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A six part series presented by climate adventurer Bernice Notenboom who travels around the world from the Greenland Ice-sheet to Africa, The Himalayas, The High Arctic, Oceania and The Amazon Rainforest.


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S01E01 Forests of the Amazon 00/00/0000 Carbon emissions are warming the atmosphere up to four degrees and is becoming increasingly apparent in the atmosphere. These factors can lead to a rapid shift in the make up of The Amazon, which currently absorbs 20 percent of the worlds carbon emissions. With out this mitigating factor, there is the potential for a global climate shift and terrible consequences.
S01E02 Dangerous Rise of Oceans 00/00/0000 Along with climate authorities Professor Mathew England, Dr. Stefan Rahmstorf and Professor Jim Hanson, Bernice Notenboom will discover the extent to which the inter-connected relationship of the great Oceans of the planet have with our weather systems.
S01E03 The Siberian Methane Locker 00/00/0000 While scientist have focused on the effect carbon has on the atmosphere; few current climate models incorporate the amplifying feedback from methane. The gas would be released by a defrosting tundra and the effect it will have on global weather patterns with increased heat being circulated in the stratosphere.
S01E04 Permafrost of the High Arctic 00/00/0000 Host Bernice Notenboom along with Dr. Jay Zwally of NASA, Professor Gordon Hamilton, Doctor Steffen Konrad and Doctor Dorthe Dahl Jensen traverse the melting ice-sheet in order to discover how close the region is to a tipping point.
S01E05 Floods and Droughts of Africa 00/00/0000 With the help of Doctor Isaac M. Held and Doctor Martin Hoerling, Host Bernice Notenboom goes to West Africa to determine the tipping points of climate changes in the area.
S01E06 Water Crisis India 00/00/0000 The Himalaya’s and The Andes are the planet’s largest source of fresh water after polar ice, which is melting rapidly. This area of the world is home to the water supply for more than two billion people. The floods resulting from continued warming and increased melting is having a huge impact on the Ganges and is not only affecting the supply of water but additionally the spiritual life of the Indian people. The effects go beyond India and into the water supplies of both China and South America.