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This absorbing series compiles an impressive roster of documentaries that illuminate the history-making 1812 battle between the United States and Great Britain, a war that at first appeared to be a lost cause. But with Andrew Jackson as America's leader, the country emerged victorious. Programs include "First Invasion: The War of 1812"; "The Battle of New Orleans"; and "The Ironclads." Also contains a detailed biography of Jackson.


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S01E01 First Invasion: The War of 1812 12/09/2004 After the British invade the Capital and burn much of it down, the fledgling America appears on the verge of total collapse. But soldiers make a stand against the British in Baltimore, and the momentum improbably shifts to America's inferior forces. Follow their journey to victory, as they defend their threatened democracy.
S01E02 Save Our History: Star Spangled Banner 00/00/0000 A close look at the siege of Fort McHenry in Baltimore, one of the key moments of the War of 1812. In the midst of battle, Francis Scott Key, an American lawyer on-board a British vessel, pens a poetic tribute that becomes immortalized as a national anthem.
S01E03 The Battle of New Orleans 00/00/0000 With only a motley group of Creoles, freeborn blacks, local Native Americans, and poorly armed frontiersmen, General Andrew Jackson defeats the same forces that brought Napoleon down - effectively ending the War of 1812.
S01E04 Andrew Jackson: a Man for the People 00/00/0000 His exploits during the War of 1812 are legendary and he transformed the American presidency. As this episode of Biography attests, "Old Hickory" was much more than a self-made frontiersman from Tennessee.
S01E05 The Ironclads 00/00/0000 Track the lineage of the greatest nautical achievements of the pas two centuries. The ironclad ships that played a pivotal role in the War of 1812 evolved into the turreted monitors that helped bring Admiral David Farragut victory in the American Civil War, presaging the modern dreadnoughts of the 20th century.