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Inspired by traditional African folktales and original art styles, this animated series tells the story of how various African animals came to be the way they are today. Funny and educational, each episode delivers universal lessons about community, friendship, and the consequences of one's actions.


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S01E01 Why Elephant Has A Trunk 10/01/2011 You see there was a time when Elephant had no nose. He couldn't swat away the flies, or scrub his belly - he couldn't even blow his nose. Then one day snappy Crocodile snapped! Crocodile pulled and he pulled and he pulled - until ker-doing! Crocodile let go and Elephant's nose was all long and wiggly! And that's why Elephant has a trunk. Tales from Africa.
S01E02 Why Snake Has No Legs 11/01/2011 You see there was a time when Snake did have legs - hundreds and hundreds of them. But poor old Snake had no eyes, not a single one. Then on the day of the great Tinga Tinga Festival of Colours, Snake quite literally bumped into Millipede, who was stuck in a hole. They decided to swap eyes and legs just for one day, so that Snake could see all the wonderful colours and Millipede could run all over Tinga Tinga. But when Snake came back to return Millipede's eyes, Millipede couldn't be found anywhere! So to this day, Snake has no legs.
S01E03 Why Hippo Has No Hair 12/01/2011 You see there was a time when Hippo did have hair - lots of hair! She was always harrumphingly hot. Then one hot night while Hippo was sleeping, a spark from the fire caught the end of her hairy tail. Hippo was on fire! She ran through the bush until she jumped in the waterhole. From that day on Hippo stayed in the cool waters without a single hair on her hide. Tales from Africa.
S01E04 Why Tortoise Has a Broken Shell 13/01/2011 You see there was a time when Tortoise's shell was all shiny and smooth. One day Tortoise discovered the birds were having a Feast in the Heavens and he tricked the Birds into making him a pair of wings. Greedy Tortoise raced the birds beyond the clouds and scoffed the whole feast! When the Birds found out Tortoise had to jump off a cloud until - BOOF! He landed on his shiny shell. All the animals pieced Tortoise's shell back together but from that day on Tortoise's shell was all bumpy and broken and he never moved speedily again. Tales from Africa.
S01E05 Why Hen Pecks at the Ground 14/01/2011 You see, there was a time when Hen didn't peck the ground. She was a proud mother who spent all her time looking after and cleaning her chicks. Fancy pancy Peacock upset Mama Hen and made her feel plain.
S01E06 Why Bat Hangs Upside Down 17/01/2011 You see there was a time when Bat didn't hang upside down. He used to fly all over Tinga Tinga, saying 'Boo!' to all the animals and giving them a fright. Nothing could be more fun for Bat. But one day Bat went too far and the animals decided to give Bat a dose of his own medicine. Tales from Africa.
S01E07 Why Warthog is So Ugly 18/01/2011 You see, there was a time when Warthog was really rather handsome. And did he know it! He strutted around Tinga Tinga as if he owned the place. All the animals were fed up with Warthog's boasting, and then one day Lion decided to give chase. Yikes! Warthog ran headfirst into Porcupine's burrow! After that, he was no longer the prettiest beast in Tinga Tinga.
S01E08 Why Owl's Head Turns All the Way Round 19/01/2011 You see there was a time when Owl's head didn't turn all the way round. She had tiny little eyes and tiny little ears, and she found it very hard to stay awake. Then one day all the mangoes started disappearing in Tinga Tinga. Against all the animals' better judgement, Owl was ordered to watch over the mango tree - but the mangoes kept disappearing. Desperate to catch the thief, Owl stretched and strained to see who was stealing the precious mangoes, until Ker Shwing! Her head turned all the way round and she saw who it was - it was the ants! From that day on Owl was made the official night guard of Tinga Tinga.
S01E09 Why Monkeys Swing in the Trees 20/01/2011 You see there was a time when Monkey used to play on the ground and he loved to wind up Crocodile. One day the big rains came and Monkey became stranded up a mango tree. Nasty Crocodile promised to take him to dry land but only in exchange for his heart! So Monkey tricked Crocodile, and when Crocodile found out that Monkey swapped his heart for a measly mango, he chased Monkey up a tree. From that day on Monkey swings in the trees keeping well clear of Crocodile's angry snaps.
S01E10 Why Tickbird Sits on Hippo's Back 15/01/2011 You see there was a time when Tickbird didn't sit on Hippo's back, in fact they weren't friends at all! Tickbird was sick of Hippo splashing all the time. One day tiny Tickbird challenged big Hippo to a contest - who can drink the most water in a single gulp? Tickbird outwitted Hippo by using the tides, and from that day she has been allowed to sit on Hippo's back and pick off all the yummy ticks she can eat! Tales from Africa.
S01E11 Why Frog Croaks 22/01/2011 You see there was a time when Frog didn't croak. Frog sang like a bird and the birds didn't like it. Birds were the masters of song and that's the way it should be! So the birds tricked poor old Frog into a singing duel and sang and sang and sang until poor old Frog's voice was reduced to a ribbit. Tales from Africa.
S01E12 Why Spider Has a Tiny Waist 25/01/2011 One day greedy Spider heard of Four Feasts in Tinga Tinga and she wanted to go to them all! So she spun four threads and attached them to various animals going to the feasts. But Monkey, Frog, Hippo and the Bees all set off in different directions - North, South, East and West, and Spider's thread soon ran out. Eeeeek! The threads got tighter and tighter and tighter, making Spider's waist smaller and smaller and smaller! Luckily the threads broke, but from that day on Spider has always had a tiny waist.
S01E13 Why Vulture is Bald 26/01/2011 You see there was time when Vulture was not bald. Oh no, Vulture's head was covered in a beautiful crown of golden plumage! Vain Vulture never shut up about her golden feathers and was obsessed about making them as golden as the sun! One day Vulture decided to fly up to the sun, but her precious feathers got burnt! Vulture decided to soothe her smoking feathers with golden honey, which she stole from the bees. The bees were not pleased and Vulture stuck her head down Aardvark's burrow. However, Aardvark loves feathers all covered in honey and when Vulture surfaced, she was as bald as, well, as a Vulture!
S01E14 Why Giraffe Has a Long Neck 27/01/2011 You see there was a time when Giraffe didn't have a long neck. Her neck was all short and stumpy, and she was a very delicate eater. All the food in Tinga Tinga seemed to make her tummy go funny. Then one day Lion suggested she try some honey. With the Bees' permission, Giraffe tried to lick the honey, but it was deep, deep inside the tree. Giraffe squeezed her head into the honey tree and then - eeeek! Her head got stuck! Summer, autumn and winter passed by with Giraffe's head stuck inside the tree, but she was quite happy because the honey was so delicious. The tree grew and Giraffe's neck got longer and longer! After a whole year 'POP!' she managed to pull herself free, and from that day on Giraffe has a very long neck and can eat the freshest leaves on the very tops of the trees! Tales from Africa.
S01E15 Why Porcupine Has Quills 19/02/2011 You see there was a time when Porcupine didn't have quills, she had the softest coat in all of Tinga Tinga and Jackal wanted it. Despite warnings from all the animals, Porcupine allowed Jackal to invite her to his cave to keep out of the rain. Porcupine took off her coat to allow it to dry, but while she slept, naughty Jackal ran off with it. When she awoke, Porcupine was covered in lots of tiny ant bites and they itched and they itched and they itched. Tortoise suggested Elephant squeeze some milk from the milky quill bush but Porcupine couldn't wait anymore and ran into the quill bushes to relieve her itching. Crash! Crash! Crash! Porcupine crashed through the quill bushes and emerged covered in spiky quills! The animals couldn't believe their eyes! But Porcupine was delighted as no beast would ever come near her sensitive skin ever again! Tales from Africa.
S01E16 Why Lizard Hides Under Rocks 31/01/2011 You see there was a time when Lizard didn't hide under rocks. He would scamper around Tinga Tinga pinching other animals' food and keeping it all for himself. Then one day the animals decided to give greedy Lizard a dose of his own medicine. When Lizard realised the error of his ways, he ran and hid under a rock, too ashamed to show his face in Tinga Tinga.
S01E17 Why Crocodile Has a Bumpy Back 01/02/2011 There was a time when Crocodile didn't have a bumpy back. His skin was smooth and he had to be careful of the hot Tinga Tinga sun. One day while napping, Crocodile got sunburnt and fell into a deep sleep. Lion warned the animals to be on their guard as the wildebeest had returned and could stampede at any moment. Crocodile missed the meeting, snoring under the hot sun. The animals tried to warn snappy Crocodile, but it was too late and the wildebeest stampeded over him. From that day on, Crocodile has had a bumpy back and has been grumpier and snappier than ever.
S01E18 Why Jackal Howls at the Moon 02/02/2011 You see, there was a time when Jackal didn't howl at the moon. He was a trickster and he always wanted what was not rightfully his. Jackal took over Hen's nest and Aardvark's burrow. He even took the cub's supper from Mama Cheetah! Enough was enough! The animals decided to teach Jackal a lesson and made him believe that the moon is made of the sweetest, most delicious honey in Tinga Tinga. Of course, Jackal instantly wanted some, but it never came. From that day on Jackal howls up at the moon, waiting for another drop of delicious MOOoooon honey!
S01E19 Why Hare Hops 03/02/2011 You see there was a time when Hare did not hop. He was one of the speediest animals in Tinga Tinga but none of the other animals wanted to race with him because Hare always won and it was boring. Then one day, slow-but-clever Tortoise decided to challenge Hare. At first Hare could not believe his luck, but then Tortoise won and he won and he won. When Hare realised it is not such fun being on the losing end, Tortoise let him hop past the finishing line in first place.
S01E20 Why Mosquito Buzzes 04/02/2011 Mosquito's tales send the whole of Tinga Tinga into a complete panic, so the animals decide to tie a grass around Mosquito's tail. From that day on Mosquito buzzes and everyone can swot her away rather than listen to her gossipy tales.
S01E21 Why Rhino Charges 07/02/2011 You see there was a time when Rhino didn't charge and he couldn't see very well at all. Poor old Rhino really wanted to be invited to the Dance of the Horns up on the plains with Buffalo and all the other horned animals. But Rhino didn't have a horn, so he wasn't allowed. The Monkeys decided to help Rhino and made him a horn from a piece of old wood. But when Rhino woke up, he didn't know what it was. 'Aargh! Thing on the end of my nose! CHAAaarge!' And that's why Rhino charges.
S01E22 Why Caterpillar is Never in a Hurry 08/02/2011 You see Caterpillar was never in a hurry. When all the animals were racing around Tinga Tinga getting ready for the best-dressed parade, Caterpillar was happy to sit in a tree and munch on leaves saying 'Po-le, po-le, slowly, slowly, good things come to those who wait'. Then one day the rains came and Caterpillar disappeared into a cocoon. 'What's happening?' questioned Elephant. 'Wait and see' said Tortoise wisely, 'Wait and See'. Then Caterpillar transformed into the most beautiful butterfly ever! But who won the best-dressed parade?
S01E23 Why Lion Roars 09/02/2011 You see there was a time when Lion had lost his roar. Crocodile was snapping at all the animals in Tinga Tinga and ruling over the Waterhole. Lion could do nothing about it as he had lost his roar. Then one day Flea told Lion that if Lion dares to enter the Great Cave of Tinga Tinga, maybe he will find his roar. Lion plucked up his courage and confronted the Great Cave. He roared with all his might. An even bigger roar came back, but Lion stood strong. He roared again and an even bigger roar came back. Lion's very own Echo! He found his roar! From that day on Lion has always roared with pride, showing any beast who's the real King of Tinga Tinga.
S01E24 Why Zebra Has Stripes 10/02/2011 There was a time when Zebra was skinny and white all over. Eagle discovered the Great Cave. All were interested except for Zebra, who was happy munching and munching on his grass, getting fatter and fatter. Tortoise thought that a new black coat might help Zebra hide better in the savannah, so Zebra tried it on, but the coat was too tight and it ripped. Zebra has been stripy from then on.
S01E25 Why Flamingo Stands on One Leg 11/02/2011 You see there was a time when Flamingo stood on both legs. One morning, Flamingo and her flock landed at the Water Hole when all the crabs were busy performing their underwater dance. Needless to say, all these legs where in their way! Tortoise came up with the plan that if all Crabs each nipped a flamingo leg, there will be room to share the waterhole. So from then on, Flamingo stood on one legs and Crabs were able to perform their dance in the watering hole.
S01E26 Why Woodpecker Pecks 14/02/2011 There was a time when Woodpecker didn't peck. All the birds had their very own sound, but Woodpecker didn't make a sound at all. Then one very dark night in Tinga Tinga, the Moon and the Stars disappear! The animals summon the birds to tell Lion, but Woodpecker can't pass the message on! Distraught, Woodpecker flies up to the skies, but where are the stars? And where is the Moon? In desperation Woodpecker pecks at the dark sky, and a star comes back, then another, then another! Everyone is delighted, no beast more than Woodpecker who now has her very own special sound - pecking.
S02E01 Why Ostrich Sticks Her Head in the Ground 00/00/0000 There was a time when Ostrich was all covered in feathers and unlike all the other birds, Ostrich wasn't very good at flying at all. One night in Tinga Tinga Spider decided to make Jackal a pair of wings so that he could fly up to the moon and stop howling! Jackal and Spider stole the feathers from Ostrich's neck and legs until she looked like a very big plucked chicken! The next day Ostrich was mortified and stuck her head in the ground so that Lion couldn't see her. And it was perfect - because Ostrich looked just like a bush!
S02E02 Why Camel Has A Hump 01/06/2011 You see there was time when Camel didn't have a hump. He lived very far away in the hot desert. But one day the desert got too hot - even for Camel. So he started walking. When Camel arrived at the Waterhole he asked the animals if he could have a drink. All the animals weren't pleased at all because the rains hadn't come and they were very thirsty. Lion allowed Camel to have one drink - but one drink, and one drink only! Camel slurped, and he slurped, and he slurped! Until: pop! A big, wobbly hump appeared on his back full of all the animals' water!
S02E03 Why Wildebeest Stampede 02/06/2011 You see there was a time when Wildebeest didn't stampede. They used to stand on the plains and munch grass all day. But there were so many of them and they were eating so much grass that all the animals had to do something about it. Tortoise realized that the Wildebeest weren't the brightest animals in Tinga Tinga and they always did whatever the last beast said. So the animals decided to tell the Wildebeest that they were welcome to stay in Tinga Tinga, and they must never run! So what did the Wildebeest do? They ran and they ran and they ran! So that's why Wildebeest stampede!
S02E04 Why Chameleon Changes Colour 25/06/2011 You see there was a time when Chameleon wasn't bright and colourful at all. In fact Chameleon was rather dull and grey, like a rainy day. One day when all the animals are playing games and sheltering from the rains Chameleon decides to slip away because he feels boring. Butterfly comes across Chameleon sitting sadly on a rock and shows him a rainbow. Chameleon can't resist and stands on the rainbow, and he turns red and yellow and pink and green! Chameleon soaks up all the colours of the magical rainbow and now Chameleon can be any colour he wants!
S02E05 Why Leopard Has Spots 08/06/2011 You see there was a time when Leopard didn't have spots. All the animals had something special; Lion had his mane, Peacock his beautiful tail, Zebra his stripes - but Leopard was as plain as plain can be. Then one day Leopard made friends with Puff Adder with his bright colourful spots.
S02E06 Why Hyena Has Short Back Legs 00/00/0000 You see there was a time when Hyena didn't have short back legs. He was always chasing around and nipping other animals on the bottom. Then one day the animals had enough. It was time to teach that naughty Hyena a lesson!
S02E07 Why Ants Work Together 13/06/2011 You see there was a time when Ants didn't work together. The Ants desperately wanted to build themselves a home, but all the animals kept sitting on them, or sneezing them far away or swooping them up into tall trees! On the point of giving up, one brave, young soldier ant rallies the troops and tells them that together they can do anything. And he was right.
S02E08 Why Flea Jumps 14/06/2011 You see there was a time when Flea didn't jump. Flea didn't really move at all. She was very big and very round. All Flea wanted to do was to see the world. The Tinga Tinga animals try to help lift Flea high up, but she is too heavy. Then Tortoise comes up with an idea - movement and activity! After many attempts Flea discovers that she can jump. She can jump really high! Then Flea can jump everywhere and see everything.
S02E09 Why Hummingbird Hums 15/06/2011 There was a time when Hummingbird didn't hum. She was called Songbird and thought she could sing like a Bird, but sadly that was not the case. All the animals tried to help Songbird improve her singing but nothing worked. Then Tortoise has an idea, maybe Songbird can sing without opening her beak! Songbird agrees and hums the most beautiful hum Tinga Tinga has ever heard. From that day on Songbird was called Hummingbird.
S02E10 Why Baboon has a Bare Bottom 16/06/2011 You see there was a time when Baboon didn't have a bare bottom and he was very naughty. Baboon loved to play tricks. He played tricks on Elephant. He played tricks on Ostrich. He even dared to play tricks on Lion, the King of Tinga Tinga! And then all the animals decided it was time for the tricks to stop and Baboon to get a dose of his own medicine.
S02E11 Why Bees Sting 17/06/2011 You see there was a time when Bees didn't sting. All the animals loved the Bees and they especially loved their sweet and yummy honey. The trouble was all the precious honey was disappearing and there is a honey crisis in Tinga Tinga. Something had to be done. Luckily clever old Tortoise has a cunning plan.
S02E12 Why Peacock Struts 20/06/2011 You see there was a time when Peacock didn't strut. He was a very proud bird and he wanted to be the best at everything. He wanted to be the best bird brain in Tinga Tinga. He wanted to be the best flyer in Tinga Tinga and he wanted to have the biggest and the best tail in Tinga Tinga. But as Lion so wisely points out, sometimes it's not good to get everything you want!
S02E13 Why Aardvark Has a Sticky Tongue 21/06/2011 You see there was a time when Aardvark didn't have a sticky tongue. He had a long nose, big clumsy paws and he found it very difficult to eat. Then one day Aardvark's tongue got stuck in the honey log! All his friends pulled and pulled until Aardvark's tongue finally came unstuck. From that day on Aardvark's tongue was all long and sticky - perfect for eating yummy termites.
S02E14 Why Whale Spouts 22/06/2011 You see there was a time when Whale didn't spout. Then one day there is a big storm in Tinga Tinga. The winds blew stronger and the ocean waves got bigger and bigger. Suddenly an enormous wave picks up Whale and carries her all the way from the ocean to the Waterhole. But Whale was so full of water that she couldn't move! How do the animals help Whale get back to the ocean? For once, Elephant has the answer.
S02E15 Why Parrot Can't Keep a Secret 23/06/2011 You see there was a time when Parrot was the best keeper of secrets in the whole of Tinga Tinga. In fact Parrot couldn't open his beak at all! Then one day some beast dares to steal Lion's mane and Parrot sees the whole thing! But how is he going to tell Lion?
S02E16 Why Bushbaby Has Big Eyes 24/06/2011 You see, there was a time when Bushbaby didn't have big eyes. She had tiny little eyes and she was always getting lost. Strange things begin to happen and there are stories that Majitu the Great Giant has returned to Tinga Tinga. Young Bushbaby doesn't believe a word of it... and convinces the other animals that Majitu the Giant does not exist. She says that if you can't see him, he's not real. But then she does see the Giant and her eyes grow big as planets. Tales from Africa.
S02E17 Why Guinea Fowl Has Dots 27/06/2011 You see, there was a time when Guinea Fowl didn't have dots. She was an adventurous bird and loved to discover things. One day Tortoise challenges her to find out why the top of Mount Tinga Tinga shines. Guinea Fowl can't resist and races off, over the desert, past the ocean, up to the very top of Mount Tinga Tinga where she does indeed discover why the top of Mount Tinga Tinga shines.... Snow! Guinea Fowl is the first ever animal to see snow! Tales from Africa.
S02E18 Why Buffalo Has Horns 28/06/2011 You see, there was a time when Buffalo didn't have horns. He had long shaggy hair and he lived near the swamp. But then one day the swamp moved and Buffalo had to find a new home! The swamp grew and grew and soon all the horned animals who lived on the plains risk losing their home too. So Buffalo decided to save the day and push back the muddy swamp.
S02E19 Why Puffadder Sheds His Skin 29/06/2011 There was a time when Puffadder didn't shed his skin. All the animals were afraid of Puffadder because he was very difficult to see and he had a nasty bite. Puffadder decides that if no beast wants to be his friend then he doesn't want to have any friends. He slithers far, far away to the desert where he bumps into Camel and learns that every animal needs a friend. Tales from Africa.
S02E20 Why Eagle Rules the Skies 30/06/2011 You see, there was a time when Eagle didn't rule the skies. She was a humble bird who kept herself to herself. But then one day things start going wrong for the birds - some beast steals Hen's eggs, Hummingbird loses her hum and Tickbird goes missing! Eagle quietly saves the day and Lion rewards her with half his Kingdom. Tales from Africa.
S02E21 Why Skunk Smells 00/00/0000 You see, there was a time when Skunk didn't smell. Skunk smelt as sweet as sweet can be. In fact, whenever any animal had a smelly problem they went straight to Skunk. And then one day naughty Baboon tricks Skunk into tasting the yucky Smellyfruit! Tales from Africa.
S02E22 Why Cricket Chirrups 00/00/0000 You see there was a time when Cricket didn't chirrup. In fact Cricket didn't do anything at all and it was beginning to get him down. Every animal has a use - Elephant trumpets, Lion roars...but what does Cricket do? And then one day Cricket discovers that he has rhythm. Cricket finds the beat! Tales from Africa.
S02E23 Why Mole Lives Underground 15/09/2011 You see there was a time when Mole didn't live underground. She had tiny weenie ears where every little sound made her ears hurt. Unfortunately Tinga Tinga could be a very noisy place. Then one night when Elephant's snoring, Jackal's howling and Owl's twit twooing get too much Mole decides to dig. She digs and she digs and she digs.... until she finds total quiet. Tales from Africa.
S02E24 Why Squirrel Gathers Nuts 16/09/2011 You see, there was a time when Squirrel didn't gather nuts; she was far too busy braiding her bushy tail. Then one day there is very little food in Tinga Tinga and Lion summons all the animals to pull together and help find food for everyone. Squirrel is too busy braiding her tail to join in, but when she finally realises that there is not enough food to go round she races around gathering nuts for all the animals. The thing is she can't stop! Tales from Africa.
S02E25 Why Meerkat is Always On The Lookout 19/09/2011 You see there was a time when Meerkat was not always on the lookout. Meerkat used to race around Tinga Tinga bumping into things and causing chaos. She never stayed still long enough to listen to any beast. But then one day Meerkat bumps into the Sleeping Stones... and they make her listen all right! Tales from Africa.
S02E26 Why Cheetah has Tears 20/09/2011 You see there was a time when Cheetah didn't have tears. She was the fastest animal in the whole of Tinga Tinga. Cheetah was faster than even the Wind. Every year Cheetah and Wind would race to see who was the fastest and every year Cheetah would win. Until one day...

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