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Laconic cowboy Dave Blasingame wanders the Wild West with his faithful dog Brown and the occasional companionship of pal Burgundy Smith.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Westerner

S01E01 Jeff 00/00/0000 Dave is out to kill a man named Danny Lipp, who runs a run down bordertown Saloon. In the End, he leaves after only beating up Danny Lipp.
S01E02 School Days 00/00/0000 When a man murders a schoolteacher, Dave finds him, and shoots him. But the man still gets away. When Dave finds him, he is dying, with his two brothers by his side. The brothers try to pin his ""murder"" on Dave.
S01E03 Brown 00/00/0000 A smooth talker ends up with Dave's dog, Brown
S01E04 Mrs. Kennedy 00/00/0000 Trouble's brewing when Dave is hired to work for a rancher whose wife has eyes for Dave.
S01E05 Dos Pinos 00/00/0000 When Dave looks for room and board in a small town, he gets more than his fair share of fun when he learns of the gun happy Cantina named Puak. He also finds a wounded deputy
S01E06 The Courting of Libby 00/00/0000 Dave courts Libby
S01E07 Treasure 00/00/0000 Dave and his dog Brown take shelter during a dust storm, and find a bag full of gold coins. But when the prospector who owns the coins comes along, he is anxious to get the gold back from Dave.
S01E08 The Old Man 00/00/0000 Dave wants his horse and Rifle back after they are stolen by a bunch of land grabbers
S01E09 Ghost of a Chance 00/00/0000 Dave meets up with a ghost
S01E10 Line Camp 00/00/0000 Dave and Brown find a dead man on the trail. They take him to a cattle camp, where he meets an old friend of his. But when Daves friend gets drunk and picks a fight with Dave, Dave has no choice to shoot his old friend.
S01E11 Going Home 00/00/0000 On his way home, Dave sees two women pushing a cart with a adly wounded man inside. Dave helps protect the Trio from the bounty hunters after the $2000 reward out for the man's capture.
S01E12 Hand on the Gun 00/00/0000 A young man provokes a gunfight between Dave and another cowhand.
S01E13 The Painting 00/00/0000 When Dave is fired from the ranch, he is hired to track down a very rare and expensive painting. But when Daves friend finds out about it, he tries to snooker it from Dave for considerably less than it is worth.

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