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Journalist Patrick Watson hosts a documentary series about democracy, its history and how people in various nations and cultures deal with the concept and practice. To do so, the series is divided up into episodes exploring various topics concerning it, like its origin in Ancient Athens, the American development and various elements of it like the freedom of speech, minority rights and economic justice.


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S01E01 Genesis 08/01/1989 The first programme begins Patrick Watson’s investigation into the meaning of democracy -- its origins, its workings, its weaknesses, and its future prospects. Mr Watson looks at the enaction of The War Measures Act in Canada to revoke rights, emigration from East Germany, and travels to Athens and Sparta to explore the very roots of democracy.
S01E02 Reborn in America 15/01/1989 Patrick Watson’s search for the essence of American democracy takes him back to the Pilgrims on the Mayflower, and then forward through the issuing of the Declaration of Independence, the drafting of the Constitution, and the opening of the American West.
S01E03 Chiefs and Strongmen 29/01/1989 Looks at three African nations where western-style democracy has not taken root: Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Libya. Watson considers why these experiments in self-rule have evolved along distinctly different paths. This episode does include an interview with Gadaffi that some 25 years later is rather interesting.
S01E04 The Tyranny of the Majority 05/02/1989 Alexis de Tocqueville wrote that the “tyranny of the majority” poses the greatest threat to individual liberties. Watson examines majority/minority conflicts in three democratic societies: the United States, Australia, and Northern Ireland.
S01E05 The Rule of Law 12/02/1989 Should the law uphold the rights of the individual or the interests of the community? Watson explores this issue with an examination of societies around the world and throughout history.
S01E06 The Last Citizens 19/02/1989 Citizenship in a democratic state carries with it not only rights, but responsibilities. Watson examines limits placed on citizens’ rights in India, the Swiss belief in citizens’ responsibilities, and women’s struggle for equal rights in Canada and Iceland.
S01E07 The First Freedom 26/02/1989 The freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights in a democracy. Watson illustrates the nature of this right and examines restrictions on it in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Mexico.
S01E08 The Price of Democracy 05/03/1989 In today’s world, the health of democracy seems directly related to the existence of economic prosperity. Watson explores a fundamental democratic contradiction: uncontrolled wealth promotes injustice, while controlled wealth limits freedom.
S01E09 A Soldier’s Duty 19/03/1989 In nations facing the threat of insurrection or foreign military invasion, democracy is often in its most fragile state. Watson looks at three countries where democracy has been, at various times, under fire: Argentina, France, and Israel.
S01E10 Whither Democracy? 26/03/1989 Can democracy survive in a world of nuclear arsenals and widening chasms between rich and poor nations? Watson examines recent experiments in democracy and concludes that democracy’s future depends on the determination of people to keep the struggle alive.
S01E11 Reflections On The French Revolution 00/00/0000 For its 200th anniversary Patrick Watson looks at the history of the French Revolution: the women of Paris and their march to meet with King Louis XVI, the end of the monarchy, the Declaration of the Rights of Man, and the Reign of Terror.
S01E12 The Curtain Rises 00/00/0000 The Iron Curtain of Europe being lifted came a little too late to be part of the original ten episodes but just in time to have its own episode. Patrick Watson visits some of the major cities of what then was the USSR, just in time to provide a glimpse at what was going on. Mr Watson speaks with people on the streets, politicians, and even with some of the big names in CPSU. In all he visits Moscow, Bucharest, Warsaw, and Gda?sk as he travels by train from late February through the first week of March 1990.

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