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Sitcom about a working-class family from Manchester, focusing on Mam and Dad - Barbara and Jim - as parents of children Denise and late-teen Antony.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Royle Family

S03E01 Hello Baby Dave 00/00/0000 Baby David finally arrives at the Royle's House, dressed from head to toe in the 'latest Gear', that is obviously Manchester slang for complete tack, but it seems that Denise is taking a back seat and letting Dave do all the work, will it continue?
S03E02 Babysitting Again 00/00/0000 The Royle's decide that it's time for a pint but who will be left babbysiting, 'Big Cheryl' from next door or maybe Mary and Joe, but when Antony goes for 'a Tommy Tit' he's left holding the baby
S03E03 Decorating 00/00/0000 Twiggy and Jim are redecorating the dining room for the Christening, but because Jim is so tight they don't have a steamer. The pair, and later Dave, use kitchen utensils to remove the wallpaper, whilst Dancing to Mambo No. 5! They don't get very far ...
S03E04 Elsie's Funeral 00/00/0000 Nanna's dear old neighbour Elsie dies, and today is the funeral. It's full of the usual admiration of the persons house, and Nanna has also been taking stuff from Elsie's since she has passed on, so Jim gets one back for Elise! Nanna is also hinting that she wants to move in: "I would never ever think of asking you to let me stay here, but well that back bedroom is free now!"
S03E05 Antony's Going to London 00/00/0000 Antony declares that he and Darren, the managers of their band 'Exit' are going to London to find a record deal, of course they get the usual barrage of insults from Jim and Dave, and Nanna contributes to the fund, 50p!
S03E06 The Christening 00/00/0000 The day of the christening is finally here, but the decorating is still not finished in the background. Everyone is there for a buffet, including Twiggy's 'Bird'.
S00E01 Christmas Special 1999 00/00/0000 It's Christmas Day. The family have just finished a big Christmas dinner. Barbara learns her turkey wasn't up to scratch, and Dave buys Denise a mobile phone for when the baby is born, even though she uses it to call Barbara on the house phone from upstairs! Antony goes to Emma's shortly afterwards, and Dave takes Nana home. Soon after Dave and Nana have left, Denise goes into labour upstairs in the bathroom, and Jim is left to comfort her. Denise reveals the baby isn't due until 3 weeks. Will the baby and Denise be alright
S00E02 Christmas Special 2000 00/00/0000 Baby David's first birthday comes around and the Royle's sit down as they did last Christmas. This time they are joined by Darren and Emma, including her parents. Emma's father, Roger can't seem to stop boasting which annoys Jim. When they leave, an unhappy and mad Jim gets the best present of them all
S00E03 The Queen of Sheba 00/00/0000 Whilst times have moved on, not much has changed in the Royle household except for one major thing - finally after years of hints Nana has got her way and has moved in with the Royles. Nana, now bedridden, has Barbara waiting on her hand and foot, and has even come between Jim and his beloved TV, but just how long will her reign as 'The Queen of Sheba' continue?
S00E04 We Love The Royle Family 01/11/2006 In 2006, the BBC commissioned a talking heads programme, Why we Love the Royle Family, which included celebrity fans such as Noel Gallagher, Paul Heaton and J.K. Rowling.
S00E05 Children in Need Sketch 00/00/0000 It's Children in Need night and Barbara announces to Denise and Dave that Jim is being generous and giving some of his spare change to Children In Need, but Jim is looking for some in his armchair!
S00E06 The New Sofa 00/00/0000 Inspired by Nigella Lawson, Denise decides to cook Christmas dinner for the whole family. Jim provides the yuletide log and, much to his dismay, Dave's Mum and Dad are invited to join in with the festivities. What could possibly go wrong?
S00E07 Jim's Balls - Comic Relief Sketch 00/00/0000 Jim is "dying" of flu, and it's Comic Relief Night 2009. Antony comes to the house after raising £4,000 for Comic Relief by skydiving from a plane and everybody complaining about the smell coming from Jim's sweaty "balls"!
S00E08 The Golden Egg Cup 00/00/0000 There's a new buzz in the Royle Family household, as it's a special time for Jim and Barbara and a celebration is planned. Poor Mary from next door can't be present though as, sadly, she has lost all bladder control and has leaked in a number of shops in the precinct. Jim and Barbara have received the gift of money from their loving children, but what to do with it? Barbara wants to go abroad for the first time having only been away once on their honeymoon to Ormskirk. Will Jim persuade Barbara that an HD satellite box is a more appropriate way to spend their children's generous gift? Tension mounts, a family discussion ensues - the question is where will they go? Down to the television superstore as Jim suggests or Barbara's dream holiday to the Bermuda triangle?
S00E09 Joe's Crackers 25/12/2010 Barbara is up to her eyes in it on Christmas Day, with Jim incapacitated due to an unfortunate incident. Meanwhile, neighbour Joe is unusually garrulous.
S00E10 Royle Family Portraits 00/00/0000 Brand spanking new and made by GOLD. Cast, crew and famous fans of The Royle Family revisit the very best bits of the landmark sitcom. Plus the writers' personal top ten moments. After GOLD's sneak behind the Royle's sofa, uncovering unseen material and revelations about how the sitcom and characters were conceived, it's time to hand over to the cast and the legion of celebrity fans to pick the bits they hold with highest esteem. Not only will the cast and celebrity fans - like Catherine Tate, Paul Whitehouse, Jimmy McGovern and John Prescott - pick their favourite Royle moments, but creators, writers and stars of the show Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash will also pick their all time, top ten personal highlights and talk us through what each moment meant to them. And what a canon of work to choose from! The Royle Family is chock full of great moments - from Jim's iconic catchphrase "My Arse!", to Joe's spontaneous singing and Denise's waters breaking - there are enough classic moments here to prove that The Royle Family is one of Britain's very best. Jim: "Right, get your coat on Barb." Barbara: "Are you taking me out then?" Jim: "No, I'm gonna turn the fire off... of course I'm taking you! I wouldn't leave you here on me birthday, would I? ... Better bring your purse."
S00E11 Behind the Sofa 10/10/2010 A definitive look at square-eyed sitcom The Royle Family, featuring hilarious outtakes and exclusive interviews with cast, crew and famous fans
S00E12 Barbara's Old Ring 00/00/0000 A new neighbour's cleavage is one of the many topics of conversation as the couch-potato clan gathers for another fun-filled Christmas Day. This year Barbara has gone overboard with the presents after spending an entire two hours in the pound shop, Joe next door has turned to the lonely hearts column, although his advert leaves a lot to be desired, and Dave has had a flash of entrepreneurial inspiration that he intends to pitch to Dragons' Den - are the family on the brink of becoming millionaires?