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Based on the novels by Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows is the classic story of the adventures of Mole, Badger, Rat and Toad of Toad Hall, set in Edwardian England of 1908. Mole sets out from his underground home to discover the world and is befriended by the river loving Water Rat who introduces him to the madcap aristocrat Mr. Toad. Together with Grandfatherly Badger they encounter the rascally Weasels, face the terrors of Wild Wood, and see Mr. Toad through a series of headlong escapades until they return once again to the peace of the English countryside.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The Wind in the Willows

S01E01 The Further Adventures of Toad 27/04/1984 After having overthrown the Weasels in the battle of Toad Hall, Toad hosts a celebration dinner for his friends. He reminisces about his time in prison, escape from jail, his exploits with the barge woman, etc. His friends are less than impressed with how he handled some of the situations, but Toad gets offended when they tell him so.
S01E02 The Kidnapping of Toad 04/05/1984 Invited to the weasels' den for a 'literary evening', Toad is taken prisoner and a ransom demanded. Badger has no intention of paying for his return, but Toad's incessant chatter drives the weasels to distraction, so they play a final trick on him before letting him go free.
S01E03 The Ghost at Mole End 11/05/1984 Mole hears sounds which he cannot account for. It leads him to fear that there might be a ghost in his house. Eventually, though, he discovers that the sounds are produced by a hedgehog which has fallen into a crevice immediately above his burrow. With the help of rat, he saves the animal.
S01E04 The Great Steamer 18/05/1984 The weasels buy the part of the Wild Wood upon which stands the entrance to Badger's home. They order Badger to vacate the property. When Badger takes the weasels to court, the judge decides in their favour, as the weasels' deed to the property appears to be valid. It is mole who saves the day when he discovers a Roman document signed by Julius Caesar which conveys the ownership of the area that is now the Wild Wood to the badgers and their descendants. With this document in hand, Badger is able to chase the weasels away only minutes before they take permanent possession of his burrow.
S01E05 Buried Treasure 25/05/1984 The Chief Weasel visits Badger (with Mole) revealing he and the other weasels buy the part of the Wild Wood upon which stands the entrance to Badger's home. To the horrified shock of Mole, he orders Badger to vacate the property in three days noon, giving him the document from the court of law. When Badger takes the weasels, Rat, Mole and the youngsters to court, Mrs. Carrington-Moss decides in their favour, as the weasels' deed to the property appears to be valid. Badger, faced with eviction, prepares to leave his domicile despite the friendship he always treasured from Rat, Mole and the youngsters. However, it is Mole who saves the day when he discovers a Roman document signed by Julius Caesar; which conveys the ownership of the area that is now the Wild Wood to the badgers, and their descendants. With this document in hand, Badger and Mole are able to chase the weasels away only minutes before they take permanent possession of his burrow in a struggle against Rat and the youngsters.
S01E06 Mole's Cousin 01/06/1984 Mole's cousin, a famous literary figure called Auberon Mole, comes to stay after being invited by Toad to a 'literary soiree.' Mole's friends deem his dwelling and appearance too humble for the famous guest, and 'try to give him a little bit of style'. Toad and Ratty redecorate Mole's house, and Badger sets out to teach Mole a smattering of Latin and Shakespearean drama. Eventually Mole decides to resist the attempts to have him present himself as someone he is not. Auberon and Mole have a lovely time, and the others are somewhat ashamed of their earlier actions.
S01E07 The Grand Annual Show 09/11/1984 Mole's jam, Rat's walnut cake, Badger's pickled walnuts, and Toad's 'homemade' elderflower wine all compete to be best in show. The weasels also have an abnormally large pumpkin. But two competitors aren't playing fair...
S01E08 The Open Road Again 16/11/1984 On a Toad inspired hiking trip attended by Mole and Ratty, the trio soon bump into an old friend - Alfred the horse who once pulled Toad's caravan. Tired of the ghastly 3 quarters of a mile journey thus far, Toad leads the way to the derelict caravan full of desire to hit "the open road again". In no time at all, Toad is off on another craze astride his new Dersey-Patterson bicycle.
S01E09 Wayfarers All 23/11/1984 Based on chapter 9 of the original book. The Rat is visited by a seafarer, who captivates him with stories of his travels, and entices him to journey south, to embark on a ship bound for Constantinople. Mole and Toad must catch him before he leaves the River Bank behind forever.
S01E10 The Weasels' Trap 30/11/1984 After Badger interrupts the Chief Weasel's attempts to rob Billy Rabbit in the Wild Wood, the angry Chief plots his revenge. When his henchman stumbles upon an old hunter's trap, he sees what seems to be the perfect opportunity. However, despite the Chief setting everything up, things go horribly wrong when the henchman tries to relocate the trap.
S01E11 Burglary at Toad Hall 07/12/1984 Toad opens Toad Hall to the public in order to (modestly) show of his many family heirlooms. But the weasels have a dastardly plan to sabotage his efforts. All Toads possessions begin to disappear, causing him terrible embarrassment. Fortunately, Badger is on hand to save the day.
S01E12 The Piper at the Gates of Dawn 14/12/1984 Another dramatisation of an episode from Kenneth Grahame’s book (chapter 7). Portly, Otter's young son, goes missing. He has picked the worst possible time – there are otter-hunters on the prowl. Ratty and Mole set out on a mission to find him, and in the process have a supernatural encounter with the god Pan- a statue under which Portly, who has also encountered him, is found sleeping.
S01E13 The Yuletide Entertainment 24/12/1984 The riverbank residents are organising a fun gathering where they show off their singing, dancing and instrument-playing talents: Otter on the piano; Rat playing accordion and singing Uptails All; Badger's slideshow journey across the world. The pièce de résistance (Toad singing excerpts from Gilbert and Sullivan) suffers a setback when he swallows his fake moustache just before coming on. Mole, who had not intended to appear in the show, is drafted in at the last minute to sing. The episode finishes with a lovely choir song: “Joy Shall be Yours in the Morning”. Sadly, Toad finally manages to cough up his moustache just as the guests are saying their goodnights.
S02E01 Winter Sports 24/12/1985 One night, Toad senses that it is growing colder and realises that it is snowing. He immediately develops a passion for the Winter Sports, and invites all his friends to join in. While Badger, Rat and Mole supervise the children's competitions, a thrilling downhill race is organised - the weasels on their bobsleigh vs. Toad on his skis. The weasels naturally decide to cheat, but the day still ends well, even for the unfortunate Toad.
S02E02 Toad, Photographer 07/01/1986
S02E03 The Rescue 14/01/1986
S02E04 Bankruptcy 21/01/1986
S02E05 The Storm 28/01/1986
S02E06 Patient: Toad 04/02/1986
S02E07 The Labyrinth 11/02/1986
S02E08 Harvest 18/02/1986
S02E09 Auberon's Return 25/02/1986
S02E10 The Great Golfing Gamble 04/03/1986
S02E11 Gadget Mad 11/03/1986
S02E12 May Day 25/03/1986
S02E13 Fancy Dress 01/04/1986
S03E01 Paperchase 30/12/1986
S03E02 Mercury of the Motorbicycle 08/01/1987
S03E03 Mr. Toad's Telephone 15/01/1987
S03E04 Toad, Astronomer 22/01/1987
S03E05 Caught in a Maze 29/01/1987
S03E06 School Days 05/02/1987
S03E07 Badger's Remedy 12/02/1987
S03E08 Masterchef 19/02/1987
S03E09 Fire at Toad Hall 26/02/1987
S03E10 Unlikely Allies 05/03/1987
S03E11 A Producer's Lot 12/03/1987
S03E12 Champion of the Green Baize 19/03/1987
S03E13 Winter Haunts 26/03/1987
S04E01 Auld Lang Syne 31/12/1987
S04E02 Bricks and Mortar 06/01/1988
S04E03 The Lost River 13/01/1988
S04E04 The Tournament 20/01/1988
S04E05 Lord Toad 27/01/1988
S04E06 Hot Air 03/02/1988
S04E07 Fighting Fit 10/02/1988
S04E08 Hall For Sale 17/02/1988
S04E09 Toad's Harvest 24/02/1988
S04E10 Monster of the Wild Wood 02/03/1988
S04E11 Remember, Remember 09/03/1988
S04E12 Tunnels and Tremors 16/03/1988
S04E13 Happy New Year 23/03/1988
S05E01 The Chief's Return 27/03/1990
S05E02 Oarsman Toad 03/04/1990
S05E03 Midsummer Night's Disaster 10/04/1990
S05E04 The Compleat Bungler 17/04/1990
S05E05 Mr. Toad of 'The Times' 24/04/1990
S05E06 Toad in Motion 01/05/1990
S05E07 Piano-Roll Toad 08/05/1990
S05E08 Gypsy Toad 15/05/1990
S05E09 Hip-Hip Soiree! 22/05/1990
S05E10 Happy Birthday! 29/05/1990
S05E11 A Toad in Time 05/06/1990
S05E12 Toad in Love 19/06/1990
S05E13 Toad: Film Maker 03/07/1990
S00E01 The Wind In The Willows (1983 Film) 27/12/1983 The Wind in the Willows is a 1983 79-minute film by the studio Cosgrove Hall for Thames Television and aired on the ITV network. The movie is based on Kenneth Grahame's classic story The Wind in the Willows. It won a BAFTA award and an international Emmy award. Subsequently the studio made a 52 episodes series, The Wind in the Willows based on characters from the Wind in the Willows between 1984 and 1990. Stone Roses guitarist John Squire worked on this series for Cosgrove Hall. Voice actors on this adaptation included David Jason, Ian Carmichael and Michael Hordern.
S00E02 A Tale of Two Toads 06/12/1989 The Chief Weasel discovers that Toad has a double: an actor, impersonator and con artist (in short, someone after his own heart) called Isambard Bilbone Toad. Together, they form a plan which involves the kidnapping of the real Toad and the acquisition of Toad Hall, all without the riverbankers noticing. Once this is done, Isambard continues to play the rôle of Toad in public, having perfected his voice and mannerisms. However, Badger, Rat and Mole cannot help noticing some slight oddities about their friend, particularly when he spreads slanderous remarks that the three have supposedly made about each other. Then, as if that were not strange enough, Toad breaks off his friendship with them, in favour of the weasels who are now sharing the Hall. Eventually, Badger’s keen observation leads them to realise the truth, and they must now rescue the real Toad before the weasels put an even more audacious plan into action…