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Set in the dying world of Aurordeca, "The Resistance" is an action-packed thriller revolving around an epic tale of destiny and revenge. Syrus Primoris, a brilliant chemist, has taken control of the ten regions of Aurordeca in the wake of a devastating plague. Half the population is already dead. It is only Syrus and his miracle suppressant, Noxe, that can keep the other half from succumbing to the virus. In exchange, the people grant Syrus absolute power. Only one group stands in open opposition to the regime. The Aurordecan Resistance Movement (ARM), led by the fierce and driven Lana. ARM sees Syrus for the despot he truly is and fight tirelessly to find a cure for the disease and to free the people from their enslavement to the suppressant. But everything changes through a chance encounter with a mysterious and deadly drifter, Arclite.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Resistance

S00E01 Chaos 15/12/2007 "The Resistance" - Chaos Teaser
S00E02 Greed 22/12/2007 "The Resistance" series - Greed Teaser
S00E03 Land of Aurordeca 03/01/2008 "The Resistance" series - Land of Aurordeca Teaser
S00E04 Lust 21/02/2008 "The Resistance" series - Lust Teaser
S00E05 The Resistance Series Trailer 16/09/2010 THE RESISTANCE is an action-packed thriller revolving around an epic tale of destiny and revenge
S00E06 NOXE Commercial 16/09/2010 Latest AD for NOXE.
S00E07 LANA Video Diary 1 17/09/2010 Anica 11th, 3471: Lana Video Entry 1: Lana plans her latest attack to steal vital NOXE while making a public statement
S00E08 TR File Secrets 20/09/2010 Unknown subject records valuable intel for Syrus Primoris. The last image shows this unknown subject inside the city of Primoris.
S00E09 LANA Video Diary 2 22/09/2010 Anica 12th, 3471: Lana Video Entry 2: Lana explains that Vince hasn't been himself and everyone in ARM is losing faith....
S00E10 LANA Video Diary 3 24/09/2010 Anica 15th, 3471: Lana Video Entry 3: Confessions
S00E11 LANA Video Diary 4 28/09/2010 Anica 16th, 3471: Lana Video Entry 3: Lana herself is losing hope and resorts to desperate measures to find the Phantom Chip.
S00E12 Arclite's Hidden Past Part 1 29/09/2010 Arclite's disturbing memories in greater detail.
S00E13 Arclite's Hidden Past Part 2 01/10/2010 Arclite's disturbing memories in greater detail.
S00E14 Syrus Hidden Tapes 04/10/2010 Unknown tape recovered revealing the mystery behind Syrus Primoris. Who is he really?

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