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This World is a BBC television documentary strand, shown in the United Kingdom on BBC Two, and occasionally internationally on BBC World. The subject matter is mainly social issues and current affairs stories from around the world.


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S255E01 Munich: Operation Bayonet 24/01/2006 During the 1972 summer Olympics in Munich, Germany, 11 Israeli athletes were killed by the Palestinian terrorist organisation Black September. Within days of the massacre, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir secretly ordered Mossad (Israel's intelligence agency) to hunt down and assassinate all those responsible for the planning and execution of the Olympic massacre. During the next seven years, more than a dozen suspects and suspected terror masterminds were killed throughout Europe and the Middle East. This campaign, conducted by a specially trained hit-team - code named "kidon" (bayonet in Hebrew) - has been the subject of many accounts by writers, journalists and filmmakers, and is the basis of Steven Spielberg's new feature film "Munich". Up until now, no one in Mossad has been permitted to speak in detail about the extraordinary series of events. Global terrorism Bayonet operatives reveal their secret missions in compelling detail, including the assassination of Ali Hassan Salameh, mastermind of Black September and CIA contact, in Beirut. One former Bayonet member - referred to in the film as "T" to hide his real identity - revisits France and Norway to walk through the undercover operations carried out there 30 years ago. Some considered these operations a success, given the total eradication of Black September, but they did not always go to plan. Munich: Operation Bayonet features extensive interviews with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, the former head of Mossad Shabtai Shavit and ex-CIA agents. With its unique access, this film draws a clear picture of the clandestine 1970s operations that changed the face of global terrorism.
S255E02 Kidnap Cops 13/04/2006 In Brazil, football has always been sacred. But this changed last summer, when kidnappers began targetting footballers' mothers. Over a period of just five months in 2005, five footballers' mothers were abducted. The first was Marina Souza Da Silva, mother of Real Madrid superstar Robinho. She was held captive for 41 days until a ransom of $75,000 (£46,000) was paid to her kidnappers. This World spent six months following this intriguing case, filming with the player, obtaining exclusive footage of his mother in captivity, and even interviewing the kidnapper responsible. Escaping poverty But this film is not just about football and kidnapping. Set in Sao Paulo - a city where mansions and private swimming pools defiantly back onto the poor favella slums - it also exposes one of the most unequal societies in the world. Young boys dream of escaping poverty through football, but for the vast majority, crime is the only reality. The film intertwines the lives of three people who all came from the slums and who, in their own ways, escaped. As well as interviews with footballer Robinho, we talk to the mastermind behind the kidnapping of Robinho's mother, Marcelo Da Silva, and the head of the Sao Paulo anti-kidnapping squad. During the first two weeks of filming alone, four members of Sao Paulo's anti-kidnapping squad were murdered in shoot outs with criminal gangs.
S255E03 How to Plan a Revolution 20/04/2006 Documentary about the efforts of two young political activists, Murad and Emin, to stage a peaceful revolution in Azerbaijan, a country with a dismal human rights record.
S255E04 Drug Trials: The Dark Side 27/04/2006 Documentary looking at how thousands of poor and illiterate patients are being recruited on to clinical trials in India to test new drugs for the West.
S255E05 The Attack: Terror in the UK 08/03/2017 With a mass-casualty terror attack in the UK seen as almost inevitable, this drama documentary dramatises what terrorism experts fear is the most likely scenario for Britain's next major terror attack. Counterterrorism police believe that the greatest threat to our security comes from Marauding Terrorist Firearms Attacks (MTFA), which can result in dozens of fatalities even if armed police respond within minutes. There are more than a thousand high-priority terrorism suspects in the UK, but there are only enough surveillance officers to monitor a fraction of these at any time. Based on extensive research, The Attack: Terror in the UK tells the story of an Islamic State-inspired terrorist group planning a firearms attack and follows the ongoing police investigation. It focuses on Joseph, a young man who, while in prison for drug and firearms charges, is recruited, converted and radicalised by Islamic extremists - highlighting the fear that links are being forged between jihadists and street gangs with access to automatic weapons.
S255E06 Colombia with Simon Reeve 16/04/2017 In this hour-long documentary for the award-winning (This World) strand, Simon explores Colombia at a pivotal point in its history. He travels into the jungle and comes face to face with the guerrilla army FARC, which is now promising to lay down arms. In the Pacific coast city of Buenaventura, Simon finds out more about the fearsome right-wing paramilitary gangs who now dominate the cocaine trade. As the FARC abandon the countryside, there is a fear that these groups will only grow in power. Travelling in the countryside, Simon meets the coca farmers who are demanding government support to stop growing coca and stop the flow of money to criminal gangs. With land ownership, poverty and drugs at the heart of Colombia's problems, it is in the countryside that the country's precarious future will be decided.
S255E07 North Korea: Murder In The Family 13/08/2017 On 13 February 2017 the North Korean dictator’s half-brother Kim Jong-nam walked into Kuala Lumpur airport to catch a flight to Macau. Two hours later he was dead. He’d been assassinated using one of the most deadly chemical weapons on earth, VX. Within days two women from Vietnam and Indonesia were arrested for his murder, but the CCTV appeared to show several North Korean secret agents orchestrating the events in the airport that day. With brand new accounts from those close to Kim Jong-nam, the award-winning This World strand examines in greater detail the astonishing story of a bitter family feud, secret agents and international arms dealing - lifting the lid on why he was assassinated and how North Korea’s powerful international business network has allowed the brutal Kim family dictatorship to remain in power in North Korea for nearly 70 years.
S255E08 Turkey with Simon Reeve Part 2, Taurus.Mountains to Istanbul 02/04/2017 Simon Reeve sets off on the second leg of his two-part journey around Turkey, a dramatic and beautiful country that now finds itself at the centre of world events. In the Taurus Mountains Simon stays with descendants of the original Turks, nomads known as Yoruks, whose lifestyle is under threat from the modern world and an increasingly Islamic government. They're not the only minority at odds with the authorities in Turkey; Simon sees first-hand the devastating effects of fighting in the country's Kurdish region. In an area where the government has detained foreign journalists, Simon gathers unique footage in the aftermath of a crackdown on Kurdish militants - the wholesale destruction of the historic centre of one of Turkey's oldest cities. Away from the conflict in the south, Simon heads towards the Black Sea coast. He meets a wildlife conservationist protecting Turkey's population of brown bears, and villagers who still communicate over long distances using an ancient bird language. In the country's capital he meets a victim of President Erdogan's authoritarian purge of people accused of complicity in the failed coup against him. Finally Simon's journey comes full circle when he returns to Istanbul - home to the new craze of 'Ottomania', a celebration of the vast empire that preceded modern Turkey. Simon visits the set of one of the world's most popular TV dramas - even getting a speaking role - based in the court of an Ottoman sultan.
S255E09 Greece with Simon Reeve Part 2 03/09/2016 In the second episode of this two-part series, Simon Reeve travels from the Peloponnese peninsula to the rugged and mountainous north of the country. To learn more about Greece and the Greeks, he meets an extraordinary cast of characters, from a group of rebel monks to conservationists caring for an injured bear cub. Getting behind the picture postcard image of this beautiful country, he finds out how the Greeks are coming to terms with a seemingly endless crisis.
S255E10 Caribbean with Simon Reeve Part 1 22/03/2015 Simon begins his journey around the Caribbean on the island of Hispaniola and its two very different countries - the Dominican Republic, a tourist hotspot, and Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere. He ends this first leg on Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island that is practically America's 51st state. From flying boats to drug busts, Simon explores both the light and dark sides of the Dominican Republic, the Caribbean's most popular tourist destination. He joins the police anti-narcotics division on the front line in the war against international drug cartels in Santo Domingo before crossing the border to Haiti, where he visits the notorious tented camps of Cite Soleil. These slums remain home to many of the survivors of the worst earthquake to hit the island in two centuries. From voodoo ceremonies to dolphin watching, Simon also discovers a vibrant, colourful and thriving side to life in Haiti borne out of the country's unique history. Finally, Simon reaches Puerto Rico, an island with close ties to the USA. He visits the tiny, paradisiacal island of Vieques, billed as the Caribbean's next major tourist destination. However, not everything here is as it seems, as Simon examines the impact six decades of bombing and weapons testing by the US Navy and Army has had on the landscape of this tiny island and on the people who live there.
S255E11 Caribbean with Simon Reeve Part 2 29/03/2015 The second leg of Simon Reeve's journey around the Caribbean Sea sees him start at beautiful islands and travel along the coast of South America. On the beautiful and wealthy island of Barbados, he meets the owner of a traditional chattel house who has turned down offers of millions of dollars from luxury property developers and dives the reef on a hunt for invading lionfish which are disrupting the delicate ecosystem. On the green volcanic slopes of St Vincent, Simon meets the marijuana growers hoping, like their prime minister, that the drug will soon be decriminalised. Venezuela is one of the most turbulent countries in the Caribbean and from a high-rise slum in Caracas to the lawless border lands, Simon tries to work out how a country so rich in oil has fallen so low. Ending his epic journey in Colombia, Simon gains rare access to the Kogi - an indigenous people who have maintained their traditional forest lifestyle in the face of an encroaching and damaging modern world.
S255E12 Caribbean with Simon Reeve Part 3 05/04/2015 Simon begins his journey on the remote Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, travels to the beautiful Honduran island of Roatan and encounters extreme violence on the mainland of Honduras, before finishing his adventure on the iconic island of Jamaica. Nicaragua is a country on the brink of monumental change. It will soon be split in two by the world's biggest construction project: a new transoceanic waterway set to rival the Panama Canal. Simon visits the Rama-Kriol people who face losing their ancestral homes and, in the nearby town of Bluefields, he meets the city-dwellers who believe the canal will bring long-hoped-for prosperity and wealth to the country. In Honduras, Simon dives into the crystal waters of the world's second-largest barrier reef and conducts an unusual underwater experiment in the dead of night. Back on shore, Simon discovers Hondurans living in the grip of some of the most violent criminal gangs in the world. San Pedro Sula, the country's second city, has the world's highest murder rate. Simon's journey ends in the stunning Jamaica, where he discovers a country confronting its violent reputation head-on with a police force cracking down on corruption. Here, he spends time with young people who have rejected gang life, offering a model of hope for future generations.
S255E13 Retired Husband Syndrome 14/11/2006 In Japan it is estimated that 60% of older women have a common problem - their husbands. Having spent years "married to their jobs", retired men are having an extraordinary effect on the health of their partners.
S255E14 Forced to Marry 01/12/2008 Forced to marry. Helping British women escape unwanted marriages in Pakistan
S255E15 After a Fashion: A Tale of Two Turkeys 16/11/2006 Istanbul, the cultural capital of Turkey, which stands at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, is fast becoming a new centre for international fashion.
S255E16 Poison, Murder and Putin - Anna's Last Words 24/11/2006 Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, a fierce critic of Russia's President Putin, was shot dead in October 2006 following a suspected poisoning attempt and death threats. Broadcast here for the first time is one of the last interviews she gave, to the BBC, about her fears for her country, coupled with a stark warning to the West about Russia's future. Ex-spy Aleksander Litvinenko - who died on 23 November 2006 and who said he had been poisoned himself - was investigating her death. This has fuelled allegations of a deadly campaign against Putin's opponents... despite Kremlin denials of involvement. Olenka Frenkiel reveals Anna's final warning, of a Russia in the grip of the old KGB, breeding a new generation of terrorists and a return to Stalinism.
S255E17 Equator with Simon Reeve Part 1, Africa 06/10/2006 Simon Reeve journeys 25,000 miles, trekking through rainforests, climbing active volcanoes and travelling through war zones on his way around the equator. He catches malaria in Gabon and struggles on through the war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo, goes rafting on the source of the Nile and witnesses a bullfight in Kenya. His journey ends in the desert on the Somalian border where thousands of refugees have escaped the fighting in their homeland.
S255E18 Equator with Simon Reeve Part 2, Indonesia 13/10/2006 Simon Reeve takes a 25,000 mile journey as he treks through rainforests, climbs up volcanoes and travels through war zones on a trip around the Equator. He travels across Indonesia, where he encounters paradise islands undiscovered by tourists and an environment under threat. In Sumatra and Borneo he meets orangutans and gets adopted by head hunters. This part of his journey ends on the island of Sulawesi, where he takes to the water with the Bajo sea gypsies.
S255E19 Equator with Simon Reeve Part 3, Latin America 20/10/2006 Simon Reeve concludes his amazing 25,000 mile journey around the Equator by traveling across Latin America. The last stretch of his journey begins in the Galapagos Islands, where Simon comes face-to-face with some of the most beautiful and unique wildlife on the planet. He then climbs to the top of an active volcano in Ecuador that threatens to blow at any time. He journeys across war torn Colombia, where an army escort puts them at risk from rebel attack. He meets an Indian tribe that have their own incredible monument to the Equator, and his journey ends in Brazil, where he travels through the Amazon rainforest before ending his trip with an attempt to surf the world's longest wave.

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