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The Red Green Show is a Canadian television comedy that aired on various channels in Canada, with its ultimate home at CBC Television, and on PBS stations in the United States, from 1991 until the series finale April 7, 2006 on CBC. The Red Green Show is essentially a cross between a sitcom and a sketch comedy series, and is a parody of home improvement, do-it-yourself, fishing, and other outdoors shows (particularly The Red Fisher Show).


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Red Green Show

S01E01 The Big Inboard 04/01/1991 The men at the lodge build a huge outboard motor out of a V8 engine. Red demonstrates the belt sander. Harold discusses sex education and Bill teaches canoeing.
S01E02 The Elvis Sighting 00/00/0000 Elvis is sighted near Possum Lake. Red shows a youngster how to run a model airplane. A visit with Doug Franklin and his monster truck. Bill toboggans on garbage containers.
S01E03 The UFO 00/00/0000 The men claim to have seen a UFO. Red refinishes a chair with a bunch of hairdryers. Bill uses jumper cables to build a campfire.
S01E04 The Treasure Hunt 00/00/0000 The men go on a treasure hunt. Red build a beer cooler out of a toilet tank. Bill demonstrates snow-shoeing. Hap Shaughnessy stretches the truth about his rubber farm.
S01E05 Practical Joke Week 00/00/0000 It's practical joke week at the lodge. Red builds an elevator out of a garage door opener. Ranger Gord falls in love with a log. Bill shows you how to make your own fishing gear.
S01E06 Home Barber Kit 00/00/0000 One of the men gets a home barber kit and gives everybody a haircut. Red puts eight extra headlights on his car. Jimmy McVeigh plans to spend the night in the boat he’s rebuilding. Bill fools around with a snow blower.
S01E07 He-Man Contest 00/00/0000 The lodge has a He-Man contest. Red turns a stove into a reclining chair. Hap Shaughnessy describes his days as a bush pilot. Bill makes an igloo.
S01E08 Guest Elephant 00/00/0000 Red has an unpleasant experience with an elephant. Bill demonstrates paddling techniques. Red builds a jet powered car. Tips on buying a used car - kick everything.
S01E09 Exotic Dancer 00/00/0000 Moose goes to see an exotic dancer. Red builds a portable phone. Doug shows the engine on his monster truck. Bill tries parachuting.
S01E10 Lost Toupee 00/00/0000 Old man Sedgwick loses his rug. Red makes an adjustable bed of a ping pong table. Bill demonstrates ways to keep the bugs away. Red drops in on lonely ranger Gord.
S01E11 Talent Show 00/00/0000 The lodge has a talent show. Red fixes his VCR. Bill shows us some tricks when erecting a tent. Red gives basketball tips to a youngster.
S01E12 Problem Outhouse 00/00/0000 Trouble with the lodge outhouse. Red checks his lawn mower and finds out the engine is seized. Hap describes his days on the railroad. Bill demonstrates knife throwing.
S01E13 Whittling Contest 00/00/0000 The Lodge has a whittling contest. Red demonstrates how to put on a spare tire with duct tape. Glen is unable to fix the outboard. Bill tires water skiing.
S01E14 Wind-Powered Boat 00/00/0000 The men build a wind powered boat. Red changes a headlight with a wrecking bar. Hap claims to have worked on a tiger ranch. Bill gets in trouble with a metal detector.
S01E15 Hot Water Bottle 00/00/0000 Everybody tries to blow up a hot water bottle. Red makes a coffin out of a freezer. Glen gets Red to clean his RV. Bill demonstrates archery.
S01E16 Lodge Visitor 00/00/0000 There’s a bear inside the lodge. Red makes a basketball net out of a crinoline. The natural resources guy is testing water on the golf course. Bill goes snorkeling.
S01E17 Gun Powder Shakes 20/07/1991 Somehow gun powder ends up in the salt and pepper shakers. Doug Franklin describes how the ladies go for his monster truck. Red shows how to do your own body work. Bill messes around with slingshots.
S01E18 Safety Week 00/00/0000 It’s safety week at the lodge. Jimmy builds a boat prop out of a ceiling fan. Red fixes his toaster. Bill explains the subtleties of fire safety.
S01E19 Bad Chili 00/00/0000 A running shoe turns up in the lodge chili. Red installs a window air conditioner in the Possum van. There’s no mail. Bill takes Red orienteering.
S01E20 Water Tower 00/00/0000 The men build a water tower. Red comments on free love. Bill has trouble trolling. Red makes his own gull wing doors for a ‘78 Ford Granada.
S01E21 Jet-Ski 00/00/0000 Somebody on Possum Lake has a Jet ski. Red shows how you can substitute tools. Hap has an unbelievable ice-fishing experience. Bill goes international in demonstrating the Bolos.
S01E22 New Well 00/00/0000 The men try to dig a new well. Red tries to winch a canoe into a trailer. Dougie changes the oil in his monster truck. Bill reveals the various methods of trapping and snaring.
S01E23 Canoe Jousting 00/00/0000 The men have a canoe jousting contest. Red turns a car into a gardening centre. Harold questions his uncle on the rules of etiquette. Bill demonstrates how to find water.
S01E24 Water Slide 00/00/0000 The men build a water slide. Red shows how you can fix your own windshield. Dougie looses his license. Bill demonstrates different ways to signal for help.
S02E01 The Putter Attack 26/03/1992 Noel Tightens security and accidentally crowns helmet with bob’s favourite putter. Meanwhile, Red makes a dishwasher out of a fridge and Bill goes rappelling.
S02E02 Doc's Loan 26/03/1992 Doc owes money to Helmut who is big and strong and upset. Red shows you how to make a homemade lathe. Bill demonstrates water safety.
S02E03 Missing 26/03/1992 Someone has stolen Eddie's collection of Robert Goulet records. Red turns a water tank into a one-man sub. Bill accidentally ignites the ground.
S02E04 The Receipt-A-Thon 26/03/1992 The Lodge is being audited so everybody is busy forging receipts. Red makes a personal safety air bag. Bill has trouble with a Hammock.
S02E05 The Sing Along Machine 26/03/1992 Eddie is electrocuted by a homemade karaoke machine. Red shows how to rustproof your car by covering it with linoleum. bill teaches and learns about first aid.
S02E06 Bear!!! 26/03/1992 A bear in heat has all the men trapped inside the Lodge. Red builds a bear scarer out of a couple of Hawaiian shirts. Bill demonstrates building a shelter in the woods.
S02E07 The Bad Check-Up 26/03/1992 Glen has a bad medical check-up and is denied insurance for his RV. Red makes patio lanterns out of used containers. Bill turns a canoe into a sailboat.
S02E08 The Four-Man Raft 26/03/1992 Murray sells the Lodge a four-man raft that turns out to be an inner tube with a tackle box duct-taped to it. Red shows us many useful things you can do with old oil drums. Bill makes a homemade bow and arrow.
S02E09 Skeet Golf 26/03/1992 Bob drives golf balls out over the lake and Helmut shoots them before they come down. He misses and the ball goes through Glen’s RV sunroof. Red turns a fridge into a armour. Bill demonstrates how to find food in the woods (Part 1).
S02E10 The Broken Water Pump 26/03/1992 Helmut is trying to fix the pump while Murray is trying to sell the Lodge a whole new water system and theme park. Red demonstrates how to change your oil. Bill tries barrel jumping.
S02E11 The Illegal Clubs 26/03/1992 Bob buys a set of clubs that turn out to be all left-handed drivers with a goalie stick for a putter. Red makes a moped with a bike and a chainsaw. Bill tires fishing from a float tube.
S02E12 Animals In The Attic 26/03/1992 Evidence points to a raccoon in the Lodge attic. Noel has to get rid of him, but Eddie has made him a pet. Red makes a sofa bed out of plastic milk crates. Bill takes Red shore fishing.
S02E13 The Party Boat Sank 26/03/1992 The Lodge's homemade pontoon boat sank and Glen is blamed for poor workmanship. Red makes a raincoat with a couple of tablecloths and a glue gun. Bill tries his hand at sailing.
S02E14 The Food Club 26/03/1992 Douglas signs the Lodge up for Murray's food club which forces Eddie to quit. Red demonstrates how every tool can be used as a hammer. Bill tries some innovative methods of tree climbing.
S02E15 The Fish Locator 26/03/1992 Doc buys a fish locator that he can’t afford so he creates a lottery to pay for it. Red shows how to make transmission repairs. Bill demonstrates a few camouflage techniques.
S02E16 The Bent Canoe 26/03/1992 Helmut went white water rafting and wrecked the canoe. Helmet won’t replace it and Glen can’t fix it. Red shows a bunch of things you can make out of tin. Bill tries to get Harold's Frisbee out of a tree.
S02E17 Job Security 26/03/1992 Douglas fires Noel and appoints Helmut as the new head of Lodge Security. Red makes a grandfather clock out of a canoe. Bill builds and test drives a catapult.
S02E18 Noel's Stag 26/03/1992 The men are planning a stag for Noel who is getting married on very short notice. Red makes things for the kitchen out of a car engine. Bill finds more food in the woods (Part 3).
S02E19 Bob's Birthday 26/03/1992 A bunch of misunderstandings lead to an on-again off-again surprise party for Bob. Red makes a leaf blower out of a washroom hand dryer. Bill tries walking on stilts.
S02E20 The Sudsy Lake 26/03/1992 Possum Lake is covered with pink foam that turns out to be coming from Eddie’s dishwasher. Red shows up a bunch of things that can be done with pieces of garden hose after you run over them with your lawn mower. Bill tries hockey.
S02E21 The Gun Mishap 26/03/1992 Noel accidentally shoots Murray which is a major upset for Murray and a minor inconsequent for everyone else. Red makes a toboggan out of a car hood. Bill spruces up an old bicycle.
S02E22 The Double Date 26/03/1992 Helmut and Glen go on a double date in the RV. Bad things happen. Red shows how to make decorative plaster molding for your home or cottage. Bill ignores the dangers and tries to top a tree.
S02E23 The Florida Trip 26/03/1992 The men decide to take Glen’s RV to Florida without Glen in it. Red makes a pool table out of things he found in the backyard. Bill tries out a few boomerangs.
S02E24 Not One Fish 26/03/1992 Doc claims that Bob and the government have killed all the fish in Possum Lake. Red makes a recliner rocker out of an old wooden chair and a barbecue grill. Bill demonstrates how to help at the scene of an accident.
S03E01 Maple Syrup 22/09/1993 The Lodge uses a fuel pump from a Russian missile to collect maple syrup. Meanwhile, Bill demonstrates the dangerous side of camping lanterns. Harold exposes what’s wrong with adults and Red makes a wind surfer out of a patio table. Featured Members: Buzz Sherwood the Lodge bush pilot and Reg Hunter the vegetarian hunter. Featured Expert: Douglas Franklin tells us why to stay away from doctors.
S03E02 Car Pool 29/09/1993 Red tries to start a car pool as an excuse to buy a 12 passenger van but the men only like to ride in their own vehicles. Harold gives some valuable tips on bully proofing, Bills has some new techniques for cutting down trees and Red makes an intercom out of old toilets. Featured Members: Glen Brackston, the world’s laziest marina owner and Dougie Franklin the monster truck guy. Featured Expert: Hap Shaughnessy reveals some personal experience with explosives.
S03E03 The Spawning Grounds 06/10/1993 The Lodge backhoe rolled into Possum Lake and the men find out they can get government money if they use it as a shelter for fingerlings. Meanwhile, Harold starts his own news network. Bill demonstrates downhill skiing and Red makes the world’s most complete too belt, the Super Duper Tool a Rama. Featured Members: Bob Stuyvesant, the golfing civil servant and Dougie Franklin, the Monster Truck guy. Featured Expert: Hap Shaughnessy describes the taste of dinosaur meat.
S03E04 Magnetic Lake 13/10/1993 A freak accident and a lot of pollution result in Possum Lake being magnetized. Lodge life becomes difficult, especially for anything with iron in it. Meanwhile, Harold pretends to be God, Bill shows how not to launch a boat and Red makes a kiddie ride out of an umbrella clothesline. Featured Members: Hap Shaughnessy, the exaggerator and Glen Brackston, the world's laziest marina owner. Featured Expert: Bob Stuyvesant describes how to entertain kids when they came to stay for the summer.
S03E05 Underground Parking 20/10/1993 The men try to convert an abandoned gold mine into an underground parking lot. In a flood district. Meanwhile, Harold forms the Possum Lodge Cadets. bill makes a very large backpack and Red turns a barbecue into a full set of Scuba gear. Featured Members: Bob Stuyvesant, the golfing civil servant and Joshua Two-Feathers the native land developer. Featured Expert: Glen Brackston explains why to use a welder as a cook.
S03E06 The Tanks We Get 27/10/1993 The Lodge received 49 ten thousand gallon gas tanks for a fund raiser. Meanwhile, Harold has the inside dope on show business. Bill finds quicksand and Red builds a personal sauna out of a clothes dryer.
S03E07 Fire Brigade 03/11/1993 The Lodge forms its own volunteer fire department and things go badly. Bill builds a monstrous campfire. Red makes a one-step gardening machine out of a double bed and Harold gives hints on how to date a girl who’s out of your league. Featured Members: Ranger Gord the loneliest man alive, and Buzz Sherwood, the lodge bush pilot. Featured Expert: Hap Shaughnessy explains courage, with examples.
S03E08 The New Shirt/Casino 10/11/1993 Red holds a Casino Night at the Lodge but everyone is upset about his new shirt. Bill makes a camp bed. Red uses high voltage to cook a 7 pound roast. Harold tells teens how to form a band. Featured Member: Ranger Gord, the world’s loneliest man. Featured Experts: Bob Stuyvesant, the golfing civil servant, and Glen Brackston, the world’s laziest marina owner, identify what women really want .
S03E09 Green Green 17/11/1993 Red cleans up the environmental damage around the Lodge and received a government grant. Bill shows Red how to get his van out of the mud. Red uses duct tape to replace the webbing in a lawn chair. Harold tells teens how to get along with their teachers. Featured Members: Hap Shaughnessy, the exaggerator, and Ranger Gord, the loneliest man alive. Featured Expert: Dougie Franklin, explains why to buy a car instead of a holiday.
S03E10 Fuel Conversion 24/11/1993 The men at the Lodge decide to convert their vehicles to run on firewood. Bill tries his hand, and one foot, at trapping. Red makes a self-cooled chair. Harold does a feature on great film directors. Featured Expert: Glen Brackston, the world’s laziest marina owner, gives the secret of dieting.
S03E11 The Hidden Mine 01/12/1993 Red and the boys drop into a hidden mine shaft while bungie jumping. Bill demonstrates how to keep food cool without a refrigerator or ice. Red makes a bicycle out of an old car. Harold tries to form "good gangs" that have drive-by science lessons. Featured Member: Bob Stuyvesant, the golfing civil servant. Featured Expert: Hap Shaughnessy, the exaggerator tells why some people stretch the truth.
S03E12 Lake Regulations 08/12/1993 Possum Lodge has a confrontation with the Yuppie canoe club on Possum Lake. Bill makes his pup tent into a hang glider. Red turns an old canoe into a porch swing. Harold starts a new sex phone-in show. Response is sparse. Featured Members: Dougie Franklin, the Monster Truck guy, and Hap Shaughnessy, the exaggerator. Featured Experts: Bob Stuyvesant and Glen Brackston advise how to tell your children their pet has passed away.
S03E13 Cross The Lake Race 15/12/1993 The men have a race across Possum Lake to see who wins the job of ferry boat captain for the nudist camp. Bill does a little duck hunting. Red turns a patio umbrella into a satellite dish. Harold presents his new movie review show. Featured Members: Glen Brackston, the world’s laziest marina owner, and Buzz Sherwood, the Lodge bush pilot. Featured Expert: Douglas Franklin, the Monster Truck guy, gives advice on how to get attention.
S03E14 The Salmon Parade 22/12/1993 Possum Lodge decides to have a parade to celebrate the return of the salmon to Mercury Creek. Bill shows some creative ways to cut grass. Red makes a full set of living room furniture out of a used car. Harold tries a new pilot called Tricks Your Driving Instructor Never Taught You. Featured Members: Bob Stuyvesant, the golfing civil servant, and Dougie Franklin, the Monster Truck guy. Featured Expert: Glen Brackston, the world’s laziest marina owner, is forced to give an opinion on alternate lifestyles.
S03E15 The Funniest Video 29/12/1993 In order to raise money for the Lodge, the men decide to send in a funny video tape to a television show. Bill goes cross country skiing. Red shows how to put up a wall in your basement. Red shows how to put up a wall in your basement. Harold tries a new show that allows nerds to respond to their detractors. Featured Members: Ranger Gord, the loneliest man alive, and Buzz Sherwood, the Lodge bush pilot.
S03E16 Biosphere Three 05/01/1994 The men decide to do a biosphere experiment until they find out you have to be in there for two years. Bill makes an outdoor shower with an old water pump and a jacked-up car. Red demonstrates new ways of using a step ladder. Harold tries a new show on bus etiquette. Featured Members: Reg Hunter, the vegetarian hunter, and Ranger Gord the loneliest man alive.
S03E17 The Water Park 12/01/1994 Following an accidental cement spill, Red and the boys decide to make Possum Lake into a water theme park. Bill does some maintenance on his sailboat. Red has some ideas to discourage tailgaters. Harold does a pilot for a series exposing sex myths. Featured Expert: Bob Stuyvesant, the golfing civil servant, talks about coping with stress.
S03E18 The Used Helicopter 19/01/1994 Buster Hadfield buys a used helicopter and the boys at the Lodge have fun trying to fly it. Bill sets alarms to warn if animals are invading the campsite. Red makes a CD player out of an old toaster. Harold tries his hand at doing a movie review show. Featured Members: Reg Hunter, the vegetarian hunter, and Hap Shaughnessy, the exaggerator. Featured Expert: Dougie Franklin, the Monster Truck guy, shows off his knowledge of the ten commandments.
S03E19 Possum Lake Regatta 26/01/1994 After Moose Thompson flips his car into the lake, the men decide to make it part of the annual Possum Lake Regatta. Bill blows up his campsite by using river rocks in the fire. Red builds a cabin cruiser out of plastic pop bottles. Harold does a program on how to talk to the police. Featured Members: Glen Brackston, the world's laziest marina owner, and Bob Stuyvesant, the golfing civil servant. Featured Expert: Hap Shaughnessy, the exaggerator, claims that a K-Car distributor cap is a deadly weapon.
S03E20 The Retirement Home 02/02/1994 Old Man Sedgwick gets everybody to help him build a cottage up on a Rock Reef Point. Bill shows how to survive in your car while waiting to be rescued. Red makes a gift for the special lady in his life. Harold starts a series of documentaries on his campaign to become High School President. Featured Members: Joshua Two Feathers, the Native land developer, and Ranger Gord, the loneliest man alive. Featured Expert: Dougie Franklin, the Monster Truck guy, tries to choose the best car ever made.
S03E21 Slingshot Skiing 09/02/1994 Moose makes a huge slingshot out of surgical tubing so that he can water ski without a boat. Bill invents a whole new way to take leaves off your lawn. Red makes an inexpensive boat trailer out of tow old bikes. Harold tries a new concept showing teenagers how posture makes you look good. Featured Members: Ranger Gord, the loneliest man alive, and Bob Stuyvesant, the golfing civil servant. Featured Expert: Glen Brackston, the world’s laziest marina owner, describes how communism fell because of the lack of RV’s in Russia.
S03E22 The Possum Olympics 16/02/1994 Possum Lodge is the proposed site of the BI-annual Possum Olympics. Bill demonstrates the sport of horseshoes. Red gives lessons on the basics of supply side plumbing. Harold shows shy teens how to dance. Featured Members: Buzz Sherwood, the Lodge bush pilot, the Reg Hunter, the vegetarian hunter. Featured Expert: Dougie Franklin, the Monster Truck guy, explains how Canadians are different from Americans.
S03E23 Possum Lake Monster 23/02/1994 A dinosaur is spotted swimming around in Possum Lake. Bill shows campers how to store food in the woods. Red makes an interesting clock out of beer bottles. Harold tries to get a TV series going on how to achieve and maintain cool hair. Featured Members: Glen Brackston, the world’s laziest marina owner, and Ranger Gord, the loneliest man alive. Featured Expert: Hap Shaughnessy, the exaggerator, tells how he worked with Einstein on the Theory of Relativity.
S03E24 The Water Show 02/03/1994 The man decide to put on a Possum Lodge Water Show to attract tourists. Because the water is too cold Bill decides to go diving in the leaves. Red makes a comfortable easy boy chair out of steel belted tires. Harold gets very serious about safe sex. Featured Members: Hap Shaughnessy, the exaggerator, and Dougie Franklin, the Monster Truck guy. Featured Expert: Bob Stuyvesant, the golfing civil servant, gives marital advice to a viewer.
S04E01 The Beef Project 24/09/1994 Junior Singleton inherits a cow from one of the local farmers, and the men of the Possum Lodge offer to butcher it for him.
S04E02 The Owl Project 01/10/1994 A rare Unicorn Owl is spotted near Possum Lodge, and the whole area is on the verge of becoming an environmentally protected sanctuary with no hunting or fishing.
S04E03 The Beer Project 08/10/1994 Responding to the high price of beer, the men of the Possum Lodge decide to save money by brewing their own rather than curtailing consumption.
S04E04 The Firewood Project 15/10/1994 The popularity of "pick your own" strawberries and apples leads the men of the Possum Lodge to the conclusion that there’s a market for "pick your own" firewood.
S04E05 The Hydrogen Project 22/10/1994 A large quantity of hydrogen is released during an attempt to turn Possum Lake into a huge car battery, negatively impacting the quality of local life.
S04E06 The Schoolhouse Project 29/10/1994 An attempt by a city couple to purchase the old schoolhouse leads the locals of Possum Lake to find a way to save it, or at least make it unmarketable.
S04E07 The Firefly Project 05/11/1994 One of the members of Possum Lodge decides to light his home by trapping fireflies in a huge skylight.
S04E08 The Badger Project 12/11/1994 Old Man Sedgwick gets a badger caught in his pants.
S04E09 The Conveyor Project 19/11/1994 Buster Hadfield and his brother buy a used conveyor belt, and the rest of the Possum Lodge members try to make it look like a smart decision.
S04E10 The Electrical Project 26/11/1994 To protest the utilities company, the men of Possum Lodge decide to generate their own electricity.
S04E11 The Storm Damage Project 03/12/1994 The Possum Lake area is hit by a huge storm, as predicted by Old Man Sedgwick's body.
S04E12 The Marine Show Project 10/12/1994 The men of Possum Lodge fly in a couple of seas cows to create a marine entertainment centre that is reminiscent of other historic mistakes.
S04E13 The Silver Project 17/12/1994 After a particularly boring exhibition of Busters Hadfield’s vacation pictures, the men of Possum Lodge try to suck the silver off the negatives.
S04E14 The Ski & Golf Project 24/12/1994 When Moose Thompson successfully sues the local golf and ski resort and ends up owning it, he learns that in lawsuits, as in life, you should be careful what you wish for.
S04E15 The Auction Project 31/12/1994 Encouraged by tourists'penchant for paying any amount of money for anything, the men of Possum Lodge decide to hold a gigantic auction.
S04E16 The Rustproofing Project 07/01/1995 Tired of watching their vehicles turn to rust, the men of Possum Lodge once again take the law of nature into their own hands.
S04E17 The Movie Project 14/01/1995 A group of bandy-legged vegetarian filmmakers invade Possum Lodge to shoot a documentary on the environmental fallout of manly behavior.
S04E18 The Painted Leaves Project 21/01/1995 An unexpected explosion in the paint shop gives the men the idea of painting all the local trees for fun and profit.
S04E19 The Real Estate Project 28/01/1995 Somebody buys the lot next door to Possum Lodge and starts fixing it up, ruining the neighbourhood.
S04E20 The Stuck Truck Project 04/02/1995 On Adventures with Bill, Bill and Red cut down trees with a chainsaw. Stinky Peterson's girlfriend gets his truck stuck in the ditch, but by the time it's over, Stinky is the one who's stuck and ditched.
S04E21 The Group Photo Project 11/02/1995 To celebrate the anniversary of the invention of the spin casting reel, the people around Possum Lodge decide to stand in the centre of town for an aerial photo.
S04E22 The Guard Dog Project 18/02/1995 Junior Singleton decides to get a guard dog when all of his lawn ornaments are stolen.
S04E23 The Mt. Rushmore Project 25/02/1995 Desperately seeking sustenance, the men of Possum Lodge decide to carve Rock Reef Point into a tourist attraction.
S04E24 The Catfish Project 04/03/1995 Old Man Sedgwick catches a 47-foot catfish in the Catch a Catfish for Confirmation Contest, and the men of Possum Lodge decide to make it into perfume. Red gives Harold a car, which turns out to be more trouble than it is worth. On Handyman Corner, Red attempts to construct a mobile sports bar.
S05E01 Men's Night On The Mountain 30/09/1995 "Women accept what they are; Men have to prove it." Harold finally is invited to spend a night out with the boys. Animal Control Officer, Garth Harble swallows a rodent. On Handyman Corner, Red demonstrates how to turn a grocery cart into a lounge chair complete with snacks. Adventures with Bill features Cliff Diving. Special Guest - Graham Greene
S05E02 The Driving Test 07/10/1995 "Women know where they're going; Men drive." On Handyman Corner, Red makes an anti radar device. Bill demonstrates alternative modes of transportation. Hap recounts his Sport Whaling days. Harold impersonates Red at the driving test after Red loses his license. Special Guest - Gordon Pinsent
S05E03 The Satellite Dish 14/10/1995 "Women are watching the world; Men are watching television." As usual the men at Possum Lodge overdo everything. On Handyman Corner, Red shows how to turn a discarded dashboard into the ultimate remote control. Adventures With Bill features pogo sticking.
S05E04 Father and Son Banquet 21/10/1995 "Women can bear children; Men can't." Red & Harold need fathers for the banquet. On Handyman Corner, Red makes a girl's bedroom suite out of recycled tires. Bill's Adventure centers on a tire swing. Edgar Montrose demonstrates the use of dynamite for home renovations. Special Guest - Graham Greene
S05E05 The New Doctor 28/10/1995 "Women pursue good health; Men pursue good doctors." Local Tastee Freeze is converted into Possum Lake Medical Clinic. On Handyman Corner, Red makes a golf cart from a bicycle and plastic pipe. Adventures With Bill features a Bar-B-Q.
S05E06 The Vertical Grandstand 04/11/1995 "Women enjoy good entertainment; Men prefer good seats." New transformer tower is the inspiration for a grandstand. On Handyman Corner, Red demonstrates bonding metals. Adventures With Bill features rocketry.
S05E07 The Network Deal 11/11/1995 "Women appreciate creative input; Men appreciate silence." A big network becomes interested in the show and wants to make a few minor changes including replacing Harold and adding the first female to the cast. On Handyman Corner, Red demonstrates the fine art of packing. Adventures With Bill features boxing.
S05E08 Medieval Times 18/11/1995 "Women try to preserve history; Men try to make it." Camelot comes to Possum Lake. On Handyman Corner, Red makes a crossbow courier device. Adventures With Bill features fencing.
S05E09 Van Go 25/11/1995 "Women protect their feelings; Men protect their possessions." The Possum Van is stolen. On Handyman Corner, Red burglar proofs a car. Cycling is featured on Adventures With Bill.
S05E10 Possum Lodge Radio 02/12/1995 "Women like to communicate; Men like to broadcast." CB Radios replace the telephone system at Possum Lake. On Handyman Corner, Red turns an outhouse into a phone booth. Bowling is the demonstrated sport on Adventures With Bill.
S05E11 X Marks The Spot 09/12/1995 "Women better themselves; Men better their friends." Lodge members search for buried treasure. On Handyman Corner, Red makes a lawn roller from a bicycle and 2 clothes dryers. Bird Watching is featured on Adventures With Bill.
S05E12 Sedgwick The Thief 16/12/1995 "Women are helpful by nature; Men need a court order." Old Man Sedgwick is arrested for shoplifting. On Handyman Corner, Red converts an ordinary car into a cable car. Bill demonstrates pickpocketing.
S05E13 The Cement Load 23/12/1995 "Women have to cement a romance; Men have a romance with cement." When the submarine pen project is cancelled, the men of Possum Lodge contend with 15 truckloads of cement. Bill builds a cement table. On Handyman Corner, Red converts a boat into a hovercraft.
S05E14 The Gas Shortage 30/12/1995 "Women travel; Men bum gas." A crisis results when Possum Lake's only gas station closes. On Handyman Corner, Red converts the Possum Van into a huge gas tank. Bill becomes a cowboy.
S05E15 Trout Season 06/01/1996 "Women go forward; Men go fishing." With the start of a new season the lodge members create innovative and sometimes illegal ways to catch fish in Possum Lake. On Handyman Corner, Red adapts hip waders to carry all his fishing gear. On Adventures With Bill the fine art of casting is demonstrated.
S05E16 The Lost Dog 13/01/1996 "Women lament lost love; Men lament lost pets." Lodge members go in search of a lost dog in Possum Woods. On Handyman Corner, Red demonstrates creative ways to keep your dog at home. Ballooning is the subject of Adventures With Bill.
S05E17 The New Statue 20/01/1996 "Women build friendships; Men build statues." Lodge members decide to replace the town statue they destroyed. On Handyman Corner, Red comes up with a non chemical mosquito control system. Bill tries to get his car going.
S05E18 One Man's Garbage 27/01/1996 "Women throw out their garbage; Men catch it." Members decide to clean up the lodge and end up in the landfill business. Red builds a Compactor on Handyman Corner and Bill demonstrates frisbee.
S05E19 The Big Thing 03/02/1996 "Women value quality; Men value size." Big mysterious machine creates big excitement at Possum Lake. On Handyman Corner, Red builds an elevated observation chair. Bill plays with ladders.
S05E20 Bottled Water 10/02/1996 "Women value free spirits; Men bottle them." Lodge Members set up their own still. Red builds a robot on Handyman Corner. Bill installs an above ground pool.
S05E21 Floating Church 17/02/1996 "Women enjoy church; Men enjoy Sundays." Religion comes to Possum Lake with explosive consequences. On Handyman Corner, Red makes himself unsinkable. Adventures With Bill demonstrates martial arts.
S05E22 The Not-Chicken Franchise 24/02/1996 "Women enjoy good food done well; Men enjoy fast food done cheap." Red and Harold promote the new restaurant in town. Red makes a neon sign on Handyman Corner. Adventures With Bill features soccer.
S05E23 The Compost Heap 02/03/1996 "Women make compost heaps; Men make garbage piles." Lodge members decide to grow their own beer nuts. On Handyman Corner, Red demonstrates his planting technique. Bill tries his hand at mulching.
S05E24 Homemade Cheese 09/03/1996 "Women mature; Men ferment." Junior's house develops a major mouse infestation. On Handyman Corner, Red offers pest control tips. Adventures With Bill demonstrates making cheese.
S06E01 The Science Fair 26/03/1996 Red Gives Harold unwanted help on his science project with disastrous results. On Handyman Corner, Red demonstrates how not to use a table saw. The Olympic Rings are featured on Adventures with Bill. Gordon Pinsent guest stars.
S06E02 Sedgwick The Tenant 26/03/1996 Old Man Sedgwick moves into the Lodge causing Red and Harold considerable aggravation. Red turns a car into a fire truck. Bill does his circus Flying Walenda act. Albert Schultz guest stars.
S06E03 The Driving Lesson 26/03/1996 Harold fails his driving test again and makes another wrong turn in getting help from Red. On Handyman Corner, Red makes an air hockey game out of 2 clothes dryers. Bill plays tennis.
S06E04 The Tax Refund 26/03/1996 Red's unexpected tax refund may be too good to be true. On Handyman Corner, a boat and trailer are converted into an amphibious car. Bill demonstrates his skills in the vineyard.
S06E05 No Church 26/03/1996 When the only Reverend leaves town, all church activities are transferred to the Lodge with disastrous results. On Handyman Corner, Red turns floor polishers into electric rollerblades. Bill takes Harold camping. Paul Gross guest stars as new Yuppie Lodge member, Kevin Black.
S06E06 The Petting Zoo 26/03/1996 An overpopulation of local forest animals leads Lodge Members to open a petting zoo, another hair brained idea. Red uses aquariums to put skylights into a van. Bill tries bungey jumping. Gordon Pinsent guest stars.
S06E07 Good Government 26/03/1996 Lodge Members try to take advantage of their discovery that their political representative has been deceased for some time. Red uses steam to let out his pants. Bill tries his hand at darts. Paul Gross (Due South) guest stars.
S06E08 The Poker Game 26/03/1996 Red loses in the weekly poker game and develops tactics to get even. On Handyman Corner, Red builds a personal jetpack. Bill takes Harold apple picking. Albert Schultz guest stars as Arnie Dogan, local roofer and CW songwriter.
S06E09 The Drill 26/03/1996 The purchase of a cordless drill turns into a major shopping expedition. On Handyman Corner, Red converts a front wheel drive car into rear powered. Bill tires pole vaulting. On Men's Anonymous, Dalton brags about throwing something out.
S06E10 Maxi Golf 26/03/1996 Lodge Members, banned from the local golf course, develop creative ways to play their favorite game. Red refinishes furniture on Handyman Corner. Bill demonstrates glass blowing.
S06E11 Bernice's Birthday 26/03/1996 Red has problems coming up with a last minute birthday present for the wife. The Possum van is in for a paint job on Handyman corner. Bill tires cooking over a campfire. Paul Gross and Gordon Pinsent guest star.
S06E12 The Church Casino 26/03/1996 Lodge Members sneak off to the charity casino and have to find ways to hide all their winnings. Red converts a toolbox into a cooker. Bill takes Harold canoeing. Gordon Pinsent guest stars.
S06E13 The House Raising 26/03/1996 Buster Hadfield's house burns down and Lodge Members try to raise a new one. Red ties to hang a door on Handyman corner. Bill shows off his high wire act.
S06E14 The Love Boat 26/03/1996 Junior Singleton's love interest affects his participation in lodge activities. Red strips lawn furniture on Handyman Corner. Bill takes Harold backpacking. Winston gets lost and calls Possum 911 for help.
S06E15 The Girlfriend 26/03/1996 Harold goes overboard after meeting his first girlfriend It's the Armchair Fisherman on Handyman Corner. Bill does his Tarzan act with hilarious results.
S06E16 The New Lease 26/03/1996 Red has to make a government presentation to renew the lodge lease. Beermaking is featured on Handyman Corner. Bill tries water-skiing. Gordon Pinsent guest stars.
S06E17 The Baseball Tryouts 26/03/1996 Red is upset when Harold beats him for a spot on the team. New uses for old record albums are demonstrated on Handyman Corner. Bill goes Go Karting. Albert Schultz guest stars.
S06E18 30 Minutes Or Free 26/03/1996 Red comes up with a low cost plan to cater the hockey banquet. On Handyman Corner, Red tries to install a winch on the front of the van. Bill and Harold assemble a log cabin.
S06E19 Fund Raiser 26/03/1996 Lodge Members stage a fundraising fair to save the community center with the usual unexpected results. On Handyman Corner, Red invents a macrowave oven. Bill does some canning. Gordon Pinsent guest stars.
S06E20 Real Estate 26/03/1996 Moose hires Red as his real estate agent. On Handyman Corner, Red uses a lawn mower to make a batting machine. Bill plays ping-pong with Harold.
S06E21 The Stag Party 26/03/1996 The lodge members hold a stag for Junior Singleton and nobody can find him on the wedding day. Red explains the merits of turning a freezer into a hot tub. Bill goes Hawaiian.
S06E22 The Suits 26/03/1996 Harold sues Junior for hitting his bike and sets off a chain of litigation involving everyone at Possum Lake. Red demonstrates tire-retreading techniques. Bill flies model planes with Harold.
S06E23 The High School Reunion 26/03/1996 Red has a do-it-yourself makeover for the high school reunion. On Handyman Corner, Red shows us how to improve gas mileage. Bill pumps some iron.
S06E24 Harold's Wheels 26/03/1996 Red gives Harold a car, which turns out to be more trouble than it is worth. On Handyman Corner, Red attempts to construct a mobile sports bar.
S07E01 Running Of The Bulls 26/03/1997 The gang at Possum Lodge stage a Running of the Bulls with the usual disastrous results. Red builds a Hummer out of 2 Hyundai Ponys on Handyman Corner and Bill and Red go camping on Adventures with Bill.
S07E02 Swiss It Up 26/03/1997 Red and Harold sell the show to Switzerland and are forced to change the content to suit the Swiss audience. Red builds a house trailer our of appliance doors. Bill plays with his yoyo.
S07E03 The Implosion 26/03/1997 A fundraiser for the Historical Society results in the destruction of their Heritage Building. On Handyman Corner, Red builds a motorcycle and sidecar out of an old bike and a riding mower. Red destroys Arnie's guitar when he tries to fix it with a belt sander.
S07E04 Adopt-A-Highway 26/03/1997 Possum Lodge adopts a three mile curved stretch of highway dubbed "Orphan's Bend". Red builds a party-sized barbeque out of bathtubs. Bill tries to uproot a monster-sized tree stump.
S07E05 The Strange Ranger 26/03/1997 Ranger Gord is missing from his tower. Red does the ultimate van conversion. Bill shows off his rock collection.
S07E06 Big Guy Little Guy 26/03/1997 Red joins a big brothers club just so he can compete in a soapbox derby. Bill collects butterflies. Red turns a car into a tow truck.
S07E07 The Movie 26/03/1997 Red and Harold make a feature film on Super 8 M.O.S. Bill power washes a friend's car. Red turns a hot water heater into a man-sized espresso machine.
S07E08 Expropriation 26/03/1997 Red speculates in real estate when he hears about a new highway coming through Possum Lake. Bill and Harold have a paintball war game. Red makes a friend's van into a convertible.
S07E09 The Stool Pigeons 26/03/1997 Harold creates an informer's club to snitch on criminals. Red gives a few handyman kitchen tips. Bill rotates the van tires. Red gives his take on modern art.
S07E10 Celebrity 26/03/1997 Werner Klemperer buys a cottage in the Possum Lake area. Red points out the wisdom of buying a used Police car. Bill knocks a few out at the golf driving range.
S07E11 Let Me Count The Ways 26/03/1997 The men of Possum Lodge fix up their cabins for their wives' visit. Red builds a huge cigarette car out of a city bus. Bill tries his hand at some carnival games.
S07E12 Pardi Gras 26/03/1997 Possum Lodge inherits 137 tubas and decides to have a parade. Red replaces his car tires with footwear. Bill makes a manually-operated elevator.
S07E13 The Splinter Lodge 26/03/1997 Some of the men are unhappy with Red as a leader and form their own lodge. Red turns a freezer into a den. Bill tries to make a man-sized tree fort.
S07E14 The Good Old Hockey Game 26/03/1997 Possum Lodge has a dispute with Yuppie cottagers about whether the local rink should be used for hockey or curling. Red turns his van into a snowplough. Bill tries snowboarding. Special Guest - Gordon Pinsent.
S07E15 Outside 26/03/1997 Red encourages Harold to stand up and fight for himself. Red makes a heated driveway out of chain link fence and a stove. Bill and Harold go ice fishing. Special Guest - Graham Greene.
S07E16 The Town Mall 26/03/1997 Using the sewers, the men turn downtown Possum Lake into an indoor mall. Red converts the Possum van to run on propane. Bill and Red put on skates and play "Crack the Whip".
S07E17 The Winter Carnival 26/03/1997 The men stage a winter carnival at Possum Lodge, so that their wives won't want to go south for the winter. Red builds a zamboni our of a K-car. Ranger Gord explains the danger of snake bites. Bill tries the Luge.
S07E18 Of Cars And Men 26/03/1997 A program that celebrates every man's first love: his car.
S08E01 Harold's Leaving 26/03/1998 Harold ruins everything by going off to college. Red builds a fishing boat out of furnace ducts. Bill gets a trout in his pants and Ranger Gord describes his numerous lightening encounters.
S08E02 House Moving 26/03/1998 Red and the guys try to move an old building by balancing it on pick up trucks. Bill discovers a correlation between ladders and gravity. Red turns a Cadillac into a backhoe. Special Guest - Graham Greene.
S08E03 Neither Rain Nor Sleet 26/03/1998 Red starts his own postal system. Bill demos the rifle range. Red makes a heart pacemaker out of a digital clock. Mike Hammer shares a trick for high school reunions.
S08E04 The Cult Visit 26/03/1998 The lodge is visited by a strange cult from the planet Gorgon. Red builds a riding mower out of a Pontiac and a ceiling fan. Bill tries roller blade street hockey. Special Guest - Gordon Pinsent.
S08E05 College Life 26/03/1998 Harold goes off to college where he shares an apartment with three girls. Red makes a doggie ride out of a car door. Bill has chain saw problems. Special Guests - Peter Keleghan, Albert Schultz, Gordon Pinsent
S08E06 The New Monument 26/03/1998 The lodge inherits an old army tank and gets it running. Red shows you how to teenproof your car. Bill tries axe throwing. Special Guests - Boyd Banks, Gordon Pinsent, Paul Gross
S08E07 Free Apricots 26/03/1998 A tractor-trailer flips over and the lodge members get an unlimited supply of apricots. Red makes a really high car jack. Bill goes rock climbing. Special Guests - Wayne Robson, Bob Bainborough, Peter Keleghan
S08E08 The Mayor Race 26/03/1998 Red runs for mayor of Possum Lake. Red tries to run the lodge electrical system from a car cigarette lighter. Bill goes backpacking with a shopping cart. Special Guests - Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Boyd Banks, Jerry Schaeffer.
S08E09 Better To Give Than Recieve 26/03/1998 Possum Lodge has a blood donor competition with Caribou Lodge. Red turns a garage and a dishwasher into a home car wash. Bill tries to collect wild honey. Special Guests - Wayne Robson, Peter Keleghan, Graham Greene
S08E10 Town Services Contract 26/03/1998 Possum Lodge gets the contract to supply tow truck, snow plow and ambulance service to Possum Lake. Red turns a car into an exercise machine. Bill tries to plant a garden over the Trans Canada pipeline. Special Guests - Wayne Robson, Bob Bainborough, Peter Keleghan
S08E11 It's A Wonderful Red Green Christmas 26/03/1998 It’s that time of year again: Christmas. When you spend money you don’t have—to buy family members you don’t like—gifts they don’t need. But then, that’s where garage sales come from. So this year, do something different. Spend the holidays with us at Possum Lodge! It’s really the ideal place for an old-fashioned Christmas. I make a one horse open sleigh out of a K-car, Bill demonstrates the wrong way to cut down your own Christmas tree, and The Experts answer the age-old question, "Is there a Santa Claus?" Plus, Hap describes how he invented Christmas lights, Edgar decorates the tree using a howitzer, Harold and I do the Possum Lodge version of "The Night Before Christmas," and much more. This video is more jam-packed than you’ll be after Christmas dinner. Happy holidays and have a laugh or two on us! Red Green.
S08E12 Life Cycle 26/03/1998 Red in the possum van competes with Harold on a bicycle for distance covered on a ten-dollar budget. Red shares his recipe for fire engine chili. Bill, Red and Harold have a tug of war. Special Guests - Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Peter Keleghan
S08E13 Mad About You 26/03/1998 Harold teaches Red about anger management. Red shows us how to re-cane a chair with garden hose. Bill tries a mountain bike. Special Guests - Bob Bainborough, Jeff Lumby, Peter Keleghan
S08E14 Bingo Was His Name 26/03/1998 Red has the lodge declared a religion to allow bingo games. Red shows us how to customize a car. Bill dabbles in archeology. Special Guests - Peter Keleghan, Jerry Schaeffer, Paul Gross
S09E01 Harold's Job 26/03/1999 A major change in the show as Harold leaves the Lodge and moves to the city to take a job as Assistant Account Executive at Multi-Corp International Inc. This makes room for several new features that will be introduced throughout the season, the first of which is Ranger Gord¹s Animated Educational Films ­ this week's topic : Tree Holes. On Handyman Corner, Red demonstrates how to clean out your car with a garbage truck.
S09E02 The Fishing Derby 26/03/1999 When nobody catches any fish in the Fishing Derby, the men have Possum Lake tested for contaminants and the report shows that the lake is no longer classified as water. Also Red visits Harold at his new job in the city. On Handyman Corner Red customizes a car so that it can get in and out of tight parking spots. Four of the Lodge members have a big adventure trying to build a backyard play set for the kids.
S09E03 Lady In Red 26/03/1999 A beautiful young chiropractor goes into business in Possum Lake and creates more kinks than she removes. Red builds a forklift using a pair of skis and an extension ladder. The men turn the challenge of putting up a flagpole into a major adventure. Red visits Harold at work and crashes his computer. In a new feature, Red and Ed help Dalton convince his wife to watch action movies.
S09E04 The Bachelor Auction 26/03/1999 The men decide to have a Bachelor Auction as a way of raising money and getting dates. A new feature, Possum Lodge Life & Times, focuses on the life of local con artist Honest John Jonassen. Red builds a dragster out of junk he finds in the shed. Young Walter is stuck way up in a cherry picker and getting him down turns into an adventure. Meet Dale, a new character played by Gavin Crawford, who is pumping gas for the summer.
S09E05 Angel 26/03/1999 Red and the boys argue about the existence of angels. Mike volunteers to produce one. Red makes a bread maker out of an automatic washing machine. He also shows you a way to stop dogs from chasing your car. Ranger Gord has a picture of the abominable snowman. They also have fun with the local magnetic hill. Red takes some mementos from the Lodge for Harold to display on his desk at Multi Corp. International Inc.
S09E06 School Bus Blimp 26/03/1999 Red talks the guys into converting an old school bus into a hot air balloon. Harold goes over-board using sticky notes. Hap claims the metal plate in his head is magnetized. Red finds a way to paint a fence with a wringer washer. Edgar demonstrates a cheap way to make interlocking brick. Dalton helps a youngster fly a kite. This week¹s adventure is all about golf.
S09E07 Coup De Grass 26/03/1999 Red creates a new type of grass seed that only grows two inches tall. Edgar creates a fireworks display using real explosives. Animal Control Officer Ed Frid brings a falcon to the show. Red makes a backyard swing out of a car seat. Ranger Gord has made a cartoon about sun protection. Mike has Harold join him for a special feature on careers.
S09E08 Rent A Wreck 26/03/1999 Mike borrows Red¹s van to use in a demolition derby. Red paves the Lodge driveway with crushed apples. Dalton¹s wife dropped the tv remote into her clam chowder. Red and Walter have an adventure with a rope and pulley. Learn how to make a tool belt out of old socks. A brief biography of the Manning triplets. Red tries to teach Dale what a car horn is for.
S09E09 Curse Of The Mummy 26/03/1999 Red and Mike have some fun with artifacts from the local museum. Red shows how to prevent your car from being stolen. Hap brings his lie detector in for repairs. The men try to move a fridge down a long staircase. Red makes a kinetic lawn ornament out of a set of drums and a bicycle.
S09E10 Roll Out The Barrels 26/03/1999 The local brewery gives all their old beer barrels to the Lodge. Red decides to take his over the falls. Animal Control Officer Ed Frid buries a twelve foot python. Ranger Gord makes environmental tapes. Red shows you how to do wood working with kitchen appliances.
S09E11 No Retreat 26/03/1999 Harold¹s company tries to buy the Lodge. Red invents a Garbage Canadarm. Ranger Gord presents an animated feature on Tree Species. Edgar Montrose gets help fixing his explosives locator. Red has advice on what you can expect after the age of 45.
S09E12 The Battle Call 26/03/1999 The men stage a mock battle against their rival club, the Caribou Lodge. Red devises a way to carry his boat under the car. Ed Frid has an unfortunate incident with bees. Red and Walter install a new dock. Also featured, the life and times of local thespian, Roderick Featherstone.
S09E13 Hurricane Doug 26/03/1999 The Lodge is threatened with a Force 5 hurricane. Red shows a cost effective way to make a refrigerated van. Hap Shaugnessey is auctioning off the jacket he wore when he was 50¹s rock star. Red and Walter use wind-power to make paint dry faster. Red gives married guys tips on when to say nothing.
S09E14 Guinness World Records 26/03/1999 The men try to devise ways of getting themselves into the record book. Red makes a dog-powered swing out of a car seat. Ed Frid has trouble with a weasel. Mike makes a huge slingshot out of tire inner tubes. Also featured, a biography of three-legged clown Brainy Clogfield.
S09E15 The Auto Club 26/03/1999 The men form an auto club to make money servicing other people¹s vehicles. Red turns a car into a dump truck. Ed Frid brings a spitting cobra to the show. Dalton has his thumb caught in a gumball machine. Ranger Gord presents an animated feature proving that rocks are actually eggs.
S09E16 Too Much Information 26/03/1999 Harold gives the guys a bunch of old computers which changes their lives. Red makes a snowball gun out of a pitching machine. Mike needs help to break into a suitcase. Ranger Gord wants to fire-proof the forest. Red, Mike and Dalton try to barbecue a live pig.
S09E17 Red Green's Guide To Parenting 18/04/2000 The Canadian handyman Red Green (Smith) and all of his pals at the Possum Lodge share their misguided parenting tips, gained the hard way, through countless mistakes. Armed with a tool belt and a roll of duct tape, Red expounds some hilarious, potentially harmful pointers, including how to build an entire set of girl's bedroom furniture from used tires, as well as how to prevent your children from turning out like you. After viewing this, it'll be hard to imagine raising children without Red.
S10E01 A Very Merry Red Green Christmas 17/12/1999 Harold returns to Possum Lodge to spend Christmas with Red and the other members.
S10E02 Sausage Envy 01/01/2000 The boys do their wurst for the Possum Lake Sausage Carnival. Red meets with the network programmer - an 18 year-old woman played by Stephanie Beard of Toronto's KISS FM. Red makes popcorn in a clothes dryer, converts a hot water tank into a snowmobile, and uses his dog to wash his car. George Buza plays the lazy owner of the Port Asbestos Marina. Dalton locks the keys in his car and has to blow the doors off to get them.
S10E03 Foster Child 01/01/2000 Red learns that the Lodge has a foster child who's coming to spend the weekend with him. Red demonstrates a fun way to take out the garbage and builds a revolving restaurant out of a dining tent. Ranger Gord presents an educational cartoon on cloud factories. Also featured is a biography of the first man in the Possum Lake area to put zippers into men's pants.
S10E04 What A Dump 01/01/2000 The Lodge proposes itself to the city of Toronto as an ideal place to dump garbage. Red makes an extremely elaborate automated firewood chopper. He also demonstrates how to use a manhole cover as a spare tire and how to deter unwanted visitors. The Adventure film is an attempt at roof repair. Ranger Gord has a gang of tree huggers chained to trees and he doesn't want them to ever leave.
S10E05 Winston's Wedding 01/01/2000 Winston needs Red's help in planning his wedding - he has everything except the bride. Dalton tries to sneak a new boat home without telling his wife. Red and Walter have a melon tossing contest. Red demonstrates easy ways to exercise and keep your windshield clean. He also makes a stretch limo out of two mini-vans and a pick-up truck.
S10E06 Man Of The Year 01/01/2000 The guys at the Lodge nominate a man who doesn't exist, as Possum Lake's Man Of The Year, hoping to win a new fishing boat. Dalton gets home late and tries to fool his wife. Ranger Gord's animated film is all about rainbows. Red has a solution for irritating phone calls. He also make house awnings out of car hoods and turns a mini-van into a riverboat paddlewheeler.
S10E07 Survivor 01/01/2000 A toxic cloud in the area forces Red to stay locked in the Lodge for a few days. Also Red makes a woodshop out of a truck. The men have fun rolling down a hill inside oil drums. Red demonstrates an easy way to exercise your dog and how you can use a belt sander to bring you drinks. Red meets with a network executive who wants Red to add profanity and violence to the show. Ranger Gord plays the word game - the word is 'stool'.
S10E08 Historic Site 01/01/2000 Red and Mike try to save the Lodge by having it declared a historical site. Red demonstrates how to get two cars into a one-car garage. Red makes a hedge trimmer our of a weed whacker on roller blades. Winston and Walter have a homerun contest. Red brings personal ads to show Ranger Gord. Red installs a coffee maker into the Possum van.
S10E09 Twinning 01/01/2000 Possum Lodge twins with the state of Iowa. Red stays back to host the 500 visiting Americans. Ranger Gord presents an animated film about aliens. Red converts his old hockey equipment into fishing gear. He also demonstrates how to use small airplanes to remove tree stumps. The Possum Lake Funeral Director has tips on giving a eulogy when you don't know the deceased.
S10E10 Lunar Eclipse 01/01/2000 The men try to recapture their youth by watching a lunar eclipse together, just like they did thirty-five years ago. Red converts the Possum van into an airboat. Dalton decides to use the Drive-In Theater as a golf driving range. The men do a featured biography on Walt Gorgovich - Possum Lake's Daredevil. Red demonstrates how to use a gas siphon hose to keep yourself cool and how to use a cel phone as a massager.
S10E11 Barter Starter 01/01/2000 Red, Dalton and Winston trade somewhat valuable items to each other for the weekend but it doesn't work out so well for Dalton. Red and Walter use a giant electo-magnet to find lost car keys. Red makes an outside elevator out of a phone booth and a hot water heater. Red also demonstrates how to convert the junk on your lawn into a miniature village. Local marina operator finds a lazy way to change the name of Red's boat.
S10E12 Out Of The Woods 01/01/2000 Red and Ed trap a large animal roaming the woods at night. Red demonstrates a carefree way to travel by using wear-on luggage. Ranger Gord presents an animated feature about signs on the forest. Red uses a car exhaust system to make a caliope. Winston does a couple of promotional messages for his septic suckiing business. Red makes automatic space ship doors using windshield wipers and shower curtains.
S10E13 Cheap Jeep 01/01/2000 In one of his favorite magazines (Archie Comics), Red finds an advertisement for an army jeep on sale for seventy-five dollars. He orders it and it arrives in 15 cases of parts. The instructions are billingual: Spanish and German. Red decides to build it using his own instincts, much to Winston's anxiety. During construction, Red finds trouble with the steering and the brakes, and after "beatin' the living daylights outta all the linkage pieces", he discovers why: It's a JDF (Jamaican Defense Force), and in Jamaica they drive on the left side of the road.
S10E14 DNA All The Way 01/01/2000 A land-owner's death prompts the residents of Possum Lodge to take DNA tests to see who was his offspring.
S10E15 Who Wants To Be A Smart Guy 01/01/2000 Dalton represents the Lodge as a contestant on a tv trivia game show. Red shows how you can be in your own tourist photos without asking a stranger to take the picture. Red turns a van into a sports car using duct tape and paint. Ranger Gord has an animated film about defending yourself against a sasquatch. Ed Frid hypnotizes a chicken and Red puts a rotary antenna on his car to improve his radio reception.
S10E16 The Beaver Dam 01/01/2000 Possum Lake is rising because the beavers have built a dam across the river running out of it. Red uses the van exhaust to inflate children's toys. Dalton tries to sneak out of the house to go fishing. Red visits Ranger Gord just as he comes out of hibernation. Walter and Ed help Red install a satellite dish at the Lodge. Red uses empty duct tape rolls to make a beer cellar instead of a wine cellar.
S10E17 The Dandruff Foundation 01/01/2000 The men find a charity for the Lodge to affiliate with as way of avoiding taxes and receiving government grants. Red makes a device that automatically clears snow from your driveway. Ed Frid brings in a bucket of leeches. Red makes a fireworks display out of screen doors and a high voltage transformer. The men have a brief tennis competition. Edgar Montrose is the featured guest on Up Close and Personal.
S10E18 Damn You Emu 01/01/2000 Red Green opens by stating that there's a "great big chicken on the loose. Four feet tall and very, very vicious." Actually, it's not a chicken. It's an emu, which appears to be generated by computer graphics. In a typically harebrained scheme to make money, Dalton's getting into the emu business. He lassos in Red Green too, telling him that they'd be "making money in three months." However, the emus aren't exactly the friendliest of creatures. Later, when Dalton recommends getting more emus, Red gripes, "More emus! You know, only a married person would have an appetite for that kind of abuse, Dalton." Dalton counters, "You won't regret it. It's a great opportunity." As one of the emus starts pecking at the window, Red quips, "I think I hear opportunity knocking at the window there Dalton." Eventually they decide to dump the emus. But how? Red has the perfect idea--- they'll give them to the eccentric Ranger Gord! The prize for the "Possum Lodge Word Game" is a "gift certificate to Big Al's Podiatry Clinic." The player is Edgar, and the word is fuse. Red details how to provide a remote defrosting system for your vehicle using an electric drill, a tire iron, and a broom. "I can show you how it all works, but I'm sure you've already figured it out." In his "I'm Pullin' For Ya'" segment, Red explains why guys don't like to ask for help. It's all about payback work. If you try to get one of your friends to help you with one of your projects, they're going to want payback work. And why do you want to do that when you should be enjoying the fruits of your project. If you can't fix it yourself, then hire a professional. "It's better to pay in cash, once than pay in payback work for the rest of your life. Remember, I'm pullin' for ya'. We're all in this toget
S10E19 No Duct Tape 01/01/2000 Everyone panics when the Lodge runs out of duct tape and the local hardware store is back-ordered. Red uses a frozen turkey as a toboggan return. Ranger Gord gets struck by lightning. Ed Frid enlists Red's help to catch his pet ground hog. Red uses gumball machines to dispense nuts and bolts. Ed Frid is the featured guest on Up Close and Personal.
S11E01 New Job In Town 12/10/2001 Patrick McKenna returns to The Red Green Show. When the town of Possum Lake decides to hire a professional Public Relations person to promote the area, everyone at the Lodge applies for the job and are shocked to find out that Harold is the successful candidate, instantly making him the most successful Lodge member in history. In other segments of this episode, Red makes a trailer with no wheels and an automatic dog wash. Walter's rototiller gets away from him.
S11E02 Gladiator 19/10/2001 The Town of Possum Lake is staging a live version of the movie Gladiator with Dalton Humphrey (Bob Bainborough) in the lead role. Meanwhile Red demonstrates how to change a flat tire without stopping and how to fish with a musket. Mike builds a sailboat that runs on land. Harold drops in to advise a married viewer who has fallen hopelessly in love with Queen Elizabeth.
S11E03 The Whooping Crane 26/10/2001 A whooping crane builds its nest and lays an egg in the chimney of Possum Lodge. Red demonstrates a creative way to go tobogganing in the summer. Harold gives advice on how to tell a fellow employee that they have a body odour problem. Ranger Gord presents his first animated feature of the season and Red shows you how to seal your driveway with paint roller blades. This week's adventure features Road Hockey.
S11E04 Back To Nature 02/11/2001 As part of his new job, Harold rents out the Lodge to what he thinks are a group of Senior Executives from a naturalist organization, but who are actually just old nudists. Red shows how you can attach an automotive supercharger to the human body. In the adventure film, Mike has borrowed a police car and has it stuck on a dirt pile. Ranger Gord writes a love letter to Susan Serandon. Red finds a useful purpose for accordions.
S11E05 Dalton's Hot Gift 09/11/2001 Mike gets Dalton a new barbecue for his birthday. Red believes Mike stole it form Dalton's store. Red demonstrates an economical way to make an automatic garage door opener. This week's adventure has Winston getting rid of a beehive. In the word game, Harold tries to get Red to say 'celibate'. Nervous Animal Control Officer Ed Frid brings a fox to show the audience. Red shows us how to use a golf club to clean up our yards.
S11E06 Viva Las Possums 16/11/2001 Harold stages a 50's weekend at Possum Lake, culminating in an Elvis Impersonation contest. Red makes a wood chipper out of a clothes dryer. The adventure features a pit stop during the Possum Lake Car Rally. Marina Owner Dwight Cardiff extols the virtues of skydiving. In the word game, nervous Animal Control Officer Ed Frid tries to get the word 'confidence'. Red shows you an easy way to check the map while you're driving.
S11E07 Y2 Cans 23/11/2001 To raise money, the men decide to sell rusty unlabelled food cans left over from the Y2K scare. Red demonstrates how to use a toilet plunger to build a riding lawnmower. Winston and Walter have a parasailing adventure. Ranger Gord is on strike with unspecified demands. Other Handyman Tips - how to add wipers to your side and rear windows, and how to make your own automatic door opener.
S11E08 The Ghost Of Possum Lodge 30/11/2001 Mike discovers a ghost in the Lodge and then gets Red to help him catch it. Red uses an arc welder to protect his van from parking lot dents. In this episode's adventure, Dalton uses a jet engine to vacuum the grounds behind the Lodge. Animal Control Officer Ed Frid brings fox on to the show. Other Handyman Tips - Red demonstrates how to use an adjustable cane to enhance airplane travel, and the concept of filling your tires with jelly instead of air.
S11E09 The Chainsaw Races 07/12/2001 Trouble at the Lodge when Red tries to stage the chainsaw races on the same weekend that Harold is hosting gifted children. Red strikes back at teens with loud car radios by turning a van into a giant portable boom box. Dalton, Winston and Walter have a frightening adventure when a nail gun goes out of control. Lazy marina owner Dwight Cardiff talks about why he likes skydiving. Other Handyman Tips - how to paint a room with a lawn sprinkler and how to recycle windshield washer fluid.
S11E10 Something In The Heir 14/12/2001 Winston tries to adopt a child to carry on the family septic sucking business. Red turns a car into a castle, complete with turret. Mike and Walter turn a basketball competition into an adventure. Dalton finds out that surfing the internet leaves a trail. Other Handyman Tips - using a toy train to vacuum a rug, and a quick clean-up idea for bachelors who eat alone.
S11E11 Daredevil 14/12/2001 When Psycho Ernie backs out of his attempt to jump over the Lodge on a motorcycle, Mike volunteers to take his place. Animal Control Officer Ed Frid brings in a snapping turtle to show the audience. Red makes a portable garden in the box of a pick-up truck. The adventure film is all about what can go wrong during a badminton game. Ranger Gord presents an animated film about forestry work called Lumberjack Gord.
S11E12 Mike Goes Straight 14/12/2001 As part of his rehabilitation, Mike volunteers as a Bylaw Enforcement Officer. Red turns a treadmill into a moving sidewalk. Dalton has an accident while playing paintball. Walter and Red try to knock down a shed. Winston needs to fix a flattened mailbox. Red demonstrates a cheap way to make a wall-hanging television.
S11E13 Xmas In July 14/12/2001 Harold stages a summer Christmas as a tourist attraction for Possum Lake. Red uses a car engine to make an automatic sprinkler system. Walter and Winston help Red replace the tire in the Lodge tire swing. Red vacuums with a toy train and also has a plan to eliminate the need for snow tires. Mike deals with a moral conflict when finding a wallet with money in it
S11E14 The Fishing Derby 14/12/2001 Harold tags a prize fish and releases it in Possum Lake. The catcher will receive a thousand dollars. Red turns a lawnmower into a coffee maker. Ranger Gord uses Red to demonstrate his ability to do magic tricks. Red and Mike try curling with cars. Red shows you how to keep warm in a cold room and how to get snow off your roof without shovelling.
S11E15 Masquerade Marathon 14/12/2001 Mike uses the Possum Lake Masquerade Picnic to help him hide from a bad guy. Red puts hot peppers in the bird feeder to help the birds stay warm. Red also converts a car into a barbecue. The men try to break the world record for toboggan downhill racing. Ranger Gord presents an animated feature called 'Ranger Doolittle'. Red makes a huge ballpoint pen to draw traffic lines on the road.
S11E16 Harold's Dilemma 14/12/2001 Harold's Public Relations Department has a five thousand dollar shortfall. He decides to solve it by doing a massive renovation to the Lodge to make it more appealing to tourists. Red lines his jacket with toaster elements to stay warm. Red and Mike use a car remote to find their way out of the woods. Red fills his tires with jelly to eliminate flats, and makes a simple engine for his canoe out of PVC pips and Bromo Seltzer.
S11E17 Red Green Does New Years 25/01/2002 Red, Harold and the rest of the Possum Lodge crew celebrate New Year's Eve, with special emphasis on different lodge members' New Year's resolutions.
S12E01 Go Fish 18/10/2002 The wives stage a protest to prevent the men from going on a fishing weekend. Red builds a variable wheelbase car, demonstrates an easy way to change a burned-out lightbulb, and uses a blood pressure cuff to make orange juice. Ed Frid does a feature on lobsters and Walter learns how to back up a boat trailer in this week's adventure film.
S12E02 The Possum Panderosa 25/10/2002 Red and Harold promote the Lodge on the basis that they are relatives of Lorne Greene, who grew up there. Red demonstrates how to cut down on your coffee intake and how to deliver pizza with a skeet thrower. The men have a pass, punt and kick competition. Red turns a car into a huge wrench.
S12E03 Possum Air 01/11/2002 In order to bring tourists into the area, Harold starts his own airline, with Red as his first passenger. Red makes a kiddie ride out of a coin-operated washing machine. Walter has a run-in with a wood chipper. Red demonstrates an innovative use of popcorn and an automatic newspaper remover.
S12E04 The IQ Test 08/11/2002 Harold wants to open a chapter of MENSA, so he has everyone write an IQ test. Red puts dual controls in his car. Ranger Gord presents an animated educational film on flying squirrels. Red and Dalton help Walter retrieve his kite. Red creates a portable steering wheel from a vegetable steamer and a power clothesline from an old VCR.
S12E05 The Day Of The Sunflowers 15/11/2002 As their part in a local beautification project, the men grow sunflowers to hide the Lodge from passing motorists. Red makes a car freshener from a Rolodex. Red and Winston help Walter move. Red invents a portable shade system for your car. The men give advice on gifts for women.
S12E06 Reality Television 22/12/2002 Harold changes the show to make it more in keeping with the current trend towards reality shows. Red turns a car into a complete lawncare vehicle. The men undertake the world's largest towing job. Red builds an ultra-fast seed starting bed for his wife and demonstrates how to sneak up the driveway without waking your spouse.
S12E07 Possum Lodge Provincial Park 29/11/2002 The men go after government money by offering to convert the Lodge property into a provincial park. Red carves a pumpkin using gunpowder. Some of the men turn a charity carwash into an adventure. Red builds a Drive To Restaurant that brings the fast food out to the customer. Red also invents a spillproof cup holder for carrying hot coffee on a winding road.
S12E08 The Silver Wasp 06/12/2002 Harold takes part in a Comic Book Convention and enlists Red's help in pretending to be a Super Hero. Red makes an automatic roof rack from an old freezer and a garage door opener. Dalton taps into Lodge electrical power to run a huge illuminated sign on his store. Red uses sports memorabilia to wash his van and demonstrates a way to find your car in a crowded parking lot.
S12E09 A Lot Like Christmas 13/12/2002 Red makes tinsel from potato chip bags and a paper shredder. Moose Thompson is the local Santa. Dalton Humphrey's reindeer are enlisted to haul the hefty Santa on a sleigh. But Dalton's price for the job is 7 boxes of prunes. The Word Game word is Yule. Red turns a pipe organ into a gift deliverer by rocketing gifts out of the pipes. Walter, Winston, and Red make a snowman on a ice rink. Red makes a wreath out of an old tire, glue, and old bows. In "I Don't Know," Hap Shaughnessy and Red debate whether Santa exists.
S12E10 Snowed In 20/12/2002 A massive snowstorm traps three of the men in the Lodge. Red uses helium to reduce his body weight. Walter stages a chili competition. Red converts a house furnace into a full service machine that heats, cooks and boils hot water. Red also demonstrates a method of sneaking up the driveway without being detected.
S12E11 The Go Go Bars 27/12/2002 Harold gets a shipment of energy bars to test market on the men of Possum Lodge. Red converts a picket fence into a programmable billboard. Ranger Gord presents a homemade animation film on the Northern Lights. Walter and Red find an efficient way to get rid of garbage. Red uses a propane tank to chill his beverages.
S12E12 The Missile Crisis 03/01/2003 The men decide to detonate a missile the y found in an abandoned well. Red builds his own outdoor escalator. Walter gets Red to help him change the oil in his car. Red prevent his van from tipping by attaching airplane landing gear to the sides. Red also demonstrates how to use a smoke detector as an alarm clock.
S12E13 Never Send A Man 10/01/2003 Harold allows a boy scout troop to come to the Lodge and educate the men about the outdoors. Red puts s device in his mailbox to prevent junk mail from getting through. Walter has trouble when he tries to split firewood. Red builds a loveseat that expands into a full sized couch. Red installs a manhole cover on his engine for making giant waffles.
S12E14 Power Struggle 17/01/2003 In order to satisfy the Kyoto Protocol, the men of Possum Lodge try to generate their own power using a windmill and a lot of vehicles. Red also converts a pickup truck to run on electrical power. The men turn a bingo game into an adventure. Red uses a paper cutter to separate frozen wieners and invents a guaranteed way to keep glasses on coasters. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Jeff Lumby, Wayne Robson, Jerry Schaefer, Joel Harris.
S12E15 Mr. Possum Lake 24/01/2003 Harold is chosen to represent the Lodge in the annual Mr. Possum Lake contest. Red uses discarded toys to make gingerbread trim for his house. Walter runs into trouble flying his model airplane. Red invents a cheap convenient way to have consistent hot water in the shower and a plan to make lawn trimming much easier. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Jeff Lumby, Wayne Robson, Joel Harris.
S12E16 Red And Breakfast 31/01/2003 Harold gets Red to help him turn the Lodge into a bed and breakfast with Mike Hammer as their test customer. Red demonstrates a way to avoid speeding tickets. Ed Frid brings in the most dangerous animal in the world. Walter helps Red gte a lawnmower started. Red turns water wings into fake jogging weights. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Jerry Schaefer, Joel Harris.
S12E17 The Moosetrap 07/02/2003 The men decide to host a dinner theatre at the Lodge. Red builds a portable desk using an old suitcase and some tv trays. The men discuss how you can tell if couple are married by the way they sit in the car. Walter tries his hand at pulling a rickshaw. Ranger Gord presents a homemade animated film on pollution. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris, Peter Keleghan.
S12E18 Stupid Cupid 14/02/2003 In an effort to meet women, Harold makes a tape for a video dating service. Red builds a simple water purification system with a tennis racquet, pantyhose and a barbecue. Ranger Gord gives Red his new business card. The men hit an underground electric cable while trying to put up a danger sign. Red customizes a chair so that he won;lt fall asleep while his wife is talking to him. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris, Peter Keleghan.
S13E01 You've Got Oil 24/10/2003 The Lodge makes a deal with a major oil company to allow them to run a pipeline through oil property. Red makes a jet boat out of drainage hoses. Bill and Walter turn putting up a fence, into an adventure. Red creates a car for anyone who's lost his license. Red also has a trick for parking in front of a fire hydrant. Charlie Farquharson is given a lifetime Lodge membership. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris, Rick Green. Special Guest: Don Harron.
S13E02 The Drive-Thru 31/10/2003 A delivery truck full of burgers flips over and turns the Lodge into a Drive Thru. Red makes a futuristic hybrid gas electric car out of two golf carts and a couple of satellite dishes. Harold has an adventure in a Lumberjack Contest. Red invents a way to iron your pants while you're wearing them and Ranger Gord presents an educational public service announcement. Red has a handy bathroom tip that involves a cordless drill and a small umbrella. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jerry Schaefer, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris, Rick Green, Peter Keleghan.
S13E03 School Demo 07/11/2003 The men of Possum Lodge get to tear down the local Public School and have deep emotional reactions. Red converts an old car into a yard clock. All of the steaks go missing in a barbecue adventure. Red has a way to get more gas out of the tank using an enema bottle and a whoopee cushion. Red also has a handy tip explaining how to get two cars into the same parking spot. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris, Rick Green.
S13E04 Change Will Do You Good 14/11/2003 The guys use Winston's septic truck to pump all the coins out of the town wishing well. Red makes a huge Swiss army knife out of a couple of windsurfing boards. Walter and Bill have a big adventure with water rockets. Red devises a way to enter your garage at high speed safely. Red also designs a way to turn auto accessories on by just looking at them. Animal Control Officer Ed Frid brings a possum in and tries to find out if it's just playing dead. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris, Rick Green, Jerry Schaefer.
S13E05 The Earring 21/11/2003 Rumours run rampant at the Lodge when Winston gets an earring. Instead of beef jerky, Red decides to make turkey jerky. Red and Walter use dynamite to try to remove an old tree stump. Red demonstrates an innovative way to get the Possum Van out of a mud hole and shows you how to convert an old wrecked car into an RV camper trailer. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robsom, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris.
S13E06 Mailbox Wars 28/11/2003 The men at the Lodge try to capture the teenagers who are smashing all the mailboxes in the Possum Lake area. Red converts a bicycle into a barbecue rotisserie. Walter loses a canoe but Winston and Red help him get it back. Red has hints on getting your car to pass the safety check and how to get a bed to make itself. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Graham Greene, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris, Trevor Loudon.
S13E07 The String Ball 05/12/2003 Dalton looks like he's got a great chance of winning this year's biggest ball of string contest. Red makes a heavy-duty garbage disposal to get rid of car parts and assorted yard junk. Ed and Bill have an adventure trying to save Walter from a car that rolled into the lake. Red demonstrates innovative ways to roll up the rim on your coffee cup and clean hard to reach places in the bathroom. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris, Jerry Schaefer, Peter Keleghan.
S13E08 The Spelling Bee 12/12/2003 The men of the Lodge decide to submit a couple of entrants into a spelling contest with a thousand dollar prize. Red uses ceiling fans to improve his car's gas mileage. Hap recounts his fight with Sonny Liston. Walter and Bill make an adventure out of splitting wodd and building a campfire. Red has a device that signals your wife's mood before you go in the house, and also demonstrates how to use a model train to clean your eavestroughs. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Gordon Pinsent, Joel Harris, Samantha Weinstein, Rick Green.
S13E09 Pay It Forward 02/01/2004 The men try to re-instate their unemployment benefits by pretending to work for each other for money. Red designs a car that can be driven with driver in full recline. Edgar Montrose needs help distinguishing nitro from mouthwash. Walter and Bill have an adventure playing Foosball. Red makes a giant bobblehead and a fridge that makes you look slim. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Graham Greene, Rick Green, Joel Harris.
S13E10 Possum Day 09/01/2004 Instead of Ground Hog Day, the Lodge members celebrate Possum Day where a possum predicts how nuch longer summer will last. Red uses an industrial vacuum to subtly suck vegetables out of a fridge. Winston and Walter has a shoot out with squirt guns. Red makes an all-wheel drive four-wheel steering vehicle out of two K-cars. Ranger Gord presents a safety film on Cliff Diving and Red invents an easy way to add engine fluids whil you're driving. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Peter Keleghan, Joel Harris.
S13E11 The Boat Ramp 16/01/2004 Rather than clean out the existing boat ramp, Red creates a way to fling a boat over the scrap and land it in the lake. The men have an adventure saving a Lodge rowboat in a flood. Red uses streetcar technology to devise a safe way to cut the grass with an electric lawnmower. Red also demonstrates a way to prevent your wife from stealing the remote and makes an outdoor bathroom out of empty beer cases. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris.
S13E12 Comrad Harold 23/01/2004 Harold agrees to take part in a University experiment to convert the Possum Lake community to communism. Red makes a garbage compactor out of a garage door opener. Ed Frid brings a wild parrot. Walter makes a glider airplane out of wallboard. Red invents a device that makes you look like you're standing while you're sitting. He also comes up with a way to hide vegetables instead of eating them. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Jerry Schaefer, Joel Harris.
S13E13 Spokesman Red 30/01/2004 Red makes an incorrect assumption when he gets hired as a spokesman for a major corporation. Hap discusses his experience with cryogenics. The men have an adventure with a hi-lo tent trailer. Red invents an ingenious automatic breakfast maker. Also featured are an airplane access ramp for home use, and a quick easy way to level a pool table. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Gordon Pinsent, Joel Harris.
S13E14 The Chain Letter 06/02/2004 Harold convinces the guys at the Lodge to make money by sending out lots and lots of chain letters. Red uses mailboxes and a central vac to create an in-house messenger service. Mike and Walter make an adventure out of installing a sprinkler system. Red uses the back wheels of a car to wind up hoses and extension cords. Red also creates a portable power steering system using a cordless drill and a pickle. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris.
S13E15 The Women's Circle 13/02/2004 When the men notice all the women are missing, they discover that the ladies have formed a Women's Circle where they meet and discuss their lives. Red customizes an old van to make it more pleasant to travel with kids. Walter has an adventure trying to get a clear cellular signal. Ranger Gord presents an animated tip on Boat Safety. Red makes a gigantic oven out of a van and uses a scuba suit and water balloons to help clean the upstairs windows.
S13E16 Ranger Harold 20/02/2004 Harold fills in for Ranger Gord while he's on sick leave, leaving Uncle Red alone and lonely at the Lodge. Red converts an old portable record player into a pizza maker. Bill and Walter have a life-size electric football game using cement tampers. Hap claims tp be a world class tap dancer. Red invents one device for keeping tailgaters away and another for clapping along with an audience. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris, Jerry Schaefer, Gordon Pinsent
S13E17 The Sink Hole 27/02/2004 The Lodge leans way over as it begins to sink into the ground. Red customizes his car with old kitchen fixtures. The men have an adventure playing broom ball with leaf blowers and a bee hive. Red demonstrates new ways to dry your clothes and several methods for painting your house. Special appearance by Chariie Farqiharson in The Experts segment.
S13E18 Cyber Girl 05/03/2004 Harold meets a girl on the Internet and they arrange to get together at the Lodge. Red shows us how he comes up with all of his wacky project ideas. Walter takes a novelty photo of the guys in costume. Ed Frid brings a few scorpions in to show. Ranger Gord presents a Safety Film on being chased by wolves. Red washes the dishes and his car at the same time. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris, Jerry Schaefer, Peter Keleghan, Jody Pate, Lori Elliott.
S14E01 Red's Hot Sauce 01/10/2004 Special Guest – Colin Mochrie Red used a carpet roll on a forklift to paint a barn. Red creates his own spicy barbecue sauce that turns out to be made partly of jet fuel so he turns it into a gasoline additive. Red puts a refrigerator door on a house as a way to get teenagers to come home on time Harold presents a new segment called Hobby House featuring a local hobbyist who makes things out of hot dogs. Bill and Walter play with crossbows.
S14E02 Life Is A Circus 08/10/2004 The men put on a circus to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Lodge. Harold is the human cannonball. Red does a giant stir fry in a satellite dish. The men attempt to rap rats in the adventure film. Red makes a lazy susan for long rectangular dining tables. Red has a special word for middle aged men who are still playing organized sports.
S14E03 Once More To The Well 15/10/2004 The well runs dry in Possum Lodge and Harold suggests that they should hook up to the town's water main; Walter and Harold milk cows; Winston goes on a blind date.; Red talks about younger people being smarter than him; Red makes a lure that make it look that that you have big fish and he builds his version of a fancy European mid-engine sports car.
S14E04 The Statue 22/10/2004 Red knocks over a historic statue downtown and must replace it. Harold, Bill and Walter have an adventure with hammocks. Red combines a boat trailer and a K-car to make a boat launcher that's easy to back up. The fishermen exchange ideas on the importance of education. Red introduces method where instead of counting calories, you count meals. Red creates reversible pants and a canoe made entirely out of coolers, called a Canooler.
S14E05 False Idol 07/11/2004 Red converts a furnace into a dry cleaning machine. Harold tries out for a Canadian Idol type reality show. The boys turn boat launching into an adventure. Red uses the old town clock as a car engine. Glen Brackston brings his coffee cup collection to Harold's Hobby House. Red warns of the dangers of fast dancing for middle aged men.
S14E06 Harold‘s One And Only 12/11/2004 Red thinks Harold is spending way too much time with his girlfriend Bonnie and gets them to take a week off. Red invents a way to put a week's worth of dog food out at a time. Walter, Harold and Bill go to a nude beach. Red converts a small car into a washer/dryer. Red uses a badly tuned car engine to convert an old tent into an inflatable garage.
S14E07 The Grapes Of Wrath 19/11/2004 The men use the next door neighbour's grapes to make their own wine. Red makes a flintlock musket out of some eavestrough and a can of whipped cream. Bill and Walter try to re-point a chimney. Red makes a boat out an old bed and some inflatable mattresses. Dalton brings his coin collection to Harold's Hobby House. Red shows us how to make different sized ice cubes to fit different sized drinks.
S14E08 The Lodge Election 26/11/2004 The men find out that Red has been breaking the rules of the Lodge Charter and an election is called to pick a new leader. A new guy, Blair Cobden, comes on the show to promote his snowmobiling show on a local station. Red strips an old car to make a luxury bass boat. Walter accidentally goes for a ride on a mechanic's creeper. Winston runs a new commercial for "septile disfunction."
S14E09 Ticket To Fame 03/12/2004 Red owes Harold fifty dollars and repays him with a lottery ticket. Ed Frid is too afraid to use a real animal so he does his segment with a puppet. Red makes a homemade jeep using the awnings, canopy and storm door from his house. Walter and Harold have an adventure picking up office furniture in the Possum Van. Red turns an old fridge into an entertainment center and uses a jai alai bat to pick up apples.
S14E10 Stay Tuned 10/12/2004 When the government erects a building that blocks the Lodge satellite signal, the men build a huge tower for their satellite dish. Red uses dryer hoses to make the Possum Van more aerodynamic. The men encounter a bear on a fishing trip. Red attaches a propane tank to a lawn sprinkler to make an instant campfire. Red turns his car into a miniature garbage truck.
S14E11 The Butter Man 16/12/2004 Red and Harold work through the difficulties that arise from giving someone an inappropriate Christmas gift. Red demonstrates elaborate gift detecting techniques so you can find out what you're getting without unwrapping it. The men build a lawn display of Santa's sleigh and reindeer using a wringer washer and some garden gnomes. Red uses a ceiling fan to trim his tree, and a shop vac to clean up the wrapping paper. Also featured are special Christmas messages from the Lodge members.
S14E12 Red Green Insurance 14/01/2005 Bothered by the high cost and poor coverage offered by the insurance company, Red decides to personally insure the Lodge. Red turns a treadmill into a heavy duty belt sander. Harold and Walter make an adventure out of a flat tire. Red demonstrates the easy way to assemble kit furniture. When Red's car crashes through the garage door, Red sees that as an opportunity to turn it into a sauna.
S14E13 Lodge Luau 21/01/2005 In an attempt to attract tourists, Harold convinces the men to have a Hawaiian theme weekend. Surprisingly, it doesn't go well. Red recycles assorted pieces of junk in very creative ways. Bill and Walter turn a tornado into an adventure. Red demonstrates how to defrost your freezer quickly using a microwave oven, and how to single-handedly operate a two-man saw.
S14E14 Hoard Of The Flies 28/01/2005 The Lodge is being swarmed by flies just as an antique road show-type crew comes to town to appraise everyone's valuables. Red makes a vehicle out of old hospital equipment. Bill and Walter have an adventure cleaning eavestroughs with a ladder mounted on a skateboard. Red uses soap remnants as chair casters and converts a pick-up truck into a sporty convertible.
S14E15 A Shot In The Dark 04/02/2005 Red and Harold contract an extremely contagious virus and have to give each other flu shots. Red devises a way to throw garbage out the van window without littering. Harold injures Walter's ankle, forcing him to walk on his hands. Red creates a foolproof alarm clock and turns an old car into a snow cannon.
S14E16 Bye Bye Bonnie 11/02/2005 Harold is upset because his girlfriend is seen around town with another guy. Red uses a snowblower to make applesauce. The men have a run-in with a skunk. Edgar Montrose designs a new art form involving explosives. Red recycles road signs and demonstrates a way to make a newspaper windproof.
S14E17 Fishy Canusa Games 18/02/2005 Harold freaks out when a Lodge from the United States challenges the men to a fishing contest. Red devises a way to cool car seats in the summer using fire extinguishers. Bill and Walter have an adventure putting new shingles on a shed roof. Blair Cobden tries to take his snowmobile to an island resort. Red cooks a turkey dinner in a dishwasher and uses a Mr. Microphone to avoid a shopping trip with his wife.
S14E18 The Possum Drop 25/02/2005 Harold is upset about possible animal abuse and volunteers to replace the possum for the annual Possum Drop. Red builds a bicycle that even a man can ride. Bill, Walter and Mike take on Harold and a couple of girls in a game of beach volleyball. Red makes a manly chandelier out of flashlights and wheel rims, and demonstrates how to use a goalie mask to give your beard an even trim.
S14E19 PBS Pledge 2005 25/02/2005
S15E01 Rules of Engagement 28/10/2005 Harold has broken up with Bonnie so Red tries to make him feel better by pairing up with him for a white water race in a two-man kayak Red made from washing machines. Bill and Winston get injured trying out a batting cage. Red makes his car pothole-proof. Mike tries to guess the word 'mistakes' in the Word Game. Red demonstrates a way to drive with no hands, and a trick to help you find your car keys.
S15E02 The Folk Art Convention 04/11/2005 Red feels that the Lodge can make money by making objects of folk art and selling them at the local convention. Red drastically increases the horsepower of his car by using a toilet as a carburetor. Bill, Winston and Dalton have a three-man ATV race. Ed Frid goes for the word 'fuzzy' in the Word Game. Glen Brackston brings his slot cars to Harold's Hobby House. Red uses an extension ladder to pick up a heavy bench and makes a dolly out of beer bottles.
S15E03 Mr. Clean 11/11/2005 Trying to beat Caribou Lodge in the ratings for tourist resorts, Red and the men do a massive clean-up of the Lodge. Red invents a way to cut the lawn automatically. Mike shows them how to make a camp shower. Dalton goes for the word 'listen' in the Word Game. Red makes a scented candle out of car drippings and a super-sized windshield washer from a fire hose.
S15E04 No Tell Boatel 18/11/2005 Red buys a motel cheap, then finds out it doesn't include the land and he has to move it off the property. He decides to turn it into a cruise ship. Ed Frid brings a whole bunch of bees for his Talking Animals segment. Red builds a sound-proof van. Bill and Winston try some wind-up airplanes. Glen Brackston tries to guess the word 'exercise' in the Word Game. Red invents a space-saver table and converts a juke box into a video game.
S15E05 Cell Hell 25/11/2005 Red gets a bunch of free cell phones and tries to make them work without signing up for cellular service. Graham Green is featured as Edgar Montrose presenting his hobby of flattening items on the train tracks. Red uses arena lights as high beams. Mike, Ed and Dalton have a Yoga lesson. Red uses tricks to make the Possum van appear to be peeling rubber. Ed Frid tries to guess the word 'heat' in the Word Game. Red cautions couples on the use of sarcasm.
S15E06 Cart Blanche 02/12/2005 Reacting to the high price of gasoline, the guys switch to electric golf carts. Red makes a motorcycle look like a car so your wife will let you have one. Bill has an adventure after dropping his watch down a well. Red tries to make a car run on elastic power. Dalton Humphrey tries to guess the word 'hop'. The fishermen have a discussion on same sex marriage.
S15E07 New Yorkshire Puddings 09/12/2005 Red discovers Yorkshire puddings and decided to open up a fast food Yorkshire pudding outlet. Red converts an autoharp into a bread slicer. Bill, Winston and Ed have a bird watching adventure. Red converts a city bus into a house addition. Mike Hamar tries to guess the word 'hug'. Red uses handyman tools for preparing food.
S15E08 Exit Stag Right 30/12/2005 Red and the boys plan a surprise stag for Harold. Red makes a man-sized lawn torch out of birdbath. Ed Frid tries to guess the word 'bond' in the word game. Red turns an old steam press into a fat-free grill. The men have a sailboat race. Red makes ice cream in a washing machine. Glen Brackston gives advice on diet and exercise.
S15E09 Mad You Say? 06/01/2006 Red gets a side of beef super cheap and Harold suspects it carries the mad cow virus. Red makes a cannon out of a garbage can, a bowling ball and a personal airbag. Bill turns putting out a campfire into an adventure. Red creates a robot valet. Mike Hamar tires to guess the word 'team'. Red devises a simple way to temporarily display pictures of relatives when they visit.
S15E10 There's No Place Like The Home 13/01/2006 Old Man Sedgwick's son is trying to put him into a home and Red intervenes to prevent it. Edgar Montrose tries to guess the word 'passion' in the Word Game. Red uses furnace ducts as car exhaust pipes. The fishermen discuss artificial intelligence. Bill and Winston try to cross the lake on stilts. Red makes a muffin gun. Also a handyman tip on cleaning the junk out of your yard without getting rid of it.
S15E11 Flying Blind 20/01/2006 Red uses some unexpected cash to put on an Air Show but when he's denied a permit, he tries to fool the crowd with model airplanes. Ed Frid brings a black bear to Talking Animals. Red uses a water wheel to power a car. Bill has an adventure with ropes. Mike tries to guess the word 'back' in the word game. Red invents a car deodorizer and a way to stop your guests from using too much hot water.
S15E12 The Bigger The Better 27/01/2006 Jealous of Port Asbestos having the world's biggest marshmallow, Red and the guys decide to have the world's biggest crayons by painting all the silos. Bill and Mike turn a game of squash into an adventure. Red makes a personal air bag to fit on his hat. Dalton tries to guess the word 'purse' in the Word Game. Red uses the doors and hood of his car like flaps on an airplane. Red also suggests creatuive ways to recycle old VHS cassettes.
S15E13 The Big Retreat 03/02/2006 A group of CEO's have a reatreat at Possum Lodge and as it turns out they're all women. Red customizes a car so he can drive standing up. Ed Frid brings a jumping frog to Talking Animals. Bill freaks out when he finds pieces of wood missing from everything. Red devises a method of delivering cold drinks from shore to his fishing boat. Winston tries to guess the word 'second' in the Word Game. Red uses a diving helmet and a vacuum cleaner to open a bag of snacks.
S15E14 Rites Of Passage 03/03/2006 The men get into a fight over public access to Possum Lake waterfront and decide to settle it with a tank. Red turns a van into a huge accordion. Bill has an adventure with a bat. Mike tries to guess the word 'profit' in the Word Game. Red comes up with an easy way to seed your lawn. Ed Frid brings his animal traps to Harold's Hobby House. Red creates a poor man's GPS system.
S15E15 Sasquatch 10/03/2006 Red uses Harold as bait as he hunts for the elusive Sasquatch. The men play against a team of kids in an indoor soccer game. Red cleans a sink with gunpowder. Bonnie tries to guess the word 'man' in the Word Game. Red builds his own fuel-efficient smart car. Red devises a way to fish when you're a long way from the lake.
S15E16 Rain Man 17/03/2006 Faced with a drought, Red tries to create rain by seeding the clouds with chemicals using a homemade cannon. Winston brings his china collection to Harold's Hobby House. Ed, Mike and Bill turn escaping bugs into an adventure. Red creates a macho-looking seat belt so men will wear it. Dalton tries to guess the word 'flowers' in the Word Game. Red makes a computer desk and chair out of old appliances.
S15E17 Love Is In The Air 24/03/2006 A labeling mix-up between animal musk and after shave causes Harold a lot of grief when he goes to meet his fiance's family. Red gives up on parallel parking and tries his hand at perpendicular parking. Bill helps Red clear the trees that have grown around an abandoned boat. Mike tries to guess the word 'parent' in the Word Game. Red converts an electric blanket into a table warmer and makes a spill-proof submarine sandwich.
S15E18 Toe The Line 31/03/2006 Red and Harold end up as a couple competing in a line dancing contest. Red turns a sedan car into a hideaway hardtop. Mike brings his key collection to Harold's Hobby House. Red uses men's fascination with an open car hood to get guys to babysit. Ed Frid tries to guess the word 'gross' in the Word Game. Bill over-inflates a soccer ball so the game can be played with vehicles. Red uses an industrial vacuum cleaner to get rid of bees.
S15E19 Do As I Do 07/04/2006 Harold loses the church and decides to get married at the Lodge with Red as minister.
S00E01 The Best Of Red Green 16/03/1996 Clips featured are the following: The Experts - Edgar K.B. Montros on Movies Possum Lodge Word Game - Femanine - Marrige North Of Fourty - Boring Topics Descussion Handyman Corner - Installing Gull Wing Doors - Turning a patio table into a surfboard - Changing the headlights on Bill's car - Red changes the oil in his car Adventures With Bill - Tree Chopping - Archery / Target Shooting Contest - Horseshoe Tossing - Lacross Other highlights: - Ranger Gord falls in love with a log - Hap talks about his tiger ranch in Kenya Clips featured from : - Fire Brigade - The Beef Project
S00E02 We Can't Help It, We're Men 00/00/0000 A collection of bits from the first six seasons (1991-1996). This is a boon for PBS audiences, who had not heard of Red Green scenes from its CHCH days.
S00E03 Stuffed and Mounted 1 00/00/0000
S00E04 Stuffed and Mounted 2 00/00/0000
S00E05 Stuffed and Mounted 3 00/00/0000
S00E06 Red Green, DVD (Duct tape Virtuoso Deluxe) 08/05/2001 To me, technology is a subversive plot by all the geeks of the world to complicate our lives to the point where we become as useless as they are. Man's basic needs are food, clothing and shelter. Not food, clothing, shelter and a 600MZ CPU with 128 megs of RAM and a 32-gigabyte hard drive. I wish they'd just leave us all alone. If life is too simple for you, get married. Up here at Possum Lodge, we have our own rules about technology: "If you're standing in a puddle, don't touch anything that hums," and "Don't trust anything that has no moving parts. Especially if it's a relative." But I decided to bend our rules a bit when I made this DVD because it gave me a chance to use the Handyman's Secret Weapon -- Duct Tape -- and it gives you a chance to get a new Red Green show you won't be embarrassed to display on your video shelf because the edge is so small, no one will be able to tell what it is! So grab a cold beverage, your DVD remote, and go nuts. I did.
S00E07 Red Green Does New Years 25/01/2002 Red, Harold and the rest of the Possum Lodge crew celebrate New Year's Eve, with special emphasis on different lodge members' New Year's resolutions.
S00E08 A Very Merry Red Green Christmas 17/12/1999 Harold returns to Possum Lodge to spend Christmas with Red and the other members.
S00E09 It's a Wonderful Red Green Christmas 00/00/0000
S00E10 Of Cars and Men 00/00/0000
S00E11 Red Green's Hindsight is 20-20 10/03/2004 The men reminisce about their time at the Lodge.
S00E12 The Red Green Story: We're All in This Together 00/00/0000 This behind-the-scenes special features cast members musing over public television's beloved "The Red Green Show," the wacky sketch series revolving around the wit and wisdom of outdoorsman, handyman and populist philosopher Red Green (Steve Smith). Backstage anecdotes, rare outtakes and cast commentary shed light on the smart writing and spot-on acting that helped make this unlikely show such a long-running success.
S00E13 Early Red Green on Smith & Smith 00/00/0000
S00E14 Red Green's Duct Tape Forever 12/04/2002
S00E15 Red Green Goes Hollywood 00/00/0000 An Extra from the "Duct Tape Forever" DVD.
S00E16 The Early Years 00/00/0000 An Extra from the "Hindsight Is 20-20" DVD.
S00E17 Hindsight Is 20-20 Extended Clips 00/00/0000 An Extra from the "Hindsight Is 20-20" DVD.
S00E18 The Making of Red Green's Duct Tape Forever 00/00/0000 Highlights of the antics in front of and behind the camera during the making of Red Green's feature film "Duct Tape Forever." Interviews with the stars of the movie and an overview by Red of the various aspects of feature film production are featured.