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The Unemployables is an RTE 2 series led by Darren Kennedy and Jennifer Maguire. Each week they take two unemployed young people under their wings and over a period of time make them employable!


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S01E01 Chloe & Jamie Lee 09/04/2015 After a lifetime of believing she wanted to be a teacher, arts student Chloe is going through a period of change and feels her career is in limbo! She has a passion for dancing and loves to volunteer, but has never had a full time job. Jamie-Lee is a wannabe actor, who loves to spend all his spare time playing the xbox. At our job-seeking bootcamp, Jamie-Lee is given the shock of his life as he is put through his paces in a series of strenous exercise and work experience tasks. Meanwhile Chloe is forced to open her eyes to the harsh reality that just because you don't know what you want to do in life, doesn't mean you should do nothing! Both Chloe and Jamie Lee are pushed to their limits as they overcome their job interview fears, and we find out which of our unemployables will secure that much needed job!
S01E02 Rachael & Kelsey 16/04/2015 Ninteen year old Kelsey D'Arcy, from Ballyfermot, has never had a job. While the only job Rachael Egan's ever had was in McDonalds, where she was let go after just three weeks. Both girls are broke and rely on their family for help. At our job-seeking bootcamp, Rachael, the chatterbox and wannabe writer, learns the art of 'less is more' and puts her nerves to the test at a heart wrenching poetry night. Kelsey learns how to make a good first impression and gets a shot at her dream job. Both girls become firm friends as we put their interview skills to the test to find out which of our unemployables will secure that much needed job!
S01E03 Erin & Jonah 23/04/2015 Mum of two Erin is experienced and articulate but lost her job in Youthwork in 2007 due to recessionary cuts. With two kids to feed and clothe, she wants nothing more than to get back on the job ladder. Jonah Murphy walked out on his Leaving Cert and has struggled to find a job ever since. At our job-seeking bootcamp, Erin learns the value of her transferrable skills as she tries to find a whole new career! Meanwhile Jonah builds his confidence as he learns some stress busting tips and how to make a mean cocktail! Find out which of our unemployables will be successful and secure that much needed job!
S01E04 Jordan & Niamh 30/04/2015 Chronically shy Jordan has only ever had one short-lived job in his brother's cafe and dreams of escaping the vicious cycle of the dole and kick starting his life. Young mother Niamh is anxious to rectify the mistakes of her teenage years so she can find a career and set a good example for her daughter. At our job seeking bootcamp, Jordan is pulled kicking and screaming from his shell as he completes a range of confidence-building tasks while Niamh learns how to utilise her great personality to get her foot in the door with employers.

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