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A family man who lives in a small Brooklyn apartment with his wife and two kids deals with the daily headaches of working at an auto garage while dreaming of expanding the business.


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S01E01 The Pilot 00/00/0000 When Tracy and his wife Alicia attend a parent-teacher conference, they find that while their 13 year-old son Derrick receives high marks in his studies, he is lacking in social skills. To improve the situation, Tracy makes it his mission to help Derrick woo his dream girl Simone until he and his 7-year-old son Jimmy see her in the flesh and determine that she is out of Derrick's league. Meanwhile, Tracy is frustrated by the mechanics at his shop when they do work for a customer who prefers barter to cash payment.
S01E02 Doctor? NO! 00/00/0000 A frightened Jimmy causes a scene when his mother Alicia takes him to the doctor's office for a routine physical, prompting her to give Tracy the task of accompanying their son to his rescheduled appointment. When Tracy reveals his own fear of going to the doctor, his mechanics Spoon and Bernard offer encouragement and therapy--based on their own phobias--to help him and Jimmy overcome their fears.
S01E03 Christmas 00/00/0000 While reading through Jimmy's letter to Santa - which includes a detailed confession of how he destroyed his dad's special edition ""Planet of the Apes"" DVD - Tracy discovers that his son lied to him and decides to teach him a Christmas lesson with the help of Old St. Nick. However, when Santa doesn't cooperate, Tracy decides to get a little physical and leaves Jimmy believing that Christmas is ruined. Meanwhile, Alicia attempts to discover what Derek wants for the holidays, and Spoon, Bernard and Freddie attempt to write the perfect black Christmas carol.
S01E04 The Anniversary 00/00/0000 Tracy uses his 15th wedding anniversary as second chance to properly propose to Alicia, planning an elegant dinner as the perfect setting to drop down on one knee and present her with a new engagement ring. However, his magical night hangs in jeopardy when the couple is unable to find a babysitter -- prompting Tracy to put his faith in Derek to take charge and watch the house and Jimmy
S01E05 Stealing 00/00/0000 When Derrick tires of his straight-laced reputation at school, he tries to fit in with the 'cool' kids by shoplifting at a local toy store. While Tracy and Alicia disagree over the best way to teach Derrick the error of his ways, Tracy sympathizes and sets out to improve his son's image among his more rambunctious peers.
S01E06 Coach Tracy 00/00/0000 Tracy continues his involvement in his son's athletic development by signing on as the sponsor for Derrick's basketball team. However, when he discovers Derrick spends more time riding the pine then on the court, Tracy decides to take matters into his own hands going from corporate sponsor to coach much to the detriment of his son's love for the game. Meanwhile, Jimmy's search for a sense of style leads to Alicia's jewelry box when he superglues a diamond to his tooth to increase his ""bling bling.""
S01E07 Church 00/00/0000 Responding to Jimmy's sudden interest in visiting church, the family decides to attend a Sunday service, while Tracy uses the religious experience to drum up business. However, his promotional campaign goes south when the Pastor takes advantage of Tracy's generous offer for free repairs. Meanwhile, in attempt to show up a rival mother, Alicia pushes Derrick to try out for a solo in the church choir and Freddie, Spoon and Bernard enter a Broadway softball league as the cast of the critically acclaimed urban musical ""Garage.""
S01E08 The Value of Money 00/00/0000 Tracy has the boys clean the garage to learn the value of money; Alicia returns to work after an old boss makes her an offer.
S01E09 Weird Science 00/00/0000 Barnard and Spoon build a car engine for jimmy to display at the scence fair. Also Derrick finds all the jerms in the Morgan house hold for his scince project but Alicia does not want the other mothers to find out.
S01E10 A Call to Duty 00/00/0000 Derrick and Jimmy volunteer in a church program that takes food to the elderly and they find stuff on the street to bring in the Mitchell house hold; Tracy goes to jury duty; Spoon and Bernard fight for second-in-command at the shop while Freddie prepares for his annual bike tour.
S01E11 Miracle Street 00/00/0000 Tracy promises that he will take his kids to a sold out Snoop Dogg concert. But when Freddie fails to come thru , Tracy tries to sneak in by pretending that his boys are sick and their one wish is to see Snoop Dogg preform.
S01E12 Vacation 00/00/0000 Prompted by Alicia's desire for the family to take a much-needed vacation, Tracy decides to rent a cabin upstate in the woods and promises to teach Jimmy and Derek about the wilderness. However, while the rest of the family enjoys the great outdoors, control-freak Tracy pines away for his garage.
S01E13 Super Boy 00/00/0000 Tracy and Alicia try to make repairs around the house put their superintendent, Mr. Albano has a hidden agenda. In exchange for making repairs to the Mitchell's family home, Derrick must tutor Mr. Albano's son, Bobby.; Meanwhile, Jimmy has turned vegetarian, eating only sausage as an exception, and swears that a ghost has been visiting his parent's bedroom and moaning late into the night
S01E14 Class Clown 00/00/0000 Alicia and Tracy visit Jimmy's school in response to a teacher's note about his behavior, but when Jimmy takes an aptitude test, they realize he is a frustrated genius.
S01E15 Career Day 00/00/0000 On career day, Tracy elects to forgo a speech about auto repair to discuss his exciting job as a sports agent.
S01E16 The Sporting Life 00/00/0000 Tracy talks Terrell Owens into not doing a underwear add.
S01E17 Spoon Moves In 00/00/0000 Tracy has second thoughts when he asks spoon to move in next door when he becomes to involved with his family; Derek and Jimmy learn art of pugilism.
S01E18 Haircut Night 00/00/0000 When Tracy refuses to let Derrick disregard years of family tradition by getting his hair cut at a barbershop, instead of Tracy's home salon, Alicia does the unspeakable -- and goes behind Tracy's back. Meanwhile, when the garage gets a new tow truck, Bernard hopes to use it to impress chicks.

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