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Can you say "I'm buying" in 12 languages? Embark on this international drinking tour with comedian Zane Lamprey who takes you around the world to master the local drinking customs.


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S01E01 Belgium 02/10/2006 There’s just something about Belgium. Maybe it’s the friendly and welcoming people who with three official languages still find it easy to converse in English (the 4th unofficial language). Maybe it’s the world renowned waffles and chocolate. Or perhaps it’s the fact that Belgium is home to over a thousand varieties of beers. Belgium even boasts their vintage beer which is bottled similar to champagne. Whatever it is, Belgium is energetic and carefree with a mood that is infectious and summoning in all of us to live as Belgians and enjoy life to the fullest.
S01E02 Costa Rica 09/10/2006 It’s no surprise that Costa Rica means “rich coast”. With over 19,652 square miles, Costa Rica touches both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. That’s not the only reason over 3.5 million people call this country home. Costa Rica also boasts one of the highest standards of living of all central American countries. Even crocodiles find a place in this beautiful land. Over 2,500 of the worldwide 15,000 American Crocodiles enjoy the rivers, waterfalls, and rainforests of Costa Rica. Whether it’s the coast or crocodiles, Costa Rica has a natural attraction for people who are ready to enjoy life.
S01E03 Wales 16/10/2006 Experience a fascinating ancient language, more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world, and specially brewed beer. In a word, Wales is a land that inspires myths and legends, as well as the only place to conquer the famous Mumbles Mile pub crawl. For a small country, Wales manages to cram quite a bit in.
S01E04 France, Champagne 23/10/2006 Despite the Latin origin of its name Campania meaning “plain”, Champagne is home to one of the most glamorous wines in the world – Champagne. This historic province in northeastern France was once the battleground for French invasions and now produces over 280 million bottles of champagne! With so many vineyards a visitor may think they could get dizzy, but no worries, popular belief is that champagne cannot give you a hangover. So lift your glasses and toast! Champagne!
S01E05 Jamaica 30/10/2006 Though it is often seen as a multifaceted mosaic of international customs and traditions, Jamaica has one tradition that crosses international boundaries – the three R’s: Red Stripe, Reggae, and Rum. Jamaica boasts of rhythm and movement from street corners and rum bars across the island. Stop in for a quick drink or stay to party. Jamaica - “the biggest little island in the world” – promises fun for everyone.
S01E06 Mexico, Tequila 06/11/2006 Not only is Tequila named after a town in Jalisco, Mexico, it is also the national beverage of Mexico. The key to this town’s charm is the food, music, and you guessed it…Tequila. With less than 35,000 people, the town of Tequila welcomes visitors who come to explore their world famous tequila farms. Not quite sure when to go? Try stopping by during the Mexican National Tequila Fair held every year in Tequila from November 30 to December 12. This is when you’ll find Tequila at its best with parades, charreadas (Mexican rodeos), cock fights, serenades with mariachis, fireworks, and that’s right…Tequila.
S01E07 Ireland 13/11/2006 The saying home is where the heart is may be true but in Ireland’s case, home is where Guinness is made! Guinness is the most popular beer in Ireland and the best place to get a Guinness is at the local pub. In Ireland the pub is more than a place to try a true Black & Tan. It’s the heart of Irish culture and the place where people come to swap stories, tell jokes, and enjoy traditional Irish folk music. Ireland welcomes all to experience the traditions of their Island. It isn’t uncommon to hear the Irish toast a new comer with ‘Slainte’ – a toast to good health. So whether you’re enjoying the Irish countryside on vacation or breezing through on business, take some time to enjoy a Guinness and remember that Ireland is yours to discover and enjoy.
S01E08 Belize 20/11/2006 Until 1973 Belize was named British Honduras. While this Central American country may have some strong British influences there are numerous cultures that have created an intriguing mix of fun. From African to Spanish to native influences, Belize is an adventurer’s paradise. Whether you’re exploring the Mayan temples, fishing in the beautiful coastline, or trying bizarre and exotic drinks, Belize is an experience beyond comparison. So get ready to explore the country and the people who are as warm and friendly as the climate.
S02E01 Croatia 04/09/2007 Croatians are casting off a difficult past and embracing a brand new future as one of Europe's hottest tourist destinations. With miles of breathtaking beaches, a shoreline dotted with medieval castles and some of the most welcoming natives around, Croatia lures travelers who are thirsty for a unique spot. Small villages house traditional distilleries, where wine is still pressed by hand, and ancient cities pulse with drink, song and merriment. Behind fortress walls, homemade grappa and maraska flow, street performers sing, and everybody celebrates another glorious night on the shores of the Adriatic Sea in beautiful Croatia.
S02E02 Japan 11/09/2007 The Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is a country steeped in tradition and obsessed with modernity. Food and wine are considered high art in Japan, and meals are prepared with a reverence for custom and an utmost attention to detail. The city of Kyoto is, unlike most major Japanese cities, not on the sea. It is also the home to many Buddhist temples, and local cuisine incorporates an amazing variety of vegetables. Sake is Japan's main brew, and Kyoto's Fushimi ward is the second largest area in Japan in terms of sake production. Fushimi is renowned for its pure spring water, which gives its sake a level of distinction that's been appreciated for ages.
S02E03 Czech Republic 18/09/2007 The Czech Republic, land of ornate castles and mystical legends, is also the birthplace of Pilsner Beer. Some of the best suds in the world are served up in the traditional beer halls of Prague, the grand and gorgeous capital, alongside hearty slabs of cheese, fatty hunks of meat and dense potato dumplings. In addition to ever-flowing “pivo” (meaning “beer” in Czech), the Czechs also pour a mean glass of absinthe, the infamous wormwood liquor said to induce hallucinations. Every workday in Prague ends with a tall glass of perfectly poured pilsner, drunk in neighborhood pubs and tourist landmarks alike, so kick back, drink up and let it all sink in.
S02E04 Philippines 25/09/2007 A nation of 7,107 islands straddling the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea, the Philippines is a tropical fusion of native cultures with prevalent Spanish and American influences, along with contributions from China, India and Indonesia. It's a fascinating place, dotted with boisterous, crowded cities, rural seaside villages and active volcanoes. Three centuries of Spanish colonial rule left a lasting imprint on the architecture, food and culture of the Philippines, but native Filipino tradition thrives in locally brewed spirits like Lambanog, a distilled coconut wine made from the sap taken from the flowers of the palm tree. The national delicacy/fabled aphrodisiac, Balut, is fertilized duck embryo, fully developed in the shell, and then steamed, cracked open and consumed. With so many cultures constantly merging, so many cities rapidly changing, and so much natural beauty to behold, The Philippines is an ideal spot for the adventurous traveler.
S02E05 Venice 02/10/2007 Venice continues to enchant and mystify the hopeless romantics who seek to discover its cobblestone streets and ancient waterways. The city's bustling canals, traditional gondolas, ornate palazzos and celebrated art are some of Italy's most valued treasures. Food and wine are at the heart of the city's Italian culture, with its historical vineyards and fine traditional Italian eateries. Their Venetian specialty drink, the Bellini, combines the sweet sting of pear puree and the sparkling tang of Prosecco that livens the senses and gives a true taste of the city's history. All these wonderful pieces come together in the grand piazza of St. Marks Square, where natives and visitors can sit back and enjoy leisure at its best.
S02E06 Taipei, Taiwan 09/10/2007 Located just off the coast of China, Taipei is strongly influenced by Chinese culture while still maintaining its own identity. Taipei is a big city on a small island where busy streets are clogged with thousands of motor scooters, boisterous drinking games and exotic cocktails. Taiwan is at the frontier of architectural modernity. It boasts the world's tallest skyscraper, Taiwan 101, which houses the world's fastest elevator. Despite all of the modern progression, the seaside traditions of island life are still maintained and celebrated every night when locals gather to eat fresh seafood, drink beer and play wild drinking games. The city's famous Snake Alley is home to mysterious concoctions, curious folk cures and bizarre medicinal wonders. It's an experience unlike any other.
S02E07 Munich 16/10/2007 As the capital of Bavaria, Munich is home to the world's biggest keg party, the famous Oktoberfest. Every October thousands make the pilgrimage to this holy land of lager to celebrate beer, pretzels, and lederhosen while rocking out to traditional oompah-pah tunes. While Germans love their beer, they also love the fine engineering of the sports car. The high-velocity autobahn is built for the high-performance vehicles such as the BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi, which all have their birthplace in the famous city. Buckle up and pace yourself, because Oktoberfest in Munich can be one hell of a ride.
S02E08 Puerto Rico 23/10/2007 The sun, the sea and the sizzle of Puerto Rico have been drawing visitors to this Caribbean gem for generations. From the pristine beaches to the old, colonial streets of San Juan, the rum flows freely - in tropical cocktails, potent punch and straight, strong shots. Puerto Rico produces 70% of the world's rum and is naturally the birthplace of the tropics' official drink, la Piña Colada. Puerto Ricans know that the best way to start a rum run is with dense, greasy bar snacks and that best way to burn through it is with lots of salsa dancing. Finish up the day the Puerto Rican way, over a spicy serving of fresh fish stew and an ice cold Medalla, Puerto Rico's favorite beer.
S02E09 South Korea 30/10/2007 The hectic, vibrant streets of Seoul are teeming with spectacular delicacies and intense intoxicants such as Soju, a tapioca, sweet potatoes and rice based alcohol; the average Korean puts away nearly two bottles of it a day. This strong, clear libation is best served up with the grilled meats and assorted side dishes that comprise the massive Korean barbeque feast. Downtown Seoul welcomes the Soju enthusiast with its strip of outdoor watering holes, where drinking, drinking games and drinking songs are the order of the evening. Seoul dwellers cleanse away the night's excess with a steaming bowl of spicy soup, and you're wise to follow their lead.
S02E10 Kentucky 06/11/2007 From the heart of the Bourbon Belt comes some of America's most beloved brew. Kentucky, the Bluegrass state, is the land of champion thoroughbreds, foot-stomping roots music and hard, strong booze. Bourbon runs deep in this part of the country, where distilleries churn out the amber nectar and locals put it to good use. While names like Jim Beam and Maker's Mark are familiar to all bar patrons, Kentuckians will still pour a glass of "special water" a.k.a. good ole "moonshine" every now and then. Down-home Southern hospitality comes free with every shot.
S02E11 New York Pub Crawl 31/12/2007 For a New Year's Eve special, Zane goes on an international pub crawl in the spraling urban jungle of Manhattan. Plus, he opens a bottle of champagne with a sword. A SWORD!
S03E01 Chile 03/04/2008 In this episode, Zane goes for some pre-drink snacks and discovers that, in Chile, Chilean sea bass is just called sea bass. But that the first of many South American eye-openers. Thirsting for knowledge, he tries a bevy of Chilean wines and beers, hits the streets with a new wingman drinking Pisco, and, by the end of the night, has the lights turned out on him. All this and more, when Zane goes Three Sheets to Chile.
S03E02 Rio 10/04/2008 Unfortunately for everyone involved, Zane instantly embraces Brazillian culture right down to the all-too-revealing bathing suits. On this adventure, our host makes a new "friend" (or some may say stalker) at a beach bar, learns all about the many ways to drink Cachaca and discovers a new classification of beer. All this and more, when Zane goes Three Sheets to Rio.
S03E03 Portugal 17/04/2008 In Portugal, Zane does some exploring of his own. After a visit to the famous Sandeman Winery and a hearty meal of tripe (for which he gets a medal), Zane heads off for some good old-fashioned bar hopping amongst the wild nightlife of Portugal. And the night doesn’t end there. Soon, our illustrious guide finds himself cozying up to a bar where the brandy is cherry and the shots are mysterious. And somehow along the way, he manages to get another medal. All this and more, when Zane goes Three Sheets to Portugal.
S03E04 Hong Kong 24/04/2008 In Hong Kong, Zane searches for the power, courage and skill required to survive in the bustling nightlife of the city. During his training, Zane is prescribed booze by a doctor, learns how to fight like a drunken monkey and discovers what angels drink. All this preparation prepares him for his night out in Hong Kong as his meddle is tested when he visits a skyscraper with a bar on every floor. All this and something called fire-cupping, when Zane goes Three Sheets to Hong Kong.
S03E05 Las Vegas 01/05/2008 Lavish casinos packed with high-stakes tables, relentless desert sun and numerous open bars dishing out complimentary drinks, Zane’s found his heaven: Las Vegas. During his Vegas vacation, Zane ups the ante playing poker with fellow MOJO man Phil Laak, learns some tips about spotting a good wine from a master sommelier and somehow ends up with a mean-looking shiner. Is Las Vegas strong enough to survive Zane’s jaunt in the desert town they call Sin City? Find out, when Zane goes Three Sheets to Las Vegas.
S03E06 Gibraltar 08/05/2008 Although on the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, Gibraltar is a British overseas territory. So when sampling the local pubs, Zane is sure put his best foot forward. Or in this case, his best wheel. While on "The Rock", Zane lets it slip that he knows how to ride a unicycle, resulting in him wheeling about town from bar to bar. In between cycling, Zane witnesses some bizarre local customs, meets another 'Ski Patrol," and loses his beloved monkey to the thieving hands of the Gibraltar Barbary Macaques. Will Pleepleus ever find his way home or is he doomed to roam the wild limestone hilltops? Find out, when Zane goes Three Sheets to Gibraltar. The Rock of Gibraltar sits at the southernmost tip of Europe and rests at the crossroads of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. And because of the low taxes levied by the government, The Rock boasts an international casino, which offers a terrace restaurant affording diners spectacular views over the Bay of Gibraltar. But that's not say Gib doesn't have an active social scene. Once the sun goes down on the Rock, its many bars begin to fill with people enjoying the start of Gibraltar's nightlife. The hot spots offer up dining and a wide selection of bars with live entertainment which stay open until the wee hours of the morning.
S03E07 Denmark 15/05/2008 Viking ships, cannons and bars made of ice? No its not the newest fantasy blockbuster, it's the latest episode of Three Sheets. As he explores Denmark, Zane visits the Carlsberg brewery, has a blast with some local sailors and takes a skinny dip in sub-arctic waters. Given the cold temps, Zane attempts to keep his belly warm with many layers and many cocktails. Can Zane keep his body temperature warm enough to find out the secrets of Danish living? Find out, when Zane goes Three Sheets to Denmark. From Vikings to little mermaids, the Danish are known for more than just breakfast pastry. And considering it's the birthplace of Lager, it's a safe assumption to make that the people of Denmark certainly know how to have a good time. Many bars have a happy hour (usually called "Double Up") a couple of afternoons or evenings a week. "Hygge" is also a key part of the Danish way of life; as it means focusing on forgetting daily problems and enjoying the simple things in life. Young people will meet their friends in one of the many cafés for a cup of coffee or a beer. Rich in history and packed with things to do, it is no wonder recent surveys have deemed as "the happiest place in the world."
S03E08 Saigon 22/05/2008 Saigon has had its fair share of foreign invaders, but nothing like the Three Sheets invasion! While in the capital city, Zane gets his hands on some fresh beer and goes on a search for a party that is worthy of his score. His journey takes him to a few places on the map and a few off it as well. In between icy mugs, he manages to drink some wine with a dead snake in it and play with a severed chicken head. Will Zane find a party worth breaking out the fresh beer? Find out when Zane goes Three Sheets to Saigon. With a population of over 5 million people, Saigon is one of the densest urban areas in the world. Unlike other cities in Vietnam, Saigon has a very active nightlife with music halls playing to sold-out local crowds and bars staying open late into the night. All that excitement can get a person quite thirsty, and Saigon can help in that department as well. There are virtually no restrictions limiting when or where you can buy or consume drinks. You gotta love the smell of beer in the morning! Smells like victory.
S03E09 Scotland 05/06/2008 Bust out the bag pipes and put on your kilts, folks. Zane is in merry old Scotland! Where the hamburgers are deep fried, the men walk around unbifurcated and the scotch is plentiful. From the highlands to the lowlands, Zane uses his Scottish travel as an excuse to finally wear a skirt and to drink copious amounts of the native beverage, Scotch. Will our fearless host have a brave enough heart to tackle many barrels of the national drink without losing his kilt? Find out, when Zane goes Three Sheets to Scotland!
S03E10 Barcelona 12/06/2008 Zane has been known to hover or a drink or two in his time. Never has this been truer than in Barcelona, where the drinking is seemingly non-stop and Zane sports a killer mustache. In a place where bars are open at 8AM, Zane is quite the early bird. He visits some cava caves, invents a new cocktail and gets scolded for drinking sangria through a straw. Will Zane’s mustache give him the added power he needs to tackle such a booze binge? Find out when Zane goes Three Sheets to Barcelona.
S03E11 Cognac 19/06/2008 Getting drunk is considered taboo in Cognac, France. Considering the name of this show is Three Sheets, Zane certainly has his work cut out for him. As he travels though this beautiful region, Zane immerses himself in the culture to learn why cognac has a sophisticated reputation. From blending, to barrel making, to tasting, Zane tries to hold it together in order to be accepted into an exclusive club where Cognac's elite meet. Can a guy who drinks for a living make it through a trip of imbibing without becoming a drunken monkey? Find out, when Zane tries not to go Three Sheets to Cognac.
S03E12 Bangkok 26/06/2008 The world must be his oyster, because Zane is spending one night in Bangkok! As he embarks on his Thai adventure, Zane suits up in the king's yellow and hits the town with his new buddy Mee. In this episode, he has a close encounter with an elephant, drinks the Thai version of whiskey and almost gets his companion arrested at a kick boxing match. As he learns the bars are temples but the pearls ain't free, will our favorite host get Thai'd up on this Asian adventure? Find out, when Zane goes Three Sheets to Bangkok. Bangkok is one of Southeast Asia's largest and most vibrant cities. It contains the majority of Thailand's wealth and is ten times bigger than the country's next biggest city. From crowds of people and its famous traffic congestion, to its exciting and fabulous nightlife, there is never a shortage of things to do. And although some bars close at 1am, informal sidewalk bars do stay open all night. Called the gateway to Asia, Bangkok is one town that is just humming with nightlife.
S03E13 Argentina 03/07/2008 During this most recent trip to South America, Zane "cowboys up" for his travels to Argentina, which offers numerous opportunities to enjoy sunny beaches and the possibility to watch a wide variety of native wildlife. None of which is important to Zane, as he is there for the booze. During his time as a Gaucho, Zane samples the local cuisine, learns that biking and drinking do not mix and rides off into the sunset on a horse named Steve (no lie). From the beautiful European inspired plazas in Buenos Aries to the beautiful wine country of Mendoza, no stone is left unturned and no drink is left undrunk. Will Zane be able to cure his hangover with mass quantities of grilled beef? Find out, when he goes Three Sheets to Argentina.
S03E14 Moscow 10/07/2008 As Zane winds down the third season of Three Sheets, there is no better place for him to end his travels then in the historic city of Moscow. Around for untold centuries, Moscow is littered with bars, nightclubs and the people who enjoy them. But Zane is more of the "off the beaten path" kinda guy. While in the capitol city, Zane searches for Russian moonshine, does some stuff that could land him in a Russian prison and drunk-dials his mom. And remember, he gets paid to do this. Will Zane find the mystery drink he is searching for before the cops find him? Find out, when Zane goes Three Sheets to Moscow. As you might expect in a city of over 12 million people Moscow has a stunning variety of nightlife options and a scene for just about anyone. In fact it's difficult to generalize about the nightlife scene, simply because of its diversity. Of course Moscow being the city of sin that it is, there are some great places to hang out that are on the map, and some that are decidedly off the map. Wherever you are headed in Moscow though, you are virtually guaranteed a good time.
S04E01 New Zealand 20/07/2009 Weather he’s hurling himself into a canyon, or hoisting a shot of whiskey in the country with some backwoods booze makers, Zane holds his own in this rough and tumble country.
S04E02 Tanzania 27/07/2009 Zane Lamprey is off on a drinking safari as he dives into the brews and bar scene of Tanzania.He tries "bee brew" with the Masai tribe and partakes in an old-fashioned version of an African keg party, complete with a bling cauldron full of boozy porridge. And of course, there's also hibiscus wine and some mystery moonshine, with ingredients known to burn as they go down the hatch. Then after his remote adventure, Zane hits the not-so-big city of Arusha to explore the bars, banana brew, a hard alcohol called Konyagi and the local hangover cure. Jambo!
S04E03 Lithuania 03/08/2009 Zane explores the Eastern European nation of Lithuania, and its ancient drinking customs.
S04E04 St. Martin 10/08/2008 St. Martin From meeting an eccentric winemaker who has the French wine establishment reeling to sampling some traditional local brew, Zane's got it all covered as he treks across multifaceted Cape Town. Of course, there's also the nightlife, which includes eating wild game and meeting up with a local celebrity known for his drinking exploits. Plus, there's Afrikaner firewater known as "Witblits" and lots of other drinks that make this a place with something for just about anyone. Cheers! Gesondheid! Istulo!
S04E05 Cape Town 17/08/2008 Zane visits Cape Town, South Africa. Zane eats wild game, meets up with a local celebrity known for his drinking exploits, samples Afrikaner firewater known as "Witblits" and a lot of other drinks that make this a place with something for just about anyone.
S04E06 Tuscany 15/09/2009 Zane explores the centuries old traditions at one of the world's great Chianti makers. He also encounters a wine lover's answer to a pub crawl, and goes barefoot in a grape stomping competition against the locals.
S04E07 Hawaii 21/09/2009 Ever heard of beer made with cane? Porter made with Coconut? Vodka made with pineapple or ocean water? On this episode, Zane goes local finding out how local ingredients influence Hawaiian drinks in a unique way.
S04E08 Poland 28/09/2009 Zane meets up with one of the world's foremost vodca makers then gets down and dirty playing drinking games with hammers, spikes and lumber. He finishes his adventure by crashing a Polish wedding..
S04E09 Namibia 05/10/2009 Zane's unpredictable adventure leads him to local African firewater, the magic of a drum circle, sand dune adventures and "buffalo milk" when he proves that he really can go Three Sheets to anywhere - even Namibia!
S04E10 Hamburg 12/10/2009 Zane visits Hamburg, Germany, where he learns the hi-tech art of German cocktail mixing, and visits the Jagermeister distillery.
S04E11 Barbados 19/10/2009 Zane travels to exotic Barbados, where he learns to origin and history of the Island's most famous drink-- Rum.
S04E12 Newcastle 26/10/2009 Zane visits Newcastle, England, where he learns about football hooliganism and Ales.
S04E13 Lesbos, Greece 02/11/2009 It’s the birthplace of Greece’s great spirit of Ouzo. Zane sees how it’s made, and more importantly how it’s consumed with locals – and he finds out about the mysterious science behind why water makes ouzo turn cloudy.
S04E14 Iceland 09/11/2009 Zane dies his hair blonde and visits desolate Iceland, where he learns local drinking customs and experiences Nordic culture.
S04E15 Tahiti 16/11/2009 Zane's trek around the world takes him to the French Polynesian region often referred to as French Tahiti to bask in a drinker's paradise. Here he discovers a remote coral-island vineyard, the only one of its kind. There's also pineapple liqueur, island cocktails, beer cocktails and island antics as Zane goes Three Sheets to Tahiti. Sante!
S04E16 Whistler, Canada 23/11/2009 Zane takes to the slopes in Whistler, Canada, where he experiences ski culture and warms himself with local potables.
S04E17 Panama 30/11/2009 Zane journeys to Panama, where he partakes in drinking traditions old and new. Zane encounters a local TV celebrity and engages in a "Host off!"
S04E18 Amsterdam 07/12/2009 Zane (and special guest Steve McKenna) live it up in Amsterdam, traveling to the Red Light district and other local attractions before getting down to serious business... drinking!
S04E19 London NYE Special 31/12/2009 Zane visits London, England for a season-ending New Years Eve Special. He samples Beefeater Gin, pays a visit to Shakespeare's house, and is joined by the one and only Steve McKenna.
S00E01 Season 3 Extras 00/00/0000 Extra webisode featuring Zane's drinking antics in Scotland.
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