heart Chilling Out A Customer Rocking The Boat
S17E95 A Relationship Texting Turmoil 21/02/2014 Conning A Lover Out Of Her Money Having A Difference Of Opinion Crushing A Car
S17E96 Pedaling Into a Lawsuit 24/02/2014 Peadling Into A Lawsuit Striking Out With A Friend Causing A Hairy Situation
S17E97 Who Is the Father of Your Baby? 25/02/2014 Making An Ex's Mom Mad Rotten Roomie Being Un-Entitled
S17E98 You Took a Friend on Vacation and Left Your Husband at Home! 26/02/2014 Backing Out Of A Bridal Shower Letting A Good Friend Down Getting Catty Over The Caddy
S17E99 A Father Leaves His Family 27/02/2014 Lazy Landlording Stealing A Guy's Stash Not Moving It Along
S17E100 Contractor Conman 28/02/2014 Taking The Money & Running Pooping Out On A Poor Painter Being A Rotten-Renter
S17E101 Caught in a Sublet Scam 03/03/2014 Sticking Up For His Rights Ding-Ding-Ding Having No Sole
S17E102 Camera Catastrophe 04/03/2014 Not Getting The Picture Not Paying A Painter Breaking & Entering
S17E103 Air Conditioning Disaster 05/03/2014 Running Out On The Bill Running Out On The Rent Locking Out A Louse
S17E104 A Jeep Jalopy 06/03/2014 Failing A Friendship Making A Fine Mess Of Things Copping Out On A Carpenter
S17E105 He Threw My $500 Car Keys Out The Window! 07/03/2014 Having Bad Aim Taking Off Causing A Guy To Lose His Bike
S17E106 You Gave My Dog Away! 10/03/2014 Giving Harry A Better Home Flip-Flopping On A Tenant Being A Rear Ender
S17E107 Move In Madness 11/03/2014 Taking His Sweet Time Cracking Up A Customer Selling Out
S17E108 Kitchen Catastrophe 12/03/2014 Doing Nothing A One Man Wrecking Crew Smoking Out A Tenant
S17E109 Party Problems 13/03/2014 Pooping Out On A Party Causing A Doggy Dilemma Getting Mad With A Tenant
S17E110 Tree Trimming Dilemma 14/03/2014 Being A Dumbo Not Giving Enough Support Running Out Of Rooms
S17E111 Neighbor Nightmare 14/04/2014 Hey, Stay Away Taking A Guy For A Long Ride Not Treating A Tranny Right
S17E112 Canine Rampage 15/04/2014 Losing Control Taking It Out On A Tenant Selling A Bum Bike
S17E113 My Landlord Went Through My Underwear Drawer 16/04/2014 Breaking & Entering Being A Phone Phony Letting A Lady Down
S17E114 Caught Fleeing the Scene of an Accident 17/04/2014 Watch Where You're Going Faking It Bad Breeding
S17E115 You Ruined My Laptop 18/04/2014 Lapping It Up Holding On Tight No Cookin' For You
S17E116 My Car Disappeared 21/04/2014 Plumb Out Of Luck A Poor Screening Hiding Something
S17E117 Teeth Turmoil 22/04/2014 Being Dental Damned Arriving Too Late Not Being Ready To Rent
S17E118 Boat Debacle 23/04/2014 Sinking A Guy's Dreams Get Out Of My House Look Around
S17E119 You Cheated With My Best Friend! 24/04/2014 Doing An Ex Wrong Copping Out On A Couch
S17E120 You Destroyed My Cell Phone 25/04/2014 Being Phony Stealing Security A Back-Up, Crack-Up
S17E121 Your Loose Pig Caused Me To Crash 28/04/2014 Causing A Piggly-Wiggly Crack-Up Being A Big Pretender Letting A Girlfriend Down
S17E122 Violent Showdown Over Lawn Work 29/04/2014 Making A Guy Mad Being A Rotten Roomie Backing Out On A Deal
S17E123 Secret Sex Sessions Caught On Tape 30/04/2014 Busting Up A Bike Staking His Claim Keeping A Guy's Money
S17E124 Singing The Blues 01/05/2014 Letting The Music Die Holding On Tight, Real Tight Copping Out On A Cousin
S17E125 Car Buyer Remorse 02/05/2014 Snatching A Car Off The Street Taking A Woman's Water Money A Doggy Dilemma
S17E126 A Physical Fight Over Their Child 05/05/2014 Cracking Up Shoddy Shipping Unloading A Lemon
S17E127 Drunken Car Destruction 06/05/2014 Getting A Girl Hot & Bothered Hold Onto Your Crazed Dog Ticking Off A Tenant
S17E128 In Tears Over A Custom Rain Coat 07/05/2014 Refusing To Ride On Anyone's Coat Tails Give Me Back My Money Refusing To Budge
S17E129 Extorted By A Realtor? 08/05/2014 Stiffing A Broker, But Good Being A Cold-Hearted Thief Making Promises
S17E130 A TV Tears Up A Friendship 09/05/2014 Taking But Not Giving Foregoing A Fee Having Trouble With A Tranny
S17E131 Racist Rampage In Court 12/05/2014 Being A Nasty Neighbor Sticking It To An Ex Being A Cad Producer
S17E132 I Lied To My Pregnant Wife And Loaned My Ex $3,000 13/05/2014 Avoiding An Ex At All Costs Trucking Things Up Aggrivating An Employer
S17E133 He Hit Me And I Hit Him Back 14/05/2014 Losing It Over An Ex Not Having A Heart Not Looking Around
S17E134 Dance Class Disaster 15/05/2014 Owning A Pole That Takes A Toll Hitting A Guy Where It Hurts Crashing On A Customer
S17E135 Lousy Limo Driver Left A Family Of Six Stranded 16/05/2014 Lousy Limo'ing Rotten Renting Ruining A Girlfriend's Day
S17E136 Brutal Breakup! 19/05/2014 Letting A Lover Down Being A Real Ghoul Making A Mountain Out Of A Mold Hill
S17E137 Video Game Emergency 20/05/2014 Being A Boob Over A Tube Selling A Puppy On Poor Health That's My Rototiller
S17E138 My Ex Wife And Mother-in-law Stole My Jewelry 21/05/2014 Making Off With Jewels What Happened To Munchie?
S17E139 Music Mogul Mayhem 22/05/2014 Letting The Music Die Ignoring A Tranny Taking Things That Aren't Hers
S17E140 Dishwasher Didn't Work For Free 23/05/2014 Washing His Hands Of It Cutting It A Little Too Close Lousy Landlording
S17E141 Freezing Out A Customer 26/05/2014 Freezing A Woman Out Breaking & Entering Hooking It
S17E142 Tow Truck Tussle 27/05/2014 A Low Blow Tow Stiffing A Driller Standing Firm
S17E143 Car Crisis Crushes A Friendship 28/05/2014 Fouling Up A Friendship Ticking Off A Tenant Watch Your Dog BUSTER
S17E144 My Sister Swiped My Sneakers! 29/05/2014 Lifting Some Kicks Ruining A Roommate's Love Life Being A Rotten Repairer
S17E145 You Stole My Dog! 30/05/2014 Dog Snatching Snatching A Car Off The Street Bailing On A Bathroom Guy
S17E146 An Abandoned Daughter Takes Her Father To Court 09/06/2014 Dissing A Daughter Taking It Out On An Ex
S17E147 A Family In Crisis Over Borrowed Money 10/06/2014 You Ruined My Birthday Being Forthcoming Causing A Whellie Big Scene
S17E148 Some Friend: You Stole My Phone! 11/06/2014 Being A Sticky Fingered Friend Ticking Off A Tenant A Bus Bust
S17E149 Roommate Ruckus 12/06/2014 Not Paying His Fair Share Causing A Wreck Trucking It Up
S17E150 Your Apartment Is a Disaster 13/06/2014 Lousy Landlording Unloading A Clunker Leading A Lady Astray
S17E151 A Ruckus Over Roaches! 16/06/2014 Bugging Out A Tenant Getting Touchy Over A Title A Real Snow Job
S17E152 Signing Off 17/06/2014 Lighting Things Up With A Customer Blowing It Renting Out A Wreck
S17E153 Hair Extension Horror 18/06/2014 Being A Little Too Thin A Doggone Fiasco Trucking It Up
S17E154 Dog Fight Dilemma 19/06/2014 Having Vicious Propensities Cratering A Car Falling Too Far Behind
S17E155 Construction Catastrophe 20/06/2014 Cutting Corners Not Playing Nice Standing His Ground
S17E156 Cruise Catastrophe 23/06/2014 Pooping Out On Paying For A Cruise Knocking Things Out Of Whack Being Wishy Washy
S17E157 I will Pay You Back For Sexual Favors 24/06/2014 Taking Advantage Of An Ex Being A Fire Starter Not Getting The Picture
S17E158 Contract Crisis 25/06/2014 Taking Her Sweet Time What Kind Of Girl Are You? A Big Whiffer
S17E159 Tenants Terrorized By Landlords Pooch 26/06/2014 A Junkyard Dog Being A Big Party Pooper Not Shopping On A Dime
S17E160 Lousy Landlording 27/06/2014 Being A Rotten Renter Running A Red Light Refusing An Accountant's Accounting
S17E161 A Car Catastrophe 30/06/2014 A Car Catastrophe A Royal Rip Off Saying Bon Voyage To An Ex
S17E162 My Landlord Stole My TV 01/07/2014 Driving A Tenant To Despair Causing Trouble Taking A Worker To The Cleaners
S17E163 You Sold Me A Fake Guitar 02/07/2014 Stringing A Guy Along Move That Darn Pipe Lacking In The Landlord Department
S17E164 Emotional Mother VS. Daughter 03/07/2014 Not Being Very Nice To A Mother Acting In A Very Falsetto Manner Getting A Little Too Close
S17E165 Drum Set Debacle 04/07/2014 Banging On A Dee Drum All Day Blowing The Tow Not Giving Back A Tenant Her Money
S17E166 A Snowy Situation 07/07/2014 Snowing Her Tenants Tossing A TV Camping It Up
S17E167 Family Friction 08/07/2014 Fouling Up A Family He Hit Me...He Hit Me!!! Making A Tenant Hot
S17E168 Lousy Lawyering 09/07/2014 Not Seeing It Through Taking Off With A Guy's Wheels Flaking Out
S17E169 Sisters Square Off In Court 10/07/2014 Dissing A Sister Making A Tenant Doggone Mad Yawning Over A Falling Awning
S17E170 You Have To Pay Me To Move Out 11/07/2014 Kicking A Woman To The Curb Backing Her Up Slowly Please Causing Hair Despair
S18E01 I Have Video Of You Hitting My Car So Pay Up! 08/09/2014 Nicking A Neighbor Brawling With A Brother Blowing Hot Air
S18E02 You Stole The Dog During The Night 09/09/2014 Pilfering Pepper Only Paying A Little Dodging A Dog Driver
S18E03 Plumber Does A Disappearing Act 10/09/2014 Dashing With The Cash Being Flat Not Getting A Happy Ending
S18E04 Domestic Violence Disaster 11/09/2014 NO Vacation For You Wrong Place, Wrong Time Sounding Off
S18E05 Personal Training Turmoil 12/09/2014 Not Working It Out Stealing Juice Smashing & Dashing
S18E06 You Hit My Car And Took Off! 15/09/2014 Hey Lady! Stop! Anytiquing Her Way Into Court He Almost Killed Murphy
S18E07 I Bailed You Out of Jail, Now Pay Up! 16/09/2014 Annoying An Attorney. Being Bad At Exercising His Legal Rights. Take That Hunk Of Junk Back.
S18E08 A Tragic Road Accident Leads To Litigation 17/09/2014 A Tragic Lawsuit Taking Advantage Of A Woman In Need Taking Off With A Guy's Wheels
S18E09 A Coffee Crisis Leads To Court Action 18/09/2014 Grinding To A Halt Leaving A Roofer High & Dry What Kind Of Shakedown Is This?
S18E10 Room Rental With Fringe Benefits 19/09/2014 Kicking A Guy To the Curb Spoiling A Guy's Day A Film-Flam Pool Man
S18E11 Caught Stealing From A Friend 22/09/2014 Stop! Thief! Kicking Up A Dust Storm Keeping It All
S18E12 Wedding Dress Rental Ruckus 23/09/2014 Rotten Returning Skipping Out In The Middle Of The Night Letting One Get Away
S18E13 A Fast Loan Fiasco 24/09/2014 Leading A Guy On Low-Blow-Tow Failing To Pay A Fee
S18E14 Lover Loan Crisis 25/09/2014 Being A One Night Stand Selling A Sick Kitty U-Haulin' It Into court
S18E15 Classmates Become Courtmates 26/09/2014 Ruining A Beautiful Friendship Taking It Out On A TV Shuffle Off To Buffalo
S18E16 A Cheating Spouse Takes His Ex To Court 29/09/2014 Home Unhappy Home Being Sticky Fingered Letting A Long Time Friend Down
S18E17 Concert Ticket Catastrophe 30/09/2014 Having The Worst Behavior Talking Way Too Much Breaking A Buyers Heart
S18E18 Dental Disaster 01/10/2014 A Denati Dilemma Not Getting The Job Done Driving A Woman Mad
S18E19 You Killed My Dog On Christmas Eve 02/10/2014 My Poor Dog Cody Is Gone Waiting Too Long Being A Real Phony-Baloney
S18E20 You Have A Terrible Temper, Now Get Out Of My House 03/10/2014 Kicking A Tenant To The Curb Shirting The Issue Crummy Chroming
S18E21 Online Dating Disaster 06/10/2014 Leading A Guy Astray Not Fixing It Right Grinding To A Halt
S18E22 Hit And Run Dilemma 07/10/2014 Dinging & Dashing You Owe...It's Off To Court You Go! Showing No Green
S18E23 Landlord/Tenant Confrontation 08/10/2014 Tossing A Guy's Stuff Being A Little Too Green Not Getting It Right
S18E24 My Wedding Videographer Missed The Ceremony! 09/10/2014 Not Getting The Picture Not Going Tow To Tow Unloading A Crummy Car
S18E25 Boat Repair Botch Up 10/10/2014 Blowing An Engine A Subpar Tar Standing His Ground
S18E26 Dumped After 19 Years! 13/10/2014 Not Treating A Woman Right Stop Stealing! Being Full Of Static
S18E27 Concert Loan Catastrophe 14/10/2014 Singing The Blues Rotten Rooming Giving A Customer The Cold Shoulder
S18E28 Cleaning Disaster 15/10/2014 Not Cleaning Up Asking For Money & More Money Compromising A Cooktop
S18E29 Car Loan Mess 16/10/2014 Take Back That Crummy Car That's One Dangerous Neighborhood Not Computing
S18E30 Cancer Patient Wig Debacle 17/10/2014 Wigging Out A Customer Banging Up A Guy's Truck Not Being Chipper Over The Chipper
S18E31 Lifetime Membership Mayhem 27/10/2014 Saying One Thing & Doing Another Going Down Too Fast Burning A Customer
S18E32 Family Drama Over A Crashed Motorcycle 28/10/2014 Tapping A Nephew The Wrong Way Control Your Dog Decking A Woman
S18E33 Air Conditioning Disaster 29/10/2014 An H20 Cover Up Bailing On A Bonneville Let Me In Or Else
S18E34 Scorned Lover Looking For Payback 30/10/2014 Leading A Lady On Taking Off With A Guy's Dough Jumping Through Hoops
S18E35 Car Sale Catastrophe 31/10/2014 Unloading A Piece Of Junk Rotten Renting Holding On Tight
S18E36 College Prank Gone Too Far 03/11/2014 Fouling Up A Friendship Running Out On Rent Fouling Up A Friendship
S18E37 Contractor Gets Stiffed And The Cops Are Called 04/11/2014 Spreading Lies Cracking A Woman Up Letting A Roommate Down
S18E38 You're Not Welcome Here Anymore! 05/11/2014 Shortchanging A Club Member Being Dim-Witted Fouling Up A Friendship
S18E39 Party Nightmare! 06/11/2014 You Ruined My Birthday Being All Wet Swinging It
S18E40 You Vandalized My Car! 07/11/2014 Making His Mark Dissing The Music Man It Does Note Compute
S18E41 Family Drama When A Daughter Sues Her Mother 10/11/2014 Dodging A Daughter Having No Horse Sense
S18E42 Bee Rampage Kills A Beloved Dog 11/11/2014 Stinging A Neighbor Being A Boob Over The Tube Trucking It Up
S18E43 A Scorned Woman Squares Off Against Her Ex. 12/11/2014 Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth Not Seeing Too Clearly Causing Doggie Damage
S18E44 Engagement Ring Scam 13/11/2014 Firing Up An Ex A Terrible Tow Illegally Sneaking In Another Tenant
S18E45 Teens In Trouble 14/11/2014 A Phony-Baloney Phone Caper Being Sticky-Fingered Burning Up A Customer
S18E46 Diamond Ring Disaster 17/11/2014 Diamond's Are Not A Guy's Best Friend Being Creaky Being A Real Phony
S18E47 Birthday Party Catastrophe 18/11/2014 Being A Party Crasher Faking It Not Seeing Things Too Clearly
S18E48 A Doggone Doggie Dilemma 19/11/2014 Doggy Dilemma Acting Squirrely Over A Bill Letting It Fly
S18E49 Waging War Over Lack Of Water 20/11/2014 Disappearing In The Middle Of The Night Taking His Sweet Time Being A Lazy Boy
S18E50 Caught Cashing Stolen Checks! 21/11/2014 Giving A Friend A Rubber Check Jailbirds Backing Up And Cracking Up
S18E51 Phony Car Crash Witness 24/11/2014 Backing Out Into A Lawsuit Sticking It To An Ex Causing A Lot Of Stress
S18E52 "You Ruined My Name All Over Social Media" 25/11/2014 Being A Defamatory Guy - A person takes their friend to court for dragging their name through the mud on a social media website. Robbing A Guy Blind Sick As A Dog
S18E53 "You Painted The Wrong House!" 26/11/2014 Painting Himself Into A Corner Smacking Down A Car
S18E54 Parking Lot Crash 27/11/2014 Causing A Fender Bender Not Paying His Dues Bothering A Boater
S18E55 A Soiled Sofa Ruined Our Friendship 28/11/2014 Making A Mess Of Things Banging A Guy In The Rear Holding On Tight
S18E56 Fancy Car Fiasco 08/12/2014 Taking Advantage Backing Out Lousy Limo'ing
S18E57 Horse Hijinks 09/12/2014 Saying Neigh Not Being Cool Holding On To What's Not Hers
S18E58 Scorned Women Face Off In Court! 10/12/2014 Going To Town On A Car Lackadaisical Landlording Sinking A Guy's Income
S18E59 Tenant Turmoil 11/12/2014 Stinking Up A Joint Faking It Being A Cold-Hearted Landlord
S18E60 An Ungrateful Godson 12/12/2014 Letting A Godmother Down Banging A Woman In The Rear Fleeing The Landlord
S18E61 A Party Disaster 12/01/2015 Pooping Out On The Party Business. A Royal Runaround. Taking What Is Not His.
S18E62 Instagram Romance Catastrophe 13/01/2015 Breaking A Promise. Lawn Mower Larceny. Failing To Play The Painter.
S18E63 Threatened After A Bad Job 14/01/2015 A Crummy Cementer. False Advertising. Tossing A Guy's Deck.
S18E64 Missed Hair Appointment Destroys A 15-Year Friendship 15/01/2015 Not Extending A Friendship Running Out On The Rent Getting Taken For A Ride
S18E65 Missing Car Mystery 16/01/2015 Getting A Woman Really Mad Pooping Out On A Print Flea-Flicking Her Way Into Court
S18E66 Ex Loan Fiasco 26/01/2015 My Ex Is A Jerk Misrepresenting Rubbing A Friend The Wrong Way
S18E67 Car Rental Ruckus 27/01/2015 Renting A Rotten Car Pulling Out Too Soon Boxing In An Ex
S18E68 Sax Return Caos 28/01/2015 Refusing A Return Lying About A Car Holding On Tight
S18E69 Car Crash Catastrophe 29/01/2015 Cracking Up Being A Boat Thief Collecting Twice
S18E70 Stiffing An Ex 30/01/2015 Stiffing An Ex Pulling A Fast One Bad-Brokering
S18E71 Jet Skiing Jerk! 02/02/2015 Banging In A Boat Selling A Musty Couch Cutting Ties
S18E72 Car Crash Catastrophe 03/02/2015 Denying Everything Breaking A Bride's Heart Laying Low With The Lawn Guy
S18E73 Friendship Destroyed After A Wedding Disaster 04/02/2015 Leaving A Bride High & Dry Sinking A Guy's Income Fix It Forever & Ever
S18E74 "You Broke My Heart When You Stole My Dog." 05/02/2015 Kidnapping Kobi. Phoning It In.
S18E75 Renter Scam Revealed 06/02/2015 Lackadaisical Landlording Wilting A Wedding Panting Over A Pair Of Pants
S18E76 Cruise Crisis 09/02/2015 Causing Rough Seas Not Getting It To Compute Being All Wet
S18E77 Auction Con Artist 10/02/2015 Faking Out A Customer Monkeying Around Being A Hot Landlord
S18E78 Worst Tenant Ever 11/02/2015 Making Too Much Noise Selling A Poor Poor Puppy Delivering A Few Lemons
S18E79 Car Paint Catastrophe 12/02/2015 Not Landing The Eagle Going Doggone Crazy Of Moving It Along
S18E80 Horse Stable Scandal 13/02/2015 Horsing Around A Camaro Con Not Delivering
S18E81 Magician Mishap 16/02/2015 Going Poof & Disappearing Holding On Very Tight
S18E82 Fender Bender Fiasco 17/02/2015 Hotting A Lady & Running Pulling A Switcheroo Electrifying A Fence
S18E83 "You Beat My Dog With A Machete" 18/02/2015 Causing A Doggone Confrontation Renting A Crummy Cottage Being Cagey About Cabinets
S18E84 Motorcycle Sale Scam Exposes A Liar 19/02/2015 Bilking A Guy Out Of A Bike Being A Nasty Neighbor Being Full Of Soot
S18E85 Dog Run Debacle 20/02/2015 Causing A Fight Watch Where You're Going Move It Man!
S18E86 Nasty Neighbors Battle It Out 23/02/2015 Nasty Neighbors Family Feud
S18E87 Bad Boss Battle 24/02/2015 Taking Advantage Of The Boss Man A Sweetheart Swindler I Owe You Nothing
S18E88 Mattress Mayhem 25/02/2015 Bed-Bugging A Customer Getting It All Wet Making A Real Mess Of Things
S18E89 Dog Attack Disaster 26/02/2015 Being Doggone Careless A Terrible Tow That Truck Is A Hooptie
S18E90 "My Sister Is Holding My Stuff Hostage!" 27/02/2015 A Sister Diss Shagging An Employee Taking Advantage
S18E91 Flea Fiasco 02/03/2015 Falsifying A Feline Getting Her Hot & Bothered Banging A Guy On The Side
S18E92 Exes Square Off In Court 03/03/2015 Letting His Lady Friend Down Running Out Ripping Off His Ex-Mother-In-Law To Be
S18E93 Business Deal Disaster 04/03/2015 Taking Advantage Of A Friend Cracking Up A Neighbor Copping Out On A Cousin
S18E94 Pet Groomer Accused Of Stealing Clients 05/03/2015 Clipping A Former Boss Lackadaisical Landlording Botching Up A Book
S18E95 Flooding Fiasco 06/03/2015 A Commotion Over A Commode Creating A Crummy Cake Rubbing A Tenant The Wrong Way
S18E96 Messy Tenant Mayhem 16/03/2015 Wrecking The Joint Letting A Life Long Friend Down Shooting A Foul
S18E97 Nasty Neighbors 17/03/2015 Cutting It Up Hitting It In The Rear Running Out On The Rent
S18E98 Dog Stud Service Disaster 18/03/2015 Creating A Doggone Loss Blowing Hot Air A Rotten Repair
S18E99 Daycare Dilemma 19/03/2015 Scratching It Up Being Too Persnickety Keep Your Pitbull On A Leash
S18E100 Lusty Landlord 20/03/2015 Skipping Out Painting Yourself Into A Corner Doing No Work
S18E101 Shady Fundraiser 13/04/2015 You Are One Phoney Baloney Being Heavy-Handed You Are A Notpicker
S18E102 Bedbug Infestation 14/04/2015 Bugging His Tenants Not Phoning It In Crushing On An Ex
S18E103 Fashion Fiasco 15/04/2015 Not Being A Model Designer Getting Rid Of Scraps Not Getting The Picture
S18E104 Roommate Rule Ruckus 16/04/2015 Ticking Off A Tenant Messing Up A Move Unloading A Lemon
S18E105 Ex-Sister-in-Law Overstayed Her Welcome 17/04/2015 Dissing An Ex-Sister In Law Pulling A Woody Overheating A Customer
S18E106 The Only Thing You Ever Gave Me Was Your Abusive Son! 20/04/2015 Dissing An Ex Tooling Around Trashing A Tennant
S18E107 Ceiling Crisis 21/04/2015 Trashing The Joint Holding A Horse Hostage Nice Guys Finish Last
S18E108 Living Large Loan 22/04/2015 Being Lax On A Loan Getting Painted Into A Corner Haulin' It
S18E109 Concert Crowd Surfing Chaos 23/04/2015 Crowd Suring Your Way Into Court Uncle Sam Always Wins Running A Shoddy Laundromat
S18E110 Wedding Style Mess 24/04/2015 Not Making It Up Jailbird Jewelry Heist Fouling Up On a Fix Up
S18E111 You Punched My Car And Dented It 27/04/2015 Being A Sucker Puncher Messing With A Musician Being Full Of Soot
S18E112 Dumping Disaster 28/04/2015 Making An Illegal Dump Flushing Away A Payment A Testy Test Drive
S18E113 Bankruptcy Scam 29/04/2015 Stealing From An Ex Being A Little Dinghy Disposing Of Personal Property
S18E114 Pet Sale Ends In Tragedy 30/04/2015 Selling A Bad Bulldog Caving In On A Tenant Riding Off Into The Sunset
S18E115 Drunk Driving Dilemma 01/05/2015 Who was really driving? Being A Deadbeat Designer Going Poof In The Middle Of The Night
S18E116 Pooch Problems 04/05/2015 Causing Doggie Damages Strumming A Woman Along Copping An Attitude
S18E117 Nasty Neighbor 05/05/2015 Getting Nasty With A Neighbor Turning On A Twin
S18E118 Roadside Wreck Leads to a Racist Rant 06/05/2015 Ceering off Course Exasperating An Ex Pooping Out On A Refund
S18E119 Who's Crazy: The Landlord or the Tenant? 07/05/2015 Get Out Of My House Ending Things Early A Pea Coat Problem
S18E120 College Coeds Clash 08/05/2015 Freezing Out A Roommate Making His Ex Very Mad Flooring A Customer
S18E121 Ex's Clash Over Cash 11/05/2015 Two-Timing Running Out On A Wedding
S18E122 "I Got The Bill For Your New Fiance's Engagement Ring!" 12/05/2015 Being Cheap Over A Jeep Being A Randy Roofer You Dognapper You
S18E123 Dream Car Disaster 14/05/2015 Unloading A Crummy Buggy Control That Dang Dawg Not Treating A Tenant Right
S18E124 Wedding War 13/05/2015 Wigging Out At A Wedding Ignoring A Tenant Ticking Off A Friend
S18E125 Pit Bull Attack 15/05/2015 Poor Chooch Letting A Lady Friend Down Smelting A Guy's Heart
S18E126 A Break Up Battle 18/05/2015 Leaving An Ex In The Lurch Leaving A Girl High & Dry Sending A Son On His Merry Way
S18E127 Mother And Son Hash It Out In Court 19/05/2015 Making Mom Mad Driving A Neighbor Nuts Sticking It To An Ex
S18E128 Landlord Litigation Over Hidden Video Cameras 20/05/2015 Being Lax On A Loan Not Seeing Things Clearly Refusing A Refund
S18E129 She Pulled A Knife Out In Front Of My Kids 21/05/2015 Going On A Demolition Derby A Crummy Car Repair Being A Money Moocher
S18E130 Car Tow Leads To An Explosion 22/05/2015 Flaming Out Taking, But Not Giving Changing His Mind
S18E131 A Father Denies His Daughter In Court 25/05/2015 Dissing Her Ex-Husband Trucking It Up Taunting A Tenant
S18E132 "You Lost My Dog!" 26/05/2015 Being Doggone Careless Walking Out Take Back Your Water Soaked Hunk O' Junk
S18E133 Stock Scammer 27/05/2015 Stiffing His Employee Taking Terrible Advantage Of A Tenant A Snow Job
S18E134 Wedding Food Disaster 28/05/2015 Running Out On A Bill Backing Out Keeping The Cash
S18E135 Uncle Drags His Niece To Court Over A Loan 29/05/2015 Not Returning Five Large Taking Advantage Of A Tenant The Day The Music Died
S18E136 Dog Bite Disaster 08/06/2015 Having Vicious Propensities Being Nosy Landlords Botching Up A Book
S18E137 "You Took Advantage Of My Mother" 09/06/2015 Mauling A Guy Over A Mower Freezing A Tenant's Money Getting Painted Into A Corner
S18E138 Sparks Fly When Fuming Fire Fighters Face Off In Court 10/06/2015 Fanning The Flames Carting The Issue Ski Dooin' A Customer
S18E139 Neighbors Battle Over A Tree 11/06/2015 Being A Sap Manhandling A Tenant Trucking A Guy Up
S18E140 Canine Catastrophe 12/06/2015 Skipping A Few Years Towing The Line Hitting A Sour Note
S18E141 Brothers Battle Over The Family Inheritance 15/06/2015 Denying A Brother Not Phoning A Friend A Wheely Big Problem
S18E142 Exes Battle It Out In Court 16/06/2015 Losing It With A Ex Failing The Family Being A Real Busy Body
S18E143 Freeloading Tenant 17/06/2015 Licking A Mom To The Curb Staining His Reputation Lousy Laundering
S18E144 Good Samaritan Sued For His Good Deed 18/06/2015 Being A Spoil Sport Being Rock Solid Hair, Hair Everywhere
S18E145 Daycare Dilemma 19/06/2015 Departing Daycare Leaving Too Soon Causing A Fight
S18E146 Fireworks Fly When Exes Square Off 22/06/2015 Double-Timing Banging It, But Good Finishing A Job
S18E147 Co-Worker Clash 23/06/2015 Un-Friending A Friend Ruining A Rental Elevating A Customer's Blood Pressure
S18E148 Divorce Disaster 24/06/2015 Getting Into Deep Water With An Ex Being A Real Two-Timer Water-Water Everywhere
S18E149 An Engagement Ring Ruckus 25/06/2015 Giving An Ex The Ring Around Generating A Big Lawsuit Upsetting An Uncle
S18E150 Tax Fraud Fiasco 26/06/2015 Conning A Cousin Tranny Troubles Failing A Friend
S19E01 Drunk Driving Disaster 07/09/2015 Causing An Accident Copping Out On A Copier Dishing It To A Tenant
S19E02 Hospital hook up 08/09/2015 Not Treating His Lady Right Losing It On A Car Leaving It All Behind
S19E03 Diamond ring tears a family apart 09/09/2015 Ringing Up A Lawsuit Watch Out You're Not Getting Anuthing Back
S19E04 Neighbor nightmare 10/09/2015 Feuding Neighbors Folding On A Debt Letting One Get Away
S19E05 Bitter exes bedroom battle 11/09/2015 Sacking An Ex Get Away From My Car Holding On Too Tight
S19E06 Traffic ticket tears apart a family 14/09/2015 Not Being Nice To A Niece Being A Real Drip Taking Off
S19E07 Cruise sinks a family 15/09/2015 Hitting Rough Seas With An Ex A Shoddy Car Sale Rubbing A Renter The Wrong Way
S19E08 You threw me out of your taxi 16/09/2015 Kicking A Woman To The Curb Having No Heart Not Keeping His Employee In Line
S19E09 Antique repair uproar 17/09/2015 Turning Up The Heat Cutting It A Little Too Close Letting An Aunt Down
S19E10 Marriage mayhem 18/09/2015 Running Out On A Wife Taking Off For Good Firing Up A Lawsuit
S19E11 Workplace warfare 21/09/2015 Being Fighting Mad Rotten-Renting Being A Drip
S19E12 Car catastrophe 22/09/2015 Give Me My Car Back Causing Big Problems Not Being The Playing Type
S19E13 Judge and defendant go head to head 23/09/2015 Speaking Her Mind Crushing It How Dare You
S19E14 Money tears apart a relationship 24/09/2015 Failing A Fiance' Taking Advantage Bumping A Bumper
S19E15 You had a wife, a fiance, and a mistress? 25/09/2015 Refusing To Return A Ring Being Wishy-Washy Renting A Wreck
S19E16 Sister steals family inheritance 28/09/2015 Stealing From A Sibling Not Having A Leg To Stand On A Hostile Environment
S19E17 Freaking out over a funeral 29/09/2015 Fouling Up A Funeral Stoning A Customer Being Petty
S19E18 Ripped off by a clothing designer 30/09/2015 Taking His Sweet Time A Bad Car Swap Gouging A Guy
S19E19 Dog death dilemma 01/10/2015 A Doggy Disaster Tossing It All To The Curb Slip-Sliding Away
S19E20 My landlord got me fired 02/10/2015 Making A Tenant Mad Tripping Up A Friend You Sold Me A Lemon
S19E21 I Call That Abandonment 05/10/2015 Copping Out On A Camper Being Ratty Being Wishy Washy
S19E22 Brothers Moving Battle 06/10/2015 Being A Moocher Letting A Gal-Pal Down Baiting A Tenant
S19E23 Father / Daughter car clash 07/10/2015 Retiring From A Daughter Give Me Money A Loan? What Loan?
S19E24 Sketchy boyfriend / sketchy loan 08/10/2015 Dissing An Ex Bailing On A Brother Taking Off
S19E25 Cat Rescue Turns Catastrophic 09/10/2015 A Kitty Cat Conundrum Not Backing Down Losing Control
S19E26 You Sold Me A Sick Puppy! 12/10/2015 Dodging A Dog Buyer Making Ma Mad Being A Loosey Goosey Landlord
S19E27 Rotten Renter 13/10/2015 Having No Heart Creating Momma Drama Making A Mechanic Mad
S19E28 You Set My Van On Fire. 14/10/2015 A Real Smoke Screen Flushing A Job Down The Toilet Getting Too Much Sun
S19E29 Car Crash Crisis 15/10/2015 It's Not Nice To Lie Not Treating Mommy Dearest Having No Heart
S19E30 Roomate Rumble 16/10/2015 Rough Roommating Losing A Suitcase Putting The Kibosh On A Happy Meal
S19E31 Remote Control Chopper Theft 26/10/2015 What A Whirly Bird Being A Messy Mover Ignoring An Ex
S19E32 Dead Bird Debacle 27/10/2015 Being A Bird Brain Hemming & Hawing Lazy On A Loan
S19E33 Fender Bender Fiasco 28/10/2015 Making A Drastic Turn Maligning A Mom I Want My Money Back
S19E34 Move-In Mania 29/10/2015 One Woman Wrecking Spree Denting A Friendship
S19E35 Did a Dad's Punishment Go Too Far? 30/10/2015 Taking It Out On His Kid Being In Too Much Of A Hurry: When the seller of a home backs out of the deal, the potential buyer wants his expenses repaid. Being A Bad Borrower
S19E36 Car Sale Catastrophe 02/11/2015 Not Having A Crowning Moment Having An Arresting Personality Leaving The Place A Mess
S19E37 Landlord Litigation 03/11/2015 Being Too Rigid Funny Business Blowing An Engine, But Good
S19E38 Family Argument Turns Physical 04/11/2015 Smashing & Dashing Selling Fragile Furniture Wrecking The Joint
S19E39 Music Video Disaster 05/11/2015 Getting Too Involved Gassing Up A Customer Making The Music Die
S19E40 You Are 58 Trying to Date a 22-Year-Old! 06/11/2015 Ramping Up A Lawsuit Banging His Head Over A Headboard Give Me Back My Money
S19E41 You Stole My Dog! 09/11/2015 Bow-Wowing His Way Out Of A Deal Revving Up A Lawsuit Causing Family Drama
S19E42 Parking Tickets Destroy a Friendship 10/11/2015 Ending A Friendship Painting Himself Into A Corner Aggravating An Artist
S19E43 Towing Tussel 11/11/2015 Taking A Truck Pinning The Blame On An Innocent Man Tossing It All Away
S19E44 Brawl in the Family 12/11/2015 Beating Up A Car Hounding A Tenant Cutting Off A Landscaper
S19E45 Caught Red-Handed! 13/11/2015 It Just Doesn't Work That's One Sick Pup Mowing Down A Customer
S19E46 You Stole My $2,400 and Spent It at a Strip Club! 16/11/2015 Cashing In Letting A Friend Down
S19E47 You Sold Me a Fake Fish 17/11/2015 A Real Fish Tale Shoddy Chairmanship Being All Washed Up
S19E48 Breakup Demolition Derby 18/11/2015 You Cheating Loser Wheelie Bad Job Trying To Phone It In With An Ex
S19E49 Double-Crossing an Expert Witness 19/11/2015 Double-Crossing An Expert Wrong Place, Wrong Time A Hairy Situation
S19E50 You Are the Worst Landlord Ever! 20/11/2015 Being Petty Making The Ink Go Splat Who Cut The Juice?
S19E51 Tenant Turmoil 23/11/2015 Making A Real Mess Of Things Losing Control Running Away From An Ex
S19E52 You Stole 400 From Me! 24/11/2015 Losing Interest Letting His Friend Down Taking A Lady's Security
S19E53 Sister Getting Squeezed For Her Brother's Loan 25/11/2015 Robbing A Guy Blind Going Crazy A Real Pane In The Glass
S19E54 Your Son Threatened Me 26/11/2015 Un-friending A Friend Cracking Up A Customer Jumping The Gun
S19E55 Catering Catastrophe 27/11/2015 Fouling Up The Food Not Letting The Ink Dry Running Out On Money Owed
S19E56 Hair Color Catastrophe 07/12/2015 Being Color Blind Having A Bad Dog Day Afternoon Spoiling A Customer's Car
S19E57 The Day The Music Died 08/12/2015 1.) A Party Pooper: An event planner will not pay the DJ because she says he broke their agreement. 2.) Swerving Into Court 3.) Having No Heart
S19E58 Explosion Over A Huge Gas Bill 09/12/2015 A Pain In The Gas Not being Very Unfriendly Driving A Woman Crazy
S19E59 Towing Tussle 10/12/2015 1.) A Low-Blow-Tow: Woman is towed for not being a customer, when she had actually pre-ordered her food. 2.) That's A Doggone Shame 3.) Reving Up A Lawsuit
S19E60 You Attacked Me When You Were Drunk 11/12/2015 Running From The Rent Causing Tranny Troubles Going Bump In The Night
S19E61 Online Stripper Debacle 11/01/2016 Stripping An Investor Unloading A Real Clunker Going Off Half-Cocked
S19E62 Mother/Son Litigation 12/01/2016 Souring A Son Letting The Music Fade Being All Wet
S19E63 Cell Phone Catastrophe 13/01/2016 Phoning It In Breaking Down A Friendship Letting The Fur Fly
S19E64 Dog Bite Disaster 14/01/2016 Doing Some Doggie Damage Copping Out On A Car Playing Dirty
S19E65 Moving Day Mischief 15/01/2016 Being A Pane Making A Real Mess Of Things Cutting It A Little Too Close
S19E66 Exes Battle It Out Over A Computer 25/01/2016 Not Computing Dancing Around An Issue Being Crass About The Grass
S19E67 Fire Fiasco 26/01/2016 Burning Up A Tenant Rubbing It The Wrong Way Fudging The Furniture
S19E68 Your Dog Bit My Child In The Face 27/01/2016 Having A Mean Old Dog Bunking Up A Bed Order Braking Into Court
S19E69 A Mother Hauls Her Daughter Into Court 28/01/2016 Mauling A Mom Look Where You're Going Giving A Tenant A Refund
S19E70 You Sold Me A Stolen Phone 29/01/2016 Being A Phony A Doggone Dilemma Four Wheeling His Way Into Court
S19E76 Your Vicious Dog Almost Killed My Dog 01/02/2016 Having Vicious Propensities Being A Real Hood Lighting Up A Dispute
S19E77 Making A Lot Of Noise Over A Missing Speaker 02/02/2016 Making A Lot Of Noise Selling Out On A Su-Su Going Batty
S19E78 Tenant Turmoil 03/02/2016 Get Outta My House Take Responsibility Please Pooping Out On A Painter
S19E79 You Sold Me A Junky Jet Ski 04/02/2016 Jettisoning A Customer Being All Wet Fouling Up A Friendship
S19E80 Fender Bender Fiasco 05/02/2016 Watch It Buddy!!! Tripping Up An Ex Ignoring The Truth
S19E81 Dog Attack Anger 15/02/2016 Get Off My Dog Doing A Lot Of Nothing Mother May You Not!!
S19E82 You Bleached My Designer Bag 16/02/2016 Mucking Up An MCM Don't Grab My Butt Not Yelling Fore
S19E83 Karaoke Combustion 17/02/2016 Shorting Out Wrecking The Joint Lousy Landscaping
S19E84 Tussel Over a Tow 18/02/2016 Snatching A Car Off The Street Making Mom Mad Cracking Up A Customer
S19E85 Doggie Paternity Disaster 19/02/2016 Pooping Out On A Puppy A Kitchen Catastrophe Getting A Customer Howling Mad
S19E86 Roof Damage Ruckus 22/02/2016 A Jack In The Beanstalk Moment Passing A Rubber Check Revving Up A Lawsuit
S19E87 Bickering Over Bills 23/02/2016 Dissing An Ex BIG Time A Rocky Relationship Treating A Tenant Terribly
S19E88 Lawyer Arrested for Bribing a Court Official 24/02/2016 Not Representing Not Mending Fences Taking Advantage Of College Coeds
S19E89 Drunken Domestic Drama 25/02/2016 Cat-Nabbing Burning A Cook Over Spraying
S19E90 You Stole My Dog: Now Give It Back 26/02/2016 Stealing A Friend's Dog Selling Funky Furniture A Real Snow Job
S19E91 Sex Tape Scandal 29/02/2016 Taking It Out On A Car Being Doggone Mad A College Cop Out
S19E92 Neighbor Nightmare 01/03/2016 Being Too Loud To Paint Or Not To Paint Playing Hardball
S19E93 Your House Is Haunted by a Ghost! 02/03/2016 Get Out Or Else Selling A Real Lemon Trying To Snow A Plower
S19E94 Hair Extension Disaster 03/03/2016 A Bad Hair Day Loafing On A Loan Not Playing By The Rules
S19E95 Your Teenagers Trashed My House 04/03/2016 Being A Party Animal Leaving Too Soon Who Hit Who?
S19E96 Repair Bill Riot 14/03/2016 Skipping Out A Cover Up Fouling Up Friendship
S19E97 Music Mishap 15/03/2016 Being A No Show Moving Motors Taking Advantage Of A Tenant
S19E98 Exes Clash Over a Car 16/03/2016 Stealing From A Former Lover Scamming A Tenant A Back Up, Smack Up
S19E99 Rear-End Ruckus 17/03/2016 Ramming A Guy In The Rear Lackadaisical Landlording Getting It Wrong
S19E100 Lousy Landlording 18/03/2016 Bad Landlording Having Trouble With A Tranny Being A Bad Do-it Yourselfer
S19E101 Tree-Trimming Turmoil 11/04/2016 Going Out On A Limb Having Sour Grapes A Dry Cleaning Dilemma
S19E102 Cake Catastrophe 12/04/2016 A Cake Mistake A Car Wash Catastrophe Cutting Off A Landscaper
S19E103 My Brother Stole My TV 13/04/2016 Creating A Sibling Rivalry That's One Sneaky Landlord Creating More Problems
S19E104 A Family Fall Out 14/04/2016 Taking It All Back Clipping A Kid Not Giving It All Back
S19E105 Dog-Sitting Disaster 15/04/2016 Being Doggone Insistent Sticky Fingers Being Careless With A Car
S19E106 Roommate Sex Refusal 18/04/2016 Getting Turned Down Trying To Be Slick Letting A Lady Down
S19E107 You Lied To The Police And Got Me Arrested 19/04/2016 Making Up A Big Lie Wham-Bam-Con-Man Suspending An Ex
S19E108 You Sold Me A Sick Dog 20/04/2016 Being A Puppy-Pooper Snowing A Tenant Taking Way Too Long
S19E109 Painting Disaster 21/04/2016 Shortchanging A Painter Bugging Out A Baker What A Double Crosser
S19E110 Cruise Catastrophe 22/04/2016 Sailing Off Into The Sunset Making Things Up Denting & Dissing A Guy
S19E111 Family Feuding Over Rental 25/04/2016 Unhinging An Uncle Lousing Up A Lawn Blowing It With A Customer
S19E112 Co-Worker Chaos 26/04/2016 Working Up A Co-Worker An ATM Debacle Thinking He can Do As He Pleases
S19E113 Wedding Wrecker 27/04/2016 A Wedding Wrecker Suspending An Ex Taking A Wheely Long Time
S19E114 Ex Spending Spree 28/04/2016 Going On A Spending Spree Whacking A Car Keeping The Cash Without Reason
S19E115 Raunchy Roommate 29/04/2016 Being Inappropriate Not Getting The Job Done Bumming Out His Baby's Momma
S19E116 Dreadlock Disaster 02/05/2015 Causing A Customer Some Dread Lazy Landlording Turning Up The Heat
S19E117 Fireworks Over A Furnace 03/05/2015 Fouling Up A Furnace Causing A Woman To Fall \Making A Woman Wait
S19E118 You Are A Deadbeat Mom 04/05/2015 Bowing Out On Bail Fouling Up A House Wrecking A Recording
S19E119 Radio Riot 05/05/2015 Ripping Off A Radio Star Being An Under-Payer Being Unfair
S19E120 Devastated By A Dog Attack 06/05/2015 Having Vicious Propensities Setting Off A Sister Being Fishy
S19E121 Little Women: LA Star in Court! 09/05/2016 Causing A LITTLE Accident Yelling CUT!! Running From The Rent
S19E122 Father/Daughter Crisis 10/05/2016 Dissing A Dad Causing A Weedy Big Problem Not Holding It In
S19E123 Stealing From a Brother 11/05/2016 Pilfering A Painting Dangerous Landlording Taking Advantage
S19E124 Abandoned by Her Father 12/05/2016 Dismissing A Daughter Fading Out Trailblazing His Way Into Court
S19E125 Exes at War 13/05/2016 Causing A Doggy Dilemma Ruining A Relationship Slipping Into Gear
S19E126 Rental Ruckus 16/05/2016 Kicking A Tenant To The Curb Walking Out On A Wedding Planner Conning A Kid
S19E127 Clothing Store Catastrophe 17/05/2016 Being Two Payments Shy Failing An Old Friend Not Scoring With A Neighbor
S19E128 Neighbor Nightmare 18/05/2016 Being A Nasty Neighbor Missing It Take This Car Back
S19E129 Pay me, Don't Threaten Me 19/05/2016 The Check That Went Boing Boing Boing Skimming On Security Being Sticky Fingered
S19E130 You Stole My Kids TV 20/05/2016 Getting Under An Ex's Skin Muffing Up A Move Ticking Off A Tenant
S19E131 Harassed By Her Boss 23/05/2016 Being A Bad Boss Rough Seas With A Customer
S19E132 Suspicious Texts 24/05/2016 Having Extra Baggage You Have No Right To Keep My Money Stealing A Friend's Canine
S19E133 Fireworks Over a Faulty Stove 25/05/2016 Being Cold T-Boning His Way Into Court Put On Some Pants
S19E134 Nosey Landlord 26/05/2016 Excessive Shopping Cancelling On A Cook
S19E135 Sketchy Rental Situation 27/05/2016 Running A Rotten Rooming House Turning Out A Tenant Messing Up The Ink
S19E136 Wedding Photo Fiasco 06/06/2016 Missing The Money Shot Holding On Tight
S19E137 Rental Ruckus 07/06/2016 Stopping Payment A Carpet Caper Making A Grave Mistake
S19E138 Neighbors at War 08/06/2016 Control That Junkyard Dog Being Rough Around The Edges Taking On A Tenant
S19E139 Your Son Broke My Daughter's iPad 09/06/2016 Hey! Supervise Your Kid Standing His Ground Being A Big Delayer
S19E140 Crooked Contractor 10/06/2016 Being A Pane In The Glass Being Doggone Stubborn Tempting A Tenant To Sue
S19E141 Insurance Fraud 13/06/2016 Getting Carried Away Over A Car Throwing It All Away
S19E142 Roommates Rumble 14/06/2016 Going Overboard Causing A Tenant To Be Wet & Bothered Bending A Customer Out Of Shape
S19E143 Dog Mating Disaster 15/06/2016 Pooping Out On A Puppy Deal Ticking Off A Tenant Not Following The Law
S19E144 Mother/Daughter Courtroom Drama 16/06/2016 Upsetting Her Mother Cutting Out A Caretaker Lazy Landscaping
S19E145 You Installed the Wrong Tiles in My Bathroom! 17/06/2016 Being Color Blind Taking Advantage Having No Heart
S19E146 Antique Ambush 20/06/2016 Keeping Too Much Money Taking Advantage
S19E147 Feuding Friends 21/06/2016 Saying Neigh To Neighbor Not Treating A Lady Right Losing It
S19E148 Suing a Sister-in-Law 22/06/2016 Causing A Family Rift Ticking Off A Co-Worker Dead Cats? Gross!
S19E149 Riot Over the Internet 23/06/2016 Forcing An Eviction Taking His Sweet Time Acting Irresponsible
S19E150 Car Parts Dealer Disaster 24/06/2016 Steering A Customer The Wrong Way Selling A Hunk O' Junk Not Seeing The Light