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A half-hour animated series based on the cult-following comicbook created by Erik Larsen When mutants terrorized over Chicago. Overlord is one of the criminal mastermind and some of the supervillains and mutants rage is on and ordinary cops is losing control against them. Until one night... a miracle happen. A large super strong, quick healing super freak with green skin and a Mohawk-like fin. He was found after an accident by Lieutenant Frank Darling of Chicago Police District, unconcious and with no memories of his past. Now, Dragon later joins the police force and that is where our story truly begins.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Savage Dragon

S01E01 R. S. V. P. 21/10/1995 Overlord teams up with Arachnis to abduct Alex and Frank and lure the Dragon into Action.
S01E02 Possesion 26/10/1995 Lab workers begin to mysteriously display criminal behavior, and then Dragon's new friend, Barbaric, goes on a rampage. They're victims of mind-controlling leeches from a leech-covered creature called Horde.
S01E03 Undercover 02/11/1995 Alex, in the guise of freak, tries to infliltrate Overlord's operation and earns the trust of Mako. she is taken to Overlord's secret headquarters, but Overlord discovers her ruse. alex and the Dragon have to break out, leading to a showdown between Alex and Mako.
S01E04 Dragonsmasher 09/11/1995 Using stolen government technology, OpenFace and Octopus created a cyborg called ""The Dragonsmasher"". The Dragon must have fight the cyborg and discovers a plot between Overlord and an unscrupulous congressional candidate named John Backwood.
S01E05 Locomotion 15/11/1995 Some of the Overlord's men break out of prison and take over a train that Alex happens to riding. The superfreaks plan on using the train to destroy an unfinished, state-of-the-art tunnel underneath Lake Michigan.
S01E06 She-Dragon 20/12/1995 She-Dragon wants to be a crime-fighter and idolizes The Dragon, but she keeps screwing up The Dragon's police work. After Alex is kidnapped, The Dragon teams up with She-Dragon and learns of her vendetta against Overlord.
S01E07 Hurt 13/12/1995 Bludgeon, a 15-foot superfreak, robs banks all over Chicago. When his partner, Lowblow, is captured by Dragon, Bludgeon vows vengeance upon Dragon and Alex. Meanwhile, Alex falls for a paramedic who is prejudiced against freaks.
S01E08 Web 22/11/1995 The Dragon is sent to a Southern town to bring back some criminals to Chicago, but people keep disappearing all over town. He has to form an uneasy alliance with a sheriff to find out is behind the disappearances.
S01E09 Hit-Man 07/12/1995 After Dragon foils Overlord's attempts to do away with a freak candidate for mayor, the crime boss creates a clone of The Dragon to gain access to candidate and assassinate him.
S01E10 Red-Handed 03/01/1996 The Dragon finally imprisons Overlord, but is stunned to find out that Barbaric breaks him out of jail.
S01E11 Loathing 10/01/1996 The Fiend, who feeds on hate and uses human bodies as hosts, inhabits a skinhead, the racist Sgt. Howard Niseman and then a self-help guru, who's really a hatemonger. The Dragon tries to defeat The Fiend by goading him to try to inhabit his body.
S01E12 Rampage 28/12/1995 The She-Dragon returns and encounters a trio of female superfreak bikers, who are bent on mayhem. After one of their bikes gets damaged in a run-in with She-Dragon, they demand she is turned over to them. The Dragon must protect She-Dragon and defend Chicago against bikers' reign of terror.
S01E13 Armageddon 17/01/1996 Horde is resurrected when a leech is brought into an experimental biosphere in the middle of Lake Michigan. The Dragon, Alex and She-Dragon try to stop horde from destroying Earth's ozone layer.
S02E01 Bull 18/09/1996 Mysterious robberies are happening in highrises, and the Dragon has to stop them. Meanwhile, Alex has fallen for Raging Bull, a freak actor whose TV series mimicks the Savage Dragon's life.
S02E02 She-Fiend 25/09/1996 When the Fiend takes over She-Dragon's body, feeding off the hate she has for Overlord, can Alex and the Dragon stop her from taking Overlord on by herself?
S02E03 Homecoming 02/10/1996 A picture of the Dragon as a boy shows up in Doubleheader's hands. Following the lead of the picture, Dragon and Alex go in search of Dragon's path.
S02E04 Loose Cannons 09/10/1996 3 freak biker chicks decide to take out the Dragon to get Overlord's Vicious circle. She-Dragon, after protecting the mayor, is made a police officer.
S02E05 Star 16/10/1996 In this episode, we're introduced to Star, the vigilante superhero. The mystery is... who is Star? Is Peter Klapin, the rock superstar, or his bodyguard? OR, is it someone else?
S02E06 Barbarism 23/10/1996 When a fight between the Dragon and the freak group known as Body Function gets out of hand, Barbaric's place is destroyed, so he crashes with the Dragon. Could this be the biggest challenge the Dragon has ever faced?
S02E07 Ceasefire 30/10/1996 Former members of the Vicious Circle have formed their own group, the Superfreak Coalition of Chicago. They're meeting with foreign diplomats to discuss the ""good"" that freaks can do. Have they are really turned to good, or just another sinister plot by Overlord and his Vicious Circle?
S02E08 Endgame 13/11/1996 A glowing orb with great power appears on Earth. The Fiend uses it to become an even more powerful engine of hatred. Can a trans-dimensional traveler, alond with the Dragon and Alex, stop the Fiend before it's too late?
S02E09 Negate 20/11/1996 A mysterious freak named Negate, who has the power to turn other freaks back to normal by ""negating"" their freak powers, is pursued by the Vicious Circle to become an evil freak. Yet, other common freaks, who want to be turned back to normal, are after him too. What is Negate to do?
S02E10 Ball Of Fire 27/11/1996 A rash of bombings are occuring all over Chicago. Can the Dragon and Alex stop the bombers before they final target: The Annual Policeman's Ball?
S02E11 Femme Fatale 04/12/1996 A new woman pops into Barbaric's life. Rich, powerful and beautiful (if ""Snakes-for-hair"" is you're cup of tea). But, what does she have to do with Octopus and Openface, and more importantly, the Vicious Circle?
S02E12 Bride 11/12/1996 Octopus and Openface genetically engineer a ""bride"" for Arachnid. But, with a ""defective"" brain,and a hunger that rivals Arachnid himself, can she end up being a worse nightmare than Arachnid?
S02E13 Dragonlord 18/12/1996 Evidence comes up that, before he was found by Lt. Frank Darling, the Dragon might of been Overlord of the Vicious Circle preceding the current Overlord. Will Dragon's past show him that used to be one of the greatest criminals in Chicago?