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The iconic cat and mouse rivals are back in The Tom and Jerry Show, a fresh take on the classic series. Preserving the look, characters and sensibility of the original, the all-new series shines a brightly colored, high-definition lens on the madcap slapstick and never-ending battle that has made Tom and Jerry two of the most beloved characters of all time.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Tom and Jerry Show (2014)

S01E01 Le dressage de Spike 09/04/2014 «Le dressage de Spike». Tom réussit à envoyer Spike dans un centre de dressage. A son retour, Tom fait tout son possible pour le provoquer et le faire exclure de la maison à nouveau. Mais Jerry tente alors de calmer Spike pour faire échouer le plan de Tom. - «Des sorcières ordonnées». Tom essaye bien de ne pas faire de bêtise, mais sa nature reprend vite le dessus. Un triton qui est prisonnier des sorcières tente de l'aider, en vain. Tom finit en mouche dans un bocal et le triton réintègre sa prison...
S01E02 Des sorcières ordonnées 09/04/2014 Tom is under strict orders to not wake the Witch sisters, but Jerry is set on getting Tom in trouble. When Tom uses the magic spell wand and makes all of the furniture come alive, he must get the help of Newt to make everything go back as it was.
S01E03 Sommeil agité 16/04/2014 «Sommeil agité». Ginger et Rick reçoivent leur nouveau lit et préviennent Tom qu'au moindre poil de chat dessus, il ira dormir dans la rue. - «Tom fait du camping». Tom et Jerry nous montrent les joies du camping sauvage dans la nature du même nom...
S01E04 Tom fait du camping 16/04/2014 Tom and Jerry get a taste of the great outdoors on their camping trip to Yosemite. Tom tries hard to relax, but nature - and all its inhabitants, including bears - get in his way.
S01E05 Un anniversaire de rêve 23/04/2014 «Un anniversaire de rêve». Spyke organise une fête pour l'anniversaire de son fils, mais Tom et Jerry mettent tout sens dessus-dessous. Il les oblige donc à tout nettoyer et à s'occuper des invités. Bien entendu, cela se termine en bagarre entre les invités et Tom et Jerry. - «Trop belle pour être honnête». Toodle, une beauté féline, vient demander de l'aide au chat et à la souris détectives. Elle craint que l'on ne s'en prenne à sa réserve de sardines en boîtes. Tom et Jerry se mettent donc à la recherche de suspect et tombent vite nez à nez avec un individu suspect...
S01E06 Trop belle pour être honnête 23/04/2014 When Toodles hires Tom and Jerry to investigate and protect her against a threat to her Tuna can inheritance. They go investigate, and a mysterious figure keeps trying to hurt them. They discover Butch was also hired by Toodles to protect the tuna. Spike was guarding the cans, but was distracted by the fighting and leaves the cans unprotected. They discover Toodles wasn't being completely honest with her story.
S01E07 Chat qu'un chez soi 30/04/2014 Tom and Jerry accidentally get locked out in the snow. They chase each other in the winter wonderland, until they realize they can't get back in. They work together to get back indoors as the weather turns ugly.
S01E08 Les Fan-Tom 30/04/2014 Jerry causes Tom to lose 8 out of his 9 lives. Tom uses magic to bring them back, and instead is stuck with 8 annoying ghost versions of himself. They try to catch Jerry, who is still too clever for them. Tom decides to work with Jerry and they come up with a magic spell to send these ghosts back where they came.
S01E09 Un trou de souris pour deux 07/05/2014 When Jerry ventures out of his hole for a late night snack, Tom has a trap set for him. Unfortunately for Tom, he falls into his own trap and gets his head stuck through the wall.
S01E10 Un chienne qui a du chien 07/05/2014 Detectives Tom and Jerry are hired by Polly the Dog to get back her collar from mean Barkley at the park. Later, Barkley reforms when he meets Polly and falls in love with her.
S01E11 Bobo au ventre 21/05/2014 Little Quacker enlists Jerry's help to fix his favorite birdbath that has cracked, but the two get sidetracked by the scent of Tom's delicious Chinese takeout.
S01E12 Un temps de chien 21/05/2014 When Tom and Jerry fail to do things the right way, Spike must do everything he can to keep from losing his temper in front of Tyke.
S01E13 Retour aux sources 07/07/2014 Ginger is in charge of taking care of her mother's bird and Tom tries his hardest to keep from eating the bird.
S01E14 Le conte de Noël de Tom 16/07/2014 Tom accidentally puts a spell on Santa and, as a result of Santa's new state, Tom and Jerry volunteer to help Santa deliver gifts. A Christmas miracle occurs.
S01E15 Entrée par effraction 08/07/2014 When Rick leaves Spike in charge of protecting the house against burglars, Spike steps up and trains Tom and Jerry to be his helpers.
S01E16 Franken-Matou 08/07/2014 Tom is mistaken for Dr. Bigby's cat Wilson. Now Tom must convince Dr. Bigby he has the wrong cat! Meanwhile, Jerry and Napoleon are left with the real, very vicious Wilson.
S01E17 La maison hantée 09/07/2014 Tuffy hires detectives Tom and Jerry to investigate the ghost hauntings in his house.
S01E18 Tom le crédule 09/07/2014 Butch tricks Tom into switching places with him and sends Tom off to live the life of a street cat. But each finds the others life to be quite difficult.
S01E19 Une croisière de rêve 24/07/2014 On a cruise ship with Rick and Ginger, Jerry and Tuffy leave Spike and Tom in the room to go explore, but a vicious ship cat named Meathead will stop at nothing to terrorize them.
S01E20 Une force herculéenne 10/07/2014 Dr. Bigby creates cookies that can give animals superpowers. Jerry and Napoleon sneak some cookies and have fun terrorizing Tom… until the tables are turned.
S01E21 Le dératiseur 11/07/2014 After a particularly destructive chase, Tom and Spike have to go to the vet and Ginger hires an exterminator to take care of Jerry and Tuffy once and for all.
S01E22 Un amour de crapaud 11/07/2014 Tom and Jerry have to go retrieve an ingredient for the witches' spell before sundown, but when Tom sees Princess Toodles, he quickly forgets the mission.
S01E23 Pour l'amour de Roudoudou 14/07/2014 Tom kicks Spike's beloved chew toy Ruggles over the fence and has to get it back when he sees how heartbroken Spike becomes.
S01E24 Des limiers suspects 14/07/2014 Butch and a squirrel detective steal all of Tom and Jerry's customers by using high-tech devices to solve crimes. Tom and Jerry challenges them to a case-solving competition.
S01E25 Le dîner est servi 15/07/2014 When Rick and Ginger leave Tom home alone, Tom and Jerry decide to invite their lady friends over for a romantic dinner. But things don't go as planned.
S01E26 Des émotions en bouteille 15/07/2014 A love-potion formula accidentally gets on Jerry when Napoleon tries to use it against Tom.
S01E27 Une soirée mouvementée 16/07/2014 Butch locks Tom in the basement to keep him from a date with Toodles. Tom tries to escape, but keeps getting blocked by Jerry and Tuffy who think it's a monster downstairs.
S01E30 Pouf ! 17/07/2014 Tom and Jerry are hired by a bad magician to find out where his pigeon disappeared to during a magic trick gone awry.
S01E32 Maman chérie 21/07/2014 Hildie and Beatie commemorate the passing of their mother and Tom tries to help out by bringing her back from the grave.
S01E34 Séparation moléculaire 22/07/2014 Dr. Bigby invents a transporting machine that accidentally transports Jerry and Tom to Paris where they meet Gigi and Cozette.
S01E36 Animaux interdits 23/07/2014 When Rick and Ginger sneak Tom and Spike into a hotel where pets are not allowed, they make the pets promise not to leave the hotel room. Will the pets behave?
S01E38 Un voyage tourmenté 24/07/2014 Rick and Ginger take Tom and Spike on a road trip where Spike is terrorized by a dog traveling in a trailer. Jerry and Tuffy get caught in Rick and Ginger's suitcase.
S01E40 Tom et Jerry tombent sur un os 25/07/2014 Spike comes to Tom and Jerry for help finding his missing bones and the detectives investigate a community garden.
S01E42 Le caneton et le monstre 28/07/2014 When the witches' herb garden is destroyed, Tom sets a trap to capture the pest responsible. Quackers helps him but is unknowingly the pest Tom seeks to capture.
S01E44 Pas de cerveau, pas de choco 29/07/2014 Dr. Bigby creates a helmet that turns Tom into a genius. Napoleon, Jerry and Hamster work together to take down the newly smart Tom who is now building a mouse-destroying weapon.
S01E46 Le chat noir 30/07/2014 Fed up with Tom, Hildie and Beatie threaten to get a "real" witch's cat: a black cat. In desperation, Tom takes a magic potion that makes him turn black but only temporarily.
S01E48 Gravi-Tom 31/07/2014 Jerry and Napoleon play around with Bigby's brand-new anti- gravity machine... until Tom breaks into the lab and a chase begins.
S01E50 Le destructeur d'astéroïdes 9000 01/08/2014 Tom accidentally gives himself electrical superpowers, and now Jerry must fend off Tom while fighting off an asteroid heading right toward Bigby's lab.
S01E52 Hallucination fromagère 04/08/2014 Tom eats some canned cheese that has gone bad and hallucinates. Tom must become a better cat to end the nightmare.