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The BBC wartime comedy series starring Frankie Howerd, made in 1982 but shelved during the Falklands war, and rarely broadcast since. Howerd takes on two roles, playing humble private Percy Potter and General 'Fearless' Freddy Hollocks, at the height of the Second World War in London.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Then Churchill Said to Me

S01E01 Operation Panic 01/03/1993
S01E02 A Mole in the Hole 08/03/1993
S01E03 Nanny By Searchlight 15/03/1993
S01E04 Those Who Loot We Shoot 22/03/1993
S01E05 Blow Out 29/03/1993
S01E06 Goose Has Landed 05/04/1993
S01E07 The Pogmore Experiment 00/00/0000

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