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From the creative minds of the Academy Award winning Weta Workshop comes the WotWots, a stunning new television series for preschoolers. Filmed at Wellington and Auckland Zoos, this homegrown sensation follows the adventures of two adorable siblings from outer space, SpottyWot and DottyWot. These delightful creatures come to explore planet earth in their steam-powered spaceship and arrive in the middle of a zoo. This inquisitive and energetic brother and sister duo delight in discovering all the exotic animals that live at the zoo, as they scoot around on their hover-chairs. The WotWots wonder who they are and what they'll look like when they are fully grown adults. Will they look like one of the zoo animals outside? Through their escapades, the WotWots encourage children to be creative, inventive and expressive as they share their discoveries with their preschooler audience. The show is energetic, colourful and entertaining, with all adventures built on one central ingredient which defines the series - the joy of learning and discovery. In each episode the WotWots help children to celebrate and understand the diversity of the animal world. They recognise kindness and co-operation as core values, delight in learning new words and enjoy exploring their creativity through drawing.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de The WotWots

S01E01 Scary Sucky Noise 00/00/0000 The adventures of two aliens as they learn about Earth. In this first episode, the WotWots investigate a strange noise.
S01E02 Fruity Loopies 00/00/0000 DottyWot makes loopy fruities for breakfast, and SpottyWot realises his long drinking straw is like a giraffe's neck
S01E03 Lanky Landing Legs 00/00/0000 DottyWot spots a pair of unusual pink legs through the Sneak-a-peek.
S01E04 Spot a DottyWot 00/00/0000 SpottyWot looks for his sister using a Sneak-a-peek, but ends up finding a new animal instead.
S01E05 Stripe a Lotty Wotty 00/00/0000 The aliens follow a stripy animal and decide they would like to have stripes too.
S01E06 Plodda Lotty 00/00/0000 SpottyWot is in a mood to zoom and is frustrated that his sister is not moving fast enough. However, he is impressed when he finds a creature that does everything slowly
S01E07 Drowsy DottyWot 00/00/0000 On a warm and sunny day, the big-hearted aliens decide to join the animals of the zoo in taking a midday nap.
S01E08 Top and Tail 00/00/0000 Spottywot's chair runs out of fuel, leaving him hanging from the ship's rail and he discovers he is not the only one who can swing from his hands
S01E09 Fluffy Puffies 00/00/0000 Dotty watches cloud shapes drift by and looks for animals at the zoo that are just as fluffy and white
S01E10 Coughy Wot 00/00/0000 pottyWot's chair has a cold and keeps sneezing, so the duo try to it cheer up
S01E11 Stretch and Grow 00/00/0000 SpottyWot finds an animal that can show him how to stretch. Narrated by Nicholas Parsons
S01E12 Sneaky Squawky 00/00/0000 SpottyWot is upset when his brightest shiny crayons go missing, so his sister sets out to find them for him
S01E13 Twisty Sticks 00/00/0000 SpottyWot is upset when his antenna goes straight and spiky - until he finds an animal who is proud to be covered in lots of prickly bits
S01E14 Skip-a-Lotty Wotty 00/00/0000 SpottyWot loves to skip and bounce, and goes to the zoo to find out what creatures do the same.
S01E15 Bubblywots 00/00/0000 ?The alien duo get the hiccups after finishing their fizzy drinks
S01E16 Egg Sighting 00/00/0000 The aliens learn about warning signs around the zoo and make a giant notice for their egg-shaped ship to warn off any giant hens that try to sit on it.
S01E17 HicHoppity Wott 00/00/0000 SpottyWot gets the hiccups, so DottyWot heads out into the zoo to investigate a croaking animal that seems to have the same complaint
S01E18 Creepalongy Wot 00/00/0000 SpottyWot investigates how animals camouflage themselves in the zoo, to help him sneak up on his sister.
S01E19 Blinky Winky 00/00/0000 SpottyWot has a staring contest with DottyWot, before visiting the zoo to discover which creatures can out-stare his sister.
S01E20 Topsy Turvy Wotty 00/00/0000 The aliens learn about creatures that hang upside down when SpottyWot does stunts in his flying chair and DottyWot visits the zoo
S01E21 Go the Greens 00/00/0000 SpottyWot refuses to eat broccoli soup, so DottyWot sets out to show him that greens are important. Narrated by Nicholas Parsons
S01E22 Tickle Toes 00/00/0000 DottyWot helps SpottyWot to scratch his feet, before the pair head out into the zoo to meet an animal that can use its toes like fingers
S01E23 HotWots 00/00/0000 he aliens warm up on a cold day and learn how the zoo animals cope in frosty weather.
S01E24 Copy Copy Wotty 00/00/0000 The aliens think they can hear a fellow WotWot calling their name, but on further investigation discover another colourful creature
S01E25 WetWots 00/00/0000 SpottyWot sets out to find a real dinosaur after seeing a picture of one
S01E26 Slurpy Lurpy Lips 00/00/0000 When DottyWot insists on napping in the sun, SpottyWot heads off to play catch on his own, but is delighted when a zoo animal decides to join in
S01E27 Spring Wotty 00/00/0000 DottyWot is disappointed when she loses a jumping competition, so she visits a zoo to find animals she can learn from.
S01E28 Socket Sprocket Pocket 00/00/0000 SpottyWot tries to fix his sister's broken chair, but keeps on losing his spanner. Luckily, one of the zoo's residents is on hand to show him how to keep important things safe.
S01E29 Sir SpottyWot 00/00/0000 DottyWot decides to become a knight and sets out to find a dragon in the zoo.
S01E30 Floppy Flufties 00/00/0000 The two aliens play a guessing game with their fluffy antennae, and visit the zoo to find an animal that might like to join in
S01E31 Peak-a-Beak 00/00/0000 The aliens try to draw in the dark, but find it very difficult.
S01E32 The Digger They Are 00/00/0000 SpottyWot thinks a big digger laying drains at the zoo is a hungry animal
S01E33 Laugh a Lotty 00/00/0000 The aliens pull funny faces, but are not the only ones laughing
S01E34 Double Bumpies 00/00/0000 SpottyWot thinks he has discovered a strange animal with two heads, and sets out to find it in the zoo
S01E35 Ready to Roar 00/00/0000 SpottyWot has trouble scaring his sister with a loud roar, so the aliens try to find an animal that he can copy.
S01E36 Fill Bill 00/00/0000 DottyWot sees a strange duck-billed animal on the zoo pond
S01E37 Stingy Thingy 00/00/0000 SpottyWot learns about bees while out smelling flowers
S01E38 Looky Looky 00/00/0000 An animal with hundreds of eyes gives SpottyWot a surprise, and he rushes off to tell his sister about the new creature he has discovered.
S01E39 Wot a Ploppy 00/00/0000 SpottyWot learns how to track animals.
S01E40 Prickly Prints 00/00/0000 The two aliens find interesting footprints and decide to follow them, before Spottywot makes paw prints of his own.
S01E41 True Blue 00/00/0000 SpottyWot searches for a zoo animal that is blue, convinced it is the best colour in the galaxy
S01E42 Beat-Boppy Wots 00/00/0000 The inquisitive extraterrestrials search the zoo for an animal that might be able to teach them new dance moves
S01E43 Picture Puzzle 00/00/0000 SpottyWot prepares a special puzzle for his sister DottyWot while she sleeps, challenging her to follow a seres of clues that lead her all around the zoo
S01E44 Colour Conundrums 00/00/0000 SpottyWot discovers the new colours that are created by mixing paint.
S01E45 Lumpy Bumpies 00/00/0000 Spottywot makes a crayon rubbing from the bark of a tree and Dottywot spots something lumpy and bumpy in the zoo.
S01E46 Over the Rainbow 00/00/0000 The gang sees a rainbow and mistakes it for an upside down smile
S01E47 Trail Tail 00/00/0000 The inquisitive aliens find a mysterious trail of slime. SpottyWot thinks it is goo from the lick of an animal with a giant tongue, so they try to track down the creature
S01E48 Ready to Rumble 00/00/0000 The duo discover the dingo enclosure at the zoo, and when SpottyWot sees how comfy it looks, he decides to build a den of his own
S01E49 Wotter Otter 00/00/0000 SpottyWot designs a remote-control for his chair, and uses his invention to recover a spanner from inside an animal enclosure.
S01E50 Tufty Tops 00/00/0000 The two aliens are very proud of their fluffy antennae and decide to go in search of the best horns, crests and hair the zoo animals have to offer
S01E51 Speedy Spots 00/00/0000 SpottyWot adjusts his chair so he can travel faster, but after seeing a fast animal at the zoo he decides the secret to speed lies in the colour of his spots
S01E52 Ready or Notty 00/00/0000 The inquisitive aliens discover that lots of animals have bright red fur or feathers
S02E01 Wotties of Steel 22/08/2011 DottyWot is fascinated to discover a colony of ants on the farm. SpottyWot is completely unimpressed by such tiny creatures - until he finds out just how strong they can be.
S02E02 Nibble Notty 00/00/0000 SpottyWot is enjoying a loopy-fruity breakfast in the ship when someone eats his picture he was painting outside. The WotWots go in search of the culprit.
S02E03 Wot Plants 00/00/0000 After witnessing a farmer planting seeds in the ground, the WotWots learn how seeds can grow. Then SpottyWot decides to plant himself and try to grow a SpottyWot tree.
S02E04 Wot's New Pussycat 00/00/0000
S02E05 The TrottyWot 00/00/0000 DottyWot is exploring the farm when she sees a girl grooming and riding a beautiful pony. DottyWot thinks it would be wonderful to have her very own pony to ride – if she could just find someone to be that pon
S02E06 Swan Lake 00/00/0000 The WotWots are sailing paper boats when SpottyWot’s boat lets in water and sinks. He catches a glimpse of the sea monster responsible and sets out to unmask it.
S02E07 Wheelie Wots 00/00/0000 SpottyWot decides the spaceship needs a new set of wheels and he sets off to find some replacements. He comes across the perfect wheels, but what will the ship think of them?
S02E08 Wot a Wormy 00/00/0000 The WotWots spot an unusual creature through the Sneak-a-Peak Periscope. SpottyWot thinks it might be a tail that has fallen off another animal. Maybe it’s a WotWot tail?
S02E09 Milky Moo 00/00/0000 The WotWots can’t decide what to mix for their breakfast loopy drinks. Through the Sneak-a-Peak Periscope they see a cow being milked. Maybe milk would make a tasty breakfast drink?
S02E10 Alpaca Sad 00/00/0000 The WotWots draw imaginary animals with mixed up heads, bodies and legs. They are very excited to discover that one of their make-believe creature might really exist.
S02E11 Whistle Wots 00/00/0000 The WotWots watch as a sheepdog rounds up a group of sheep. SpottyWot is inspired, but is he inspired enough to herd up the huge mess he made a little earlier?
S02E12 Tough Crowd 00/00/0000 DottyWot is having a great day on the farm impersonating animals. But then she find a scarecrow who doesn’t get her jokes. Will the WotWots be able to make him laugh?
S02E13 Sleepless in the Cattle 00/00/0000 The WotWots can’t sleep. The animals on the farm keep them awake at night. SpottyWot tries to quieten the animals down but he can’t. Maybe it’s time to leave the farm?
S02E14 Fronds Like These 00/00/0000 While SpottyWot sleeps on the beach, DottyWot explores a nearby rock pool. She finds some sea anemones and wants to learn all about these amazing creatures.
S02E15 Moons & Moats 00/00/0000 When the WotWots build a sandcastle on the beach, a tide comes and washes it away. So the WotWots build a second castle and learn how to protect it from the next tide.
S02E16 Crabby WotWot 00/00/0000 To SpottyWot’s horror, the spaceship has run out of bananas for his loopy fruity drink. He goes in search of a giant yellow banana and discovers something altogether more exciting.
S02E17 Footprints in the Sand 00/00/0000 The WotWots come across some mysterious foot prints on the beach. They track them across the sand and come to a bird’s nest in the long grass. And the nest has eggs in it!
S02E18 Wot a Racket 00/00/0000 The WotWots discover a large shell on the beach which sounds like it has a very large ocean inside it. SpottyWot doesn’t want his sister to bring it into the ship in case they get flooded.
S02E19 Gnome Sweet Gnome 00/00/0000 The WotWots find pictures of mythical mermaids and other creatures on the ship’s computer. They are convinced these creatures are real and go out in search for them on the beach.
S02E20 Wind Wotty 00/00/0000 The WotWots see a kite flying in the wind. They are fascinated and try to find out what else can be pushed and pulled by the wind. Perhaps the wind can even pull them along.
S02E21 Twinkle Winkle 00/00/0000 The WotWots are exploring the beach and find a starfish washed up on the sand. They want to send it home but first they have to find out where it come from.
S02E22 Wot Wot Bottle Wot 00/00/0000 SpottyWot is building a beach sculpture out of driftwood when he comes across a message in a bottle. The WotWots decide to send their very own message in a bottle.
S02E23 Wot a Grommet 00/00/0000 The WotWots spy some surfers riding the waves. SpottyWot is enthralled but a little worried by the size of the waves. If only there was a way to ride a surf board without the surf.
S02E24 Wotty Hermit 00/00/0000 DottyWot makes a picture out of shells on the beach. When she goes to show it to her brother she finds that some of the shells have moved! Can the shells be moving themselves?
S02E25 Shiver Me WotWots 00/00/0000 SpottyWot draws a pirate’s treasure map and goes out digging on the beach in search of his treasure. He doesn’t have much luck until DottyWot helps by making a small addition to the map.
S02E26 Gulls Gulls Gulls 00/00/0000 The WotWots spot a seagull diving down into the sea in search of fish. SpottyWot thinks this is a wonderful idea and wants to take their spaceship on an underwater adventure.

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