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"Tony Danza (Who's the Boss?) returns to television as a divorced sportswriter raising two teenaged daughters in this charming comedy." "Tony DiMeo (Tony Danza) misses the old days. The days when he could bang out his sports column on a noisy typewriter. The days when athletes were role models, not millionaires. The days when kids always listened to their parents. Well, two out of three. These days, Tony has an assistant, computer- whiz Carmen, to get his column e-mailed successfully to his editor. And sports - well, it seems no one cares about the game anymore. Plus, Tony's raising moody Tina (16) and hypochondriac Mickey (13) on his own since his wife took the "job of a lifetime" and moved out of state. It's a challenging life, to say the least." "More often than not, Tony's overwhelmed by all the women in his life - it's hard to be a man's man when he's surrounded by estrogen. But despite Tina's tantrums, Mickey's illnesses, and Tony's frequent technological breakdowns,


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Tony Danza Show (1997)

S01E01 Pilot 24/09/1997 ""Sportswriter Tony DiMeo, a recently separated dad who's bent on raising his two daughters with a few old-fashioned values, goes head-to-head with 16-year-old Tina when he learns she's played hooky for two weeks from the new private school she detests. Also, the technophobic Tony faces a computer crisis when his column must be e-mailed to his editor at the eleventh hour, and his assistant Carmen Cruz must drop her date and rush to the rescue. Meanwhile, 11-year-old Mickey drives her loving dad to distraction with her neuroses and hypochondria, and her doting grandfather, baker Frank DiMeo, gives lip service to strict parenting."" (NBC)
S01E02 Wired 08/10/1997 ""Juggling domestic chores and a tight editorial deadline, Tony tries to beat the clock, but his carefully crafted schedule sinks, thanks to a leaking faucet and an inept plumber, as well as to Tina's teen trauma with a cheating boyfriend, Mickey's latest malady and Carmen's long lunch date. Finally, with Frank and Stuey's help, he manages to give tea and sympathy to his daughters, the boot to the plumber and his column to Carmen."" (NBC)
S01E03 With Your Guest Host Tony DiMeo... 15/10/1997 Tony's opportunity to host a radio sports talk show goes awry when he can't persuade the callers to stick to the topic of sports and finds himself trapped into discussing his personal life on the air. Meanwhile, Mickey shows a bemused Stuey a tip or two about being a doorman.
S01E04 The Milk Run 03/12/1997 ""Tony succumbs to Frank's suggestion that he get a social life, and the father-and-son duo -- one raring to go, the other reluctant -- descend on the singles scene, while Tina and Mickey wonder what's taking dad so long at the 'market.' After a disastrous time at the 'meet' market, Tony climbs into a taxi and recounts his misadventures to a sympathetic, curiously familiar cabbie named Simka, who gives him an earful about her own life."" (NBC)
S01E05 Marriage Made in Miami 10/12/1997 ""Tony's attempt to coax Carmen's father into treating her like an independent adult backfires when papa Carlos misinterprets Tony's praise for the woman he 'can't live without' and begins planning a wedding. Unable to squash Carlos' joy, the dismayed duo play along with the charade."" (NBC)
S01E06 The Price of Dirty Laundry 00/00/0000 From TV Guide: ""Carmen pitches a fit when she catches Tony meddling in her romance with a bad-news baseball star. Meanwhile, Stuey recruits the DiMeo kids in a lucrative Halloween venture, unbeknownst to Tony: an escort service to insure the door-to-door safety of hundreds of little costume-clad trick-or-treaters.""
S01E07 Thanks... but no Thanksgiving 00/00/0000 Tony and Tina clash when Tina wants to spend Thanksgiving with a friend, instead of with him.
S01E08 C'gar Face 00/00/0000 Tony is able to get an exclusive interview with Dave Winfield thanks to Carmen's uncle's Cuban cigars, but this does more harm than good when word gets out.
S01E09 Take This Job and... 00/00/0000 When Tina complains that Tony is always tying up the phone line, he tells her to get a job so she can pay for her own line. Tony has second thoughts about his advice when Tina begins working for Frank -- who doesn't teach Tina quite the lesson about hard work that Tony was aiming for.
S01E10 Christmas 00/00/0000 ""Tony's Christmas turns less than merry when his wife, Susan, calls from Paris with a gift for the girls: a chance to spend the holidays abroad with her."" (TV Guide)
S01E11 Mini-pause 00/00/0000 Mickey's hypochrondria comes full circle with the advent of her birthday -- to the point of begging Tony to take her to a doctor.
S01E12 Stringers 00/00/0000 Carmen lands a job as a reporter with Tony's help, but Tony is unimpressed with her work.
S01E13 Vision Quest 00/00/0000 Tony's vision of the perfect woman in Frank's bakery leads him to try his hand at dating again -- to disastrous results.
S01E14 Sue You 00/00/0000 Tony gets sued after attacking a chauvinistic attorney he tried to fix up Carmen with.