Affiche The Upside Down Show
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The Upside Down Show breaks new ground with interactivity, by inviting young viewers to take charge of an imaginary remote control with which to "operate" the brothers, fast-forwarding, rewinding, or pausing them whenever needed. And there are many unexpected "wild card" buttons on this imaginary remote control, like a "rotate button," an "itchy button," and, of course, an "upside down" button. The remote control becomes a fun tool that reinforces new vocabulary and relational concepts as children play along with the show


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Upside Down Show

S01E01 Movie theater 16/10/2006 Shane and David make a movie (directed by Puppet), then search for the movie theatre to watch it.
S01E02 Barbershop 17/10/2006 After visiting The Very Hairy room, Shane is apprehensive about getting a hair cut. David and his blanket Bob help Shane get to the barbershop
S01E03 Art Museum 18/10/2006 After finding no place to hang his newly created masterpiece; Shane, along with David, search for the art museum to hang it.
S01E04 Pet Shop 19/10/2006 Yearning for a relationship like that between Fido and Shane, David decides he needs a pet and after Shane and David visit the Puppy Room, where they find out where you can buy dogs, cats, rabbits or anything: the pet shop, they look for the pet shop.
S01E05 Camping 20/10/2006 After their bedrooms disappear, the boys search for another place to sleep.
S01E06 Picnic 02/11/2006 Shane and David take Fido the Fly on his first-ever picnic
S01E07 Airport 03/11/2006 Shane and David volunteer to pick up Puppet's cousin (Mary Annette) at the airport, but have to find it first
S01E08 Beach 04/11/2006 After losing the beach ball they were playing with, Shane and David search for the beach to find it
S01E09 Marching Band 05/11/2006 Shane and David invent imaginary musical instruments and set out to join a marching band.
S01E10 Birthday Party 05/01/2007 Shane and David are invited to a surprise birthday party that turns out to be for them!
S01E11 Farm 10/01/2007 Shane and David's band, the Talking Airheads, faces a setback when David's cow bell (which just so happens to be attached to an imaginary cow) disappears
S01E12 Ice Cream Truck 17/01/2007 Shane and David seek to discover the delicious, delectable, and DEEE-LIIIGHT-FUUUUL joys of the frozen treat known as ICE CREAM. They also need to get three imaginary pets out of their way: Evan the Pig, Helen the Baby Hippo, and Giorgio the Caterpillar.
S01E13 Mini Golf 02/02/2007 Shane and David are baffled when a mysterious orange thing appears in their living room. They use deductive reasoning to narrow down what it actually is like, and where it belongs