Affiche The Savage Line
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Experienced outdoorsmen, Cory Valdes, Jason Lesmiester, Rob Hardy, and Puma Ghostwalker work to protect the lives of men and women working on the edges of society, keeping them safe from the dangers of the wilderness and it's inhabitants.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Savage Line

S01E01 Buffalo Stampede (Pilot) 29/05/2014
S01E02 Wolf Watch 05/06/2014
S01E03 Wild Boar Rampage 12/06/2014
S01E04 Death Roll 19/06/2014
S01E05 Bear Alert 26/06/2014 Rob and Puma are hired to stop an infestation of black bears at a resort. The owners fear that an increase in bear activity could lead to an encounter with a guest or employee.
S01E06 Bear in sight 03/07/2014

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