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Find out what modern day forensics is helping us learn about our dark past.


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S01E01 The Unsolved Death of Cleopatra 19/01/2009 For 2000 years, only one verdict has been recorded-suicide by snakebite. Scientific evidence suggests this is not how Cleopatra died. Criminal Profiler Pat Brown,and a team of experts apply 21st century forensic analysis to re-open the investigation.
S01E02 Egypt's Mystery Tomb 19/01/2009 When the tomb of King Tut was found in 1922, many believed the Valley of the Kings had given up all it's secrets. Now, archaeologists have found a new tomb just a few metres away. We will follow the experts as they discover just what, or who, lies inside.
S01E03 Khubilai Khan's Lost Fleet 26/01/2009 In 1281, Khubilai Khan, built the world's largest fleet. In one night, 4,000 ships sank in a hurricane and were destroyed. A team of underwater archaeologists has discovered a ship that could be from that fleet. Forensic analysis will tell the truestory.
S01E04 Alexander the Great: A Case for Murder? 02/02/2009 Suspicion has surrounded the untimely demise of Alexander the Great since the day he died. Now modern science could finally tell us what really happened. This film pieces together the forensic evidence to solve a 2,300 year old murder mystery.
S01E05 True Gladiator 09/02/2009 The blood of Roman Gladiators kept an Empire entertained for more than 500 years. This film joins a team of forensic scientists to analyze their skeletons, expose the myths and resurrect the life of a real Gladiator.
S01E06 Who Killed Julius Caesar? 16/02/2009 In the first ever application of modern science to the murder of Julius Caesar, this film uses the latest Crime Scene Investigation techniques, computer reconstruction technology, and experts to reveal a shocking new assessment of the truth.
S01E07 Secrets of the Great Plague 23/02/2009 Through a series of groundbreaking experiments and archaeological discoveries, we show how the Great Plague's survivors could hold the key to fighting the infectious diseases of the 21st century, and how our bodies could teach us to outsmart new infection.
S01E08 Jack the Ripper 02/03/2009 Jack The Ripper's reign of terror remains one of history's greatest mysteries. With the benefits of modern criminology and psychological analysis, we use 21st century techniques to understand a 19th century killer. The results completely change the game.
S01E09 The Sphinx Unmasked 27/04/2009 Dr Vassil Dobrev sets out to discover the truth about the Sphinx. Does it really represent the pharaoh Khafre? Using scientific techniques, Vassil finds a different explanation. That the Sphinx was created by a by a pharaoh that history forgot: Djedefre.
S01E10 King Tut's Mysterious Death 04/05/2009 Two former FBI agents take on their coldest case yet: the death of Tutankhamun. Using cutting edge science they spend almost four years investigating. Will a CT scan of his mummy finally reveal a cause of death? Was Tut murdered?