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Tout les oppose et pourtant ce sont les meilleurs amis du monde. Timon est un suricate (espèce de mangouste) narcissique et agité. Pumbaa est un joyeux phacochère amateur d'insectes plutôt naïf mais intelligent. Leur philosophie : "Hakuna Matata" (qui signifie en kenyan "pas de problème"). Chacune de leurs aventures est propice à de nouvelles rencontres aussi étranges qu'amusantes - hors ou dans la jungle africaine où ils habitent - et même s'ils sont amis, cela ne leur empêche pas de se disputer. Heureusement cela fini toujours bien même si la réconciliation sait se faire attendre et ce, de manière humoristique ! Dans le film Le Roi Lion dont ils sont les personnages secondaires, Timon et Pumbaa se distinguaient par leur humour délirant. Cette série reçoit un accueil favorable auprès du public car leur humour décalé est toujours aussi présent.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Timon et Pumbaa

S01E01 Boara Boara 08/09/1995 On a South Seas Island, Timon and Pumbaa run into some natives who make Pumbaa their god-king.
S01E03 Kenya Be My Friend? 15/09/1995 Timon and Pumbaa break up after an argument, and each finds a new bestest best friend.
S01E05 Never Everglades 22/09/1995 Pumbaa thinks that he's laid an egg. So he and a reluctant Timon raise the ""ugly chicken"" that hatches from it..
S01E07 How to Beat the High Costa Rica 29/09/1995 Timon and Pumbaa clash with Criminal Quint over a suitcase containing $1,290,000.00 in stolen money.
S01E09 Uganda Be an Elephant 06/10/1995 Timon makes Pumbaa want to be popular like Ned the Elephant. So Pumbaa tries to become an elephant with Timon's help.
S01E11 French Fried 13/10/1995 Timon and Pumbaa try to save their new best friend Speedy the Snail from French chef Culinary Quint.
S01E13 The Pain in Spain 03/11/1995 Carlos and Consuelo Quint mistake Pumbaa for a bull and capture him to replace the aging El Toro as their bullfighting star. But El Toro won't go away without a fight.
S01E15 Tanzania Zany 10/11/1995 Timon's former bestest best friend Fred pays a visit, pulling practical jokes and coming between the pair of friends.
S01E17 Back Out in the Outback 17/11/1995 In Australia, Timon mistakes a land crab for a giant bug and tries several times to get him. But the crab proves too clever for Timon.
S01E18 Gabon With the Wind 00/00/0000 To save himself from the Cheetahs, Timon promises to trap Pumbaa for them.
S01E19 Timon's Time Togo 24/11/1995 Timon dies after eating a poisonous bug. But an angel agrees to send him back to Earth, so that he can perform one good deed to be permitted to enter Heaven.
S01E20 The Law of the Jungle 00/00/0000 Timon uses the Forbidden Stick to scratch his back, incurring the wrath of Judge Rhino and the Vulture Police who make up laws and punishments to persecute Timon.
S01E21 Be More Pacific 01/12/1995 Timon instructs Pumbaa on what to wish for when Pumbaa rescues a magic wishing whale. But the wishes keep getting misinterpreted.
S01E22 Going Uruguay 00/00/0000 Timon helps a lost Termite King find his colony, intending to eat all the termites when they get there.
S01E23 Yosemite Remedy 22/12/1995 Timon seeks revenge against the thief who stole his and Pumbaa's valuables when the Vulture Police can't arrest him.
S01E24 Rafiki Fables: The Sky is Calling 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa argue over what to do with a chunk of the Big Bluish Black Thing that's crashed right between them. Rafiki tells them that therefore the chunk is a sign that they can no longer have anything to do with each other.
S01E25 Mozam-Beaked 29/12/1995 Timon and Pumbaa try to catch a woodpecker who's pecking at their favorite tree.
S01E26 Ocean Commotion 00/00/0000 While on a cruise ship, Timon and Pumbaa try to rescue Speedy from a married couple who want to make an earring out of Speedy's shell.
S02E01 Brazil Nuts 16/09/1995 In the Amazon, Timon and Pumbaa discover an all-you-can-eat bug buffet run by two snakes. But it's actually a trap!
S02E02 South Sea Sick 00/00/0000 Pumbaa gets sick. So Timon jumps at the opportunity to cure his bestest best friend.
S02E03 Yukon Con 23/09/1995 Timon and Pumbaa break up over ownership of any gold they find on their Yukon claim, just when Pumbaa stikes it rich. Cusco Quint schemes to use the break-up to get the gold for himself.
S02E04 Doubt of Africa 00/00/0000 Pumbaa and a reluctant Timon help out a widowed tigress learn how to catch her own prey.
S02E05 Russia Hour 30/09/1995 Pumbaa and Timon visit Pumbaa's Uncle Boaris, the greatest ballet dancer in all of Russia. But Timon accidentally causes Boaris to get seriously hurt just before his farewell performance..
S02E06 You Ghana Join the Club 00/00/0000 A group of ground squirrels named Ted fence off Timon and Pumbaa's favorite spot in the jungle for their own exclusionary club, and make the duo pester an unfriendly lion in order to get back in
S02E07 Rocky Mountain Lie 07/10/1995 Timon thinks he's eaten a bug that became Pumbaa's new friend, and so lies about what might've happened to him.
S02E08 Amazon Quiver 00/00/0000 A panther traps Timon and Pumbaa in the trunk of a tree, but for how long?
S02E09 Madagascar About You 14/10/1995 Timon helps Pumbaa try to find a way out of an arranged marriage.
S02E10 Truth or Zaire 14/10/1995 Timon and Pumbaa pretend to be baby gorillas so that a female gorilla will protect them from Congo Quint.
S02E11 Mojave Desserted 21/10/1995 Timon and Pumbaa save the life of an obnoxious rabbit, who then tries to repay them by waiting on them hand and foot forever.
S02E12 Rafiki Fables: Beauty and the Wildebeest 00/00/0000 Rafiki helps an ugly wildebeest improve his looks and manners so that he can romance a gazelle that he has a crush for.
S02E13 Don't Break the China 28/10/1995 Timon and Pumbaa help a lost kid panda find his parents, expecting a big reward when they return him home.
S02E14 The Laughing Hyenas: Can't Take a Yolk 00/00/0000 The hyenas try to steal an ostrich egg away from its mother.
S02E15 Unlucky in Lesotho 04/11/1995 Timon gets hit by a streak of bad luck just on the day he has to protect the Lucky Jar to get into Ned's Good Luck Club.
S02E16 Rafiki Fables: Rafiki's Apprentice 00/00/0000 Rafiki's nephew uses the Magic Stick to help him gather gourds for his uncle. But he gets in over his head
S02E17 Mombasa-In-Law 11/11/1995 When his mother pays a visit, Timon has to pretend that he's a responsible contributing member of the meerkat society, and Pumbaa has to pretend that he's Timon's wife.
S02E18 The Laughing Hyenas: TV Dinner 00/00/0000 The hyenas try to get on Martin Pardon's "Kingdom of the Creatures" show to get at the big meals Pardon feeds his animal stars.
S02E19 Manhattan Mishap 25/11/1995 On their way to New York, Timon and Pumbaa are thrown out of the plane and land on a desert island whose only resident is a very hungry castaway.
S02E20 Paraguay Parable 00/00/0000 An anteater tricks Timon and Pumbaa into having a competition to see who can catch the most bugs on one's own.
S02E21 Let's Serengeti out of Here 09/12/1995 Overzealous biologist Mr. Happy holds Timon and Pumbaa against their will in his animal sanctuary in order to "protect" them.
S02E22 Congo on Like This 00/00/0000 A tarsier warns Timon and Pumbaa of a predator prowling about, and they suspect that Simba might be the predator.
S02E23 Okay Bayou? 16/12/1995 A possum guides Timon and Pumbaa through the Louisiana Bayou to reach the great Boudreaux.
S02E24 Shake Your Djibouti 00/00/0000 Concerned about a monster's escape from Dr. Happy's lab, Timon drills Simba so that he'll be able to protect him and Pumbaa.
S03E01 Palm Beached 02/09/1996 Timon and Pumbaa want to "nap" by the rooftop swimming pool of a posh hotel. But Concierge Quint keeps throwing them out.
S03E02 Jamaica Mistake? 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa chase a "moth" into the spooky mansion of Mr. Pirebat..
S03E03 Oregon Astray 09/09/1996 Boss Beaver converts Pumbaa to his "Makuta Hamaka" (Work real hard) philosophy and convinces Pumbaa to take jobs in his dam-building operation for himself and Timon, with surprising results.
S03E04 New Guinea Pig 00/00/0000 Pumbaa considers getting rid of his tusks by trading them to the natives.
S03E05 Klondike Con 16/09/1996 Courteous Quint teams up with Timon and Pumbaa to find gold in the Artic. But Timon obstinately refuses to trust him.
S03E06 Isle Find Out 00/00/0000 Timon becomes obsessed with finding out what a group of flamingos standing around in a sandbar might be planning.
S03E07 Wide Awake in Wonderland 23/09/1996 Pumbaa makes Timon read bedtime stories from his "Little Book of Warthog Fairy Tales", which all portray warthogs in a good light but meerkats in a bad light.
S03E08 Zazu's Off-by-One Day 00/00/0000 When Zazu is told by the Jungle Inspector that he left one animal out in his counting, he ends up fired and Gopher takes his place. Can Zazu find the animal that he forgot to count?
S03E09 Africa Dabra 30/09/1996 The Rabbit teams up with Timon to form a magic act for a talent competition, but also tricks Timon and Pumbaa into breaking up.
S03E10 I Don't Bolivia 00/00/0000 Master criminal/liar Toucan Dan keeps tricking Timon into freeing him from his prison.
S03E11 Catch Me if You Kenya 07/10/1996 Timon and Pumbaa try to get past a guard tiger to get at the Peter-Lorre husband's butterfly collection.
S03E12 Scent of the South 00/00/0000 Pumbaa turns to a skunk's expert help when he thinks he can't be bestest best friends with Timon anymore because of his smell. But Timon thinks Pumbaa's left him for the skunk because of her smell.
S03E13 Forbidden Pumbaa 14/10/1996 Timon tries to save Pumbaa from an alien robot sent to abduct one warthog.
S03E14 Washington Applesauce 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa agree to save an apple-growing town from an ever-growing worm.
S03E15 I Think I Canada 21/10/1996 A wolverine "persuades" Timon and Pumbaa to join in his "Survival of the Fittest" fitness program.
S03E16 Zazu's Off Day Off 00/00/0000 Zazu has to work on his day off when an elephant blocks up the river, depriving the animals of their water supply.
S03E17 Timon on the Range 28/10/1996 In the old west, an outlaw gang mistakes Pumbaa for their leader.
S03E18 The Man from J.U.N.G.L.E. 00/00/0000 Timon's plan to masquerade as Super Duper Hero X in order to make money off of personal appearances goes awry when Hero X's arch-enemy, Chromosone Quint, kidnaps him.
S03E19 Maine-iacs 04/11/1996 Timon and Pumbaa stumble upon Boss Beaver's lumber mill, where Boss Beaver emphasizes "Safety First" above all else.
S03E20 Fiji-Fi-Fo-Fum 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa have nothing for their Bestest Best Friend Day feast. So Pumbaa sells their cow for three Magic Bees.
S03E21 Once Upon a Timon 00/00/0000 Rafiki tells Zazu the story of how Timon became an outcast from his meerkat colony, and how he first met Pumbaa.
S03E22 Home Is Where the Hog Is 00/00/0000 Pumbaa answers the distress call of the sounder he was banished from, and tries to rescue his sounder from a flock of guinea fowl.
S03E23 Beethoven's Whiff 25/11/1996 Timon tries to conduct Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, but Pumbaa keeps messing things up.
S03E24 Bumble in the Jungle 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa try to catch a bumblebee in a short that's set to music and has no dialogue.
S03E25 Mind Over Matterhorn 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa try to sneak past the billy goat guard of the border to France when they don't have the right papers to get through.
S04E01 Isle of Manhood 14/09/1996 Timon finally tries to pass the Test of Manhood, at the urgings of Pumbaa, who also serves as his merit badge judge.
S04E02 Puttin' on the Brits 15/09/1995 Timon and Pumbaa try to save a cute little fox from a persistant foxhound.
S04E03 Beetle Romania 21/09/1996 For trying to eat her, a gypsy moth puts a curse on Timon that doesn't take effect until the next morning.
S04E04 Rumble in the Jungle 00/00/0000 Rafiki tries to keep angry Timon and Pumbaa from fighting with each other.
S04E05 Animal Barn 28/09/1996 Pumbaa competes against a champion domestic pig in a contest for the right to be called "Mr. Pig".
S04E06 Roach Hotel 28/09/1996 The manager of the Spotless Arms Hotel hires Timon and Pumbaa to catch two troublesome cockroaches.
S04E07 Shopping Mauled 05/10/1996 Timon and Pumbaa hide in various stores at the Hakuna Matata MegaMall trying to avoid Irwin.
S04E08 Library Brouhaha 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa try to catch a bookworm in the Don B. Loud Library without being too loud.
S04E09 Monster Massachusetts 12/10/1996 A mad scientist wants to use Timon and Pumbaa in his morphing experiments.
S04E10 Handle With Caribbean 00/00/0000 Timon makes himself captain of a group of really dumb pirates in an effort to get to Nashville.
S04E11 Alcatraz-Mataz 19/10/1996 Timon and Pumbaa try to break out of prison and catch Toucan Dan, who's framed them for stealing a traincar of beak polish.
S04E12 Oahu Wahoo! 00/00/0000 Timon becomes the devoted disciple of a stone idol that he insists is giving him orders.
S04E13 Beast of Eden 26/10/1996 Timon and Pumbaa agree to help a monster retrieve his gold tooth from the natives.
S04E14 Sense and Senegambia 26/10/1996 Timon thinks that Pumbaa can't catch bugs because something's wrong with his senses, and so buys expensive aides for Pumbaa.
S04E15 Rome Alone 09/11/1996 In the Roman Colliseum, the emperor Colliseum Quintius tries to force Simba to eat Timon and Pumbaa.
S04E16 Amusement Bark 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa visit Boss Beaver's Log Land, but a rotten kid keeps breaking things and getting Timon blamed for it.
S05E01 Super Hog-o 03/04/1997 After an inspiration from a Lightning Lard comic, Pumbaa becomes a superhero.
S05E02 Don't Have the Vegas Idea 00/00/0000 To get money for lobsters (which is mistakened for bugs), Timon and Pumbaa get jobs in an act involving White Lions.
S05E03 Ivy Beleagured 04/04/1997 Timon and Pumbaa go to college, but the students like Pumbaa more.
S05E04 Broadway Bound and Gagged 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa compete against each other to make the best broadway play.
S05E05 No Good Samaritan 10/04/1997 A leopard king's daughter mistakens Timon and Pumbaa as the ones who saved her from Ed the Hyena. This causes her father to appoint them as her bodyguards.
S05E06 Living in De Nile 00/00/0000 After Timon eats a Scarab Beetle, Tutun Pharaoh throws Timon and Pumbaa in the pyramid for all eternity.
S05E07 Miss Perfect 11/04/1997 Pumbaa mistakenly wins a beauty pageant when a fly gets trapped a machine and begins to neglect Timon.
S05E08 Hakuna Matata U. 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa start a university teaching others about Hakuna Matata. Only a sloth and a smart owl show up to their disbelief.
S05E09 One Tough Bug 17/04/1997 Timon targets a strong bug to eat while Pumbaa acts like a hippie to prevent Timon from catching it.
S05E10 Pirates of Pumbzance 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa get jobs as pirates working for Captain Bloodbeard, but it's not as Pumbaa hoped for.
S05E11 Pig-malion 18/04/1997 Timon and Pumbaa enroll in a hedgehog professor's university where Pumbaa is smart and Timon procrastinates.
S05E12 Why No Rhino 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa run a safari to get money from a rich couple, even if it's finding the rare Blue Rhino.
S05E13 War Hogs 24/04/1997 Timon and Pumbaa join a warthog army only to find out that a war is starting.
S05E14 The Big No Sleep 00/00/0000 Pumbaa keeps Timon up all night to see the Porkeswanees, but them not sleeping attracts the Sandman.
S05E15 Common Scents 25/04/1997 Pumbaa starts a business selling perfume.
S05E16 Mister Twister 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa need a job in order to raise the membership fee for the "Bug Of The Month" club. When all Pumbaa's ideas go wrong, Timon suggests becoming tornado watchers, which falls to pieces when a real twister comes along.
S05E17 Don't Be Elfish 01/05/1997 Timon wants a video game for Christmas. So he and Pumbaa get jobs at the mall, Pumbaa being Santa and Timon being an elf. Timon makes kids meet his every need or they won't get to talk to Santa. Then one of Santa's elves shows up and tells Timon he's on the naughty list. So Timon desperately tries to get on the nice list to get his video game.
S05E18 Lights, camera, traction 00/00/0000 Pumbaa helps Timon become a movie star to impress a female meerkat.
S06E01 Lemonade Stand Off 02/07/1997 Timon and Pumbaa decide to start a lemonade stand. Then decide to go their separate ways and each start their own stand. And spend all of their time trying to keep the other from sabotashing their stand. It turns out their Lemonade is terrible.
S06E02 Big Jungle Game 00/00/0000 Pumbaa joins an olympic jungle game to live out his dream.
S06E03 Bug Salesman 04/07/1997 Working as car salesman, Timon and Pumbaa sell a car to Mr. Bear and end up working it to keep him happy.
S06E04 Hot Air Buffoons 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa stumble onto a balloon and end up in a race around the world.
S06E05 So Sumo Me 09/07/1997 Timon and Pumbaa train to be sumo wrestlers.
S06E06 Now Museum, Now You Don't 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa visit a museum where a security guard is protecting a bug exhibit from bug eaters.
S06E07 Wishy Washy 10/07/1997 Timon and Pumbaa find a genie's lamp and soon they wish for a million more wishes.
S06E08 Ice Escapades 00/00/0000 Pumbaa trains Timon to be an ice skater.
S06E09 Steel Hog 16/07/1997 Timon and Pumbaa accidentally bump into a group of Smell's Angels. Rather than killing Pumbaa for beating the leader of the gang in a fight, they ask him to join. While Pumbaa, with the nickname "Beef," is having tons of fun, Timon, with the nickname "Toothpick," misses the old days of Hakuna Matata.
S06E10 Dealer's Choice Cut 00/00/0000 Timon plays a game of poker with some of the jungle animals. When Pumbaa is put up for bid against a man from a meat producing business who wins, Timon must rescue Pumbaa from being made into someone's lunch.
S06E11 Timon in Love 17/07/1997 Timon falls in love with himself after looking at his reflection upon being hit by Cupid's arrow.
S06E12 Kahuna Potato 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa ask Rafiki to teach them kung fu when a buff meerkat and warthog named Pimon and Tumbaa takes their grub bag.
S06E13 Recipe for Disaster 23/07/1997 Pumbaa and Timon create a salsa made of bugs. Everyone (including humans) likes the salsa, but will Pumbaa tell all the people the secret recipe?
S06E14 Going Over-Boar'd 00/00/0000 Pumbaa and Timon go on a cruise ship, but after a run-in with the captain they find themselves at the wheel of the boat, fighting over who's going to be captain. Their ship nows goes through Los Angeles, is attacked by an octopus and it lands in a totally different bed of water.
S06E15 Luck Be a Meerkat 24/07/1997 Timon finds Pumbaa's lucky marble.
S06E16 Just When You'd Thought You'd Cuisine It All 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa try to learn to cook.
S06E17 Boo Hoo Bouquet 30/07/1997 Timon and Pumbaa try to give a flower to a man. But the man hates flowers.
S06E18 Timon Alone 00/00/0000 Timon wants to be alone... he later changes his mind.
S06E19 Visiting Pig-nitaries 31/07/1997 Timon and Pumbaa are visiting in Etiquettica, when they run in to an assistant to the Empress who mistakes them for visiting dignitaries. Timon talks Pumbaa in to going along with it. Pumbaa eats bugs in front of the assistant, ruins Etiquettica's Constitution by using it as a tissue to blow his nose, then ruins a painting of Etiquettica's first Emperor, burps in the Empress's face, and ruins a fancy dinner. Timon covers up for it by saying, "A custom in our country." They get thrown out as soon as Timon admitts they're not fancy-schmancy dignitaries.
S06E20 The Truth About Kats and Hogs 00/00/0000 A Animal Behavioral Scientist, Jean Farrel, is watching Pumbaa (whom she calls Melvin) for study, although he doesn't like it very much. Soon she shows Pumbaa some bugs, and he doesn't care anymore. Timon (Billy Bob) has now caught Jean's attention. She can not decide which animal to study, the meerkat or the warthog. Timon and Pumbaa try to help her decide with every talent they have, which makes her go crazy. She's so crazy, that some male Naturalists think she's a Wild Woman of the Jungle and take her away.
S06E21 Guru Some 06/08/1997 Pumbaa's sayings causes the jungle's animals to get advice from him.
S06E22 Jailhouse Shock 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa end up in jail for eating June Bugs in July. They end up being cell mates with Little Jimmy and his new friend Mr. Bear.
S06E23 Nearly Departed 07/08/1997 Timon and Pumbaa get stung by Red-Skeetled Orpion (a sub-species to the scorpion) whose poison is fatal in 24 hours and do various stuff they haven't done before they expire.
S06E24 Early Bird Watchers 00/00/0000 Timon tries to compete with the Early Bird into getting a worm in various ways to wake up before it.
S06E25 The Spy's the Limit 13/08/1997 After injuring a secret agent, Timon and Pumbaa use his stuff in order to stop Count Down from destroying the sun.
S06E26 Ready, Aim, Fire 00/00/0000 Somewhere in the north, Timon and Pumbaa stumble upon a campfire. However, they end up in between extinguishing the fire to prevent getting in trouble with Smolder the Bear and relighting the fire for a French-like Quint.
S06E27 Timoncchio 14/08/1997 Rafiki casts a spell on Timon in which whenever Timon tells a fib, his tail grows longer.
S06E28 Ghost Boosters 00/00/0000 After Timon sees an ad in the newspaper, he and Pumbaa deside to go hunt ghosts in a house.
S06E29 Stay Way from My Honey! 20/08/1997 Timon and Pumbaa fall in love with a lady named Leslie Lambeau, but run into conflict with Mr. Bear who also wants her love.
S06E30 Sitting Pretty Awful 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa babysit triplet.
S07E01 Escape From Newark 03/01/1998 Timon and Pumbaa are trapped in a 5 stars pet shop. Now they want to escape from their "golden cage".
S07E02 Truth Be Told 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumba are the winners of "The Best Friend in the jungle". But Rafiki have a little surprise for our two friends.
S07E03 Throw Your Hog in the Ring 10/01/1998 Pumba uses his mouth odour as an effective weapon in Wrestling.
S07E04 Slalom Problem 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumba are doing it as a skiing instructor. Their first client is Mr. Bear.
S07E05 Circus Jerks 17/01/1998 Timon & Pumbaa are in a circus.
S07E06 Next Best Thing 00/00/0000 Pumbaa builds a house for Little Jimmy.
S07E07 Hot Enough For Ya? 24/01/1998 Timon and Pumbaa compete against each other in making the hottest chili.
S07E08 Werhog of London 00/00/0000 Timon suspects Pumbaa of being a werehog after being warned by a creepy male fortune teller.
S07E09 Bigfoot, Littlebrain 31/01/1998 Timon & Pumbaa meet bigfoot.
S07E10 Astro-Nots 00/00/0000 Timon & Pumbaa become astronauts.
S07E11 You May Have Already Won 6 Million Bakra 00/00/0000 Pumbaa becomes a millionaire through a lottery ticket while Timon remains poor.
S07E12 My Meteor, My Friend 00/00/0000 Pumbaa becomes friends with a down meteor which makes Timon jealous and cause him to find a new friend.
S07E13 Jungle Slickers 00/00/0000 Timon & Pumbaa go to Kensas.
S07E14 Don't Wake the Neighbear 00/00/0000 Timon invites his friends for a party, but very quietly.
S07E15 Space Ham 00/00/0000 Timon & Pumbaa ran to the alien gladiators.
S07E16 You Bet Your Tukhus 00/00/0000 Timon & Pumbaa are in a game show called "Question For a Trophe"...
S07E17 Robin Hood-Winked 00/00/0000 Timon becomes Robin Hood to reclaim his gold from Claim-Jumper Quint.
S07E18 Senergeti Western 00/00/0000 Timon and Pumbaa become sheriffs of a western town when outlaws invade.
S07E19 Whiff 00/00/0000 Timon & Pumbaa try to hit a golf ball.
S07E20 To Be Bee Or Not To Be Bee 00/00/0000 Timon & Pumbaa get caught by bees.