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The Toxic Crusaders was a show loosely based on Troma's blood and gore flick the Toxic Avenger. The show aired in 1991 and was unfortunately pulled before all 13 season 1 episodes could air. Only 5 of the episodes aired on TV. The story is about a nerd Melvin Junko who falls into toxic sludge and becomes a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength. He decides to do battle for justice and right the wrongs against pollution on our earth.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Toxic Crusaders

S01E01 The Making of Toxie 21/01/1991 Melvin Junko falls in a vat of chemicals and instantly becomes hideously deformed creature with super human size and strength. Dr. Killemoff the evil alien from another world wants to take over Tromaville. Toxie is the only one stopping Killemoff from his evil plans for world domination, but he can't do it alone. Both Major Disaster and Nozone aid Toxie in defending Tromaville from Killemoff and his goons: Psycho, Bonehead, and the radiation rangers!
S01E02 This Spud's for You 21/01/1991 Dr. Killemoff's chief mad scientist, Dr. Fender, has developed a formula that, when ingested, turns people into aged old farts. Killemoff decides to pollute the potato crop, so that the local fast food restaurant's French fries become spuds of senility.
S01E03 Club Fred 21/01/1991 Dr. Killemoff tricks the Toxic Crusaders into going on a fake vacation. It ends up being a trap and only one can save them, Junkyard! This episodes features the first appearance and origin of the half man half dog - Junkyard. He is the latest addition to the Toxic Crusaders team.
S01E04 Tree Troubles 22/03/1991 Killemoff bribes the Mayor into letting him manufacture "Smog in a can" in the chewing gum factory he just sold Toxie.
S01E05 The Pollution Solution 29/03/1991 Killemoff decides to trick Tromaville into thinking he's a good guy. So he builds a recycling plant in the middle of town and offers a reward for the person who supplies the most garbage. Little do they know, but Killemoff plans to dome the city and fill it will powerful contamination.
S01E06 A Site for Sore Eyes 21/01/1991 Czar Zosta discovers a surplus of smog over the Tromaville Toxic Dump. When Dr. Killemoff's attempts to get the Toxic Crusaders out of the Tromaville Toxic Dump fails, Mayor Grody ends up moving them into his penthouse.
S01E07 Mr Earth: Superhero 21/01/1991 Dr. Killemoff makes plans to destroy the Tromaville Shopping Mall in order to sell remote-activated Smog Inducers to the people of Tromaville. A new superhero called Mr. Earth tries to help the Toxic Crusaders, but causes more harm than help.
S01E08 Toxie Ties the Knot 21/01/1991 Czar Zosta's daughter Princess Gerba of Smogula arrives in Tromaville where she ends up falling in love with Toxie. Dr. Killemoff ends up playimg the matchmaker for them.
S01E09 Invasion of the Biddy Snatchers 21/01/1991 Czar Zosta has gotten tired of Dr. Killemoff's repeated failures that he ends up replacing him with GarBage. GarBage plans to replace the elderly citizens of Tromaville with evil clones.
S01E10 The Snail Must Go Through 21/01/1991 The Toxic Crusaders prepare for Yvonne's concert as Dr. Killemoff and Czar Zosta prepare to pollute Tromaville. The Toxic Crusaders gain help from a new superhero called Snail Man.
S01E11 Nab That Toxie Cab 21/01/1991 The Toxic Crusaders start a cab company where Toxie falls in love with his cab enough to make Yvonne jealous. Meanwhile, Dr. Killemoff and Mayor Grody plot to get rid of the Toxic Crusaders with a monster truck.
S01E12 Still Crazy After All These Shears 21/01/1991 Mayor Grody's "Just Say Grow" campaign is actually a cover-up for Dr. Killemoff's latest plans to pollute Tromaville. Alien Seeds sprout into a Weed Monster and the Toxic Crusaders fight it alongside a new mutant named Mower Man.
S01E13 That's No Villain, That's My Mom! 21/01/1991 Czar Zosta attempts to invade Tromaville by hot air balloon filled with toxic fumes. To keep the Toxic Crusaders busy, Dr. Killemoff organizes a convention for hideously deformed creatures of superhuman size and strength. Meanwhile, Mrs. Junko ends up working as Dr. Killemoff's "Girl Friday" when Mayor Grody raises the rent of her house.