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The Superstars", a fresh take on an old favorite, is based on ABC's classic "Wide World of Sports" series, "The Superstars", which pitted athletes from all different sports against each other to determine the best athlete in the world. Eight celebrities are paired with eight professional male and female athletes to compete against each other in varying sporting events. Each week a team will be eliminated until one team is ultimately crowned the winner. Competitors' athletic prowess will be put to the test with events including swimming, biking, running and kayaking, in addition to other head-to-head athletic challenges that will test strength, speed, stamina, agility, as well as an element of strategy. The six-episode series will be shot entirely on location at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.


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S01E01 Episode 101 23/06/2009 THE RUN AND RIDE Each team must complete a grueling 1.1 mile course over the Paradise Island Bridge to the Atlantis Resort. Points are only given when both teammates cross the finish line. The twist is that each team will be given only one bicycle -- how they choose to use it is up to them. KAYAK RAPIDS RELAY Boats flip and paddles fly when teams duke it out in a kayak relay race through the wild man-made rapids at the Atlantis.
S01E02 Episode 102 30/06/2009 THE SAND DASH Teams must run a modified 100-yard relay race in the deep Bahamian sand, and at the end of each heat, the last team to cross the finish line is eliminated from the event. The rest of the teams must keep racing until there's only one team left. For one of the competitors, running in the sand proves too much. THE WATER LEAP The second event is a long jump... with a splash. A 40-yard runway is built over the lagoon at the Atlantis. Teams will set a bar in the water at a distance they think they can clear and then have to jump over it. If they hit the bar or jump short, they will get nothing.
S01E03 Episode 103 07/07/2009 THE LAGOON SWIM Teams line up on the beach, with one teammate setting out swimming across the lagoon at the Atlantis. Once the finish line is crossed, the second teammate will dive into action and start his/her swim. BASKETBALL Each team will have 60 seconds to shoot and score as many points as they can with baskets that have assigned point values of 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Only one player can be out on the court at a time, and only one team will be safe from elimination.
S01E04 Episode 104 14/07/2009 RELAY RUN Teams will split up and run in opposite directions on a golf course located on the beautiful Atlantis Resort. Once they meet up on the course, they'll have to pass a baton, at which point they'll both quickly turn around and race back to the starting position to determine which team is fastest. BOWLING Every team member will be given a single attempt. In each round, the team with the lowest combined score will be eliminated. Teams must alternate who bowls first. The rounds will continue until only one team is left. The top team overall is safe from elimination.
S01E05 Episode 105 21/07/2009 WATERCRAFT RACE Teams will take to the Bahamian waters to compete head to head on watercrafts with the first team to finish the course wins. ARCHERY Suspense mounts as teams will have 5 arrows to try and score as many points as possible with 5 targets of various sizes. The smaller the number teams aim for, the bigger the target. CLIMBING Teams will compete head to head on an identical course, a 36-foot wall climb at Atlantis. Once a team ascends to the top, they will have to hit their button to signal their teammate to begin the climb up. First team to the top wins.
S01E06 Finale 04/08/2009

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