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The Sagan Series is a collection of tribute videos dedicated to the late, great Carl Sagan. Breath-taking cinematography and a mesmerising soundtrack lend a powerful scenery to Sagan's narration from his hit TV series, Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. (


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Sagan Series

S01E01 The Frontier Is Everywhere 09/01/2011
S01E02 Life Looks for Life 08/02/2011
S01E03 A Reassuring Fable 11/04/2011
S01E04 Per Aspera Ad Astra 10/05/2011
S01E05 Decide To Listen 20/06/2011
S01E06 End of an Era: The Final Shuttle Launch 08/07/2011
S01E07 The Long Astronomical Perspective 28/08/2011
S01E08 Gift of Apollo 02/11/2011
S01E09 The Humans 19/03/2012
S01E10 The Pale Blue Dot 21/10/2013

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