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Step through the front door of Tilly’s little yellow house and join her and her five animal best friends as they discover the world around them. Tilly is a very happy, lively little girl who lives in a little yellow house. Living with her are her best friends: the vain Pru, who likes to make an entrance; Hector the sensitive pink pig who is prone to fits of giggles; mischievous crocodile Doodle who likes to chew the furniture; cheeky Tiptoe the rabbit who likes to surprise people; and Tumpty the innocent elephant, the youngest of the friends. Tilly’s world is one which children will be able to relate to and where friendship is at the heart of everything. Tilly loves having her friends around her and always makes time for them with all sorts of imaginative play, discovering the joys and challenges of friendship.


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S01E01 Tilly's Best Day Ever 26/07/2012 Tilly and her friends are having a play day at home. There's painting, dressing up, tiddlywinks and all sorts of sandwiches for lunch. When Tilly realises this is the best day ever, she and her friends want to make sure they remember it for always and decide to make a scrapbook. But how can they squeeze so many big memories into one very small book?
S01E02 Pru Loses Her Voice 02/08/2012 Tilly and her friends are singing the Wiggle Woo song - but bossy Pru wants all the attention. In her bid to steal the limelight by singing as loudly as possible she manages to lose her voice. Tilly and her friends search high and low for Pru's lost voice, but it's not under the cushions, or even in the toy box. Just when it looks like Pru's voice may be lost forever, Hector has a brilliant idea. But could Pru's voice really be in a jar of honey?
S01E03 Really Wheely Day 17/09/2012 Tilly's tricycle is too small for her, but it's a perfect fit for Hector. There's a toy car for Pru, a skateboard for Doodle, a scooter for Tiptoe and Tumpty has a smart set of wheels on his four roller skates! Everyone's having wheelie good fun - but why isn't Tilly riding her new red bike? The friends soon realise that Tilly might need a helping hand to get started on two wheels so she can join in with the wheelie day too.
S01E04 Tumpty's Shadow 20/09/2012 Tumpty is having a lovely bumpety-bouncy day and he wants everyone to join in and bumpety-bounce too - but they are all too busy. Poor Tumpty is left all alone on the huff tuffet until he realises that his shadow is with him - and best of all, when Tumpty wants to bounce, the shadow bounces too! But when the sun goes down it takes Tumpty's shadow with it, and so the friends work out a plan to bring it back.
S01E05 Hector's Pet 21/09/2012 When Hector's friends don't show much interest in his new dance, he huffs off to the huff tuffet. Once there he spots a potential new friend - a small rock! Hector names him Colin and decides to keep him as a pet. The friends love Colin and quickly decide to find their own pets - a stick, a feather, an apple, a sunflower - but it's all getting rather competitive. Can the Little Yellow House's first ever bring-a-pet party save the day?
S01E06 Doodle Wants to Play 24/09/2012 Doodle is in a playing mood and wants all her friends to join in. But they are all happily doing their own quiet things - Tiptoe is lounging, Hector is cloud-watching, Pru is dozing, Tumpty is thinking and Tilly is reading. Doodle doesn't know what to do - how can she play when there's no one to play with? It looks like it's going to be a very boring day until Tilly shows her there are lots of fun games she can play all by herself.
S01E07 Tiptoe's Rainbow 25/09/2012 After a sunny, showery day the friends go in search of a rainbow. Tiptoe is very disappointed when they can't find one and although the friends try and make him an indoor rainbow with colourful paints and clothes, it's just not quite the same as an outside rainbow. When the rain starts again it looks like the rainbow search is over, until Tilly discovers, with the help of some bubbles, how to make a real rainbow inside.
S01E08 Tilly's Bug Hotel 26/09/2012 Tilly's dolls' house has a visitor - a little ladybird! The ladybird seems very happy in her new home and the friends decide to convert the toy house into a bug hotel! After an insect hunt in the garden to find more guests, Tilly welcomes them to the bug hotel. But much to her disappointment, the bugs are less than impressed with the dolls' house and Tilly realises that the bugs might prefer a different hotel altogether.
S01E09 Pru's Parade 27/09/2012 Pru is having a do-something-fabulous day but unfortunately everyone else is having a messy day. Paints, melted lollies and spilt water have left everything drippy and untidy and Pru leads the friends on a clean-up parade. But then Pru gets herself into an icky sticky mess - how embarrassing! Fortunately the friends come up with a fashion show idea that turns muddy and messy into this season's fabulous must-have look!
S01E10 Tumpty's Plane 28/09/2012 Tilly and her friends are making paper planes. Pru has decorated hers with lipstick, Doodle has folded her bitey-bitey plane into crocodile teeth, Hector's has splodges and Tiptoe's has ears, but when Tumpty tries to make a Tumpty-plane he's just too big and clumsy to manage all the folding. Poor Tumpty really wants to make his own plane and when Tilly has a big idea it looks like his wish might come true.
S01E11 Hector and the Big Bad Wolf 01/10/2012 The friends are having a lovely time listening to Tilly telling the story of The Three Little Pigs. All except Hector, who is feeling rather nervous at the thought of the big bad wolf. He decides to hide in his den for safety and nothing can persuade him to come out. Can Tilly come up with a story to make him feel brave again?
S01E12 Tiptoe's Mystery 02/10/2012 It's a wet day and the friends are wondering what they can do in the house. Tiptoe is a brilliant ideas rabbit and they're sure he will have an idea. But where is he? He isn't under the table or behind the sofa - it's a mystery. And then Hector finds a twinkly note - Tiptoe has left the friends clues to help them find his hiding place. If they follow the trail, will they find something to do at the end of it?
S01E13 Too Much Too Many Cake 03/10/2012 It's a rainy day and the friends have to find a good indoors thing to do. Tilly has a good idea - cake baking! And the best bit about it is that everyone can add their favourite ingredient. There are chocolate chips from Tilly, peanuts from Tumpty, Pru's raisins, Doodle's apples, Tiptoe's bananas and mashy moos from Hector - delicious! The only problem is there are just too many tastes to make it tasty and Tilly must find a way to make the much too many cake mixture just a little bit less!
S01E14 Tilly No Tail 04/10/2012 Tumpty is doing the happy-tail dance, Doodle is doing the snappy-tail dance, Pru is shaking her tail feathers, Hector is doing a tail wiggle and even Tiptoe's tail is twinkling - but what about Tilly? Tilly doesn't have a tail! The friends all decide to make one for her, Tilly must have a tail if she wants to balance and bounce and swish and swat and fluff and flounce like them. Even Tilly is starting to wish she had one, but when she goes from no tail to five tails she discovers that life with a tail can be very tricky!
S01E15 Pru and the Feather Fairy 05/10/2012 When Tilly loses a wobbly tooth her friends get excited about a visit from the tooth fairy, except Pru who doesn't have any teeth. Poor Pru feels very sad that she'll never have a shiny coin brought to her by the tooth fairy. Tilly makes her some paper and glue teeth and Doodle finds some wind-up teeth, but still the tooth fairy doesn't come. Pru is feeling very left out until she discovers that the tooth fairy has a special fairy friend who exchanges shiny coins for fallen feathers!
S01E16 Flighty-Bitey 29/10/2012 It's a perfect day for a picnic in the garden - until Doodle spoils things by being too bitey with the cake. But under the apple tree she meets someone else who is green and bitey - a caterpillar! What a perfect new friend for Doodle! But when the caterpillar wakes up after a long sleep, Doodle's bitey friend has become a flighty friend...
S01E17 Tumpty the Great 30/10/2012 Tumpty is feeling a bit droopy. Everyone in the little yellow house is good at something except him and it's making him feel rather low. He can't paint as well as Tilly, he can't do the wiggle wiggle woo as well as Hector, he just doesn't seem to have the interior decorating skills of Pru or be able to whistle like Doodle and he certainly can't tiptoe like Tiptoe. But Tilly and her friends know that Tumpty has more bounce than any of them and it's up to them to remind him of his special skill.
S01E18 Hector and the Dandelion 31/10/2012 Hector is having a happy day, singing and dancing the wiggle wiggle woo, when he finds a dandelion in the garden. Hector tries to introduce the dandelion to his friends, but they all seem to be flapping and puffing and breezing and wafting and Hector is worried the dandelion will be blown away. Hector's friends try to find a way to show him that what dandelions love is to scatter their seeds in the wind.
S01E19 Doctor Tilly 01/11/2012 When Tilly manages to make Hector's poorly knee better, she decides she is going to be Doctor Tilly. There is a special doctor's coat in the dressing up box and Tilly sets up her surgery immediately. But Tilly is a bit too enthusiastic at diagnosing her friends and starts administering medical help even when it's not wanted. The friends must try and explain to Tilly that part of being a good doctor is being able to listen!
S01E20 Pru and the Good Turn 00/00/0000 When Pru accidentally finds Tumpty's missing toy car she decides she rather likes saving the day. Being helpful suddenly seems like a very good idea, and Pru starts helping out all over the place - whether her friends want her to or not! How can Tilly and her friends persuade Pru to put her helpfulness on hold?
S01E21 Tilly and the Splodge 28/10/2013 There is a big jammy splodge on Tilly's favourite summer dress! Soapy water does not make the splodge disappear and loud crashy music does not scare it away. Luckily, Pru has a better idea. Armed with her special Pru Patches and some nice new buttons she sets out to turn Tilly's messy dress into something beautiful.
S01E22 Tilly's Restaurant 28/10/2013 There is a big jammy splodge on Tilly's favourite summer dress. Tilly is hosting a doll's tea party and her friends are disappointed to discover that the delicious food is all pretend, especially when they are all so hungry. Tilly decides to open a restaurant with real food so her friends can enjoy snack time together - but running a restaurant single-handed is much harder than it looks. The friends start to realise that the best way to enjoy sharing a meal is to share the preparation too.
S01E23 A Star for Tiptoe 29/10/2013 Tilly and her friends are camping out in the garden when Tiptoe spots a lone blue star twinkling in the sky. Tiptoe twinkles back at him but the star will not come down and even Pru's high heels do not make Tiptoe tall enough to go up. It looks like the blue star is going to be stuck without a playmate until Tilly checks in her Space book and discovers that the little blue star might already have some friends of his own.
S01E24 Clumsy Tumpty 29/10/2013 Tumpty wants a biscuit, even though he knows biscuits aren't really breakfast food. But when he decides to secretly sneak one out of the jar he ends up making a terrible mess. He thinks nobody will notice if he pretends it wasn't him. But then Hector gets the blame and Tumpty knows he must find a way to make things right.
S01E25 Hector and the Full Up Moon 30/10/2013 It is bed time in the Little Yellow House, but Hector is far too busy to sleep - he wants to stay up and see the full-up moon. Even though Hector is usually a sleepy little pig at bedtime, he's determined to stay awake and has invented all sorts of contraptions to stop him nodding off. But the full-up moon is taking such a long time to come out and Hector is getting very sleepy, so it's up to the friends to make sure Hector doesn't miss out on his special moon.
S01E26 Tilly Can't Sleep 30/10/2013 All is quiet in the little yellow house as the friends are sleeping soundly through the night. All except Tilly. She just can't go to sleep. Her loud sighs wake up her friends, who all try to think of ways to help Tilly drop off. Hector brings some warm milk, Pru tries a lullaby, but nothing is working. And then Tiptoe has an idea involving some rather unusual sheep...
S01E27 Tilly and the Quiet Game 31/10/2013
S01E28 Pru's Pencil 31/10/2013
S01E29 Hector Wants to Win 01/11/2013
S01E30 Doodle and the Apple Tree 01/11/2013
S01E31 Tiptoe's Jigsaw 04/11/2013
S01E32 Tumpty Loses His Oomph 04/11/2013
S01E33 Doodle's Bitey Bitey Bitey Day 05/11/2013 Doodle is having an extra-bitey day and has eaten every single apple on the apple tree. She's eaten all the marshmallows in the pot, all the biscuits in the tin and even all the jam from the jar. Doodle is going to have to learn how to be less bitey or her friends are going to be left feeling very hungry! When she eats all the pancakes that Tilly makes for the others it's the last straw. But when Doodle starts to get a tummy ache from eating too much she starts to wonder if being a bit less bitey bitey and a bit more nibbly nibbly might be a better idea.
S01E34 Tilly's Story 05/11/2013 It's story time! Tilly is reading the most exciting story ever to her friends, but when she turns to the last page - it's gone! The friends search high and low for the missing page but it's nowhere to be found. Everyone knows you can't have a story without an ending so they all decide to make up their own. But how will they choose which one to use?
S01E35 Hector and the Huff Tuffet 06/11/2013 It's a happy day and Tilly and friends are spinning and bumping and dancing around the huff tuffet in the garden. But when Hector looks closely, the little mound of grass seems all frowny and droopy. How do you cheer up a huff tuffet? A makeover? A delicious mud pie feast? A special song? Maybe what the huff tuffet needs is a visit from someone in a huff - but who will that be?
S01E36 Little Blue Pru 06/11/2013 Tilly and friends love reading Little Red Riding Hood and decide to act it out as a play. Pru is very excited, and desperately wants the leading role - even if she does have to wear a blue cape instead of a red one. But when Pru turns into a bossy boots the friends have had enough and Pru is left fronting a one-chicken show. Will Pru find a way to swallow her pride and persuade the friends to come back and join her on stage?
S01E37 Tumpty's Present 07/11/2013 When the friends wake up there are presents waiting for them on the doorstep. Lovely, shiny, exciting presents for everyone - except Tumpty. Who can have left the presents on the doorstep and why didn't they leave one for Tumpty? The friends really don't want Tumpty to feel left out so they try to find a present especially for him. But what would Tumpty's perfect present be?
S01E38 Hector Learns to Juggle 07/11/2013 Tilly is very impressed with Tumpty's floaty floats trick and Hector wishes he had a special skill to show off too. Juggling would be perfect! But it's so much harder than it looks and even help from his friends doesn't make it any easier. Hector is feeling fed up, juggling is so very difficult! Tilly explains that practise makes perfect.
S01E39 Doodle and the Marching Band 08/11/2013 Tilly loves playing her trumpet and it feels like a noisy trumpet day. Hector is very good at trumpet noises, Tiptoe is excellent on the drums, Tumpty stamps his feet in time and Pru has her ukulele. The marching band is ready to perform! But what about Doodle? She doesn't have an instrument, or a trumpety voice, or stamping feet. Doodle really wants to join in, but all she has are some crunchy munchy apples...
S01E40 Pru and the Bangle 08/11/2013 Pru is starring in the famous ballet Chicken Lake and is in need of a special something to make her outfit extra fabulous. Tilly lends Pru her precious, sparkly bangle and Pru feels like a princess. But after a particularly enthusiastic warm-up routine Pru notices the bracelet is missing. How can she find the courage to own up to Tilly, and where on earth has the missing bangle gone?
S01E41 Everyone Wants Tiptoe 11/11/2013 Tiptoe is having an extremely popular day - everyone wants him to help them and join in with their games. Despite rushing around trying to keep all of his friends happy, Tiptoe realises he just can't be everywhere at the same time, and all the speeding from place to place is making his ears twist together with tiredness. How can he remind his friends that there's only one Tiptoe to go round?
S01E42 Hector's Lucky Leaf 11/11/2013 Tilly and her five animal friends enjoy all the adventures the world around them has to offer. Hector loves playing in the garden until he gets scared by a daddy long legs. It looks like Hector will have to play indoors until Tilly remembers the lucky leaf that makes him feel brave and Hector feels confident enough to face anything the garden has to offer! But when the leaf goes missing, will Tilly be able to persuade Hector that he can be brave all on his own?
S01E43 Princess Tilly 12/11/2013 Tilly and her five animal friends enjoy all the adventures the world around them has to offer. When Tilly tries on a knight's shield from the dressing up box Pru is horrified. She thinks boys should be knights and girls should be princesses. But being a princess and waiting around to be rescued is boring. Tilly doesn't think its fair that Tiptoe, Hector and Tumpty get to have all the fun just because they're boys. But when the brave knights run into trouble in the garden shed, it's up to the Princesses to come to rescue!
S01E44 Pru's Post 12/11/2013 Pru is extremely busy writing letters, and it's a very complicated business. First she writes the letter, then she encloses a photograph of herself, then makes a lipstick kiss print and then she sprays it with perfume - no wonder she hasn't got time to play. Finally the letters are ready to post, and all the friends receive one. All except Pru. Will the friends come up with a plan to make sure that Pru gets something special through the letter box?
S01E45 Tumpty's Skipping Rope 13/11/2013 Tilly has found some hula-hoops and the friends are looking forward to a skipping day. Pru, Doodle and Tiptoe are all expert skippers, and Hector learns how to do it too. But Tumpty has a problem, he can't fit through the middle of even the biggest hoop. The friends don't like to see Tumpty feeling left out, and with the help of the daisies in the garden, manage to come up with a wonderful skipping surprise!
S01E46 The Five Tillys 13/11/2013 Playing with Hector, dressing up with Pru, reading to Tumpty, painting with Tiptoe and eating cake with Doodle. Being Tilly is really very hard work and so Tilly decides to have a little lie down and not be herself for a while. Without Tilly to take charge the friends decide to stand in for her and spend the day dressing like Tilly and doing Tillyish things, which is all great fun until they start to miss being themselves.
S01E47 Hector's Hushy House 14/11/2013 Tilly, Tumpty, Pru, Tiptoe and Doodle are playing a noisy game of chuckle chase in the garden, but Hector wants some peace and quiet so he can do his colouring in. He builds a special hushy house den inside but when his friends pile in as well he decides everyone has to keep out except for him. At last he has a peaceful place that's nice and hushy, perfect for being on his own. But when he hears his friends having fun outside, Hector begins to wonder if keeping everyone out is as much fun as letting everyone in!
S01E48 Tilly and the Missing Goz Gog Grabber 14/11/2013 Tilly is making a gooseberry pie and the friends can't wait to taste it. But when she goes to pick the berries in the garden, all the nice juicy ripe ones have vanished. The friends suspect someone has taken them. There's only one thing for it - they need to set a trap for the gooseberry grabber and wait for the grabbing to begin. Can Tilly and her friends solve the mystery of the disappearing gooseberries in time to make the pie for tea?
S01E49 Tumpty's Cars 15/11/2013 Tumpty's toy cars are his favourite things in the world and he wants to play with them all day. But while his friends are happy to join in for a while, they want to play their own games too. When Tumpty's cars start to take over the Little Yellow House there's a terrible traffic jam and Tumpty realises that sometimes games must come to an end.
S01E50 Tilly and the Crocolion 15/11/2013 Tilly, Pru and Hector are reading their animal fact book and finding out all about the wild animals that live all over the world. But why make do with pictures in a book when there's a whole garden full of real animals to discover? Tilly even has a camera to take pictures. The friends set out on safari and encounter some very unusual animals - the rabbitiger, the cheetaphant and even the extremely rare and never before photographed crocolion!
S01E51 Tiptoe in the Snow 18/11/2013 Tiptoe is very taken with the toy snow globe, he's never seen anything like it before. If only he could play in some real snow. But it's a no snow day outside and the friends have to try and create a winter wonderland indoors. The bag of flour is quite good, but it doesn't work when he tries to make a snowman and the white sheet of paper doesn't feel very snowy when he touches it. Tiptoe wants the real thing - but when something magical happens in the garden, Tiptoe starts to understand something about real snow - it's very very cold!
S01E52 Hector the Clown 18/11/2013 Hector is finding it very difficult to get everyone's attention and his friends are all far too busy to watch his new dance. Hector decides it might be time to reinvent himself as a more interesting pig and Hector the clown makes his grand entrance. He can do tricks and tumbles and make everyone laugh - Hector the clown is a hit! But before long the friends start to miss the old Hector - they even miss his huffs! Is Hector the clown here to stay, or will the real Hector make a surprise return?

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