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The Travel Show is a BBC travel programme. The new programme launched in February 2014,[1] and is the immediate successor of long standing travel programme, Fast Track. Utilising a network of correspondents in London, Tokyo, Sydney, New York and Kuala Lumpur, the programme aims to provide unique insight into the world of travel. It first aired in the UK in late February, after Winter Olympics coverage, in a Friday morning slot on BBC Two. A Sunday evening slot was also added on the BBC News channel in April 2014 and BBC iPlayer.


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S01E01 Episode 1 28/02/2014 This first episode, presented by Ade Adepitan, asks if a popular theme park is being as open as it could be about ticket pricing, and shows how you might need to brush up your French to get the best deals. Plus the very latest travel gadgets are reviewed, there is a trip to Thailand's beautiful coral reef and a sample of some of Spain's most fashionable cocktails.
S01E02 Episode 2 28/02/2014 Christa Larwood presents from the Belgian city of Ypres, as it prepares to welcome unprecedented numbers of tourists for the centenary of World War I. The programme goes behind the scenes in Berlin with the cast of War Horse as the show is staged in Germany for the first time. Plus a dive into the spooky underwater world of submerged caverns in Mexico.
S01E03 Episode 3 07/03/2014 Presented by Henry Golding. A survival course in Thailand explains what to do if you're stranded in the jungle. The programme goes skiing on the slopes of the French Alps to ask if the craze for speed apps is causing more collisions. Plus Kosovo's top tipples and the global guide explains the best places to visit right now.
S01E04 Episode 4 14/03/2014 Ade Adepitan heads to Niagara Falls, where the competition to win tourists has been hotting up between the US and Canadian sides of the border. The team also visit one of Bhutan's most remote mountain top monasteries, where they test the latest travel gadgets. They also try out some of Prague's traditional beverages.
S01E05 Episode 5 21/03/2014 Carmen Roberts heads to the Maldives to try her hand at DJ-ing in the world's first underwater nightclub. Ade Adepitan looks at the changing face of New York's Chinatown, Simon Calder tackles viewers' travel problems, and our Thirsty Explorer stops off for a drink in Moldova.
S01E06 Episode 6 28/03/2014 Christa Larwood heads to Guatemala to see how it is tackling its safety record in a bid to encourage more tourists into the country. There is a look at a project to bring Photoautomat machines back to life in Germany and a visit to a circus school in London.
S01E07 Episode 7 04/04/2014 Despite producing almost twice the amount of films as Hollywood, India's Bollywood still lags far behind when it comes to tourists. Christa Larwood travels to India to find out if investment in a planned state of the art Bollywood Museum in Mumbai will help make the city's studios a tourist attraction.
S01E08 Episode 8 11/04/2014 As the Baltic states reassess their relationship with Russia, Damien McGuiness travels to Latvia to explore an abandoned Soviet military base and secret Cold War bunker that have both now become popular tourist attractions.
S01E09 Episode 9 18/04/2014 Carmen Roberts heads to Tokyo to sample some home-cooked washoku, the traditional Japanese cuisine that has recently been recognised by Unesco. Simon Calder has advice on what to do if your passport expires while you are away. Plus, the team is in Switzerland at Zermatt Unplugged, Europe's biggest acoustic music festival.
S01E10 Episode 10 25/04/2014 Join the team on their journey of discovery as they explore new destinations around the globe and uncover hidden sides to some of the world's favourite holiday hotspots.(No detailed description available)
S01E11 Egypt - Tutankhamun Replica Special 02/05/2014 Series showcasing the best of travel across the globe. The Travel Show has exclusive access to a state-of-the-art replica of the tomb of Tutankhamun and asks whether people will pay to see a copy rather than the real thing.
S01E12 Episode 12 09/05/2014 Christa Larwood visits the backroads and service lanes of Melbourne, Australia, to find out why some fear for the future of these cultural gems. Michelle Jana Chan rounds up the best things to see and do around the world over the next month, and Carmen Roberts is in Japan to dip her paws into the strange world of Tokyo's animal cafes.
S01E13 Episode 13 16/05/2014 Henry Golding discovers a patch of China's coastline which is fast becoming Asia's answer to the French Riviera. The show is on the trail of 007 to find out why rich Russians are choosing the highlife in the Scottish Highlands. Plus, global guru Simon Calder gives advice on what to do on an 18-hour airport stopover, and there is a taste of classic hospitality in New Orleans.
S01E14 Episode 14 23/05/2014 Rajan Datar heads to the Philippines, a country recently in the eye of one of the worst storms ever, to see how locals are turning unparalleled disasters into an opportunity. He heads to the busy metropolis of Manila to explore its cutting-edge music scene, learns how to direct traffic with a dancing policeman, and gets up close and personal with the world's oldest living primate, the tarsier.
S01E15 Episode 15 30/05/2014 Carmen Roberts visits the Great Wall of China, and asks why officials are now allowing tourists to graffiti one of the most famous landmarks in the world. Henry Golding takes a walk underwater off the coast of Borneo, and Tommy Sandhu tests some eco-friendly gadgets designed to bring home comforts to the camping experience.
S01E16 Episode 16 06/06/2014 Ade Adepitan is in Rome, the eternal city famed for its ancient monuments. But in cash strapped Italy, who picks up the bill to protect and preserve them? We visit Gunther Von Hagens Plastinarium in Germany, and find out why such a macabre exhibition is so popular and whether it's at all ethical. Our Global Guide brings you top tips to the best events around the world this month, and we hear one viewers' holiday tale in Animated Adventures.
S01E17 Episode 17 13/06/2014 Carmen Roberts is in Japan to look at 50 years of the bullet train. Ade takes a scratch 'n sniff smelly tour of Yorkshire and tries his hand at recreating the smells of olden York. Our global Guru Simon Calder solves your holiday woes, and there are more viewers tales featured in Animated Adventures.
S01E18 Episode 18 20/06/2014 Henry Golding visits his native Iban tribe in Sarawak to ask whether indigenous tourism is a one sided deal or mutually beneficial. Christa Larwood is in Australia finding out if Sydney is stealing Melbourne's thunder when it comes to cool cocktail bars, Damien McGuinness visits the Estonia Folk Festival, and we have another viewers' travel tale in Animated Adventures.
S01E19 Episode 19 27/06/2014 Ade Adepitan is in Yorkshire asking if the Tour de France will help close the north-south divide by encouraging more tourists up north. Greg McKenzie joins the retro ravers in the the Spanish resort of Mallorca to find out why clubbing is no longer just for the young. Tommy Sandhu finds out how to get duty free booze home in one piece in Global Gadgets, plus a viewer's tale from Romania in Animated Adventures.
S01E20 Episode 20 04/07/2014 Ade Adepitan is in Rome putting his green fingers to the test in an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the stunning gardens at the Pope's summer residence. Rajan Datar will be visiting the waters around the stricken Costa Concordia, which has been attracting tourists in their droves, plus the Global Guide to the best events around the world in the coming month.
S01E21 Episode 21 11/07/2014 Christa Larwood visits Tooronga Zoo in Sydney to find out how tourists can use their mobile phones to help in the fight against wildlife trafficking. Joe Inwood has a lesson in underwater photography off the coast of Malaysia, and global guru Simon Calder helps with your travel problems.
S01E22 Episode 22 18/07/2014 Series showcasing the best of travel across the globe. (No specific description available)
S01E23 Episode 23 25/07/2014 Series showcasing the best of travel across the globe. The team explore new destinations and uncover hidden sides to some of the world's favourite holiday hotspots.
S01E24 Episode 24 01/08/2014 Christa Larwood is in the Catskills in the US as plans to revive the area take shape, Tommy Sandhu road tests some global gadgets to make travel life easier and one of the team in London takes in the scents of Columbia Road Flower Market before travelling to Finland, home of the Moomins, as the country celebrates a special anniversary.
S01E25 Episode 25 08/08/2014 Rajan Datar is in Panama to see what more there is to the country than the world's most famous shortcut - the canal. On his journey he finds unique biodiversity, the country's first professional climber with some astonishing tricks, surf to rival Hawaii and a cosmopolitan capital city undergoing rapid change, where Havana meets Miami.
S01E26 Episode 26 15/08/2014 Greg McKenzie finds out why holidaymakers in Majorca may soon face fines for wearing skimpy beachwear on the streets, Carmen Roberts explores the trend of pet cafes in Tokyo, where customers interact with resident animals whilst enjoying their tea, we'll have a 60-second stopover in Rome, and Simon Calder brings us his travel advice in Global Guru.
S01E27 Episode 27 22/08/2014 Ade Adepitan is in the Caribbean, examining the controversy around Jamaica's ban on jet skis. Also, the start of a new series with Carmen Roberts looking at the latest travel apps and social media trends and a visit to the Arctic Ocean for a trip through the North West Passage, one of the world's most challenging journeys.
S01E28 Episode 28 29/08/2014 The Travel Show visits Iceland to see the town nicknamed 'Pompeii of the North'.
S01E29 Episode 29 05/09/2014 Christa Larwood travels to Bulgaria and joins a dig to uncover more of Trimontium, once one of the most important cities in ancient Rome. Plus an incredible trip into the heart of a volcano in Iceland, a whistlestop sixty-second tour of the Eternal City, Rome, and the Global Guide, featuring top tips for the best events around the world.
S01E30 Episode 30 12/09/2014 Ade Adepitan travels to Jamaica to look at the growing popularity of all-inclusive resorts and asks if they are having a negative impact on the local economy. Also in this episode, we visit Hungary to try out an 'escape game' and Tommy Sandhu tries out some of the latest travel gadgets.
S01E31 Tokyo and Kingston 19/09/2014 Carmen Roberts travels to Tokyo in an attempt to tour one of the world's most expensive cities on a budget. Ade Adepitan is in Jamaica to uncover Kingston's musical roots. Plus Simon Calder answers your travel questions.
S01E32 Best Moments 26/09/2014 Ade Adepitan looks back on some of the best moments from the team's recent adventures.
S01E33 Macao 03/10/2014 Carmen Roberts reports from the Macao International Fireworks Festival and Sophie Van Brugen samples Paris's most famous culinary delights.
S01E34 London 10/10/2014 Christa Larwood is in Chicago for its first fire festival, which celebrates the city's grit, greatness and renewal following the fire of 1871. Ade Adepitan is in London, checking out the UK's first 3-D printing cafe. The team meet the man who supplies fish to the president of Finland and look at virtual ways to beat jet lag.
S01E35 Rome 17/10/2014 Ade Adepitan travels to the Colosseum in Rome to see how some of the world's oldest tourist attractions can be made more wheelchair-friendly without changing their character. Plus, Christa Larwood travels to Amsterdam to visit the only museum in the world dedicated to bacteria!
S01E36 Iceland 24/10/2014 Keith Wallace visits Iceland, where a tunnel is being dug into Langjokull glacier.
S01E37 Porto 31/10/2014 Ade Adepitan travels to Porto to find out how the financial crisis has affected the historic old town. Christa Larwood is in Denmark to meet a boy band who have become an internet sensation thanks to a collection of old beer bottles.
S01E38 China 07/11/2014 Rajan Datar takes a tour of China to explore the country's rapid pace of change. First stop, Shanghai and a trip up to the 101st floor of the Shanghai Tower, which when completed will be the tallest building in China. But not for long, the next one is only months from completion.
S01E39 Western Australia 14/11/2014 Rajan Datar travels across Western Australia, uncovering what's behind the enduring appeal of the country for the millions of visitors it attracts each year. From its breathtaking wilderness and unique outback experiences to its stunning beaches and diverse urban culture. In Perth, he sees how the impact of the mining boom has transformed the city, making some people very rich, and finds out how street art is flourishing in the state capital. He travels up to the north of Australia's biggest state to get a real taste of life in the outback, from herding thousands of cattle to landing on a remote community in the Kimberley. To cap it all, Rajan gets a close encounter with an Australian icon, the saltwater crocodile.
S01E40 Jamaica 21/11/2014 Ade Adepitan is in Jamaica to explore the impact all-inclusive breaks are having on local communities, Henry Golding goes water jet-packing off the coast of Singapore, Michelle Jana Chan has her global guide to events around the world.
S01E41 Singapore 28/11/2014 The Travel Show visits the north of Canada to discover if people and polar bears can live alongside each other. Plus, a look behind the scenes during a spring clean at a giant aquarium in Singapore.
S01E42 Thailand 05/12/2014 Rajan Datar visits Buddhist temples, monastic retreats and exclusive spas across Thailand.
S01E43 Melbourne 12/12/2014 This episode investigates the Taxi industry in Melbourne and goes behind the scenes of the largest model railway.
S01E44 Best of 2014 Part 1 19/12/2014 The team takes a look back at the best clips from 2014.
S01E45 Best of 2014 27/12/2014 The team takes a look back at the best clips from 2014.
S01E46 Western Australia 03/01/2015 Rajan Datar uncovers what's behind the enduring appeal of the country and explores the mining boom in Australia before going into the Outback.
S01E47 Thailand 09/01/2015 Despite its enormous popularity as a sun-and-sea holiday destination, Thailand has - thanks to its Buddhist traditions - retained a reputation as a country where spirituality is a big part of everyday life. As a result, it's become a destination that's visited by many travellers who want to disengage from the pressures of everyday life and reconnect with something altogether more meaningful - but are they chasing a dream? In this Travel Show special, presenter Rajan Datar visits Buddhist temples, monastic retreats and exclusive spas across Thailand in search of enlightenment and asks if the country's reputation as a spiritual sanctuary could be under threat as increasing wealth and consumerism take hold.
S01E48 Singapore 16/01/2015 Henry Golding is in Singapore, which has been tipped as one of the top destinations in 2015. But what other countries are on the list and what travel trends do we need to know about in 2015? And Jo Whalley is in Dubai testing out the world's tallest indoor skydiving tunnel.
S01E49 Dubai 23/01/2015 Joanne Whalley visits the backstreets of Dubai to find out why artists there say an old industrial zone will be the next big thing. Tommy Sandhu finds out why wearable tech may just keep your toes warm on their travels, and Christa Larwood heads for western Macedonia to take part in an ancient pagan festival.
S01E50 Soho 30/01/2015 Ade Adepitan finds out why some fear that Soho's controversial facelift will destroy its charisma, Carmen Roberts rounds up the best of travel on the web, including new apps for skiers, and Christa Larwood heads to Austria for the Viennese ball season.
S01E51 Hong Kong 06/02/2015 Carmen Roberts finds out if you can really take the stress out of a stay in Hong Kong, Simon Calder has tips on what to see and do in Delhi, and Brandy Yanchyk tries heli-skiing in British Colombia.
S01E52 Valentine's Day 13/02/2015 Henry puts together a guide for romance on the road. Christa investigates prohibition era ghosts in Chicago, the team is clowning around at a Romany circus in Paris and Michelle's global guide.
S01E53 American Midwest 21/02/2015 Christa Larwood takes an American Midwest roadtrip to explore the country's relationship with the automobile. She takes a spin on historic Route 66, explores the ruined buildings of Motor City, Detroit, and goes for a ride in a driverless car.
S01E54 New Zealand 27/02/2015 This time the team are in New Zealand, a haven for adrenaline junkies. But how well do the laws protect you if something goes wrong? Ade's in Portugal sampling the local gastronomy, and Tommy Sandhu goes full throttle with the latest travel gadgets.
S01E55 Sri Lanka 06/03/2015 The team finds out whether tourism can save the endangered turtles in Sri Lanka.
S01E56 Venice 13/03/2015 The Travel Show heads to Venice to look at the work being done to protect the ancient city from disastrous flooding. Our thirsty explorer's searching for the best cup of tea in India, and Karen Bowerman takes a slow boat through Myanmar.
S01E57 Orlando 20/03/2015 The Travel Show team are in Orlando, Florida.
S01E58 Skiing 27/03/2015 The Travel Show team looks at the new tech that could help you survive an avalanche.
S01E59 Highlights 04/04/2015 Henry Golding takes a look back at some Travel Show highlights.
S01E60 UAE 11/04/2015 A special episode of the Travel Show broadcast from the UAE.
S01E61 Zimbabwe 18/04/2015 Ade Adepitan travels to Zimbabwe for a close encounter with wildlife on safari.
S01E62 Sri Lanka 25/04/2015 Series showcasing the best of travel across the globe. Henry Golding gets a flavour of Tamil culture in Sri Lanka. He looks at the legacy left by more than 25 years of civil war.
S01E63 African Safari 02/05/2015 Can a conservation project reverse the decline in the lion population?
S01E64 Myanmar 09/05/2015 The Travel Show explores Naypyidaw, capital of Myanmar.
S01E65 New Orleans 16/05/2015 In this episode, they travel to New Orleans to mark the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.
S01E66 Philippines 23/05/2015 Henry Golding presents this episode from the island of Negros in the Philippines.
S01E67 South Korea 30/05/2015 Rajan Datar is on a journey round the Korean peninsula where he explores the country's current trends, meets an unlikely TV cult heroine and learns something about South Korea's very own traditional martial art.
S01E68 Seychelles 06/06/2015 In this episode, Carmen Roberts presents from the Seychelles.
S01E69 Seychelles Carnival 13/06/2015 In this episode, Carmen Roberts meets the dancers at 2015's Seychelles Carnival.
S01E70 Melbourne 20/06/2015 In this episode, Christa Larwood travels to Melbourne and to one of Australia's biggest tourist attractions.
S01E72 Rotoroa 27/06/2015 This episode features the tiny island of Rotoroa, which has become the site for an ambitious wildlife experiment.
S01E73 Benidorm 11/07/2015 In this episode, Ade Adepitan presents the programme from Benidorm.
S01E74 Taiwan Working Holiday 04/07/2015 In this episode, Carmen Roberts rolls up her sleeves in Taiwan as she tries out a working holiday
S01E75 Costa Blanca 11/07/2015 Ade Adepitan heads to the Costa Blanca.
S01E76 Surrey 01/08/2015 In this episode, Christa Larwood discovers wine tourism in south east England.
S01E77 Taiwan 08/08/2015 Carmen Roberts presents from Taiwan and meets a lesser-known indigenous bear that is under more threat from extinction than its cousin the panda.
S01E78 China 15/08/2015 In this episode, Benjamin Zand heads to China for a Travel Show special.
S01E80 Sicily 05/09/2015 Christa Larwood visits Sicily and Ben Sand visits Berlin Tempelhof Airport.
S01E81 Myanmar 12/09/2015 Rajan Datar travels across Myanmar to discover how the country is responding to an influx of new visitors in the wake of democratic changes.
S01E83 Kenya 19/09/2015 Henry Golding visits Kenya to explore the positive steps being taken to curb elephant poaching in Ambroseli National Park, against a backdrop of the downturn in tourism to Kenya.
S01E84 Kyoto 26/09/2015 Join the team on their journey of discovery as they explore new destinations around the globe. Carmen Roberts presents this episode from Kyoto in Japan.
S01E85 Favourites 02/10/2015 Christa Larwood presents some of the favourite moments of the last months. African lions, killerwales in Taiwan and wine tasting in the english countryside.
S01E86 Quebec 10/10/2015 Christa Larwood presents the programme from the Canadian province of Quebec.
S01E87 Japan 17/10/2015 Rajan Datar visits Japan, eschewing the capital, Tokyo to explore the south and some of the islands beyond Honshu. On his journey, Rajan joins a 300-year-old festival where the participants dice with death, a form of stand-up comedy invented by Buddhist monks, a village on the verge of extinction whose new 'community' is drawing in tourists, and meets the people who live on the edge of the most active volcano in Japan.
S01E88 Episode 88 24/10/2015 Join the team on their journey of discovery as they explore new destinations around the globe and uncover hidden sides to some of the world's favourite holiday hotspots.
S01E89 Episode 89 31/10/2015 Join the team on their journey of discovery as they explore new destinations around the globe and uncover hidden sides to some of the world's favourite holiday hotspots.
S01E91 Los Angeles 07/11/2015 This week The Travel Show is in Los Angeles a city where the automobile reigns supreme - but Christa Larwood discovers what happens when you hit the road on just two wheels. Benjamin Zand is in Kazakhstan to find out whether he has what it takes to join the acclaimed Kazakh National Ballet and Michelle Jana Chan is here with your Global Guide, with top tips on the world's best events in the coming month.
S01E92 Kyoto, Japan 08/11/2015 Carmen Roberts is in Japan's former Imperial capital, Kyoto, to find out why it's looking to foreign investors to save its traditional wooden buildings from demolition. Plus the subterranean houses of one Australian mining town, and how tourists in New York are keeping Harlem's famous gospel churches alive.
S01E95 Episode 95 21/11/2015 Join the team on their journey of discovery as they explore new destinations around the globe and uncover hidden sides to some of the world's favourite holiday hotspots.
S01E96 Mongolia 28/11/2015
S01E97 Kyoto 05/12/2015 Carmen Roberts presents the show from Kyoto, where a growing number of overseas holiday home buyers are purchasing and helping to preserve traditional ''machiya'' wooden houses. Locals find these houses to run and uncomfortable but foreigners love them and are helping to save an important part of Japan's heritage.
S01E98 Kuala Lumpur 12/12/2015 This week the Travel Show's in Malaysia where Henry Golding tries to make the most of Kuala Lumpur, without burning a hole in his pocket. The team's also in Los Angeles exploring a new type of dance, and we stop off in London to check out one of its grandest hotels as it celebrates its 150th Anniversary.
S01E99 Episode 99 00/00/0000
S01E100 Bavaria 09/01/2016 Rajan Datar travels around Bavaria in search of the tourist experience that Germans themselves enjoy, but which many foreigners miss.
S01E101 Episode 101 16/01/2016 Join the team on their journey of discovery as they explore new destinations around the globe and uncover hidden sides to some of the world's favourite holiday hotspots.
S01E102 Kerala 23/01/2016 Henry Golding is in Kerala in Southern India where he tries his hand at the traditional dance of Kathakali. Greg McKenzie is in New York finding out whether tourist dollars can help save some of the city's iconic churches and Tommy has your global gadgets - one gizmo has him dancing on ice.
S01E103 Hawaii 30/01/2016 Carmen Roberts is in Hawaii to visit the active volcano fields that became an official US National Park a century ago. Simon Calder's got advice on transit visa rules if you're heading to China, plus the team is at a new exhibition in London exploring the role played by the Caribbean during the First World War.
S01E104 Newfoundland 06/02/2016 Ade Adepitan interviews Sir Ian Mckellan to look ahead at events marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. Carmen Roberts rounds up the best in travel on the web, while the team is off the coast of Canada, spending time with the iceberg cowboys of Newfoundland.
S01E105 Berlin 13/02/2016 Rajan Datar's shown a refugee's eye view of Berlin, as he embarks on a unique guided tour; Michelle Jana Chan rounds up the most enticing events coming up around the world, and Carmen Roberts is on Hawaii's Big Island, where a night-time dive promises her a close-up view of the state's famous Manta Rays.
S01E106 India 20/02/2016 In a special programme from India, Henry Golding visits Kerala, one of the country's most picturesque states. We visit the backwaters of Alleppey to find out what the houseboat industry is doing to make your holiday greener, and Henry does his best to join the ranks of the country's top coconut tree climbers. Plus, Tommy's here with the latest travel gadgets.
S01E107 Episode 107 27/02/2016 Eighty years on from the launch of the ill-fated Hindenburg airship Rajan Datar visits Zeppelin HQ in southern Germany to travel on a modern, much safer airship and Christa Larwood heads to Spain to try her hand at a new form of beach volleyball that's played on a trampoline.
S01E108 Episode 108 05/03/2016 Carmen Roberts is in Nagasaki in Japan to find out how its famous outdoor hotsprings are being used to generate power. Plus, Benjamin Zand's braving a night of sub zero temperatures at an ice camp on Austria's Stubai Glacier. Global guide features the dazzling pagodas of Myanmar and we're also in Marseille to meet a man keeping the past alive with petanque.
S01E109 Episode 109 12/03/2016 Henry Golding presents the programme from London as he meets the people making homemade meals and selling them on as take aways for visitors. We head to Berlin to visit a museum dedicated to punk rock legends The Ramones. Carmen Roberts has her Trending Travel and Ben Zand heads to the Stubai Glacier in Austria's mountainous region of Tyrol for a freezing snow camping adventure.
S01E110 Episode 110 19/03/2016 Ade Adepitan rounds up the team's best adventures from the last few months - including a tour of Hawaii's volcanoes, a sleepless night deep in a German cave and a peaceful glide through the backwaters of Kerala in India.
S01E111 Cuba 26/03/2016 Cuba's status as a tourist destination grows every year, and the scene is set to change even more rapidly in the wake of the thaw in US-Cuban relations. In a special Cuba Direct edition of The Travel Show, Rajan Datar travels across the island, seeking out authentic Cuban experiences in "homestay" Bed and Breakfasts, and examining how a new influx of visitors is impacting on the Cuban holiday experience.
S01E112 Episode 112 02/04/2016 The Travel Show explores geocaching in Malaga, then heads to South Africa and Salzburg.
S01E113 Episode 113 09/04/2016 Join the team on their journey of discovery as they explore new destinations around the globe and uncover hidden sides to some of the world's favourite holiday hotspots.
S01E114 Episode 114 16/04/2016 Christa Larwood reports from Budapest which is celebrating 30 years of hosting the Hungarian Grand Prix - the first Grand Prix behind the Iron Curtain. We meet one of South Africa's first black female vintners, and Simon Calder answers your correspondence, with travel tips for Greece, Thailand and the United States.
S01E115 Episode 115 23/04/2016 Henry Golding is in Cambodia, taking one of the first trains to run there for several years. Michelle Jana Chan's Global Guide takes us to Morocco, Sweden and Utah, and we meet the Italian who's run a revolving restaurant in South Africa for the last forty one years.
S01E116 Episode 116 30/04/2016 Ade Adepitan's in London to get a taste of the revolution happening in British beer, Carmen Roberts explores what's trending in the world of travel on the web, and Rajan visits the infamous site of the assassination of American President John F Kennedy, in Dallas, and hears about a new opera which hopes to shed light on the President's last morning in nearby Fort Worth.
S01E117 Episode 117 07/05/2016 Carmen Roberts joins would-be ninjas training in Japan, Jo Whalley meets the man walking every single street in New York City and Tommy Sandhu tests the smart suitcase that texts you when it arrives in baggage reclaim.
S01E118 Episode 118 14/05/2016 Christa Larwood heads underground in Hungary to explore the country's iconic cave systems and the team is in Sierra Leone at the first ever Free Town music festival, as some travel restrictions are lifted following the recent Ebola outbreak. Simon Calder tackles your questions about getting the best out of travel and they check out a famous dish in Dallas BBQ style with Global Gourmet.
S01E119 Episode 119 21/05/2016 Henry Golding is in Cambodia checking out a new activity that puts tourists through the same experiences that wildlife rangers face every day, while Ben Zand is in the Scottish Highlands, where he attempts a three day hike using only natural navigation to guide him.
S01E120 Episode 120 28/05/2016 Ade Adepitan is in London to look at the tech that's helping preserve historic monuments at risk from armed conflict and climate change, Michelle Jana Chan rounds up some of the best upcoming events around the world and Ben Zand continues his hike to Britain's remotest pub without the aid of a proper map or mobile device.
S01E121 Episode 121 04/06/2016 This week Christa Larwood presents the programme from New York City as we look back at the year so far on the Travel show. It's hard to believe that we're already half way through 2016 but we've certainly wasted no time over the past six months travelling the globe to bring you some fantastic destinations and amazing people. The countries we have featured so far this year - Hawaii, Mexico, Myanmar, Scotland, India, Cambodia, South Africa, Cuba, Hungary, Japan, France, Austria, Spain, Seychelles, Taiwan, Germany, USA, England, and the United Arab Emirates.
S01E122 Episode 122 11/06/2016 Lyndsey Woods is checking out the new wave of virtual reality sweeping theme parks and asking if VR is the future of thrill rides. Christa Larwood is treading the boards at Carnegie Hall in New York, in the footsteps of musical legends, and we look at what's going viral online in Trending Travel.
S01E123 Designed in China: Part One 18/06/2016 The Travel Show visits China for a two-part special as part of BBC World News' Designed in China Season. China has undergone massive economic growth over the past decade and the rush to urbanise has led to a building boom that has changed the face of many of China's cities and created a growing tourist industry. Rajan Datar leaves behind the popular tourist destinations - the palaces, shrines and temples - to explore the areas that tourists don't often get to see.
S01E124 Designed in China: Part Two 25/06/2016 In the second part of The Travel Show's Designed in China special, Rajan Datar explores some of the stunning landscapes and breath-taking natural wonders of China. Rajan continues his journey in Gansu Province, exploring the little known and mesmerising Rainbow Mountains and in Sichuan Province Rajan visits what has been called the most beautiful place in China. Along the way he examines how the landscape has helped to shape Chinese history and culture, and the efforts that are being made to preserve the country's unique nature in the face of fast-paced economic growth.
S01E125 Episode 125 02/07/2016 On this week's Travel Show, Christa Larwood goes to Spain, to see a village untouched since it was ruined in the civil war, and to walk the streets with a man who survived by hiding in a cellar. And we dive within inches of Great White Sharks in the Pacific Ocean - and come away smiling.
S01E126 State of America: Part One 09/07/2016 The race to become America's next President has caused many voters to look at the country's relationship with Mexico and question 21st Century American identity. In this Travel Show special Rajan Datar travels by train along America's southern border to investigate the country's long and sometimes complex history with its southern neighbour and looks at the other influences that have helped shaped the region. Starting at the originally French port city of New Orleans, Rajan traces the story of American expansion westwards stopping off at The Alamo, where Texan frontiersmen entered American mythology by facing overwhelming Mexican forces before heading to Big Bend National Park where he kayaks along the dividing line between the two countries.
S01E127 State of America Part Two 16/07/2016 In part two of this transcontinental trip, Rajan Datar travels to the West Texas borderlands and visits a tiny town that has become an unlikely oasis for art. Rajan also visits Tucson in Arizona, an area shaped by the Cold War and the only place in the world where tourists can get close to an intercontinental nuclear missile. Native American heritage is also a vibrant part of the state's history, and Rajan treks through a site of ancient rock paintings and meets the laser artist who is campaigning to preserve them. On the way to his final stop, Los Angeles, Rajan visits Palm Springs, the desert city which Hollywood celebrities once escaped to from their studios and now a mixed population of retirees, LGBT activists and Islamic converts all live their version of the American Dream.
S01E128 Episode 128 23/07/2016 This week Ade Adepitan heads to Cinque Terre on the Italian Mediterranean coastline as officials plan to introduce a ticketing system for the stretch of coastline to limit the number of tourists treading the Cinque Terre trail. We head to Brazil to explore a growing trend in the Favelas of Rio. Our global guru Simon Calder has his tips on finding budget accommodation in San Francisco and this week's Global Gourmet comes from New York - where we check out the making and history of the world famous pastrami sandwich.
S01E129 Episode 129 30/07/2016 Ade Adepitan is in Rome, where the people charged with preserving the city's treasures are trying to pay for the bills by crowdfunding. Ayo Akinwolere is in Rio, testing the waters of the Olympic Swimming Marathon course and we head to one of London's finest pubs to try a neglected British classic - the Scotch Egg.
S01E130 Episode 130 06/08/2016 Christa Larwood is in Queens, New York, where story telling by locals is fast becoming the main stage of the literature and art scene there. Rajan Datar is exploring travel shopping trends and Michelle Yana Chan is here with her Global Guide with top tips on some of the best places to be in August, plus this week's global gourmet comes from Spain were we cook up Valencian Paella.
S01E131 Episode 131 13/08/2016 This week on The Travel Show Henry's in Turkey to take part in a dig that's uncovering 8 thousand years of history on a scale that's truly breathtaking. Our global gourmet comes from Spain were we cook up a Valencian paella. Tommy's checking out the latest travel gadgets this week he road tests the newest 360 video camera and we're in London following an orchestra playing to members of the public on the streets of the capital.
S01E132 Episode 132 20/08/2016
S01E133 Episode 133 27/08/2016
S01E134 Episode 134 03/09/2016 On this week's Travel Show, Carmen's in northern Peru meeting the real life inspirations for Paddington bear - The Andean bear, finding out what's being done to conserve this rare species. We send Ben Zand to Bangkok, to take on some challenges set by you, using twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And Lyndsey Woods hits the pubs of London to find out why the ukulele is making a comeback.
S01E135 Botswana 10/09/2016 As Botswana celebrates the 50th anniversary of its independence Rajan Datar explores the southern African state with a tiny population, just 1.8 million people living in a country the size of France. At independence Botswana was one of Africa's poorest countries, today it is one of the continent's richest - wealth principally generated by diamond mining and more recently by high end tourism and beef production. In this special programme Rajan journey's through the country from its roots to its 21st century ambitions.
S01E136 Episode 136 17/09/2016 The Travel Show comes from Australia's Philip Island, where Christa meets the world's smallest species of penguin. Simon Calder has recommendations for South Carolina and The Azores as he answers your emails; and Benjamin Zand eats his way around Madrid using only recommendations he finds on social media.
S01E137 Episode 137 24/09/2016 Christa Larwood presents the programme from Australia as we look back at the year so far. Bears, bush patrols and Conceptual art made from microwaved, microwave ovens - all in a day's work on The Travel Show.
S01E138 Episode 138 01/10/2016 Ade Adepitan's in the ancient city of Petra in Jordan searching for treasure. Jo Whalley's in the Alps to find out how rising temperatures are affecting one of Switzerland's largest glaciers and Carmen Roberts reports on what's trending in travel online.
S01E139 Episode 141 22/10/2016 This week Henry Golding's in Singapore finding out how a new generation of chefs are working to preserve the city-state's hawker food heritage. Tommy Sandhu's road-testing the latest gadgets and Benjamin Zand is in Hanoi, exploring the city using only recommendations from social media.
S01E140 Russia 29/10/2016 This week Carmen Roberts is in Russia's far east in Vladivostok finding out about the city's illustrious past and happening present. She takes to the outdoors for her first ever stand up paddle boarding lesson. And Simon Calder returns with travel tips on trains, planes and automobiles.
S01E143 Episode 143 05/11/2016 Join the team on their journey of discovery as they explore new destinations around the globe and uncover hidden sides to some of the world's favourite holiday hotspots.
S01E144 Milan 12/11/2016 Christa Larwood finds out why one of the UK's WWI ships is in a battle to stay on water. Ben Zand tries to survive Italy's fashion capital Milan, with just a smartphone and a tight budget. Michelle Jana Chan rounds-up the best events from around the globe.
S01E145 Poland 19/11/2016 Henry Golding is in south west Poland looking for a legendary Nazi gold train and finding out how the story has created a tourist industry of its own. Tommy Sandhu rounds up the latest gadgets available to travellers. And the team climb aboard a passenger plane made entirely of luggage.
S01E146 Pearl Harbour 26/11/2016 Carmen Roberts heads to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, ahead of the 75th anniversary of the deadly attacks by Japanese aircraft. Simon Calder solves travel problems.
S01E147 Oman 10/12/2016 Ade Adepitan is with the team in Oman as locals set about protecting the country's dolphin populations. He also spends the night living as a Bedouin.
S01E149 Episode 149 24/12/2016

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