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The amusing adventures of the eccentric Robinson family. Hector is the patriarch: a world-weary, disappointed man married to - and constantly bickering with - Pam, his sparky but equally jaded wife. Their daughter is Abigail, a bitterly-determined control-freak with a penchant for older men. Their eldest son is George, an intense misery-guts married to the chatty and impolitic Maggie, and they have a precocious son, Albert. But at the centre of proceedings is Hector and Pam's other son, Ed, a hapless, inhibited individual trying to bounce back from a painful divorce but whose life is made ever more miserable by the support of his family. He finds them excruciatingly embarrassing, especially when they indulge in their frank discussions of subjects that he would rather avoid, such as sex, death and disease.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Robinsons

S01E01 Episode One 05/05/2005 Constantly depressed Ed Robinson has been fired from his job because his office lover has become his boss. Elsewhere, Ed's organized brother George tries to cope with his son's birthday party which has become chaotic.
S01E02 Episode Two 12/05/2005 Vicky has become irritated with the fact that her boyfriend who won't stop crying. However, she soon discovers that his sensitivity is what she finds so attractive about him. George tries to explain what death is to his 5 year old son, Albert. Meanwhile, Ed can't remember answers to simple questions he's being asked at his job interview.
S01E03 Episode Three 19/05/2005 Ed's mother Pam sets his up on a date with one of her friend's daughter, Connie who Ed has known since he was young. Vicky starts dating a gynecologist who is attracted to the fact that she is so honest with him. George tries to toughen up son Albert by making him play rugby with players twice his age.
S01E04 Episode Four 26/05/2005 Ed begins dating literally the girl next door, Zara who soon becomes obsessed with his family. George is heartbroken when Albert reveals that his hero is his best friend's father. Elsewhere, Vicky begins dating a man in his 60's.
S01E05 Episode Five 02/06/2005 Ed has become haunted by his past failures. George realizes that Albert actually has no friends. Vicky decides the time is right for her to have a baby and that a gay co-worker, Leo is the perfect sperm donor.
S01E06 Episode Six 09/06/2005 As his 33rd birthday approaches, Ed seek out advice to find a new direction in life. Vicky is in search of another sperm donor as things with Leo didn't go as planned. George gets a promotion to Executive Director in his company, but his family shows little interest in the fact.