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The newest series of the Housewives franchise adds a unique flavor as the show goes inside this cultural hot spot. The Real Housewives of Miami follows six of the most connected and influential women of Miami as they live their lives to the fullest in this sunny city where the party never stops.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Real Housewives of Miami

S02E01 A Tale of Two Miami's 13/09/2012 Season 2 opens with a new generation of Miami ladies arriving and upending the lives of Lea, Adriana and Marysol. Here, Lea discovers sightly Lisa Hochstein is her new neighbor. Hochstein, Joanna Krupa, Ana Quincoces and Karent Sierra join the cast.
S02E02 Text, Lies and Your Smile Is Fake 20/09/2012 Adriana reflects on her inability to open up to her fiancé. Meanwhile, the topic turns to marriage when Karent gives her soap-star boyfriend a massage; Joanna puts the pressure on her paramour regarding their relationship; and Karent confronts Ana about inappropriate texting.
S02E03 A Mynt Meltdown 27/09/2012 A once outwardly perfect relationship begins to show cracks; Adriana continues to shy away from marriage talk; and Adriana flirts at a nightclub.
S02E04 She Beat Me to the Tweet! 04/10/2012 Tension flares between Joanna and Romain; Adriana decides to go au naturel for art and excludes Karent from an art exhibition; Ana gives Joanna relationship pointers; Lisa warns Karent about the other ladies.
S02E05 Eager Beaver 11/10/2012 Joanna tries to mend a struggling relationship. Also Karent receives some advice on how to deal with the mean-spirited people in her life. Meanwhile drama flows when all the ladies attend a noble charity gala; Karent gets a warning about Adriana, and Alexia throws her first bash in months.
S02E06 Sexting Candles 18/10/2012 Miami's high society anticipates Alexia's big bash; Adriana revs up to confront Karent but will things go smoothly or get out of control; and Joanna discovers that there's a downside to being a supermodel. Also: Hidden E-mails come into play that ensure a lot of drama & controversy.
S02E07 Bras and Brawls Part 1 25/10/2012 Karent can't seem to get on anyone's good side, and the mood just gets uglier when Adriana discovers Karent was making catty remarks about the other ladies. The stress levels are high as Lisa and Lea both gear up for their big charity fundraisers. When the night of Lisa's Lingerie Party arrives, no one is prepared for what happens when the moon is full, Joe Francis is in town, and half-naked Miami socialites start acting as naughty as their underwear.
S02E08 Bras and Brawls, Part 2 28/10/2012 Conclusion. Lisa's lingerie shindig continues with a shocking confession, a temper tantrum, a confrontation involving one of Karent's friends and a battle royal that leaves the party in shambles.
S02E09 Conflicting Conflict 01/11/2012 The Blacks prep for their annual gala, but Lea worries about potential drama among the ladies, so she enlists a psychic to bring positive energy to the group. Meanwhile, Marysol is a no-show for the event, as she visits Ana to have a major conversation.
S02E10 A Better or Bitter Place 11/11/2012 Alexia hosts a summit dinner in an effort to resolve the dramas that are dividing the Miami ladies. All the women attend, including Lea, who's coping with a monumental heartbreak. Also: Joanna plays in a beach-based volleyball tournament.
S02E11 Uncomfortably Public Relations 15/11/2012 Lea is advised to patch things up with Marysol, but discord takes center stage when the ladies attend Miami socialite Lisa Pliner's shoe showcase. Marta moves back to Joanna and Romain's home and Karent tries to smooth things over with the ladies by organizing a dinner party.
S02E12 Parents Fly South 29/11/2012 In a parents-theme edition, Lisa's demanding in-laws arrive; Adriana hosts a party for her fiancé's parents; and Joanna's mother journeys to Miami for a heart-to-heart conversation. Also: Tensions between Marysol and Elaine reach the breaking point.
S02E13 Elsa Foretells a Storm 06/12/2012 The ladies delight in a Bahamian weekend getaway. New alliances are created, Lea goes wild—and one woman receives shocking news.
S02E14 Surrounded By Hot Water 13/12/2012 A family emergency impacts Karent. Elsewhere, a special dinner turns explosive when Lea and Marysol address their issues.
S02E15 Healing Hole 20/12/2012 Stormy conditions are keeping the ladies stuck together on Bimini, but the women try to find some peace and discover that perhaps the island has healing elements after all. When they finally make it back to Miami they return with new found focus and profound motivation to better their lives. Relationships are on the chopping block and it's the moment of truth for all of those with burdens weighing them down.
S02E16 Reunion Part 1 27/12/2012 Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, Part 1 brings Lea Black, Marysol Patton, Adriana De Moura, Ana Quincoces, Joanna Krupa, Karent Sierra, and Lisa Hochstein to rehash this season's drama.
S02E17 Reunion Part 2 03/01/2013 Hosted by Bravo's Andy Cohen, part two reunites Lea Black, Marysol Patton, Adriana De Moura, Ana Quincoces, Joanna Krupa, Karent Sierra, and Lisa Hochstein to discuss catfights and confrontations on this season. Alexia Echevarria and Elsa Patton join the ladies to rehash the drama.
S02E18 Lost Footage 08/01/2013 Host Andy Cohen opens up the Bravo vault to show never before seen footage, from Adriana’s dramatic acting gig to Lea’s unconventional relationship with her housekeeper, Freida, and much more.
S03E01 Til Lies Do Us Part 12/08/2013 Adriana and Lea deal with fallout from a scandal; Lisa's attempt to get the group together falls apart.
S03E02 Hurricane Adriana 19/08/2013 Adriana and Lea's feud comes to a head; Romain has a question for Joanna that may jeopardize their wedding; Lisa has problems with the property she's buying.
S03E03 Booby-Trapped 26/08/2013 Adriana and Lea's feud divides the group; Alexis reveals a secret from her past.
S03E04 Black Magic 02/09/2013 Romain surprises Joanna, but doesn't show to their first therapy appointment; Marysol visits her psychic and gets shocking news; Lea reveals a secret to Lisa; Frederic confronts Romain.
S03E05 A Cause for Concern 09/09/2013 Lea's annual gala; Alexia struggles to pick a side; Lisa tries to cope with the idea that she needs a surrogate.
S03E06 A Ple-Thora of Lies 16/09/2013 Lisa endures another visit from her in-laws; Adriana and Lea continue to fight; the ladies come together for a birthday party at Lea's house.
S03E07 La La Land 23/09/2013 Joanna gets help with her wedding; Alexis ex-husband has trouble with the law; Adriana's wedding plans hit complications.
S03E08 Mama Elsa Comes Home 30/09/2013 Joanna and Adriana try to reconcile; Elsa comes home from the hospital; the sex therapist assigns Joanna and Romain homework; Alexia and Peter try to work through their issues.
S03E09 Birkin Buddies 07/10/2013 As Adriana botoxes her prince and makes unreasonable demands on her guests, Marysol and Alexia plot to stop the Brazilian Bridezilla from ruining her dream wedding. Romain and Joanna discover there's more to their sex problems than meets the eye, and Marysol confronts Lea at Alexia's birthday party about not reaching out to Elsa. But Lisa vehemently comes to Lea's defense in a way we've never seen her before.
S03E10 Brazilian Bridezilla 14/10/2013 After six years of romantic bliss, Adriana and Frederic finally get to consummate their marriage license among the eyes of the church. With all eyes on Adriana, wedding bells transform this Brazilian beauty into a blustering Bridezilla. As her bridesmaids try not to sing the blues, Adriana's guests are forced to anxiously wait for the bride-to-be.
S03E11 The Black Sheep 21/10/2013 Lea and RJ take a trip back to Texas with Lisa in tow. Meanwhile, Alexia celebrates her wedding anniversary; Marysol breaks down about her mother's health; and Joanna and Romain announce their wedding date to Romain's parents.
S03E12 Bridesmaid Breakdown 28/10/2013 After Lisa's trip to Texas, she's more committed than ever to tearing down Lea's walls and getting her and Adriana back together. Meanwhile Joanna is feeling the pressure of planning her wedding and takes it out on Lisa in a blowout that makes Lisa question her friendship with her. And after months of feuding, Adriana and Lea finally meet at her ballroom reveal party and hash out their issues, but will it be the happy ending they've all been looking for?
S03E13 Blame It on the Alcohol 03/11/2013 It's Joanna's last night being single and the girls go to Vegas to celebrate. Adriana meets resistance when she tries to mend fences with Lea. Everyone is shocked to see Joanna and Adriana start to bond, but when the drinks start to flow, Lisa's erratic behavior starts to get on the ladies' nerves.
S03E14 Mrs. Zago 04/11/2013 Joanna and Romain's wedding has finally arrived. Alexia and Lisa receive some promising news. Adriana starts to see a brighter side of Lea.
S03E15 Reunion Part 1 11/11/2013 Part 1 of 2. The Miami ladies reunite to address Season 3's dramas. Included: Joanna and Lisa's friendship is sorely tested; and Alexia's motives are questioned.
S03E16 Reunion Part 2 14/11/2013 Conclusion. There's Miami heat when the wives reunite to discuss the highs and woes of Season 3. Here, Lisa goes on the attack when accusations fly; Marysol talks about Elsa; and a feud involves Lea.