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The truth isn't out there. It walks among us. The Roswell Conspiracies unravel when a group of allied intelligence agents discover that extraterrestrial beings are roaming the earth, stalking humans for food, sport, or even more sinister agendas. To combat the aliens, the agents form an underground, multi-national movement called The Global Alliance. Operating from a bunker in the small town of Roswell, they recruit from the elite ranks of science, law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies, setting off on a mission to protect the Earth and its inhabitants from the alien creatures that walk among them.


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S01E01 The Bait (Part 1) 27/08/1999 A mysterious organization contracts bounty hunter Nick Logan to capture Thrope, a dangerous fugitive. But Logan soon discovers that neither his employer nor his target are what they seem. The Alliance takes careful observations as they proceed towards recruiting Logan. His next assignment is to find Sh'lainn, a missing Banshee dissenter headed towards Roswell. But when Nick is unable to stop her before she gets to New Mexico, the Alliance decides that their secrets must be maintained - even if it means silencing both of them.
S01E02 The Bait (Part 2) 27/08/1999 Logan and Sh'lainn barely escape the Alliance's assault on the train they were taking to New Mexico. Now with a common foe and unanswered questions, the pair continues towards Roswell. However, the Banshee are hot behind them, intent on executing Sh'lainn for betraying the Clan. After a Banshee ambush, Logan must risk everything to rescue Sh'lainn.
S01E03 Mountain Retreat 27/08/1999 When an Alliance team disappears in the Himalayas, Rinaker sends Nick and Sh'lainn to investigate without informing them that the top Alliance echelon had cut a deal with the Lycanthrope. In exchange for the Alliance tracking down the Yeti, former slaves of the Lycanthropes, Ruk guarantees that the werewolves and their Yeti slaves will leave the planet forever. But the Yeti are guarding a secret weapon stored in a mountain cache – and the Lycanthrope will do anything to get it back.
S01E04 Troubled Past 15/09/1999 Logan’s unauthorized search for Walter brings down the wrath of Rinaker, and reveals the true nature of Sh’lainn’s assignment as his partner. Logan pursues Intracom for clues, but as Logan and Sh’lainn dig deeper towards the truth, they unleash an extraterrestrial assassin.
S01E05 Peacemaker 24/09/1999 When a Lyncathrope terrorist group takes over the Briarwood country club, Sh'lainn sides with a Lycanthrope defector during an Alliance mission to save the hostages. But, when the rescue mission goes sideways, Nick and Sh'lainn discover a deadly secret in the nuclear missile base underneath the country club.
S01E06 Snowman's Chance 08/10/1999 After a Lycanthrope breaks into Ti-yet’s prison containment cell and attacks him, Ruk is transferred to a high-security facility – and escapes Alliance custody on the way. Now teaming up with a former prisoner, Logan and Sh’lainn must stop the “civilization killer,” EMP bomb that has been recovered by Ruk’s pack.
S01E07 The Roswell Incident 15/10/1999 On July 4, 1947, a flying saucer was reported to have crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. This newsflash, and the immediate cover-up by the Air Force caused the perfect atmosphere of government distrust and conspiracy theories for the Alliance to hide behind. But, when the space shuttle is fired on by a cloaked Tribune satellite that has been monitoring North America for the past fifty years, Rinaker fears that the truth will be discovered about the Alliance's staged UFO crash. With both NASA and Intracom racing for the satellite and the secrets it's held for the past fifty years, the Alliance will have to capture an alien craft and prep it to destroy the satellite – all for the good of the people.
S01E08 Fusion Breed 22/10/1999 General Rinaker disappears on an investigation into an alien genetics lab, while mysterious cattle mutilations attract the attention of the Detection and Detail teams. Stranded in the middle of nowhere with an annoying temporary partner, Dr. Petrovic, Logan must find a way to stop the fused genetic anomalies that have been unleashed on a small town in Wyoming where everyone has disappeared.
S01E09 Bounty Wars 29/10/1999 Queen Mab releases the stasis fields holding two Minotauri warriors in suspended animation. They have only one assignment to complete if they wish to keep their freedom – bring the Banshee clan the head of Sh'lainn Blaze. But Sh'lainn won't stay in the protective confines of the Alliance Bunker. Her death visions show Nick being killed, and she won't let him die trying to protect her. Her only alternative is to flee the Minotauri bounty hunters… alone.
S01E10 Chupacabra 05/11/1999 Strange cattle behavior in South America convinces Rinaker to send Nick and Sh'lainn to find out exactly who, or what, is the mysterious Chupacabra. But to their surprise, the truth surrounding the identity and purpose of Chupacabra brings out details about an alien massacre at the hands of a shapeshifter posing as an Alliance operative, and the lost city of the Dark Empire.
S01E11 Countdown 12/11/1999 Sh'lainn predicts that everyone in the Bunker will die in less than twelve hours, but Rinaker ignores the Banshee's fears and proceeds to bring in an alien probe that had been recovered earlier. After touching the alien probe, Sh'lainn is infected by the Iron Death, her Banshee body poisoned from being surrounded by technology. Reduced to the most primal instincts, Sh'lainn tries to destroy the technology that is slowly killing her. But as she tries to detonate the nuclear core that powers the Bunker, Nick rushes to Ireland to find a cure. With a potential explosion radius that would wipe out half of New Mexico, time is running out for the Alliance.
S01E12 Vodun Rising 19/11/1999 An Alliance flyer is picked up on radar, not responding to communications. But before the evidence can be destroyed, the Air Force captures the craft – and finds two caskets and dozens of small glass orbs on board. Perhaps this could explain the disappearance of Agents Logan and Fitzpatrick during an investigation and recovery mission to a voodoo controlled village in Haiti.
S01E13 The Conduit (Part 1) 26/11/1999 Logan’s investigations and incarcerations have begun to feed his xenophobia – and his paranoia. After an argument with Sh’lainn, Logan finds a note telling him to “Seek your father in the conduit.” No information is available on the Condit, though it has over two thousand entries in the Alliance databases – all of which have been personally encrypted by Rinaker. Confined to quarters, Logan has no other choice but to escape to San Francisco and discover the truth about the Conduit, the Alliance, and a painful past for the Logan family.
S01E14 The Conduit (Part 2) 04/12/1999 The bystander from Nick’s first alien encounter reveals himself as an ex-Alliance operative, joining with Logan, Sh’lainn and the Conduit to take out Rinaker and find the truth about Logan’s father. Rinaker refuses to give up any information on Logan’s father or Omega, and as the former bystander sets the nuclear core to detonate, Logan realizes that his unexpected ally has become becomes an unexpected enemy.
S01E15 Queen Banshee (Part 1) 11/12/1999 Mab, queen of the Banshees, disappears from the clan, and the Banshees suspect that the Alliance could be responsible for her abduction. Banshee warriors approach a renegade Sh'lainn and ask her to become their queen. Sh'lainn accepts and immediately makes her first decision as queen by declaring war on the Alliance.
S01E16 Queen Banshee (Part 2) 18/12/1999 Blaze and the Banshee warriors prepare to attack the Alliance for kidnapping Queen Mab. It is the Vampires who actually captured the Queen and framed the Alliance in hopes of turning their two worst enemies against each other. The diversion creates the perfect opportunity for the Vampires to sneak into the Banshee lair and sap all the energy from the energy of Light.
S01E17 The Partnership 25/12/1999 The Alliance learns that three powerful Vampire families are planning a merger. Logan infiltrates the clandestine gathering by impersonating one of their own. Meanwhile, Fitz encounters an old flame that makes Nema jealous and complicates the mission.
S01E18 The Cub 01/01/2000 After a STAR assault takes out a combination Lycanthrope weapons dump / hospital, Logan is entrusted with a Lycanthrope cub, Athos, whose mother was killed in the attack. However, Rinaker locks up the child for Alliance study. With Athos' real father, Ruk, launching an attack on Alliance HQ, Logan may have to sacrifice his adopted son to the Lycanthrope pack leader.
S01E19 Flying Saucer Down 13/03/2000 An Alliance court-martial looks into Nick's handling of a containment and cover-up operation in Seattle. A Tribune alien craft had crashed in the city, and the occupant tried to get a disc to a world-renowned reporter. But as the Alliance tried to convince the world that the craft was a new high-tech weapon employed by terrorists, Nick probed further into the Alliance's webs of deceit, questioning the motives of an organization that would use lethal force against non-hostile aliens.
S01E20 The Last Sasquatch 20/03/2000 Rinaker dispatches Nick and Ti-yet to contain a Sasquatch that had recently gone on a rampage. But only Ti-yet realizes the reason for his old enemy's rage – the Sasquatch blames Ti-yet for the Lycanthrope massacre of the Sasquatch race, and he's looking for revenge.
S01E21 Crackerjack 27/03/2003 Logan has disappeared. Sh'Lainn, looking for his whereabouts, finds herself at a Lycanthrope's hideout in which she sees a familiar face, but appearances can be deceiving. Not only must Sh'Lain confront Ruk's pack but also avoid the Conduit's forceful recruitment attempt of a young confused Lycanthrope.
S01E22 Whatever Fitz 03/04/2000 Logan is injured in a skyjacking attempt made by Oni aliens who have something to hide. Fitz must impersonate the hobbled Nick, and a clue leads him to Mt. Fuji with Sh'lainn where they quickly get themselves into a crusing predicament as they encounter the Oni and Yakuza ninjas.
S01E23 Amok Vampire 05/02/2000 Valra, a renegade Vampire, acquires a taste for Banshee blood when she bites Sh'lainn and eventually drains her, mutating them both into Vam/Banshee hybrids. Valra uses her newfound power and influence over Sh'lainn against Nick to try to overthrow Hanek and INTRAcom. Now the Alliance and Hanek must work together to stop Valro.
S01E24 Area 51 05/04/2000 A saucer sighting staged by the Alliance goes terribly wrong when the craft is shot down by air force jet fighters. Ti-yet and the saucer are captured and taken to the infamous Area 51. Rinaker assigns Logan, Blaze, Nema and Fitz the dangerous mission of infiltrating the highly secured underground base to recover their friend and destroy any evidence of the Alliance. However, they stumble on information that could be more dangerous than the mission itself.
S01E25 Showdown (Part 1) 17/04/2000 Walter Logan is held hostage by Vampires, and in a frantic call alerts Nick to come to his rescue. The situation is orchestrated by Hanek to lure Nick into a trap. When Sh'lainn senses that he is in trouble, she goes to her Banshee sisters for help, not realizing she's playing right into Hanek's hands.
S01E26 Showdown (Part 2) 24/04/2000 Hanek reveals to Nick that he's building a teleporter whose power source is the life force of Banshee victims. He plans to capture the entire clan that Sh'lainn is bringing to Nick's rescue. However, Hanek doesn't count on the Banshee releasing the Minotauri bounty hunter, Kahn Mart. When Sh'lainn is captured, Nick must choose whether to save her or his stepfather.
S01E27 Spot 04/03/2000 Walter is held hostage by the Vampires at a nuclear power plant. It is another ploy to lure Logan into a trap that is also meant to attract a mammoth sunspot creature that feeds on radiation. Thinking that Walter is dead, Nick vows to destroy the creature that Sh'lainn knows is just an innocent victim.
S01E28 When Giants Walked the Earth 11/03/2000 Nema infiltrates teams of researchers who have discovered an ancient Cyclops robot. The Juggernaut is accidentally activated and captures Nema. Under its control, she attacks Logan and Fitz and awakens another of the sleeping giants to reactivate an alien pulse cannon. Although Nema explains that they're trying to save Earth from a Shadoen invasion, Rinaker orders the robots and their weapon destroyed.
S01E29 Father of Terror 18/03/2000 In Cairo, a Vampire named Meru is trying to fulfill a prophecy by resurrecting the ancient vampire Sethaka, Father of Pharaohs. To do this he needs "pharaoh blood" and "the key"- both of which are in Nema's family. As blood is drained from the captured Nema, the god-like Vampire is awakened and unleashes his plan to bring the world under Vampire control with the aid of the Great Sphinx.
S01E30 Beast Within 25/03/2000 Agent Ling resents Logan's ability to "see" aliens. Knowing this, the Voduh entice Ling with an offer to become more than human. Ling's new abilities could be more than anyone bargained for.
S01E31 Target: Hero 01/04/2000 A superman hero named Jarak establishes himself as humanity's protector. Nema is sent undercover as a Lois Lane type reporter to get the real story and her attraction to Jarak makes Fitz jealous. The Alliance must try to destroy Jarek when he admits to being an alien.
S01E32 Vodun Among Us 08/04/2000 Agent Ling's Vodun symbant, Bavol, betrays him, allowing the other Vodun to take over the bodies of Logan and the rest of the personnel at Alliance HQ. Only Sh'lalnn and Rinaker are left to stop the raid- even if it means destroying the base.
S01E33 Rain 15/04/2000 Spirit aliens, knows as the Kollncha, exist in a dream dimension, and they can control the weather. Agent Trueblood's people can communicate with them through dreams. When Rinaker wants him to capture one, Trueblood's loyalties are put to the test, but what they don't know is that the Lycanthropes want one of these creatures as well.
S01E34 Devil Inside 22/04/2000 Asiri aliens, Odin and Loki, escape from an Alliance maximum containment unit. Logan and Sh'lainn capture Loki thinking he will lead them to Odin. However, the trickster has allowed himself to be captured so that he can steal a crystalline key that will release a Banshee-Imprisoned frost giant.
S01E35 Third Degree 29/04/2000 Rinaker gathers the agents together to reveal (through a series of flashbacks) that there is a traitor in their midst. All evidence points to our hero, Nick Logan.
S01E36 Back Spin 06/05/2000 Fitz uses an unauthorized memory eraser on a woman after she encounters aliens. When she has a seizure, the agents rush her back to the base for treatment. The patient turns out to be a wanted felon with a tracking device that leads the authorities, the press and every UFO nut right to the Alliance's doorstep.
S01E37 Conspiracy Revealed 13/05/2000 Logan is imprisoned and receives a visit from Sh'lainn. She proposes to perform a mental link, allowing Nick to to uncover his past memories, but Rinaker intervenes and sends Logan to a special confinement on Bikini Atoll. As we finally discover what really happened to Walter Logan, the true enemy is also revealled.
S01E38 Confrontation 20/05/2000 Forces converge on Rinaker as the alien races unite to attack the Alliance. Rinaker reveals his true identity and orders that Walter and Nick Logan be destroyed. With annihilation imminent, one of the team makes the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone... including Rinaker.
S01E39 Numbered Days (Part 1) 27/05/2000 The Shadoen finally reveal their intentions to the world, with a demonstration of their destructive capacities. Now it's up to the new Alliance to take a stand against the upcoming invasion, however can the alien races really put their differences aside and work together for the common good? Meanwhile, Nick and the gang follow clues to find the last contribution of Trueblood to their cause, but a Shadoen attack is underway.
S01E40 Numbered Days (Part 2) 03/06/2000 The final pieces of the plan fall into place as Wraith comes face to face with the Alliance's last ditch effort to save the Earth from the Shadoen Multitude.