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(From Wikipedia) "The Queen of Jhansi" (Hindi: Jhansi ki Rani) is an Indian historical drama based on the life of Lakshmi Bai, the Rani of Jhansi. The series was directed by Jitendra Srivastava and written by Rajesh Saksham, Ila Dutta Bedi, Malavika Asthana and Mairaj Zaidi. It premiered on 18 August 2009 on Zee TV with Ulka Gupta playing Queen Lakshmi Bai. On 8 June 2010, the story moved on several years and Kratika Sengar portrayed the Queen from there on. The show's last episode aired on 19 June 2011.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Queen of Jhansi

S01E01 18-08-2009 18/08/2009 Episode 1 Introduction of Ulka Gupta as Manu, Ravi Mankane as Bajirao, Satyajeet Dube as Nana, Shailesh Dattar as Moropant Tambe and Amit Pachori as Tatya Tope The episode introduces a little girl Manu (Ulka Gupta) who is adventurous by nature and gallops on a horse to where Nana Saheb (Satyajeet Dube), son of Peshwa Baji Rao II, practices swordfighting with his trainer Tatya Tope (Amit Pachori). She gets into a sword fight with Tope and wins! Manu is very surprised to know that people fear the British. Bajirao, (Ravi Mankane) whose palace she has come to visit, also suffers the injustices of the British silently. Manu is greatly disturbed by this, so her father, Moropant Tambe (Shailesh Dattar) explains to her about the British rule. One day, unable to bear the high-handedness of Jeff, a British officer, on Basu Kaka, a stable caretaker, Manu beats him. Manu is asked to apologise but she refuses, so Bajirao does so, on her behalf.
S01E02 19-08-2009 19/08/2009 Introduction of Aruna Irani as Vahini Saheb Vahini Saheb (Aruna Irani), Bajiraos sister-in-law, decides to punish Manu by asking her to memorise 25 Geeta Shlokas (Verses of the Holy Text). Vahini Saheb blames Moropant for Manus misbehaviour and he apologises to her. Meanwhile, Vahini Saheb is shocked that Manu has memorised the incantations so easily. Later, Manu agrees to apologise to Jeff, provided he does the same to Basu Kaka but Jeff refuses. Vahini Saheb suggests to Moropant to get Manu married. But Bajirao announces that Moropant and Manu will stay in his palace. Vahini Saheb is unhappy with Bajiraos decision.
S01E03 20-08-2009 20/08/2009 At the palace, Manu displays her archery skills to some children. Nana Saheb who is watching her is surprised to see that the arrows explode on hitting a target. He invites her to practice with him at an isolated place. The sound of the blasts scare Nana Sahebs horse and it starts to gallop, thereby dropping Nana Saheb. He gets dragged by it and then falls off a cliff. Will Nana Saheb escape unhurt?
S01E04 21-08-2009 21/08/2009 Manu is shocked to see Nana Saheb injured. Tatya Tope is worried and goes to find him but returns only with Nana Sahebs horse. Manu decides to take Nana home and struggles to mount him on her horse. Captain Menson accuses Bajirao about the deadly weapons and threatens to stop his pension if the incident is repeated. Bajirao and the others are shocked to know that the explosive arrows were made by Manu. Bajirao warns Moropant to discipline Manu.
S01E05 25-08-2009 25/08/2009 Moropant stops Manu from going to the fighting arena. He takes her to the royal kitchen and puts her under the supervision of Vahini Saheb. She even stops Manu from attending a ceremony called Tuladaan (a type of charity). Tatya Tope declares that Manu was indeed Nanas saviour and they should be grateful to her. When Nana goes on an elephant ride, Manu feels disappointed and deprived. Nana tells her that she is not destined to sit on an elephant, but Manu promises him that one day, she would.

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