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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Unexplained

S01E01 UFOs vs The Government 02/01/1996
S01E02 Psychic Detectives 09/01/1996
S02E01 Power of Prayer 16/01/1997
S02E02 Cannibals 23/01/1997
S02E03 ESP, Dreams and Disasters 30/01/1997
S02E04 Questioning Astrology 10/03/1997
S02E05 Exorcists 13/03/1997
S02E06 Sexual Attraction 17/04/1997
S02E07 Hauntings 08/05/1997 Interviews with psychologists, parapsychologists, and so-called "ghostbusters" offer up varying explanations for the strange supposed energy and even ghost-like countenances highlight the lengths people have gone in order to solve the puzzle of these Hauntings.
S02E08 Prophets and Doom 19/06/1997
S02E09 Extraterrestrial Life 04/09/1997 Views of both believers and nonbelievers are presented in an investigation of the possibility of life on other planets.
S02E10 The Twin Connection 11/09/1997 Twins may possess a bond linking them from the womb to the grave.
S02E11 Spontaneous Human Combustion 18/09/1997
S02E12 Struck by Lightning 02/10/1997
S02E13 Surviving Pain and Torture 09/10/1997
S02E14 Poltergeist 30/10/1997
S02E15 UFO Cults 20/11/1997
S03E01 Secret Societies 08/01/1998
S03E02 The Curse of King Tut 22/01/1998
S03E03 Psychic Spies 12/02/1998
S03E04 Secrets of Water Survival 26/02/1998
S03E05 Superstitions: Unlucky 13 13/03/1998
S03E06 Zombies 02/04/1998
S03E07 The Vampire Myth 07/05/1998
S03E08 Close Encounters 09/07/1998 The Saucer Seekers track and chase UFOs.
S03E09 Dangerous Obsessions 03/09/1998
S03E10 Reincarnation 17/09/1998
S03E11 Wilderness Survival 08/10/1998
S03E12 Human Transformations 03/12/1998 People who change their lives in unusual ways; Barbie-doll surgery; Trekkers.
S04E01 Buried Alive 14/01/1999
S04E02 Bonds of Survival 21/01/1999
S04E03 Radical Cures 29/01/1999 Alternative medical treatments; herbs; transference of healing energy.
S04E04 Secrets of the Pyramids 11/02/1999
S04E05 The Druids and the Knights Templar 04/03/1999
S04E06 Multiple Personalities 11/03/1999
S04E07 Speaking With The Dead 25/03/1999 Mediums and spirit channelers, including psychic James Van Praagh.
S04E08 UFOs: Testing the Evidence 08/04/1999 Scientists, theologians and others examine the possibility of alien contact.
S04E09 Civil War Ghosts 29/04/1999
S04E10 Moon Madness 27/05/1998
S04E11 Modern Psychics 08/08/1999
S04E12 Daredevils and Thrill Seekers 12/09/1999
S04E13 Death Cheaters 05/12/1999
S05E01 Strange Disappearances 07/05/2000
S11E01 The Death of Marilyn Monroe 08/08/2006
S11E02 UFO's: First Encounters 26/11/2008 Ancient texts speculate on the existence of UFOs.
S12E01 Psychic Children: Their Sixth Sense 15/04/2007
S12E02 Fantasies and Fetishes 23/12/2007 Sexual desires; falling in love; fetishes.
S12E03 Multiple Personalities 30/12/2007
S13E01 Human Transformations 20/01/2008
S13E06 The Deadly Diamond 00/00/0000
S13E07 Death Zone 13/09/2008
S13E08 Amityville: The Haunting 25/10/2008
S14E01 Alien Abductions 09/05/2009
S15E01 666 The Sign Of Evil 00/00/0000
S15E02 Voodoo Rituals 00/00/0000
S00E01 My Mysterious Seizures 00/00/0000
S00E02 Disappearance at Dead Mans Curve 00/00/0000