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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Theodore Tugboat

S01E01 Theodore and The Oil Rig 00/00/0000 A new oil rig called Tex is very rude to Theodore and Hank and he simply just doesn't want their help. However, when a terrible storm puts Tex in grave danger will he then accept the tugs' help?
S01E02 Theodore and The Homesick Rowboat 00/00/0000 Theodore insists on finding a little rowboat a new home all by himself. Things though don't quite turn out right.
S01E03 A Dark and Scary Cove 00/00/0000 Hank loses his lifeboat in a spooky cove one day. If the lifeboat isn't found then Hank can't leave his dock due to safety reasons. Theodore decides to help out his friend and find the lost lifeboat. When he arrives at the cove, Theodore is quite surprised.
S01E04 Foduck The Vigilant 00/00/0000 Foduck is soon to earn his 'v-word'. This means he will be allowed to travel in the open ocean. However, he is having a spot of bother picking a name so he turns to his other tug friends for help.
S01E05 Different Strokes - Different Boats 00/00/0000 The Dispatcher chooses Theodore to teach Hank how to tow barges. When Hank tries to tow a barge from the side during his towing test, Theodore says that you're supposed to tow a barge from the front. The result at first is a disaster, but at the end of the day luck is on Hank's side.
S01E06 Hank and The Mermaid 00/00/0000 Hank says that he has seen a mermaid beneath the water but no one believes him, at first.
S01E07 True Blue Friends 00/00/0000 George is scared that his hull checkup will hurt so he tries to hide behind a barge but gets stuck. So it's then Theodore to the rescue.
S01E08 Bumper Buddies 00/00/0000 Foduck celebrates by continuously bumping into Theodore. Theodore doesn't like getting bumped but instead of telling Foduck that, he makes the mistake of avoiding Foduck all together.
S01E09 Theodore and The Welcome 00/00/0000 Theodore gets his first try at welcoming ships into the harbor but isn't sure what to say to them.
S01E10 Theodore, The Vegetable 00/00/0000 The Dispatcher assigns Theodore to be the tug in charge of an incoming cargo ship called Julia. However when Theodore actually meets up with her, Julia questions his ability to handle her and Theodore is not so sure himself either.
S01E11 The Day Ice Came To The Harbour 00/00/0000 A big freeze slows the productivity of the harbor right down. The pilot boats are restricted to their docks so Theodore and his other tugboat friends are left in charge to make sure that the harbor is kept safe.
S01E12 Theodore's Bad Dreams 00/00/0000 One night, Theodore has a bad dream about a sea monster and when he wakes up he is scared that the dream will come true. But with a little help from his friends Theodore finds out that dreams are 'just pretend' and he will be alright.
S01E13 Theodore's First Pull 00/00/0000 Like Foduck, Theodore wants to earn his 'v-word' too. Emily tries to help Theodore by teaching him some skills that he'll need if his 'v-word' is to be so. However, Theodore grows over confident.
S01E14 Theodore and the Queen 00/00/0000 A grand ocean liner named Queen Stephanie visits the harbor. When she tries to pass beneath Benjamin Bridge though she gets severely stuck. Theodore however, quickly comes up with an idea on how to free her.
S01E15 Theodore and The Bluenose 00/00/0000 Bluenose the old sailing ship saves Foduck when his propeller becomes clogged with seaweed.
S01E16 Is Anybody Listening 00/00/0000 Theodore thinks that the pilot boats who patrol the harbor never seem to listen to anybody, and they don't. But soon though, the pilot boats learn a valuable lesson about not listening.
S01E17 George Buzzes The Dock 00/00/0000 It is found that Sandy beach is terribly polluted and Emily and George notice this. They then have an argument about which one of them is causing the pollution. Theodore soon reminds them that all the tugs make pollution. Later on, all the tugs agree on the great idea of a 'Big Harbour Clean-up Contest' to be held.
S01E18 The Great Harbour Clean Up Contest 00/00/0000 All the tugs seem to have a very big plan in terms of what part of the harbor they are each going to clean up in the contest. However, once Theodore has heard each tug's 'big plan' he can't seem to think of one himself. So he has to settle for a 'little plan'.
S01E19 Best Friends 00/00/0000 Theodore tells all the tugs that they are his best friend. Later, they get angry at him when they find out Theodore has said the same thing to all of them. They then demand to know which one of them truly is his best friend.
S01E20 Theodore and the Big Harbour 00/00/0000 It's Theodore's first day in The Big Harbor and he is completely astonished at how different everything is compared to where he used to work. It takes a few lessons for him to take it all in.
S01E21 Theodore's Whistle 00/00/0000 Theodore doesn't like his high-pitched whistle tone so he tries to change the sound of it. He only ends up badly damaging it and Theodore is then unable to do one of his favourite jobs. Later though, he gets a pleasant surprise.
S01E22 George's Ghost 00/00/0000 Theodore says that he has seen a ghost at Shipwreck Rock. George though doesn't believe Theodore until he actually sees the ghost for himself, and what a surprise it turns out to be!
S01E23 Theodore Changes Sides 00/00/0000 George says that Theodore can sleep with the ocean tugs on the other side of the home dock while Emily is away. Theodore agrees because sleeping on the ocean tugs' side of the dock makes him feel more important. Hank though is then left all by himself on the other side of the dock and feels very lonely.
S01E24 Night Shift 00/00/0000 The Dispatcher assigns Theodore and Hank to do the night shift because the other tugs don't want to stay up all night. When it comes for Theodore and Hank to actually do the shift, they find the darkness a little scary.
S01E25 Whale of A Tug 00/00/0000 Theodore finds a whale called Walter who is trapped in seaweed and logs.
S01E26 The Tugboat Pledge 00/00/0000 The Dispatcher has assigned Emily to lead the tugboat parade. Hank suggests to her that she should recite 'The Tugboat Pledge' as well, except he has tricked Emily and there is no such thing!
S02E01 Emergency 00/00/0000 George finds a ship that can't talk but little does he know that he could be putting himself in serious danger.
S02E02 The Cold Snap 00/00/0000 The Dispatcher can't hear properly due to a bad cold, this situation unfortunately leads to some confusion because he is not entirely sure what everyone else is saying exactly.
S02E03 Hank and the Hug 00/00/0000 No one wants to play with Hank or even let him help. He at first feels very angry but a little later he feels very depressed. The other tugs soon join together to formulate a plan on how to apologize to Hank and make him feel better.
S02E04 Emily and the Rocket 00/00/0000 Theodore and Emily see a large light travelling across the sky one night. They at first think that it's a shooting star but it is later found out that it is something much, much bigger.
S02E05 Foduck Stays Home 00/00/0000 Foduck is chosen by The Dispatcher to be the Big Harbour's safety tug. While he is happy about this, he is also very dissapointed that he won't be able to go out on the open ocean.
S02E06 Theodore, the Tug in Charge 00/00/0000 Theodore runs into a spot of bother with Northumberland Submarine.
S02E07 Theodore in the Middle 00/00/0000 Theodore ends up in the middle of an argument between Emily and George.
S02E08 Carla, The Cool Cabin Cruiser 00/00/0000 Carla encourages Emily to cause trouble in the Big Harbour, will Emily build up the courage to say that she doesn't want to?
S02E09 Snorri, The Viking Ship 00/00/0000 A weird ship named Snorri arrives in the Big Harbour. He seems to be rather rude but Theodore soon finds out that in fact, he is not.
S02E10 Tug of the Year 00/00/0000 George is sad that he didn't win the ""Tug of the Year"" contest, and he had practiced so hard for it too. His other tugboat friends decide to give him a big surprise to cheer him right up.
S02E11 Theodore the Jokester 00/00/0000 At first everyone laughs when Theodore accidentally makes a joke. Theodore likes this so he then tries to tell another joke, but on purpose. He can't figure out why nobody laughs at him again, so he tries to find out.
S02E12 Emily, The Vigorous 00/00/0000 Emily has a full day of work to do but she really wants to meet a fishing trawler who has come from Russia. So she attempts to rush all her jobs but unfortunately she is just a bit too hasty for her own good.
S02E13 Theodore's Day Off 00/00/0000 Theodore requests to the Dispatcher for some time off which is agreed upon but soon gets very, very bored.
S02E14 Foduck and the Rainbow 00/00/0000 A string of unexpected, sudden changes to Foduck's routine deeply upset him because he liked the way his original routine was.
S02E15 All Quiet in The Big Harbour 00/00/0000 The Dispatcher loses his temper and makes an order to the other tugs to be as quiet as possible.
S02E16 Theodore to the Rescue 00/00/0000 Theodore has to rescue a severely stranded Digby.
S02E17 A Joke Too Far 00/00/0000 Theodore and Barrington Barge decide to play a joke on everyone by hiding from them. But they stay hidden too long and this causes everyone else in the harbour to be worried about them.
S02E18 Theodore and the Ice Ship 00/00/0000 Theodore, George and Hank find an enormous ice sculpture floating in the water but can't tell what the object inside it is.
S02E19 Big Harbour Fools' Day 00/00/0000 It's ""Big Harbour Fools' Day"" but unfortunately George doesn't take a liking to any of the jokes being played.
S02E20 Grumpy Garbage Barge 00/00/0000 Guysborough the garbage barge turns Theodore's normal mood of being a bright and cheerful scamp into an old scrooge.
S02E21 Theodore Hugs the Coast 00/00/0000 The Dispatcher sends Theodore out on a job where it is vital that he hugs the coast. Unfortunately he becomes distracted and disobeys orders.
S02E22 Hank's Hiccups 00/00/0000 Hank has a severe case of the hiccups that interfer with his work assigned to him.
S02E23 Hank's New Name 00/00/0000 Hank doesn't like his old name and makes himself a new one, that being 'Henry'. But this sudden name change leads to confusion among the harbour.
S02E24 Theodore and the Northern Lights 00/00/0000 One night, Theodore and his friend Foduck get to experience the beautiful Northern Lights.
S02E25 Big Harbour Birthday 00/00/0000 It's Theodore's birthday but everyone in The Big Harbour seems to have forgotten this special day.
S02E26 Theodore's Backwards Day 00/00/0000 While working Theodore's engine breaks down thus resulting in him only being able to go backwards. This incident makes him feel embarrased and so decides to try and hide from everyone the fact that he can't go forward.

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