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The Pink Panther Cartoon Collection contains the threatrical Pink Panther shorts as well as other cartoons such as 'The Inspector' and 'The Ant and the Aardvark'. This whole thing began in 1963, when Blake Edwards needed an opening sequence for his film, The Pink Panther, so he commissioned David H. DePatie and Warner Brothers cartoon director, Friz Freleng to make one for it. The opening sequence turned out to be more popular than the movie itself, so United Artist commissioned DePatie-Freleng Enterprises to make Pink Panther cartoons for theaters. In 1969, due to the success of the cartoon, NBC started airing The Pink Panther Show along with another DFE theatrical cartoon... The Inspector It was based on the Inspector Clouseau character. The Inspector was a clumsy French detective who bumbles everything up. It ran in theaters from December 1965 thru February 1969. There were total of 34 theatrical shorts. All 34 cartoons reran in television as part of the Pink Panther show in 1969-1971


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Pink Panther Show

S01E00 Bomb voyage 00/00/0000 The Inspector and Deux-Deux go to the planet Yornova to rescue the Commissioner who has been kidnapped by aliens.
S01E01 The Pink Phink (pilot) 13/09/1969 The Pink Panther and an unnamed painter (known as the "Little Man") compete over whether a house should be painted blue or pink. Each time the painter attempts to paint something blue, the panther thwarts him in a new way. At the end, the painter inadvertently turns the house and everything around it pink and the panther moves in. But just before he moves in, he paints the white man completely pink. The painter gets upset and bangs his head against a mailbox. The Pink Panther then walks into the house as the sun sets.
S01E02 Bomb Voyage 00/00/0000 The Inspector and Deux-Deux go to the planet Yornova to rescue the Commissioner who has been kidnapped by aliens.
S01E03 The Pink Tail Fly 15/11/1969 After watching late TV, the Pink Panther has a late night battle with a tailfly.
S01E04 Dial 'P' For Pink 00/00/0000
S01E05 Sink Pink 00/00/0000
S01E06 Pickled Pink 00/00/0000
S01E07 Shocking Pink 01/11/1969
S01E08 Pinkfinger 25/10/1969
S01E09 Pink Ice 00/00/0000
S01E10 The Pink Tail Fly 15/11/1969 After watching late TV, the Pink Panther has a late night battle with a tailfly.
S01E11 Pink Panzer 00/00/0000 Pink Panther in: ""Pink Pest Control"" Orginally released theatrically in: February 12, 1969. ---------------------------- The Inspector in: ""The Shooting of Caribou Lou"" Orginally released theatrically in: December 20, 1967. ---------------------------- Pink Panther in: ""Smile Pretty, Say Pink"" Orginally released theatrically in: May 29, 1966.
S01E12 An Ounce of Pink 29/11/1969
S01E13 Reel Pink 06/12/1969
S01E14 Bully for Pink 13/12/1969 Pink Panther in: ""Pink In The Clink"" Orginally released theatrically in: December 20, 1967. ---------------------------- The Inspector in: ""Le Cop On Le Rocks"" Orginally released theatrically in: June 29, 1967. ---------------------------- Pink Panther in: ""Little Beaux Pink"": The Pink Panther is trying to graze a sheep, but an cowboy tries to get rid of him, but fails miserably on his every attempt. Orginally released theatrically in: December 27, 1967.
S01E15 Pink Punch 00/00/0000
S01E16 Pink Pistons 00/00/0000
S01E17 Vitamin Pink 00/00/0000
S01E18 The Pink Blue Print 19/09/1970 The Pink Panther switches the blueprints with the man's idea for his own with his idea of what the house should look like.
S01E19 Pink, Plunk, Plink 26/09/1970
S01E20 Smile Pretty Say Pink 00/00/0000
S01E21 Pink -A- Boo 00/00/0000
S01E22 Genie With The Light Pink 00/00/0000
S01E23 Super Pink 00/00/0000
S01E24 Rock A Bye Pinky 00/00/0000
S01E25 Pinknic 00/00/0000
S01E26 Pink Panic 00/00/0000
S01E27 Pink Posies 00/00/0000
S01E28 Pink Of The Litter 00/00/0000
S01E29 In The Pink 00/00/0000
S01E30 Jet Pink 00/00/0000
S01E31 Pink Paradise 00/00/0000 The White Man and his dog enters the little island in the middle of the ocean; then all of the sudden, the dog's tail points at the top of the tree and the White Man looks up and sees that big muscle person on top of the coconut tree, so the White Man uses his rifle and shoot the muscle person out of the tree, then coconuts hit his head. Then, the Pink Panther comes and he hears the gunshots that was in the background, and made himself look like a tree, but the White Man didn't see him except the dog. The dog barks at him and Pink uses a water gun to spray the dog, so the dog went to get the White Man to show him what he saw. In the ending, the White Man tries to cover the explosives but it goes off and the island sinks to the bottom of the ocean. When the White Man and the dog are sitting on a log in the middle of the ocean, the Pink Panther comes out of the water then breathes deep back underwater with his umbrella.
S01E32 Pinto Pink 00/00/0000
S01E33 The Pink Phink (pilot) 13/09/1969 The Pink Panther and an unnamed painter (known as the "Little Man") compete over whether a house should be painted blue or pink. Each time the painter attempts to paint something blue, the panther thwarts him in a new way. At the end, the painter inadvertently turns the house and everything around it pink and the panther moves in. But just before he moves in, he paints the white man completely pink. The painter gets upset and bangs his head against a mailbox. The Pink Panther then walks into the house as the sun sets.
S02E01 Prefabricated Pink 22/11/1967
S02E02 The Hand is Pinker Than The Eye 20/12/1967
S02E03 Pink Outs 27/12/1967
S02E04 Sky Blue Pink 03/01/1968
S02E05 Pinkadilly Circus 21/02/1968
S02E06 Psychedelic Pink 12/03/1968
S02E07 Come On In, The Water's Pink 09/04/1968
S02E08 Put-Put Pink 13/04/1968
S02E09 G.I. Pink 30/04/1968
S02E10 Lucky Pink 06/05/1968
S02E11 The Pink Quarterback 21/05/1968
S02E12 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Pink 29/06/1968
S02E13 Pink Valiant 09/07/1968
S02E14 The Pink Pill 30/07/1968
S02E15 Prehistoric Pink 06/08/1968
S02E16 Pink In The Clink 17/09/1968
S02E17 Little Beaux Pink 01/10/1968
S02E18 Tickled Pink 08/10/1968
S02E19 The Pink Sphinx 22/10/1968
S02E20 Pink Is A Many Splintered Thing 19/11/1968
S02E21 The Pink Package Plot 10/12/1968
S02E22 Pink-Come Tax 19/12/1968
S02E23 Pink-A-Rella 08/01/1968
S02E24 Pink Pest Control 12/02/1969
S02E25 Think Before You Pink 19/03/1969
S02E26 Slink Pink 02/04/1969
S02E27 In the Pink of Night 18/05/1969
S02E28 Pink On The Cob 29/05/1969
S02E29 Extinct Pink 20/06/1969
S02E30 A Fly In The Pink 23/06/1971
S02E31 Pink Blue Plate 18/07/1971
S02E32 Pink Tuba-Dore 04/08/1971
S02E33 Pink Pranks 28/08/1971
S03E01 Pink on the Cob 00/00/0000 Some crows try to eat the Panther's crops so he tries to get rid of them.
S03E02 Extinct Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is hungry. He finds a bone, but he has to fight with a caveman, a dinosaur and a lizard for the bone. Will the panther ever get to eat?
S03E03 A Fly in the Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther hears a special announcement on TV that a fruit fly mutation has escaped from United States Agricultural Research Laboratory. The fly is reported to be unusually strong and very destructive. It is particularly fond of apples. Unfortunately for the Pink Panther he has an apple orchard.
S03E04 Pink Blue Plate 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther sees a "chef wanted" sign and applies for the job. He gets it and that's when the excitement begins.
S03E05 Pink Tuba-Dore 00/00/0000 A tuba player gets a notice from "everybody" that he is disturbing the whole town. Rather that risk getting evicted he goes out into the wilderness to play undisturbed. Unfortunately his playing disturbs the sleeping Pink Panther and a war is on.
S03E06 Pink Pranks 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is on his way to Rome on an airplane when he is dropped out of the plane for some unknown reason via parachute. When he lands he quickly finds a sign that says Nome - 2 Miles. He starts hopping from one sheet of ice to another but one turns out to be a polar bear that begins to chase him. He finds a seal that helps him escape. The seal wants to stay with the Pink Panther, but he just wants to get back on his way to Rome.
S03E07 Psst Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is driving his car and gets a flat tire. His spare rolls away causing a series of mishaps. Will the panther get his car back on the road?
S03E08 The Pink Flea 00/00/0000 A flea tries to make his home on a dog but jumps ship for the Pink Panther when he stops to pet the dog. The flea is making the panther itch so bad that he tries everything he can think of to get rid of him. He tries flea spray, a club, a car wash, swimming in the ocean, freezing him out with a snow cone, eating a hot dog with hot tabasco sauce, shaving off his fur ... will anything work?
S03E09 Pink-In 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is searching through his attic and finds an old letter from a friend named Loud Mouth Louie. We are then treated to a retrospective of old Pink Panther cartoons as he reminisces while reading the letter. highlights include when the Pink Panther joined the army.
S03E10 Gong with the Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther gets a job as a waiter in the Gong Ho Chinese restaurant.
S03E11 Pink 8 Ball 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther tries to find a basketball that thinks for itself.
S03E12 Pink Aye 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther stows away on the S.S. Luxitania and has to make sure he isn't caught.
S03E13 Trail of the Lonesome Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther must hide from some poachers that want his fur.
S03E14 Pink DaVinci 00/00/0000 Pink Panther changes the smile of the "Mona Lisa."
S03E15 Pink Streaker 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther accidentally wins the ski contest with the help of the big nosed man.
S03E16 Salmon Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther goes to the beach. When he leaves, a salmon starts following him everywhere. Pink Panther tries to bring the salmon back to the sea, but he always returns. Pink Panther changes his mind when the salmon brings him the paper. Pink Panther gets in trouble after taking the salmon to a movie theater and an aquarium.
S03E17 Pink Plasma 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is looking for a place to sleep. He comes across a sign which reads "Transylvania Lodge, Boarders Welcome." As he hurries off to beat the rain a clap of thunder knocks down the sign revealing another which reads "Danger! Vampire Castle." Once inside he is met with a series of unearthly experiences. Will he be able to survive the night?
S03E18 Forty Pink Winks 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is tired and looking for a place to sleep. He finds an empty bench in the park but a bum takes it before him. next he find a "Flop House" for 25¢ but his alarm clock goes off and they kick him out. He even tries to sneak into the Ritz Plaza Hotel with a variety of bad experiences.
S03E19 Pink Elephant 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is at the city zoo feeding an elephant. He leaves when he runs out of peanuts only to be followed by the still hungry elephant.
S03E20 Keep Our Forests Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is a park ranger. He is walking through his park cleaning up. He even has a small army of ants that help him. A man and his dog come in and make a camp. The man chops down a "No Open Fires" sign to make a campfire. When the panther finds this he immediately puts it out starting a battle between camper and ranger, who will win?
S03E21 Pink Campaign 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther seeks vengeance on a man who chopped down his treehouse.
S03E22 Bobolink Pink 00/00/0000 A newborn bird can't fly so the Pink Panther tries to show it how.
S03E23 It's Pink But is it Mink? 00/00/0000 Tarzan hunts to find the Pink Panther and shave his fur off.
S03E24 The Scarlet Pinkernel 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther finds a "street" dog.
S03E25 Mystic Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther finds a magician's hat. He sees what it can do, trouble ensues.
S03E26 The Pink of Arabee 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is walking down the street when he encounters a snake charmer. The snake charmer's music charm the panther's tail like it was a snake. A rope that later comes out of the snake charmer's basket falls in love with Pinky's tail. The Pink Panther spends the rest of the episode trying to get away from the rope and the snake charmer.
S03E27 The Pink Pro 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther sets up a booth on the sidewalk and claims to be an expert instructor of several sports. A man walks by and ignores him so the panther runs ahead of him, sets up his booth again, and offers him his first lesson free. The man agrees. The Pink Panther blindfolds the man and has him pick his sport with a dart. The dart lands on archery so off they go for the lesson. After the man is injured a few times, they go on to snow skiing. The panther doesn't seem to be much of an expert on anything except getting this man hurt. It's a battle to see who will give up first.
S03E28 Pink Piper 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther enters a new town while playing his flute much to everyone's delight. He notices screaming coming from the inn and discovers mice have invaded. He hands the owner a card promising that he will remove the mice for 3 shillings. The owner agrees and pays the panther. The people are overjoyed as the mouse leaves. The mouse is licking a lemon that makes the panthers mouth pucker and eventually stop playing. When the music stops, the mouse returns. The owner of the inn takes his money back and buys lots of mousetraps. The panther doesn't want to see the mouse hurt so he returns with his horn only to get caught in the traps himself. The inn owner next buys a cat and the struggle continues. Will the Pink Panther be able to remove the mice before the inn owner kills them?
S03E29 Pinky Doodle 00/00/0000 The date is April 18, 1776. The Pink Panther plays an American soldier in the Revolutionary War who makes Paul Revere's famous ride with the warning that the Red Coats are coming by sea.
S03E30 Sherlock Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther goes camping. Before going to sleep he safely stores a chocolate cake. When he wakes up it's gone and he plans on finding the thief. He might be a little surprised when he discovers the truth.
S03E31 Rocky Pink 00/00/0000 After seeing several people walking their dogs in the park The Pink Panther decides to buy one for himself. He soon finds out that they are more expensive than he thought ... and he only has 10¢. The pet storeowner throws him out. A shady character has been watching and summons the panther into an alley to make him an offer he can't refuse ... but should. The panther thinks he is getting a dog but instead gets a rock that acts like a dog.
S03E32 Therapeutic Pink 00/00/0000 A tired and hungry pink Panther is looking for some food. His stomach is growling so loud that when he sees a little dog on the street, the dog bites his tail. When the dog won't let go he goes to a nearby emergency hospital. All of the doctor's tests effect the dog and the two of them are eventually knocked out and rushed to x-ray. When the panther wakes up all he wants to do is leave. He is captured by an orderly and taken to a Fluorscan machine that he escapes from and replaces himself with a TV set. The Dr. finally offers the panther some food if he will take a spoonful of "Formula K-9 Dog Remover'. It works and now the dog is after the doctor.
S04E01 Pink Pictures 21/10/1978 The Pink Panther goes to a park to take pictures of animals. The first one to catch his eye is a woodpecker. When he tries to takes his pictures, the woodpecker starts to peck him on his head. The woodpecker continues to give the Pink Panther problems and he may never get a picture taken. Who will win the battle?
S04E02 Pink Arcade 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther gets lucky when he causes a weight machine to malfunction. When the machine spits out a lot of coins, he decides to take them to the arcade for some fun and games.
S04E03 Pink Lemonade 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther gets chased by the dogcatcher and then by a dog before he decides to go inside a house. A girl mistakes him for her doll. The Pink Panther is in even bigger trouble when the girl and her brother start fighting for him.
S04E04 Pink Trumpet 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther and the pale man are in a hotel. Pink Panther gets annoyed by the music the pale man listens to in the next room so he starts playing trumpet to make him angry.
S04E05 Sprinkle Me Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther goes to the park to have a picnic. As soon as he gets set up it starts to rain. He no sooner gets his stuff put away and it stops. Every time he tries to eat it starts raining and the rain clod follows him everywhere. Who will win this battle of panther vs. Mother Nature?
S04E06 Dietetic Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther starts thinking he's fat after a man puts a heavy case on the weight machine he's on. He goes on a diet.
S04E07 Pink U.F.O. 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is sitting at home looking at his butterfly collection when he sees one that he needs out the window. He rushes out to catch it but accidentally catches A UFO that looks like a bug instead. When he gets it home a battle ensues.
S04E08 Pink Lightning 00/00/0000 Dr. Jekyll decides to sell his car. The Pink Panther buys it, but he is soon in danger, because Dr. Jekyll gave the Hyde formula to the car, causing it to transform into a wild car!
S04E09 Cat and the Pinkstalk 00/00/0000 In a Pink Panther version of Jack and the Beanstalk, the Pink Panther trades his lazy cow to some magic beans. A beanstalk grows, the Pink Panther climbs up and gets chased by the giant.
S04E10 Pink Daddy 00/00/0000 The stork is bringing a baby alligator to the zoo where his parents live, but accidentally brings him to Pink Panther's house. The Pink Panther has to take care of the baby who keeps biting him.
S04E11 Pink S.W.A.T. 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is resting at home, reading a book when a fly interrupts him. He tries to get rid of him but fails. The fly continues to cause problems for the panther. He eats his food, interrupts his violin practice and is a general nuisance. The panther even buys a frog suit in an attempt to scare this fly away once and for all. Who will win the battle?
S04E12 Pink and Shovel 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther finds $5 on the ground. Worrying about it's safety, he decides to bury it in a box 100 paces away from his house. Unfortunately, a building is built on the $5 overnight. Can the Pink Panther find his money again?
S04E13 Pinkologist 00/00/0000 A man with a big nose goes to see Dr. Shrinker, Psychiatrist. He starts talking about his childhood and then the Pink Panther pops into his head. He relives some of his worst experiences with the panther that we see as segments of past cartoons.
S04E14 Yankee Doodle Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther as an American soldier helping Paul Revere in the Revolutionary War.
S04E15 A Pink Christmas 00/00/0000 It's Christmas. Everyone is enjoying the holiday except the Pink Panther who is very hungry. He tries to find food everywhere but can't get any. He goes to a mall where he causes much chaos. Will he get any food at all?
S04E16 Pink Press 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther as a reporter for The Daily Blabbermouth. His assignment is no easy task. He is to interview recluse Howard Huge.
S04E17 Pet Pink Pebbles 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther gives the pet rock phenomenon a try.
S04E18 The Pink of Bagdad 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther finds a genie in a lamp who turns out to not be very friendly
S04E19 Pink in the Drink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther signs up for a 14 fun-filled day cruise at a "special bargain rate". The "cruise" is in-fact on an old tall sailing ship and the cruise director turns out to be a pirate captain. The captain has tricked the Pink Panther so he has a shipmate to cook and clean for him.
S04E20 Pink Bananas 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is a Tarzan like character who gets into a battle with a gorilla after smashing into him while swinging from tree to tree on a vine. Who will win this battle of wits?
S04E21 Pinktails for Two 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is in a flower shop wanting to buy a plant. The man tries to sell him a small plant but that panther wants a big one. The man pours some "Speedy Grow" on the plant and it instantly grows bigger than the panther, much to his delight. As he leaves the shop the Pink Panther knock over the "Speedy Grow" and his tail falls into it. The panther spends the rest of the episode dealing with a tail that's way too long.
S04E22 Pink Z-Z-Z 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is very tired but is being bothered by an alley cat. He brings the cat inside to try and quiet it down but the cat continues to cause problems
S04E23 Star Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is running a gas station for spaceships. The panther has to hide when a group of aliens show up looking to give him trouble.
S04E24 Pink Breakfast 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is hungry. All he wants is a pancake for breakfast. You would think this would be easy, but it's not.
S04E25 Toro Pink 00/00/0000 Pink Panther and his adventures with a bull.
S04E26 Pink Quackers 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is home seeping when his alarm clock goes off. He thinks it is his phone and when the clock continues to ring, he pulls the phone cord out of the wall. When he realizes it's the alarm, he shuts it off and gets out of bed. As he is walking down the street he comes across a man selling toy ducks that he thinks are real. He later sees one of these ducks out in traffic and goes to save it. He tries to return it to the salesman, but he has left. No matter where he goes the duck follows. He mails the duck off to Japan only to have it return. Will he ever get rid of this pesky duck?
S04E27 String Along in Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther is walking down the street reading a newspaper. When he stops he is standing on a piece of string. It pulls out from under him knocking him over. He tries to pick it up but then realizes that it is too long so he starts to follow it. It seems to be attached to everything from a flag to people's laundry. He follows it to an angry bulldog, a tennis court, through fences and even to a playground where he jumps rope with two girls. It even pulls him onto a small river where he water skies with it until he is pulled over a waterfall. He continues through a train tunnel and into the zoo. Will he ever find the end of this string?
S04E28 Pink in the Woods 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther see a lumberjack wanted sign while walking through the woods and takes the job. The man who hires him begins having second thoughts when the panther get to work.
S04E29 Pink Pull 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther drops a coin in a sewer grate. He wants it back so badly that he gets a powerful magnet to try and retrieve it. The magnet causes more problems than it solves.
S04E30 Spark Plug Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther walks outside of his house and notices that the grass and weeds are almost up to his waist. He gets his mower out of his garage but it won't start. He decides the problem is a bad spark plug so he attempts to fix it ... with a few problems along the way.
S04E31 Doctor Pink 00/00/0000 As a hospital janitor the Pink Panther takes up first aid, to the disgust of the duty doctor.
S04E32 Pink Suds 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther goes to the launderette, and causes mishaps to a customer there.
S04E33 Supermarket Pink 00/00/0000 The Pink Panther goes to Tony's Supermarket, and is pursued by an employee (the Little Man).
S05E01 An Ounce of Pink 00/00/0000
S05E02 Congratulations It's Pink 02/02/1980
S05E03 Curse of the Pink Panther 03/02/1980
S05E04 Dial P for Pink 04/02/1980
S05E05 Doctor Pink 05/02/1980
S05E06 Genie with the Light Pink Fur 06/02/1980
S05E07 In the Pink of the Night 07/02/1980
S05E08 In the Pink 08/02/1980
S05E09 Jet Pink 09/02/1980
S05E10 Little Beaux Pink 00/00/0000
S05E11 Lucky Pink 11/02/1980
S05E12 Pickled Pink 12/02/1980
S05E13 Pink Ice 14/02/1980
S05E14 Pink of the Litter 00/00/0000
S05E15 Pink Outs 00/00/0000
S05E16 Pink Pajamas 00/00/0000
S05E17 Pink Panzer 00/00/0000
S05E18 Pink Phink 00/00/0000
S05E19 Pink Pistons 00/00/0000
S05E20 Pink Plunk Plink 00/00/0000
S05E21 Pink Punch 00/00/0000
S05E22 Pink Sphinx 00/00/0000
S05E23 Pink Suds 00/00/0000
S05E24 Pinkadilly Circus 00/00/0000
S05E25 Pink-A-Rella 00/00/0000
S05E26 Pinkcome Tax 00/00/0000
S05E27 Pinkfinger 00/00/0000
S05E28 Pinto Pink 00/00/0000
S05E29 Prefabricated Pink 00/00/0000
S05E30 Put-Put Pink 00/00/0000
S05E31 Revenge of the Pink Panther 00/00/0000
S05E32 Rock A Bye Pinky 00/00/0000
S05E33 Shocking Pink 00/00/0000
S05E34 Sink Pink 00/00/0000
S05E35 Sky Blue Pink 00/00/0000
S05E36 Smile Pretty Say Pink 00/00/0000
S05E37 Super Pink 00/00/0000
S05E38 Supermarket Pink 00/00/0000
S05E39 The Pink Blueprint 00/00/0000
S05E40 The Pink Pacakage Plot 00/00/0000
S05E41 The Pink Pill 00/00/0000
S05E42 The Pink Quarterback 00/00/0000
S05E43 The Pink Tail Fly 00/00/0000
S05E44 Tickled Pink 00/00/0000
S05E45 Trail of the Pink Panther 00/00/0000
S05E46 Twinkle Twinkle Little Pink 00/00/0000
S05E47 Vitamin Pink 00/00/0000
S05E48 We Give Pink Stamps 00/00/0000
S05E49 Slink Pink 00/00/0000
S05E50 Think Before You Pink 00/00/0000
S05E51 Pink Pest Control 00/00/0000