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S01E02 Lou's The Boss 00/00/0000 When Ratso destroys the new books bound for the schoolhouse, a furious Daphne is forced to travel all the way back to the city to purchase a replacement set.
S01E03 Chicken Party 00/00/0000 It's party time in the yard tonight for the return of Clucky's son Lester. Ratso and Ugly can't hide their excitement: they will have the best fun ever! But how come they haven't received the invitations yet?
S01E04 Ugly's First Day at School 00/00/0000 Ugly is excited about attending school, but when he gets bullied by three mean chicks on his first day, he decides that he won't go any more! Ratso needs to convince Ugly to go back, and he has just the perfect recipe: if you don't want to be bullied, be a bully yourself!
S01E05 Ugly's Web 00/00/0000 When his Frisbee gets stuck in the tree Ugly worries that there is no way he will ever get it back. Luckily a gust of wind blows it down, but Ugly uses the opportunity to tell a lie that he flew up and got it.
S01E06 Close Encounters Of The Bird Kind 00/00/0000 After Wesley is almost eaten by a pair of hungry crows, Ugly goes to the Mayor with the terrifying news that the yard's corn supplies are in danger.
S01E07 Ratso's Radio Day 00/00/0000 When a discarded radio is mistaken by Ugly and Lou for a UFO the entire yard is a buzz with these aliens who can sing, talk and predict tomorrow's weather.
S01E08 Big Red Rooster 00/00/0000 There's a newcomer in the yard: a dashing rooster that everybody admires. Even Ugly loves him: he's so charming, polite, good-looking, attentive and playful. For the little duckling, Red the rooster embodies the ideal father.
S01E09 Educating Ratso 00/00/0000 Ratso has never had an education and he does just fine, so he urges Ugly to skip school. When mayor Esmeralda finds out, she is not pleased. Now Ratso has to go to school too and get his chicken certificate or else he will be expelled from the yard!
S01E10 Diet Another Day 00/00/0000 In school, Daphne tells her pupils that they'll be spending some time at work with their parents so they might find a job they'd like to do when they grow up.
S01E12 Full Time 00/00/0000 When Ugly is taunted by the Nasty Chicks about his lack of football skills, he challenges them to a match: Ugly, Emmy and Lou against Soup, Pox and Wing.
S01E13 Farmageddon 00/00/0000 It's April Fools day in the yard and Ratso becomes increasingly frustrated with the lack of imagination the hens, Esmeralda, and even Ugly and his pals are showing when it comes to practical jokes.
S01E14 The Ring And I 00/00/0000 After completely embarrassing himself in front of Daphne by eating Ugly's show and tell project, Ratso understandably wants to disappear when he sees her again later that day.
S01E15 Hypnosis 00/00/0000 The annual picnic is fast approaching and the duckyard inhabitants are getting ready.Ugly is the only unhappy one. He fears that Ratso will make a repeat performance of last year's picnic when he made a huge mess.
S01E16 The Incredible Cricket Duck 00/00/0000 After the worst question and answer session shes ever experienced, Mayor Esmeralda orders the class to get some journalistic experience.
S01E17 What's Up Duck 00/00/0000 Ratso couldn't be more excited if he tried. Ugly's birthday is nigh and Ratso is relishing the chance to flex his party-organizing muscles.
S01E18 My Cousin Jimmy 00/00/0000 An unexpected visit by Ratso's bully of an older sister, Terri, and her hyperactive son Jimmy has Ratso in a panic.
S01E19 Missing Egg 00/00/0000 A precious fossilized egg goes missing from the Mayor's residence and Ratso is the main suspect. He has only one option or face expulsion from the duckyard: with Ugly's help, he has to find out who really took it.
S01E20 Whole Lotta Chicken 00/00/0000 Ugly fears major embarrassment when Ratso volunteers to chaperone an upcoming field trip. All goes well, however... until Ratso casually mentions that the chickens in the chicken coop do nothing but sit around all day.
S01E21 What Would Ratso Do? 00/00/0000 The feather doesn't fall far from the wing, "Like Hen, like Chick." When Daphne explains the meaning of these expressions to the class, Ugly gets all confused. He has no intention of becoming exactly like his dad. He sets out to do exactly the opposite of what Ratso would do.
S01E22 Married With Peep 00/00/0000 After a terrible misunderstanding involving Wesley and a frisbee, Ratso ends up married to his arch nemesis Peep Olga, the mayor's mischievous right hen.
S01E24 Life Is Ugly 00/00/0000 Parent-teacher night has arrived and an excited Ratso cannot wait - he always enjoys his time alone with teacher Daphne and especially enjoys all the nice compliments she pays him about Ugly.
S01E25 Chickmas Present Danger 00/00/0000 Chickmas is a time to be around family, but because he slept through all last year's festivities, Ratso's sister Terri is still mad at him, refusing to come for dinner this time around.
S01E26 The Mayor's New Statue 00/00/0000 It's annual Mayors Day and all the yard's inhabitants are getting ready to perform a piece for Esmeralda. Ugly is in a panic as he has nothing to show the Mayor.
S00E01 The Ugly Duckling and Me! 00/00/0000

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