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London's population has grown by a million in the last ten years. The city's roads are full up - yet 8 out of 10 journeys by londoners are by still by road. This means that 25,000 Transport for London workers now face a daily battle to keep the capital moving. Every morning, 8,500 buses carry six million passengers - double the number carried by the underground. 6,000 control them and the rest of road traffic, whilst 2000 dedicated police keep the roads clear by racing to incidents large and small. This is all overseen by the biggest traffic control centre in the world, which, unbeknownst to most of us, orchestrates our journeys every day.


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S01E01 Gridlock 18/06/2013 Documentary telling the stories of the people who keep London's transport network operating - from night-bus drivers and road maintenance staff to the controllers overseeing it all. The first episode reveals a city constantly on the verge of gridlock - and it falls to Transport for London staff to try to keep the system working. Tow-truck driver Sean has to deal with a pregnant motorist who can't face driving through the Blackwall tunnel, while central control room operator Chris must cope with multiple accidents blocking the roads on a Friday night.
S01E02 Nightbus 25/06/2013 Documentary exploring the busy world of London's night-buses. A city that never sleeps, the number of passengers travelling at night has tripled over the years. London's night bus service has grown to cope with the demand but now its drivers are faced with unpredictable crowds. Duane Williams is a night bus driver from Brixton's bus garage. He likes the ladies but some of his passengers are just too loud to cope with. Driver Tommy McKerr faces trouble on the notorious N25 route when a gang of young men storm his bus without paying. And Jeff, a homeless man, shows how he has perfected the art of riding the longest night bus route in London to help him keep warm.
S01E03 On The Buses 02/07/2013 Following London's bus drivers as they deal with more passengers than ever before.
S01E04 Gateway to London 16/07/2013 How Victoria Coach Station has been transformed, effectively becoming a new border.
S01E05 The Future 23/07/2013 How Transport for London is trying to get people out of cars and on to bikes and buses.
S01E06 Fighting Crime 02/02/2014 A look at Transport for London's special unit within the Metropolitan Police.

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