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In this entertaining animated comedy two orphans, 13 year old Riley and her 12 year old brother Todd find a special website where they order two cool new parents. What they get is beyond their wildest dreams: their new mum is a spy, agent K, who has a very cool talking car. Dad is a famous stuntman, Dick Daring. It looks like their new life is going to be very exciting, but as if that wasn't enough, the website sends them special mobile phones that allow them to ring up and nominate any adult they want replaced! But the repercussions aren't always what they envisage. Stars lending their voices to this series include Nancy Cartwright and veteran actor David McCallum.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Replacements

S01E01 Todd Strikes Out 28/07/2006
S01E02 The Jerky Girls 28/07/2006
S01E03 CindeRiley 08/09/2006
S01E04 Skate-Gate 08/09/2006
S01E05 The Insecurity Guard 09/09/2006
S01E06 Quiet Riot! 09/09/2006
S01E07 The Truth Hurts 16/09/2006
S01E08 Jumping Mad 16/09/2006
S01E09 The Majestic Horse 23/09/2006
S01E10 Carnie Dearest 23/09/2006
S01E11 Days of Blunder 30/09/2006
S01E12 Cheer Pressure 30/09/2006
S01E13 Going Overboard 07/10/2006
S01E14 Riley's Birthday 07/10/2006
S01E15 Halloween Spirits 14/10/2005
S01E16 German Squirmin' 04/11/2007
S01E17 The Means Justify the Trend 04/11/2006
S01E18 Davey Hunkerhoff 18/11/2006
S01E19 Ratted Out 18/11/2006
S01E20 Master Pho 02/12/2006
S01E21 Zoo or False? 02/12/2006
S01E22 Best Friends For-Never 09/12/2006
S01E23 Running From Office 09/12/2006
S01E24 Field Trippin' 06/01/2007
S01E25 Fiddlin' Around 06/01/2007
S01E26 Boyzroq 03/02/2007
S01E27 Ball Hogs 03/02/2007
S01E28 iTodd 16/06/2007
S01E29 See Dick Run 16/06/2007
S01E30 The Perfect Date 30/06/2007
S01E31 Serf's Up 30/06/2007
S01E32 The Frog Prince 21/07/2007
S01E33 Snow Place Like Nome 21/07/2007
S01E34 A Daring Romance 28/07/2007
S01E35 Maid for K 28/07/2007
S01E36 Abra K Dabra! 11/08/2007
S01E37 Kumquat Day 11/08/2007
S01E38 London Calling 06/10/2007
S01E39 Clueless 29/10/2007
S01E40 Conrad's Day Off 29/10/2007
S02E01 The Spy Who Wasn't Riley 10/03/2008
S02E02 Late Night with Todd and Riley 17/03/2008
S02E03 Space Family Daring 31/03/2008
S02E04 She Works Hard for the Movie 14/04/2008
S02E05 Volcano Island 28/04/2008
S02E06 The Rizzle 19/05/2008
S02E07 The Campiest Episode Ever 26/05/2008
S02E08 Phone-less in Pleasant Hills 09/06/2008
S02E09 Garage Sale Daring 23/06/2008
S02E10 Private Todd 23/06/2008
S02E11 Hollywoodn't 07/07/2008
S02E12 Glee by the Sea 21/07/2008
S02E13 Bowled Over 11/08/2008
S02E14 A Little Tiff 11/08/2008
S02E15 Canadian Fakin' 25/08/2008
S02E16 Tasumi Unmasked 15/09/2008
S02E17 Pleasant Hills Confidential 29/09/2008
S02E18 Extra Credit 13/10/2008
S02E19 You Got Schooled 27/10/2008
S02E20 Heartbreak in the City 10/11/2008
S02E21 Puzzle Me Daring 17/11/2008
S02E22 Dick Daring's All-Star Holiday Stunt Spectacular 08/12/2008
S02E23 A Buzzwork Orange 22/12/2008
S02E24 Double Trouble 05/01/2009
S02E25 The Revenge of Prince Cinnamon Boots 05/01/2009
S02E26 Moustache Mayhem 26/01/2009
S02E27 Snide and Prejudice 02/02/2009
S02E28 Art Attack 23/02/2009
S02E29 Shelton's Bar Mitzvah 02/03/2009
S02E30 Crushing Riley 02/03/2009
S02E31 Injustice is Blind 09/03/2009
S02E32 Truth or Daring 16/03/2009
S02E33 Todd-Busters 23/03/2009
S02E34 R2: A Tale of Two Rileys 30/03/2009 Riley is so desperate to see Dreamfest, a festival where Dustin Dreamlake is coming to, that she blackmails Conrad to send her a robot to take her place in school the day of the festival.
S02E35 Irreplaceable 30/03/2009

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