Affiche The Rickey Smiley Show
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A hilarious sitcom starring comedian and radio host Rickey Smiley. Rickey plays a character loosely based on his own life - a popular, local DJ based in Atlanta, who is the single father to three children.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Rickey Smiley Show

S02E01 MC T-Bagg Tribute 26/07/2013 When Rickey’s childhood friend dies, he is quick to accept the invitation to host the funeral. But when Rickey’s flight back home is delayed, the funeral plans are put in the hands of MC T-Bagg and the funeral gets out of control.
S02E02 FOTUS 26/07/2013 Rickey is thrilled when President Obama calls in to the radio show and asks to come in and do an interview. Rickey's family, friends and coworkers prepare for a visit from the President but there's only one problem… everyone can't pass the background check.
S02E03 Project Next 02/08/2013 Rickey hosts a celebrity fundraiser to raise money for Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) and is baffled when people keep leaving and he’s determined to find out why. Meanwhile, Brandon hosts a "small" party that becomes a huge problem when uninvited guests (including celebrities from Rickey's fundraiser) keep showing up.
S02E04 Rickey’s Roast ‘Beef 09/08/2013 Rickey is hesitant about attending a Roast in his honor in New York but finally agrees to go. At the event, Rickey becomes offended when everyone is roasting Maurice rather than him.
S02E05 You Want To Bet 16/08/2013 Sister Bernice leads a protest that spills over to the radio station when she finds out the station is connected to a casino being built near the church. Kenny is the subject of the radio’s weekly program, “Paternity Test Tuesday.” Is he the father?
S02E06 Fish And Cheeks 23/08/2013 Simone is selected to give the “Women With Wings” speech at church and is thrilled! Meanwhile, Sister Bernice and Aunt Sylvia have one to many drinks and fry something they shouldn’t have!
S02E07 Lights, Camera, Act A Fool 30/08/2013 Rickey gets approached about doing a television show, but the producers try to make him too “Hollywood.” At first, everyone gets involved and it seems to be working out; until Rickey has a change of heart and pulls out of the show, only to find that he may have made a mistake.
S02E08 Father Knows Funny 06/09/2013 Brandon decides he wants to be a stand-up comedian but doesn’t realize how difficult it is despite some real advice from his father Rickey. Meanwhile, Maurice hangs out at Rickey’s house while his home is being fumigated and totally disrupts Aunt Sylvia’s plans of hosting a social group at the house.
S02E09 Reconciliation 13/09/2013 Rickey behaves badly when Aunt Sylvia hosts a product party featuring a line created by Lunelle, Lil Daryl’s mother. After Yvette (Kenya Moore) becomes a reality show celebrity, Maurice tries to get her back.
S02E10 The Caregiver 20/09/2013 Sister Bernice cares for Aunt Sylvia and De’Anna when they get sick and Rickey is out of town. Once they’re better, they can’t wait to get rid of Sister Bernice but realize they now have to take care of her when she gets sick. Meanwhile Juicy experiences good fortune and Maurice, Simone and Kenny are jockeying to be on her good side.
S02E11 It's A Tall World 27/09/2013 Rickey and Kenny find themselves at a club for little people where the roles are reversed and being tall is a disadvantage. Meanwhile, Aaron anxiously waits at home to spend time with his Dad.
S02E12 Soul Survivor 04/10/2013 Rickey has a stalker! Mr. Clarence becomes an unexpected hero then shies away from the limelight when his past is brought to light.
S02E13 Wrong Phi Wrong 11/10/2013 Rickey Smiley's son Brandon joins his beloved fraternity, Omega Psi Phi but does he have what it takes to represent the Purple & Gold? Kenny makes Simone jealous when he starts dating a new woman.
S02E14 Captive Christmas 13/12/2013 When Rickey and the family get trapped at the church by a freak snowstorm, they take a moment to reminisce on the holiday harmony generated by their strong family connections.
S02E15 Solo We Can’t Hear It 04/04/2014 When a racist engineer causes problems at the station, everyone has to undergo sensitivity training.
S02E17 The Blachelor 18/04/2014 The radio station hosts a Bachelor type promotion with Rickey as the not so lucky guy.