Affiche The Vanilla Ice Project
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Rob Van Winkle, aka rapper Vanilla Ice, and a crew of contractors renovate rooms in a 7,000 square foot Palm Beach mansion.


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S01E01 Nice, Nice...Landscaping 14/10/2010 It's all about curb appeal as Vanilla Ice and his construction crew tears out dead plants and tackles the landscaping. They need to make this house look like a million dollars - from the outside. A rock concert lighting expert stops by to help install exterior lighting, which uses a new LED system and draws hardly any power.
S01E02 Pool Party 14/10/2010 Vanilla Ice and his team give the backyard a facelift. He takes matters into his own hands and blasts out the dilapidated pool, puts down a sweet patio and installs some unexpected, but killer features like Tiki torches and a fire bowl.
S01E03 The Master Sweet 21/10/2010 Vanilla Ice and his crew put the "sweet" back into the master suite. They create a spa-like environment in the bathroom, lay down new carpeting, hook up a security system and put the luxury back into the mansion.
S01E04 The Tasty New Kitchen 28/10/2010 The crew has to customize some high-end cabinets to give the mansion's kitchen the perfect look, while Vanilla Ice finds counter tops that are fit for his palace. It's the most important room in the house and Vanilla Ice is giving it his all. Crew member Joey gets a deal on high-end cabinets, but has to customize them. Vanilla Ice looks to find counter tops that are fit for his palace.
S01E05 The Ugly Upstairs 04/11/2010 Vanilla Ice and his team renovate the upstairs of the mansion with a little help from his daughter's sixth grade class. Learn the tricks to installing new iron railing, laying down hardwood floors and repairing busted up walls as they give this second floor a rockin' new look.
S01E06 Living Room Rescue 11/11/2010 Vanilla Ice and his crew have a few tricks up their sleeves as they transform the living room from busted to bling. Features like a faux coral fire place, a wood composite that looks like iron and a new bar area give this house some rock star style.
S01E07 Rock Star Garage 18/11/2010 Vanilla Ice and his crew transform the garage from an unfinished and poorly-conceived screening room into a tricked-out haven for car enthusiasts. Watch and learn as they rip down the walls, lay down a high tech race floor, throw up some fresh diamond plate, faux paint the busted doors, and bling it all out in outrageous Ferrari colors.
S01E08 High Tech and Hidden 25/11/2010 Vanilla Ice discovers 500-square-feet of unused space in the house. It's the perfect opportunity to put in a high-tech screening room complete with sound proofing and theater seating.
S01E09 The Home Office 09/12/2010 The office presents more than a few design challenges for Vanilla Ice. He depends on his instincts and takes a chance to turn it into a multi-purpose space that will wow potential buyers.
S01E10 Rocking the Dining Room 16/12/2010 Vanilla Ice and his crew race to finish renovating the mansion. They bring in a staging expert and come up with a design philosophy that will help sell the house, while Joey and the gang finish off the last minute items. It's time for the big reveal. Vanilla Ice and the boys flip the dining room into a sweet place to feast. Rob is on the prowl for a new house to flip.
S01E11 Rapping It Up 01/01/2011 Vanilla Ice and his crew race to finish renovating the mansion. They bring in a staging expert and come up with a design philosophy that will help sell the house, while Joey and the gang finish off the last minute items. It's time for the big reveal.
S02E01 The Art of Curb Appeal 21/01/2012 Rob and his crew take the front yard to the top by adding custom gates, killer landscaping, a helicopter landing pad, and lights to make it shine - even at night.
S02E02 The Crazy Lazy River Pool 21/01/2012 Vanilla Ice and his crew create a new lagoon style pool.
S02E03 Tiki Island Oasis 28/01/2012 Vanilla Ice and his team complete the final step in creating a perfect oasis in the backyard - a Tiki Island. With the help of the native Seminole Indians, Rob and his crew create an ideal area for hanging out, grillin' and chillin'.
S02E04 The Killer Kitchen 04/02/2012 Vanilla Ice and his crew flip the bombed-out kitchen and dining room into a state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen.
S02E05 The Greatest Great Room 11/02/2012 Vanilla Ice and his crew bring some high style to the great room with a stone fireplace, marble floors and an over-the-top chandelier. But will Rob's big Hollywood film shoot derail the crew's tight schedule?
S02E06 Upstairs Reality Check 18/02/2012 Rob's daughters Dusti and Keelee help makeover the upstairs bedrooms. But when they get crazy with their designs, Rob has to reel them in.
S02E07 The Master Hideaway 25/02/2012 Vanilla Ice and his team design and build a one-of-a-kind master suite, complete with frescoes on the ceiling and a spa-like bathroom.
S02E08 The Ice House Retreat Suite 03/03/2012 Vanilla Ice and his crew build a retreat-suite for guests. Features like a murphy bed, sleek white marble, and a spa bathroom make this Ice House suite a true getaway.
S02E09 Baby Got Back Yard 10/03/2012 Vanilla Ice and his gang have to figure out how to take the backyard from zero to hero. Deluxe landscaping, a state of the art sprinkler system, and fun touches like a zip line and a fire pole should do the trick.
S02E10 The Ultimate Garage Getaway 17/03/2012 Vanilla Ice and his crew transform the old garage into a pimped-out refuge for car aficionados. They install a car lift, hurricane proof doors and rock star bling to complete the look.
S02E11 Elevator Up to the Mega Den 24/03/2012 Vanilla Ice crew and the Mega Dens crew team up to renovate an unused second-floor loft-space and turn it into the ultimate gaming room. Rob and the crew install a crazy glass elevator that opens directly into the gaming room.
S02E12 Boom-Boom Screening Room 31/03/2012 Vanilla Ice and his team turn a dated, oversized room into a super high-tech theater room with a killer sound system and all the bells and whistles.
S02E13 Punch List Olympics 07/04/2012 With an open house on the schedule, Vanilla Ice and the gang race to finish renovations on the mansion.
S03E01 Raising the Roof 27/01/2013 Before any work can start inside Rob (aka Vanilla Ice) has to fix the roof. But it's no easy task. He and the crew tear the dilapidated roof off the house and replace it with an epic hurricane-proof masterpiece, complete with an observation deck.
S03E02 Picking Up the Pool 10/02/2013 In Florida having a nice pool is a must. So Vanilla Ice and his crew decide to salvage as much of the existing pool as possible but also kick it up a notch. They bust up the bombed out pool at this house to turn it into a tropical oasis fit for a rock star.
S03E03 Living In Style 17/02/2013 Vanilla Ice and his crew flip the script on the great room in the house transforming it into a living and dining room, with a bar area, new fireplace, and decorative lighting. Complete with not one - but two chandeliers!
S03E04 Fun in the Sun 24/02/2013 Rob wants to turn this house into a place where a family can play and enjoy the sunshine and Florida weather. So he and his team turn the old washed out tennis court into an epic sports court for basketball, volleyball, tennis or hockey. They also build a one of a kind swing to sail over the lake on.
S03E05 A Masterful Bedroom 03/03/2013 Rob wants to take advantage of the amazing view and layout to create a unique bedroom retreat. He designs a ultra-lux master suite complete with a bamboo ceiling application, hand painted wallpaper and a cushy sunroom.
S03E06 Kitchen Conversion 10/03/2013 In order to sell a home fast the kitchen has to stand out - but unfortunately this one aint gonna cut it. So Rob and the crew completely tear out the old kitchen and put in a brand new, state of the art chef's kitchen now complete with a new theater area makes this room the true heart of the home.
S03E07 Customers to the Curb 17/03/2013 In order to sell a house - you have to get customers to the curb. Vanilla Ice and his guys update the outside of the mansion with new cultured stone, paint, a fountain, and killer custom doors - all in hopes of putting this house on the map.
S03E08 Master Bath Retreat 24/03/2013 Vanilla Ice and his crew deck out the dated and hated master bathroom, transforming it into an epic retreat with a freestanding tub, spa-shower, onyx counter tops and a connecting privacy patio for the ultimate escape
S03E09 Garage Busters 31/03/2013 People in South Florida love their cars. Rob and his crew decide to trick out the decimated garage by converting it into a Big-Boy Retreat secure enough to house even the most luxurious rides - complete with a side patio for grilling and chilling - the garage evolves into a multi-purpose hangout zone for fun.
S03E10 A Tiki Island Paradise 07/04/2013 People in South Florida love their cars. Rob and his crew decide to trick out the decimated garage by converting it into a Big-Boy Retreat secure enough to house even the most luxurious rides - complete with a side patio for grilling and chilling - the garage evolves into a multi-purpose hangout zone for fun.
S03E11 VIP Landscaping 14/04/2013 Rob and the guys put their landscaping skills to the test by renovating the bombed out yard. From excavating issues to neighbor complaints, Vanilla Ice and his crew have to push through the weeds to turn the yard into a lush environment to relax in.
S03E12 Sleeping in Style 21/04/2013 Rob and his team rehab the "Jill & Jill" bedrooms and guest suite - making the mansion a stylish place to sleep. Rob's daughter, Keelee even gets in on the action, offering her tips and style ideas for the kids bedrooms.
S03E13 Open House to the Stars 28/04/2013 Vanilla Ice and his crew tackle what's left of their mansion renovation. They race to stage and button up all of the loose ends before their scheduled luau and open house party - where they plan to show off all their hard work.
S04E01 A Greater Room 08/03/2014 Rob and his crew take on the ghastly great room and transform it into a luxurious living space complete with shiny marble floors, a natural stone fireplace and a home theater built by hand.
S04E02 Kickstarting the Kitchen 08/03/2014 Rob and his guys may have bitten off more than they can chew when faced with the challenge of crafting a Tuscan style kitchen, complete with brand new appliances, cabinetry and a one-of-a-kind ceiling mural.
S04E04 Poolside Pump Up 22/03/2014 In order to give their barren backyard some serious swag, Rob and his crew construct an epic swimming pool from scratch, complete with an infinity edge and swim-up bar.
S04E05 You Can't Take the House 29/03/2014 All bets are off when Rob and his crew design an exclusive poker room for their million dollar estate, complete with hardwood flooring, a wine rack and custom wallpaper. The guys also raise the stakes when blinging out the dining room and foyer.
S04E06 Master Breakdown 05/04/2014 Rob and his crew pull out all the stops when they turn their bland master bedroom into a suite spot for future homeowners to call their own, complete with a fancy ceiling application, hardwood floors and a private entryway to the hot tub.
S04E07 Game On! 12/04/2014 Rob and his guys are in pursuit of fun in the sun when they pump up their expansive property with entertaining amenities such as a volleyball court, putting green and a family friendly water park.
S04E08 Kings of the Curb 19/04/2014 There's only one chance to make a first impression and Vanilla Ice and his crew are up to the challenge. Before buyers come to the door, they must transform the monstrous maroon mansion with a new coat of paint, an elegant water fountain and cultured stone accents.
S04E09 The Upstairs Upheaval 26/04/2014 Between the game room, the deck and the kid's bedrooms, Rob and his team have their hands full when flipping the plain jane upstairs. Rob's daughter offers her own design ideas to make these rooms shine for future families.
S04E11 The Lakeside Lounge 10/05/2014 It's either sink or swim when Rob and his crew attempt to put their lakeside property on the map by building aquatic additions that include a boat dock, beach area and an authentic tiki hut.
S04E12 Green on the Scene 17/05/2014 Rob and his crew get to flex their green thumbs with the landscaping of their expansive estate. From transplanting existing trees to bringing in a bevy of exotic Floridian flora, these guys know how to bring their yard into full bloom.
S04E13 Wide Open House 24/05/2014 It's a rush to the finish as Rob and his crew prepare to put their recently renovated estate on the market. From final touches to staging the key rooms, it's a race against the clock in preparation for their open house extravaganza.
S00E01 Ice My House 27/01/2011 Vanilla Ice is back, and this time he's renovating your home. Thousands of DIY Network viewers sent video submissions for the Ice My House contest, and this year the lucky winners are the Nunez family from Lake Worth, Fla. The one-hour special follows Vanilla Ice as he surprises the family with a $30,000 rock star renovation to their backyard and patio, complete with a water feature, retractable pergola, an iguana house and enough tropical plants to make it feel like a jungle paradise. The project is put on ice when a full-blown hurricane roars into town, but the crew digs deep and delivers - big time.
S00E02 Best of: Pools 17/10/2015 Vanilla Ice counts down his favorite pool renovations including a lazy-river style pool.
S00E03 Best of: Kitchens 24/10/2015 Vanilla Ice counts down his favorite kitchen renovations. Rob starts his first kitchen flip by retrofitting the cabinets and backsplash to the original footprint. He customizes every detail, including a massive jellyfish tank wall.
S00E04 Best of: Master Suites 31/10/2015 Vanilla Ice revisits his favorite master suite makeovers, during which he tears down walls, windows and doors to create luxurious and dazzling spaces.
S00E05 Best of: Landscaping 07/11/2015 Rob takes outdoor living to the extreme, from a backyard zip line to a pirate-ship splash pad.
S00E06 Best of: Boom Rooms 14/11/2015 Vanilla Ice transforms some boring unused spaces into spectacular spaces; Rob turns a small study into a wine and poker room; he turns a simple entertaining room into an old-school movie theater complete with theater seats.