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With so many Americans aspiring to care for the environment and create their own outdoor living spaces, The Victory Garden's unique fusion of garden design, earth-to-table cooking, and eco-conscious how-to tips is of greater interest today than ever before in its more than 30-year history. The newest season of The Victory Garden takes viewers on a coast-to-coast journey—from a Napa Valley garden of fruits, vegetables, and herbs modeled after the 16th-century Jardins du Villandry in France, to a Massachusetts farm that provides pristine produce to some of the finest restaurants in Boston. Source:


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S35E01 Ozark Shitakes 00/00/0000 Chef Daniel Klein is off to Arkansas to learn about shiitake mushrooms grown in a purely sustainable way. Then it’s on to the northwest to dig for geoduck and harvest sea salt and sea beans. Back in the Victory Garden, Roger Swain shows different varieties of cherry tomatoes and Marian Morash makes a delicious garden fresh salad.
S35E02 A Farming State of Mind 00/00/0000 Chef Daniel Klein is on the road to South Carolina to learn about the value of heirloom seeds and how they produce flavorful and sustainable food. After that, it’s time to explore community supported rooftop gardens in Brooklyn and the Bronx, New York, before heading back to the Victory Garden. Roger Swain plants potatoes and leeks, while chef Marian Morash makes a garden-to-table rhubarb crisp.
S35E03 Oil and Water 00/00/0000 In this episode, see an entirely different approach to dairy farming — the cows are raised naturally and humanely, producing exceptionally delicious milk. Then venture to North Carolina to meet a farmer growing heirloom corn and sugar cane. Back in the Victory Garden, it’s time to harvest some greens, which chef Marian uses in a crisp spinach salad.
S35E04 Bountiful Canyon 00/00/0000 Sail a small boat off the coast of Louisiana, harvest local shrimp and fish, and prepare an amazing lunch onboard, complete with fresh herbs from a local garden. After that, set off to the canyons of Utah to learn how two brothers farm in a truly sustainable way in one of the most remote areas of the country. In the Victory Garden, Roger plants his own corn and beans; then chef Marian sautés bok choi fresh from the garden.
S35E05 Crab and Urchin 00/00/0000 It’s a good and full day on sea and land, first to harvest crab and sea urchin off the California coast. Then, with the catch in hand, prepare a feast with local farm workers who strive to maintain their traditions and culture while doing the hard labor of sustainable farming. Further up the coast, at Magnolia Farm in Oregon, learn the story of naturally raised lamb and a feast to celebrate it. In the Victory Garden, Roger checks on the endives and makes mulch; chef Marian creates an artichoke appetizer.
S35E06 After The Flood 00/00/0000 In upstate New York, learn about the devastating impact on local farmers by Hurricane Irene and the importance and role of CSAs in helping them weather the storm. Chef Daniel demonstrates how to make some wonderful side dishes with farm-to-table ingredients. Then, ride the river in Peoria, Illinois, to catch the sustainable Asian carp. Back at the Victory Garden, Roger plants eggplant and chef Marian makes a Chinese cabbage salad.
S35E07 The Northeast Kingdom 00/00/0000 This week, take a trip to Vermont to meet people involved with sustainable farming and see the foods they produce. In San Francisco, three local farms combine the foods they produce for one amazing restaurant meal to celebrate their hard work and support of local agriculture. In the Victory Garden, Roger explains how to grow butternut squash, and chef Marian makes cilantro and mango chutney.
S35E08 Down East to Pemiquid 00/00/0000 Off the coast of Maine, catch lobster and learn about the sustainability issues faced by the local captains. Then meet a unique man who’s discovered a way of life that feeds his soul while harvesting seaweed to feed others. Staying on the water, head to Maryland and learn about the virtues of oyster farms and their critical role in helping preserve natural resources. Back in the Victory Garden, Roger demonstrates how to prepare a garden bed and plants leeks and tomatoes, while chef Marian prepares a broccoli and crabmeat quiche.
S35E09 Mountain Morels 00/00/0000 In the mountains of the Eastern Cascades, hunt for morel mushrooms and see how they’re prepared for an unforgettable dinner around the campfire. Outside Taos, New Mexico, meet a farmer and outdoorsman who illustrates how to find flavorful food growing naturally on the land. In the Victory Garden, it’s time to learn about apples and sorrel; chef Marian uses the sorrel to prepare farm-fresh salmon.
S35E10 Catch Frog....Eat Frog 00/00/0000 In Arkansas, we catch and prepare frogs, before traveling to Maryland to explore the other end of the spectrum, meeting a local farmer who’s created an animal sanctuary to save livestock from slaughter. It’s a study in contrasts of two approaches to sustainability. Back at home, Roger plants and harvests peas, and chef Marian makes a pea and cucumber side dish.
S35E11 The Cows and The Horses 00/00/0000 In Montana, meet a rancher and his family with an entirely new take on raising cows and horses and the related management of the land. In Florida, spend a day with a fisherman — armed only with a hand net — who catches local mullet that chef Daniel prepares for a local dinner. At the Victory Garden, Roger checks on the onions and potatoes and chef Marian makes a braised broccoli rabe.
S35E12 California Gleaning 00/00/0000 In California, visit with farmers and community groups who distribute excess crops to food pantries and people in need. In Rhode Island, learn about small stock food strategies and the role that insects can play in food production. In the Victory Garden, it’s time to harvest cauliflower, onions and leeks, and chef Marian then makes a garden-to-table lettuce salad.
S35E13 Southern Feast 00/00/0000 Travel to Georgia to meet farmers and foragers who gather local ingredients for a feast in the fields, with chef Daniel showing how to make a spectacular farm-to-table meal. Back in his home in Minnesota, Daniel takes fresh, local ingredients to make bread and pickles. In the Victory Garden, Roger shares the secrets of growing garlic and eggplant, and chef Marian uses them to make a delectable eggplant and goat cheese dip.
S255E01 Perennial Favorites 03/10/2009 Host Jamie Durie kicks off The Victory Garden's 34th season on PBS with an exploration of the Huntington Botanical Gardens in California, and explains how to use the art of staging to put your plants in the spotlight. Then, gardening correspondent Paul Epsom takes a trip to the world famous New York Botanical Garden. This garden is home to more than a million plants—including those in the vibrant, artist-inspired perennial gardens. Paul takes the tour and offers up his perennial favorites from this amazing collection. Still have those green, hard-to-ripen tomatoes left in your garden? Use them up before the cooler weather sets in. Resident chef Michel Nischan shares a recipe for green tomatoes that you won't want to miss!
S255E02 Inspired Gardens 10/10/2009 This week Victory Garden host Jamie Durie demonstrates how to create a dramatic bougainvillea espalier of your own, inspired by The Getty Museum in California. Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom takes us on a "seasonal walk" through the world-famous New York Botanical Garden to demonstrate how to maintain a low-maintenance seasonal border all year long. Finally resident chef Michel Nischan teams up with renowned Boston-based chef Barbara Lynch to dry vegetables for year-round use and stir them up into a hearty Italian summer Minestra—a flavorful soup that uses the garden to its best advantage.
S255E03 Light Up Your Garden 17/10/2009 Host Jamie Durie visits the renowned Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, CA, to take a closer look at specimens that reflect light, absorb light, or bring light into your garden. Meanwhile, gardening correspondent, Paul Epsom is in New York City searching for a cleaner, greener Big Apple. The city is attempting to shrink its carbon footprint, and one of the ways it's succeeding in doing so is through the "Million Trees" initiative. The New York Restoration Project is behind this effort—and while it takes being out on the streets planting trees one at a time, it's starting to make a real difference. Finally, Chef Michel Nischan, will be on hand to take us from garden to table. This week he's creating a delicious, healthy "three sisters" succotash featuring beans, corn, and pumpkin.
S255E04 Edible Gardens 24/10/2009 This week we're digging in and showing you how to prepare, grow and feast from a victory garden of your very own. Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom shares tips from New York's finest—the edible gardens at the New York Botanical Garden. We'll also learn the art of seed saving, a technique that will enable you to grow the best from the past—magnificent varieties of antique flowers and heirlooms vegetables. Host Jamie Durie will be in Sonoma California to tour the Cornerstone Festival of Gardens which features garden ideas form the worlds' leading architects. And Chef Michel Nischan talks potatoes in his "homegrown segment" offering up practical tips on how best to grow, cook, and eat them.
S255E05 Urban Oasis 31/10/2009 We're going coast to coast on The Victory Garden today, starting with host Jamie Durie who takes you to a city oasis that sits on top of the Frank Gehry-designed Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Then, what do the rapper 50-cent, actress Bette Midler, and the Broadway show Wicked all have in common? Would you believe victory gardens? All of these folks are working with the New York Restoration Project's citywide effort to grow and eat local. And the result? Community gardens are popping up all over the city. Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom is in New York to check it out and gather tips on how you can build a community garden of your own. Finally, celebrated chefs Michel Nischan and Barbara Lynch visit Boston's oldest farmer's market and mix up a fresh salad using the very best local seasonal produce.
S255E06 Edible 11/10/2008 Edible gardens are making a comeback. The cost of food is skyrocketing—fuel costs are beyond what we've ever imagined here in the United States. Why not grow your own? This week, four different stories that feature edible gardening. Jamie Durie visits COPIA, the American Center for Food and Wine. There, he tours their extensive vegetable gardens and orchards to learn about their philosophy and, especially, their innovative beds that feature herbs, ornamentals, and edibles together. Paul Epsom visits an exclusively herb nursery where he learns about some very unique selections and this week's "Homegrown" will share a technique that will teach you how to dry some of your in-season produce for use throughout the winter. Then join Jamie as he learns about the benefits of compost tea in the garden.
S255E07 Horizontal 12/10/2007 Plants that spread; cobble improves the look of a driveway; water-wise ground cover; squash.
S255E08 Easy 19/10/2007 The Getty Museum in Los Angeles; decorating a late-season garden with bold ideas for fall containers; growing vegetables and pickling.
S255E09 Sky 26/10/2007 Tracking tools; how weather and climate affect plant choices; designing with sight in mind; jam made with blackberries and jalapenos.
S255E10 Friends: Entertain with a Twist 00/00/0000
S255E11 Earth: Celebrate the Earth 00/00/0000