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Tickety Toc Clock is a special clock located in the middle of a wall of clocks inside an old clock shop. The clock chimes the time every hour, but it's not as easy as it seems. Behind the clock's face is an extraordinary world where things don't always run smoothly. The show's heroes are 8-year-old twins Tommy and Tallulah, who race against time to keep Tickety Toc Clock ticking and chiming the time. The siblings do everything with enthusiasm, commitment and positivity -- even if it gets them further into trouble. Among the characters who live in the clock's fantastical world are Pufferty, a dog-shaped train that helps the citizens of Tickety Town get around, maintenance man McCoggins and accident-prone rabbit Hopparoo, who is McCoggins' apprentice and eventually hopes to become a full-fledged maintenance worker.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Tickety Toc

S01E01 Bake a Cake Time 10/09/2012 When Madame Au Lait is called away to give Chikidee her ping pong lesson, Tommy and Tallulah bake a massive sticky carroty cake on their own. Ignoring the recipe, they make so much mixture that the oven explodes when they try to cook it, showering the whole town with sticky gunk and bringing Pufferty to a standstill!
S01E02 Help a Friend Time 10/09/2012 Tommy challenges Tallulah to a bouncing contest.
S01E03 Jammy Sandwich Time 11/09/2012 The twins find a pumpkin while searching for a watermelon.
S01E04 Flying Time 11/09/2012 Food disappears all over town, and the twins try to find out why.
S01E05 Fruity Trifle Time 12/09/2012 The twins spill jelly on their blanket and rush to clean it.
S01E06 Bell Ringing Time 12/09/2012 The twins attempt to fix a bell.
S01E07 Spring Chick Time 13/09/2012 The twins get trapped in a bubble
S01E08 Treasure Time 13/09/2012 Tommy and Tallulah polish the clock house.
S01E09 Hide and Seek Time 17/09/2012 The twins forget to tell Pufferty not to wander too far.
S01E10 Veggie Time 17/09/2012 The twins try to make pottery and wind up covering the town in clay
S01E11 Package Time 18/09/2012 The twins go after a runaway spring.
S01E12 Leaf Sweeping Time 18/09/2012 Pufferty hides too well while playing hide-and-seek
S01E13 Finding Time 19/09/2012 The twins want their bug pal to become their pet.
S01E14 Exercise Time 19/09/2012 The twins decide that everyone must get active, very active!
S01E15 Bubble Time 20/09/2012 A magic trick goes awry..
S01E16 Dress Up Time 20/09/2012 Tommy trades his drum, and then he can't get it back
S01E17 Make a Pot Time 24/09/2012 Pufferty's car falls apart while he's delivering vegetables.
S01E18 Measuring Time 24/09/2012 Tommy takes a unique approach to playing a game and finds success with it
S01E19 Pirate Time 26/09/2012 The twins break a model of the clock house.
S01E20 Photo Time 26/09/2012 The twins have a kite mishap while babysitting the Spring Chicks
S01E21 Birthday Time 27/09/2012 A birthday bash is held for McCoggins, but problems arise with the cake
S01E22 Giggle Time 27/09/2012 The twins choose the wrong time to make McCoggins laugh.
S01E23 Whackerty Time 03/12/2012 The twins search for a missing package.
S01E24 Model Making Time 03/12/2012 The twins ignore a recipe while baking
S01E25 Bug Time 04/12/2012 The twins pretend to be doctors and look for a patient, finally finding Hopparoo
S01E26 Show Time 04/12/2012 The twins try to earn their good-deeds badges by hurrying through a list of tasks
S01E27 Mystery Time 05/12/2012 The twins make a paper airplane for Chickidee, but they don't give her tips about landing it.
S01E28 Camping Time 05/12/2012 Hopparoo and Chickidee hatch a plan to get the twins' pirate ship.
S01E29 Swap Time 06/12/2012 The twins search for an artifact and let a bouncer loose by accident
S01E30 Watermelon Time 06/12/2012 The twins try to clear snow with a time-saving snowplow.
S01E31 Race Time 07/12/2012 The twins construct a large igloo, but it's missing a door.
S01E32 Picnic Time 07/12/2012 The twins need more snow to make a snowman, so they try using a weather machine
S01E33 Outer Space Time 07/11/2012 Tommy and Tallulah set off on a space adventure.
S01E34 Painting Time 04/11/2012 Tommy and Tallulah are determined to paint the best picture for an exhibit.
S01E35 Stickety Time 11/11/2012 Tommy and Tallulah borrow McCoggin's Stickety machine to find Pufferty's lost ball.
S01E36 Doctor Time 20/05/2012 Tommy and Tallulah are playing doctors.
S01E37 Nature Trail Time 18/11/2012 McCoggins takes Tommy and Tallulah on a nature trail, with a list of important things to see.
S01E38 Bounce Time 25/11/2012 Tommy and Tallulah compete to see who can bounce the highest; Madame Au Lait's sticky custard saves the day.
S01E39 Tune Time 02/12/2012 Tommy and Tallulah try to find Battersby an instrument to play in the town Moo Tune concert.
S01E40 Story Time 30/12/2012 Tommy and Tallulah try to tell Tickety Town the exciting story of Cogzilla, but the last page of the story is missing.
S01E41 Tidy Time 10/02/2012 While Tommy and Tallulah try to help Madame au Lait by cleaning the Clockhouse, they recycle her precious recipes.
S01E42 Badge Time 24/02/2012 Tommy and Tallulah try to win their good deeds badge from Troop Leader Au Lait, but they cause problems instead.
S01E43 Dancing Time 07/04/2013 Tommy wears a pair of mechanical dancing shoes to help win the town dancing contest against Tallulah, but they go out of control.
S01E44 Visiting Time 28/04/2013 Hopparoo's cousin, Bopparoo, comes to visit; Hopparoo feels that he is no longer needed.
S01E45 Balloon Time 30/06/2013 Tommy and Tallulah are playing with balloons. When Tommy accidentally loses his balloon, the twins spot McCoggins preparing for a flight in his hot air balloon. McCoggins agrees to take them with him - but a well meaning Tommy unties the balloon before McCoggins can climb aboard. Soon Tommy and Tallulah are adrift in the Tickety sky!
S01E46 Play Time 16/05/2013 It's Play Time and Tommy and Tallulah instigate a large game of Tickety Tag.
S01E47 Museum Time 06/12/2012 Batterby is opening a Museum of all things Tickety. The problem is, no one is visiting – and Tommy and Tallulah are sure it’s because he doesn’t have anything really old. When they learn about the Legendary Lost Clock of Tickety, Tommy and Tallulah decide to find it.
S01E48 News Time 20/05/2013 Madame Au Lait is in need of a story for the Tickety Times. Tommy and Tallulah are given the job to find one - before Chime Time. Unfortunately nothing exciting is happening in Tickety Town at all. When Tommy and Tallulah are overheard imagining what a great story a circus coming to town would make world quickly spreads that a circus really IS coming! Tommy and Tallulah can't bring themselves to own up - so hurriedly arrange a makeshift circus.
S01E49 Bath Time 21/05/2013 It's Bath Time for Pufferty! The trouble is that Pufferty doesn't like baths!
S01E50 Snow Time 07/12/2012 It's Snow Time and Tommy and Tallulah are determined to build a snowman. However when Chikidee forecasts no snow - and vegetables and flour prove not to be worthy substitutes for the real thing - they turn to McCoggins and his weather-generating cloud-maker machine.
S01E51 Winter Time 12/06/2012 It’s Winter Time and Tommy and Tallulah are looking forward to playing in the snow. Unfortunately, it snows a little too hard and Tommy and Tallulah are given the job of clearing the path to Battersby’s shop.
S01E52 Igloo Time 07/12/2012 Tickety is covered in ice and snow and Tommy and Tallulah are determined to build an igloo from the ice.
S02E01 Funfair Time 00/00/0000 Pufferty is too big for the rides at the funfair, so Tommy and Tallulah think he will have fun if he becomes the roller coaster.
S02E02 Old Things Time 00/00/0000 The twins find an old plane which Madame Au Lait once used to perform daring stunts and try to get it working again - but end up accidentally airborne themselves.
S02E03 Dino Time 00/00/0000 Tommy and Tallulah find the bones of an ancient Clockosaurus, but when they accidentally wind it up the creature comes to life.
S02E04 Itchy Time 00/00/0000 The towns residents all suddenly start scratching, prompting Tommy and Tallulah to suspect everyone might have caught train-dog fleas from Pufferty.
S02E05 Robot Time 00/00/0000 McCoggins invents a robot for doing jobs, but Tommy and Tallulah cannot resist ordering the machine to do one exciting thing after another, causing it to short-circuit and run riot.
S02E06 Ball Time 00/00/0000 The twins puncture their ball and use McCoggins's pump to inflate it again. However, they cannot make it stop and the ball grows to the size of a house.
S02E07 Magic Time 00/00/0000 McCoggins is doing a magic trick to make Hopparoo disappear into his hat, but Chikidee knocks it over and Hopparoo really does vanish.
S02E08 Fix-It Time 00/00/0000 McCoggins leaves the twins alone in his workshop, so Tommy decides to try to mend a broken truck, but forgets to put back an important red button.
S02E09 Easter Egg Time 00/00/0000 Tommy and Tallulah decorate eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt. However, while hiding them Hopparoo breaks the prized golden egg, so with little time to spare the twins must get the egg back together again.
S02E10 Superhero Time 00/00/0000 McCoggins gives Tommy a jetpack to enable him to fly, while Tallulah receives a huge pair of hands to make her strong.
S02E11 Bowling Time 00/00/0000 McCoggins's bowling ball goes out of control, dragging Tommy along with it.
S02E12 Go-Kart Time 00/00/0000 The twins compete in a go-kart race but disaster strikes when Tommy uses the clockhouse key to make his vehicle go faster.
S02E13 Driving Time 00/00/0000 McCoggins builds the twins a car, but Pufferty worries that they will no longer need him. However, when they get stuck in the mud, only he can save them.
S02E14 Sports Time 00/00/0000 The twins are looking forward to winning team medals in the Tickety-lympics, but Chikidee rules that everyone must compete separately.
S02E15 Weather Time 00/00/0000 The twins decide to help Chikidee to make her weather reports more exciting.
S02E16 Solve a Mystery Time 00/00/0000 When sticky goo appears all over the town, the twins soon track down the culprit - a baby spider. However, when they track it to its home in the forest, their go-kart gets trapped in a giant web.
S02E17 Training Time 00/00/0000 Pufferty enters a dog-train contest, but the other contestants are older and more experienced.
S02E18 Easter Parade Time 00/00/0000