Affiche The Restaurant: You're Fried!

Join George Lamb every Thursday night at 9:00 for second helpings of the best of the week’s Restaurant action. Every week George will be joined by the latest couple to have left the show. After suffering the humiliation of having their Restaurant closed by Raymond they now have the chance to tell George their side of the story. Also in the studio will be one of Raymond’s straight talking inspectors. They will be on hand to give comment on the week’s biggest talking points and give advice to watching budding restaurateurs. Also joining George will be highly respected business psychologist Dr Rob Yeung. From loving partners to mothers and sons, how do marriages, long term relationships and blood ties deal with the stresses and strains of running a business? Every week George invites an audience of people who have eaten at the restaurants, fans of the show and other highly respected restaurant owners to the studio. All have humorous, sharp and pertinent opinions on where this week's couple went wrong. And finally, exclusive insights and footage from upcoming shows will guarantee a feast of entertainment meaty enough to satisfy the appetite of the most ardent Restaurant fan!

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