Affiche The Secret Lives of Dancers

Through the eyes of the best dancers in the country follow the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company as they rehearse, cast and then tour their notoriously tough Triple Bill season. With an unprecedented all access pass the series goes behind the glitz and the glamour of showbiz into the dressing rooms, hotel rooms and even the dancers’ homes to expose the gruelling training schedules, the fierce competition for roles, and the devastation an injury can bring for a dancer. Through the deeply personal journeys of these extraordinary dancers we also find out what happens when romance between dancers moves off-stage, explore the hierarchy of the company and witness the heartache when things don’t go to plan. See behind the scenes the workings of a major production, from the choreography and rehearsals, to the costuming and the sets, and the logistics of touring a professional production around the country. Funny, candid and revealing this fresh new series will challenge stereotypes and change the way we think about ballet dancers forever.

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