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To Aru Kagaku no Railgun est une histoire parallèle de To Aru Majutsu No Index. L'histoire se place donc dans la Cité Scolaire, dont l'avancée technologique se situe à 20 ans de différence par rapport au reste du monde et où 80% des habitants sont des étudiants. La plupart possède même des pouvoirs psychiques, classés en "level", dont le 0 en est l'absence et le 5 est le plus fort. L'intrigue tourne autour de Mikoto Misaka, 3ème plus forte des Level 5.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

S01E01 Disjonctée (Electromaster) 02/10/2009 Kuroko Shirai, a member of Academy City's Public Moral Committee, Judgment, is on the scene to apprehend a group of thugs harassing a girl only to find out the girl is not other than her sempai Mikoto Misaka who has already dealt with them. During this time, the city is holding a "System Scan" at several schools including Tokidawai Middle School. At Tokodawai, Mitsuko Kongo, a second year student mocks Kuroko and thinks she'll reach Level 5 before her only to witness Mikoto testing her powers at the School's pool which cause a giant explosion that can be seen and heard from afar. Kazari Uiharu, a colleague of Kuroko at Judgement and a fan of Misaka, is invited by Kuroko to meet up with Mikoto herself and brings along her friend, Ruiko Saten. In reality, Kuroko's main plan was to use Uiharu as an excuse so she could date Mikoto, but after finding her true purpose, Mikoto instead decides to bring them to a crêpe shop so she can get a Gekota key chain where a Tour Group are taking a break. Uiharu and Saten are surprise that Mikoto acts very nice and normal and not like the Rich Socialite image that they had in mind. Just then, a nearby bank is getting robbed and Kuroko goes into action to stop the robbers including one who is a Pyrokinesist. Meanwhile, as Mikoto and the others helps the civilians escape, they hear from a tour guide that a boy has wandered off from the group. Ruiko spots him being taken hostage by one of the escaping robbers and tries to stop them herself, getting kicked in the process. Taking it personally, Mikoto uses her powers to create her signature move, "The Railgun" to stop the robber's car from escaping. After the Robbers have been taken into custody by the City's Police, Anti-skills, Ruiko is praised by Mikoto, the tour guide, the boy's mother and the boy himself for her bravery.
S01E02 Vous devez vous hydrater lorsque vous travaillez sous le soleil 09/10/2009 Mikoto encounters T?ma Kamij? (the protagonist of To Aru Majutsu no Index) and corners him but he blocks her attacks and escapes. Deciding to keep quiet about it, she invites Kazari and Ruiko over to her dorms, ruining Kuroko's plans of celebrating her one month 'anniversary' of becoming Mikoto's roommate. However, Mikoto reveals that Kuroko forcefully sneaked into her room during that time. To make matters worse, after finding out Kuroko kept one of her panties, has a collection of perverted photos of her and learning Kuroko ordered aphrodisiacs for their "anniversary", Mikoto has a fight with Kuroko in the hallways but both stopped when the fearsome Dorm Supervisor arrives. As punishment for using their powers inside the dorms, both of them are sent to clean the school pool. Mikoto is introduced to Kuroko's classmates, Kinoho Wannai and Maaya Awatsuki, whom the former is an Aquakinesist that Mikoto saved from some thugs some time ago. Kuroko gets jealous of how well she gets along with others and cries believing Mikoto doesn't care about her. To cheer her up, Mikoto gives her a present celebrating a slightly different anniversary, the day when they became friends. However, whilst toasting, Kuroko accidentally drinks the aphrodisiac meant for Mikoto. She becomes so overcome with lust that she steals Mikoto's underwear whilst she is still wearing them, prompting Mikoto to repeatedly electrocute her as punishment.
S01E03 Tokiwadai en danger 16/10/2009 Kuroko and Mikoto invites Kazari and Ruiko to go shopping and sightseeing at the School Garden, a private, high class district which caters for Schoolgirl's of elite and upper class schools and where most of the elite Girls schools are located. Ruiko gets her uniform wet after tripping into a puddle so Kuroko lets her borrow her Tokidawai uniform. When the girls arrive to an Italian Pastry shop for cake, Shirai and Uiharu are immediately called back at Judgment for an emergency. Mii Konori, their sempai in Judgment reveals that yesterday, six Tokidawai students including Mitsuko were mysteriously attacked by an unknown perpetrator with a Taser who immediately drew their eyebrows with a marker while they were unconscious but none of the victims saw their attacker. Unfortunately, it is during this time that Ruiko is mistaken as a Tokidawai student and attacked by the criminal herself whilst in the bathroom. As Mikoto, Kuroko and Kazari try to figure out who the invisible attacker is, they conclude that the attacker has an ability called 'Dummy Check', the ability to make the user invisible to the human eye, which explain why the victims never saw her but the district's CCTV camera's did. At first they believe the culprit is Miho Jifuki, a Sekishi Junior High student and the only person who has this ability but the City's database says she's only a Level 2 and doesn't have enough power to turn herself completely invisible. Saten, who has woken up after her attack and learning on what happen to her eyebrows, confirms Miho was the culprit who manage to see her face in the mirror before falling unconscious and wants revenge. With the help of School Garden's CCTV camera's, the girls manage to track Miho down and cornered her. After being subdued by Mikoto, Ruiko wants to draw Miho eyebrows but finds out the girl has naturally weird eyebrows. Miho reveals that she targeted Tokidawai students because her boyfriend left her fo
S01E04 Légende urbaine 23/10/2009 While the girls are discussing about urban legends, Mikoto isn’t impressed about Ruiko’s story about a woman who takes off her clothes in public, but takes an interest in a story about an ability that can cancels out other abilities. The story reminds her of her first meeting T?ma, when he tried to saved her from a group of thugs who were harassing her. At first she was impressed as he was the only one who tried to help, but she quickly got angry when he unintentionally insulted her and shocked everyone around her. To her surprise, her powers was ineffective against T?ma. Just as she was done thinking about it, Mikoto encounters T?ma giving directions to a woman. The woman randomly starts to take off her shirt in public because it’s hot and T?ma is mistakenly labelled a pervert by the crowd, forcing him to run away whilst Mikoto is left to deal with her. As Mikoto and the woman are resting at an outdoor cafe, Mikoto realizes the later is the infamous 'Undressing Woman' that Saten talk about. She later introduces herself to Mikoto as a researcher on Cerebral physiology and AIM (An Involuntary Movement), which Mikoto asks questions concerning about T?ma powers but the former has never heard an ability that can cancels out other abilities before. Meanwhile, after learning Mikoto met the 'Undressing Woman', the girls decide to rile up Kuroko by telling her about a curse that happens to girls who meet her. As Mikoto cleans the researcher skirt that was stained by ice cream inside the bathroom, she asks Mikoto to thank T?ma for helping her and concludes Mikoto might have feelings for T?ma from the way she talks about him, even labeling her as a tsundere. After she helps the researcher find her car, Mikoto encounters T?ma yet again and challenges him to a fight for leaving her with the researcher. As they battle near an embankment, Mikoto launches a direct electric shock which he manages to stop. She then creates a Chainsword by electro magnetizing the
S01E05 Un certain entraînement pour deux 30/10/2009 While investigating a series of car break-ins, Kuroko and Uiharu encounter the culprit in the act but Kuroko rushes into action against Uiharu advice and gets knock out by the thief’s accomplice who was hiding inside the car. Uiharu tries to stop them but is tazered by the escaping thieves. Both of them get into an argument as Uiharu blames Kuroko recklessness for not listening to her to wait for backup. When Uiharu asks her about the promise they made, Kuroko doesn’t remember which angers Uiharu and causes her to storm off. Saten arrives at the Judgment’s 177th Branch Office to visit Uiharu who is currently in a foul mood which Mii Konori decides to explain how Uiharu and Kuroko became partners which, at the same time, a musing Kuroko tells to Mikoto. When they were still in grade school, Kuroko met Uiharu whilst both of them were training at Judgment. While on patrol with Konori, Kuroko felt she was being held back due to her age, but Konori that she needed to learn to work with others. To cheer her up, Konori decided to treat her and went to withdraw some money from the post office ATM’s, where Kuroko met up with Kazari again. However, Konori noticed a suspicious man carrying a gun, but failed to notify the staff before he made his move. Ignoring Konori’s orders, Kuroko quickly rushed to the bank robber and knocked him down. Unfortunately, the robber had an accomplice hiding among the crowds who had taken Uiharu hostage. With everyone distracted, the alarm was sounded, bringing the shutters down and activating a security bot. Kuroko again rushed towards the robber using the bot as cover, but Konori pushed her away when he destroys the bot, shielding her from the explosion and shrapnel. As the robber beat Kuroko, she blamed herself for being thoughtless and getting Konori hurt and Uiharu into this mess. She decided to save Uiharu by teleporting her outside while she keeps the robber trap inside. As Uiharu cried for help, the robber realized what Kuroko was plannin
S01E06 Tout le monde est dynamique pour ce genre de chose, tu sais 06/11/2009 Mikoto learns from Kuroko about a series of small harmless explosions in the city caused by graviton bombs where aluminum objects were uses as a catalyst. Unfortunately, the only suspect that has this ability was in the hospital during the whole time. Mikoto offers to help them investigate, but she is told by Kuroko to stay out of Judgment affairs. Mikoto tells her frustrations with Kuroko to Kazari in a cafe but she is dragged away by Kuroko, accidentally leaving behind her Judgment armband. When Mikoto tries to return it, she gets mistaken by Konori as another member of Judgment. Mikoto decides to play along to prove herself and show Kuroko she can be a better Judgment member. However, she’s surprised to find that a lot of Judgment work is menial, such as having to clean up after people, but she also gets to do her share of helping people in need, and it’s harder than she expected. Meanwhile, Kuroko and Kazari encounter a little girl who had lost her bag and calls Konori to help them search for the bag, which Mikoto assumes is related to the bombings and takes it seriously. Whilst searching, Mikoto encounters a boy being hassled by some thugs, who is very ungrateful for the rescue and instead is pissed off that she didn’t act quicker. They eventually find the bag being taken by a dog and Mikoto takes extreme measures to capture it safely, only to learn there wasn't a bomb threat in the first place. As Kuroko and Kazari return with the little girl to reclaim the bag, Mikoto's cover is blown, but she is thanked by everyone for her help nonetheless. Back at the Tokidawai Dorms, Mikoto reflects that being a member of Judgment isn't easy and has a new appreciation for what Kuroko and Judgment does, with Kuroko purposely misinterprets the saying and tries to harass Mikoto, but gets the door slammed into her back by the dorm supervisor who arrived to investigate the noise. Sometime later, two Judgment members evacuate a convenience store after detecting a
S01E07 Capacité et pouvoir 13/11/2009 With incidents involving graviton bombs becoming more frequent and bigger in scale, Judgment are asked to cooperate with Anti-Skill to investigate the matter. However, they are still unable to find any leads, given the minimum psychic level needed to pull off such a feat. Talking with Mikoto, Ruiko laments her lack of powers, thinking she wouldn't be helpful. She also mentions to Mikoto about a rumor concerning the Level Upper, which supposedly increases a psychic's power. The next day, whilst Kuroko continues to try and find a connection between the graviton incidents, Mikoto, Ruiko and Kazari go shopping at the mall. Whilst looking at a pair of pyjamas, Mikoto runs into T?ma, who is accompanying the little girl she met the other day. Meanwhile, Kuroko discovers that the graviton attacks are targeting Judgment members, and when she detects the vibration of graviton particles in the mall, she soon realises that Kazari is the next target. As civilians are evacuated from the mall, T?ma informs Mikoto that he had lost track of the little girl. They re-enter the mall to find her giving a stuffed doll containing a graviton bomb to Kazari. As it goes off, Mikoto tries to shoot it with her railgun, but fumbles her coin, leaving the explosion to take place. However, nobody gets hurt, and Mikoto finds and beats the culprit, a bullied boy who had become hateful of Judgment's late arrivals. Whilst everyone believes Mikoto saved everyone, it was actually thanks to T?ma's Imagine Breaker that everyone survived.
S01E08 Level Upper 21/11/2009 Kazari gets a cold and cannot go to school, but Ruiko, Mikoto and Kuroko pay her a visit. Kuroko is curious how Hatsuya, a level 2 esper, had powers equivalent to a level 4's. Mikoto brings up the Level Upper urban legend Ruiko had mentioned, and Kuroko points out this is not the first time a user's power and the user's level have been vastly different. Kazari finds out via an Internet forum that a restaurant in town is where information on the Level Upper may be found. Mikoto and Kuroko go to investigate, and Mikoto acts like a cute, interested girl to get a few guys to tell her about the Level Upper. Mikoto eventually gives up the act and after taking care of the guys and their friends, their leader arrives, though Mikoto gets away unscathed, though in the process causes a city-wide blackout. The next day, Kuroko and Mikoto discover that Hatsuya, along with several others who have shown abnormally strong powers, have all fallen victim to lapsing into comas. Meanwhile, Ruiko discovers the Level Upper by chance.
S01E09 Majority Report 28/11/2009 Mikoto and Kuroko talk with Harumi Kiyama, the specialist Mikoto had previously met, about the Level Upper. They are later joined by Kazari and Ruiko, the latter of which has the Level Upper, but decides to keep it to herself. Mikoto later catches up with Ruiko, noticing she's a bit down. The next day, Ruiko stumbles upon someone being conned by three thugs over the Level Upper and can't bring herself to just run away. Kuruko coincidentally arrives before she gets hurt and subdues two of the thugs, but has trouble using her teleport powers against their boss due to his ability to distort light. He chases Kuroko throughout an abandoned building, but is defeated when Kuroko teleports windows to cut through the building's supports and bring the place down. Having barely just survived, the thugs surrenders his Level Upper to Kuroko. Later, Ruiko encounters some of her friends, and reveals to them that she has the Level Upper.
S01E10 Silent Majority 05/12/2009 Ruiko uses the Level Upper on herself and her friends and is happy to have an ability. Meanwhile Kuroko takes care of more offenders, gaining more injuries in the process, keeping them from Mikoto. Remembering when they ate shaved ice, Mikoto and Kuroko come to the conclusion that the Level Upper is using synesthesia to manipulate brainwaves. Ruiko's friends start falling unconscious, and blames herself for it. Kazari reassures her that she will wake up soon, later finding her unconscious at her apartment. Mikoto and Kuroko learn from a frog-faced doctor that the Level Upper victims seem to share a brainwave pattern with someone, which they soon discover is Harumi. Kazari, who had visited Harumi and discovered some notes on synesthesia, is taken hostage by her. Noticing Kuroko's injuries, Mikoto heads there by herself.
S01E11 Docteur Kiyama 11/12/2009 Harumi explains she used the Level Upper as an alternative to the Tree Diagram and gives Kazari the antidote program. When she is eventually roadblocked by the Anti Skill, she uses Level Upper's side effect; the power to use multiple abilities, to defeat them. Mikoto arrives and battles against Harumi, initially having trouble against her abilities. However, using some cunning to avoid her attacks, she is able to get up close and shock her directly. As she does, she gains Harumi's memories of when she was a teacher for abandoned children. She grew attached to her students and became really depressed when they were all killed as part of some experiments. Harumi's constant rejection to ask the Tree Diagram for help led her to create the Level Upper to find a way herself. Just then, Harumi falls unconscious and a strange creature emerges from her head.
S01E12 AIM Burst 18/12/2009 As Mikoto fights the strange creature, who can regenerate and grow bigger, the Level Upper victims starts spasming. Mikoto and Kazari learn from Harumi that the creature, known as AIM Burst, is made from AIM diffusion fields, formed from thousands of negative thoughts. She instructs Kazari to use the program she gave her to uninstall the Level Upper. Mikoto fights against AIM Burst to prevent if from reacing a nuclear facility, whilst the remaining AntiSkill help Kazari get where she needs to go. Kazari plays the program throughout the city, calming down the victims and stopping AIM Burst's regenerative ability letting Mikoto do some damage. She then starts hearing the thoughts of the victims and uses her railgun to destroy its core. With AIM Burst defeated, Ruiko and the other Level Upper victims regain consciousness, albeit without their enhanced powers.
S01E13 Les bikinis divisent l'attention entre le haut et le bas mais les une-pièce font ressortir les courbes alors ils vont mieux aux corps fins 25/12/2009 Kinoho and Maaya ask Mikoto and Kuroko to help them model swimsuits for a web catalogue, with Kazari, Ruiko, Konori and Kuroko's rival Mitsuko Kong? joining in. After choosing their swimsuits, they are taken to a holographic room that can replicate different scenarios down to the touch. However, things get a little awkward when the scenarios switch between freezing, scorching and flooded scenarios. During their break, the gang make some curry, with Mitsuko's bluffs about her ability to make it backfiring on her. After having trouble, Mitsuko admits her failure and asks the others for help and the group end up making delicious curry all round. After work, Mikoto tries on a frilly bikini she was ashamed to wear earlier, unaware she's projecting it to the public.
S01E14 Entraînement spécial 08/01/2010 Whilst everyone else gets a day off, Ruiko has to attend a special class for those who were affected by Level Upper. After a lecture by Komoe Tsukuyomi (T?ma's teacher from Index), Ruiko runs into Miho, who had been exchanging letters with Ruiko since they met, who shares her bento with her. After lunch, teacher and AntiSkill member Aiho Yomikawa holds a marathon session, teaching students to surpass their limits. When one of the students, the female gang leader Mikoto previously fought, complains that this is some form of punishment, Ruiko stands up to her. During the second lecture, Ruiko remembers the kind words and advice her friends have given her and understands what the lessons were about. The students take another ability test, and whilst Ruiko is still a level 0, she is encouraged to keep trying. After receiving a letter from Miho, she returns to her friends.
S01E15 Skillout 15/01/2010 Mitsuko finds herself attacked by Skill Out, a gang of Level 0s who use high pitched noise to cancel esper abilities. Mitsuko is saved by a man with a spider tattoo, who Konori identifies as Big Spider. Whilst investigating the slums, Mikoto and Kuroko encounter a red haired guy who beats up some thugs. As more espers are attacked by Skill Out, Mikoto and Kuroko battle some of them and reach their hideout and their gang boss, Kurozuma. They activate their Skill Out device, nullifying Mikoto and Kuroko's abilities, but it is disable by the red haired guy. After beating the thugs and scaring them off, the red haired guy is approached by Konori, who seems to be an old acquaintance of his.
S01E16 Cité scolaire 22/01/2010 When Konori asks Kurozuma why he hadn't contacted her, she assumes it is because she's a member of Judgment, and she avoids coming into the office for a few days afterward. Curious about what relationship the two had, Mikoto, Kuroko, Kazari and Ruiko visit her dorm, where they run into her roommate. She reveals that Konori was once a member of Big Spider when she was having a hard time, and despite her being an esper, she was allowed to stay. When they receive word that AntiSkill will be performing a surprise raid on the slums, Mikoto confronts Konori herself, who explains Kurozuma had left on an errand, which led to an accident where he was presumed dead. Kurozuma arrives Konori tries to convince him not to fight against Big Spider himself. The next day, Konori, Mikoto and Kuruko assist Kurozuma in facing against Hebitani. After Mikoto destroys the Capacity Down device, Kurozuma and Konori deal with the thugs. Hebitani reveals he has a bomb strapped to his body, but Kurozuma takes him down. Afterwards, Kurozuma accepts his arrest, but makes up with Konori.
S01E17 Prononciation des grandes vacances 29/01/2010 AntiSkill member Tsuduri Tessou is having a bad day, first missing her train and then getting taken hostage during a mission. After being saved by her partner, Yomikawa, they do a curfew run at an arcade where they spot Mikoto and her friends, along with a boy named Konoue, one of Kazari and Ruiko's classmates. The next day, after Tsuduri gets given several menial tasks, she encounters Konoue at the arcade again. She meets him again the next day, showing him how to get a secret character, before going to help a drunk Yomikawa. Whilst on duty the next day, Tsuduri deals with both Index and Aisa Himegami before ending up at the arcade again, where she plays against Konoue whilst both using the secret character. The next day, she learns from Ruiko and Kazari that Konoue has transferred to a school for games design, hoping to make a sequel for that fighting game.
S01E18 Parc Cyprès 06/02/2010 After incurring her wrath the previous night, Mikoto and Kuroko spot the dorm supervisor walking about. They follow her to an orphanage where they are surprised to see a kindhearted dorm supervisor be friendly to the kids. Mikoto and Kuroko also spot Ruiko and Kazari helping out, and they notice the dorm supervisor appears to have feelings for their teacher, Daigo. Hoping it would change her attitude in the dorm, Kuroko offers to play cupid and get the two together. Whilst the gang help out with the kids the next day, the dorm supervisor and Daigo work together to make a cake, though she has a bit of trouble staying focused. As Mikoto plays with the kids, she is reminded of Harumi's memories. Just then, an earthquake kicks in and the dorm supervisor rushes to protect one of the kids, getting praise from Daigo. The two later go to dinner, where Daigo brings up the topic of marriage. However, a few days later, Daigo reveals he's planning to propose to one of the other helpers, and the dorm supervisor quickly reverts to her usual ways.
S01E19 Festival d'été 12/02/2010 The Tokiwadai dorms hold a public midsummer festival and Mikoto, wearing a maid's outfit, gives Ruiko and Kazari a tour of the festivities. Kazari, in particular, is excited to try everything the festival has to offer. At lunch, word gets out that Mikoto will be doing a stage performance and everyone who hears about it looks forward to it. These high expectations make Mikoto nervous until she runs into T?ma backstage. The anger she throws towards him cures her of her nerves, and she is able to perform the violin beautifully in front of everyone.
S01E20 Poltergeist 19/02/2010 As more earthquakes occur, Mitsuko finds herself attacked by her porcelain dolls. Meanwhile, Kazari is given a new roommate, Eri Haruue. Whilst Mikoto and Ruiko take her out, Kazari, Kuroko and the other Judgment and AntiSkills are briefed on the cause of the earthquakes by the head of the Multi Active Rescue squad, Telestina. She explains it is the cause of Poltergeists, espers with something called RSPK syndrome that causes them to lose control over their abilities. After regrouping at the arcade, the gang decide to go to a Hanabi Festival. Mii decides to investigate the RSPK syndrome, and finds a link to AIM diffusion fields, believing the incidents are on purpose. Whilst watching the fireworks, Eri starts to space out and wander off. Just then, the effects of the poltergeist attacks, and as a lamppost almost falls on Kazari and Eri, they are saved by Telestina.
S01E21 Voix 26/02/2010 Following the Poltergeist incident, Mikoto wonders if Harumi Kiyama is once again involved. Since Harumi is supposedly still in custody, Kuroko begins to suspect Eri may be the cause and runs a background check on her. The next day, Kazari takes Eri out to the park to cheer her up, where she tells her about a friend she is looking for. She then spaces out again and another poltergeist attack occurs. Kazari gets angry at Kuroko for thinking Eri is responsible for the attack. Telestina take Eri and the others to a research facility for some tests, the results showing she could not have done the attacks, much to Kuroko's objection. When Eri awakes, she explains that she goes into a daze whenever she hears the voice of her friend, Banri Edosaki. When Eri shows everyone a picture of her in her locket, Mikoto recognises her as one of the child errors from Harumi's memories.
S01E22 Niveau 6 (Celui qui atteint la volonté des cieux avec le corps de Dieu) 05/03/2010 Erii mentions Banri was her friend before she moved to a different home, and whenever she hears her thoughts, they are always about suffering. After hearing the details about Gensei Kihara's experiment from Mikoto, Telestina theorises the unconscious children may be the cause of the Poltergeists. Meanwhile, Kazari is still refusing to talk to Kuroko. The next day, Mikoto hears from Telestina that Harumi had been released on bail. Judgment's research finds that the RSPK syndrome could potentially spread and infect the majority of the city, causing a massive poltergeist attack. Noticing a familar facility whilst reading a file on Kihara, Mikoto sneaks off to investigate it, where she finds not only the experiment machinery, but Harumi as well. She takes her to where Banri and the other hospitalized children rest, where she once again meets the frog-faced doctor. He reveals Kihara's experiment was one to obtain Level 6. He had made sure they survived and bailed Harumi to help find a cure, but whenever they try to wake up a poltergeist occurs. Telestina arrives and takes custody of the children, with Mikoto stopping Harumi from trying to stop them.
S01E23 Que vois-tu en ce moment à travers tes yeux ? 12/03/2010 Telestina takes Erii to see Banri. Still feeling some concern, Kazari goes to see Harumi and convinces her to share her data with the MAR. However, Telestina won't let them see either the kids or Erii and breaks Harumi's data. Telestina reveals she is related to Kihara and attacks Harumi. As Kazari tells the others what has happened, they find out that Telestina is Kihara's granddaughter and was one of the first test subjects in his experiments. Mikoto goes to confront Telestina, who reveals she plans to finish Kihara's research, but is beaten by Telestina's battle suit when she uses Capacity Down on her. As Telestina take Erii and the children away, Mitsuko saves Mikoto from being captured. As Mikoto tries to go back into battle, blaming herself for everything that's happened, Ruiko stops her and reminds her that she doesn't have to fight alone. As Harumi chases after Telestina, Mikoto and friends get together to work out a plan to save Erii and the others.
S01E24 Dear my friends 20/03/2010 Mikoto and the others catch up with Harumi, who was actually being led away by a decoy. As Kuroko and Mitsuko hold off Telestina's ground troops, Harumi, Kazari and Ruiko head towards the real location of Erii and the children, whilst Mikoto defends them from Telestina, who is piloting a large robot that is resistant to Mikoto's attacks. With the help of Kuroko, Mikoto eventually manages to beat the robot by using its weaponary against it. They manage to find the children, but are soon found by Telestina who attacks them with Capacity Down. She plans to use the first sample, taken from herself, and the children in order to turn Erii into a Level 6. Just as things seem desperate, Ruiko manages to destroy the Capacity Down controls, allowing Mikoto to use her railgun and beat Telestina. With the first sample in hand, Harumi finally finishes the cure and reawakens Banri and the other children. As they recover, they give a big message to Harumi for her birthday.
S02E01 Railgun 12/04/2013 Ruiko is chased by some thugs in an alleyway until she is rescued by Mikoto who deals with them. The next day, as she waits for her friends to arrive at Tokiwadai, Mikoto has an uncomfortable run in with Tokiwadai's other Level 5 esper, Misaki Shokuhou, who warns Mikoto that she and her friends should not mess with her clique. Later Mikoto, Kuroko, Kazari, Ruiko and Erii visits Banri in the hospital who is undergoing physiotherapy. While Erii rekindles with Banri, Mikoto reveals to the others she brought a present for Banri and wants to give to her with a surprise but realizes she left her bag containing the present in Banri's ward. Just then, a criminal patient that was under watch by AntiSkill is broken free by some of his companions and takes Erii as a hostage. Upon learning of the situation from Yomikawa and Tsuzuri, Mikoto heads to the rooftop to try and prevent the culprits escaping via helicopter. They throw Erii off the side of the building in order to break free, but she is saved thanks to Ruiko and Kuroko. Learning that her bag is onboard the fleeing helicopter, Mikoto has Kuroko teleport her to the skies where she deals with the culprits using her railgun and culprits surviving thanks to Kuroko. With the incident dealt with, Banri finally opens her present from everyone, revealed to be a Sakugawa Middle School uniform for her to wear once she recovers.
S02E02 Critique 19/04/2013 Mikoto recalls in a dream of how, when she was younger, she was approached by scientists wanting to use her DNA map to help cure Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The next day, Kuroko tries to take Mikoto through an alleyway to get to the mall, only to find it filled with people. They discover this is due to someone hiding envelopes containing money cards within the alleyways, piquing people's curiosity to search for them. After running into Ruiko, who is also on the hunt for the money cards, Mikoto overhears some SkillOuts who have managed to locate the source of the envelopes and decides to follow them. Meanwhile, Ruiko grows curious as she allegedly seen Mikoto at the mall, despite Mikoto never actually getting there, with Mii explaining to Kazari about a rumor of there being clones of her. The SkillOuts eventually trace the envelopes back to a Nagatenjouki Academy student named Shinobu Nunotaba, demanding she hand over the other envelopes. Things get tense, however, when it appears the SkillOuts are getting killed off one by one, which she claims to be an ability called "Critical" that allows her freely kill anyone she's touched. As Mikoto arrives on the scene, where the SkillOuts hadn't really been killed but were instead brought to the height of their fear and knocked out with a paper fan, Shinobu refers to her as 'the original'.
S02E03 Plan Radio Noise 26/04/2013 Mikoto is reminded of rumors about there being a clone of her and attempts to question the girl, who was distributing the envelopes in order to fill the alleyways that security cameras can't reach with human eyes, but she leaves after inadvertently setting the building on fire whilst burning the evidence, simply stating Mikoto would be unable to stop what was happening with her power. After saving the Skillouts and curious about what the girl said, Mikoto looks up for information on her, whose name is Shinobu Nunotaba. Mikoto learns Shinobu worked at the medical facility where she had given the scientists her DNA. Mikoto decides to infiltrate this facility by disguising herself and using her electricity to get past the security. Reaching a room that is separate from the rest of the building's network, Mikoto hacks into database and is shocked to learn that the scientists did tricked her into giving them her DNA for Project Radio Noise, which aimed to create clones of her. However, the project was canceled when the Supercomputer Tree Diagram discovered the clones won't match Mikoto's level of power. Feeling some relief from this, believing there weren't any clones of her after all, Mikoto leaves the facility whilst a similar-looking girl arrives later to delete the database.
S02E04 Sisters 03/05/2013 Three months earlier, in an unknown facility, a pair of scientists mentor the birth of a clone of Mikoto, labelled Misaka 9982, installing memory functions via Testament. Back in the present, Mikoto, who is feeling cheerful with the clone rumors being seemingly debunked, goes shopping with Kuroko and the others at the mall, helping Kazari and Erii buy a rice cooker whilst also picking out things for an upcoming school trip. The next day, as Mikoto ends up having nothing to do, some young children, including the girl whose bag she previously found, pick up on this and have her play with them. Noticing one of the kids wearing a Gekota badge, Mikoto frantically goes through a whole bunch of gumball machines in order to try and win one for herself. As the day comes to an end, Mikoto suddenly senses a power identical to her own and, upon chasing after its source, comes across Misaka 9982.
S02E05 Plan de l'évolution du pouvoir ultime (Projet Level 6 Shift) 10/05/2013 After unwillingingly helping her rescue a kitten from a tree, Mikoto tries to question Misaka 9982, but is unable to learn much due to being unable to decipher a codeword. She instead decides to follow her around in case she returns to her base of operations, where they end up doing some surprisingly sisterly activities. Later that evening, as Misaka 9982 points out that she isn't returning to her point of origin, Mikoto takes her leave after inadvertently giving her the badge she won earlier. After receiving some help from Kazari in deciphering the code she was told about, Mikoto is horrified to learn of the Level 6 Shift Project, in which 20,000 Sisters are to be killed in 20,000 battles in order to evolve Academy City's most powerful Level 5 esper, Accelerator, into a Level 6 esper. Whilst learning of this, Misaka 9982 engages in her assigned battle with the aforementioned Accelerator, finding herself helpless against his reflective abilities. Fleeing to a railway yard, she attempts a sneak attack on Accelerator using a planted mine, only for him to survive and tear off her leg. Mikoto arrives on the scene, only to look in horror as Misaka 9982 is crushed to death by a train, clutching onto the badge she received from her sister. Enraged at Misaka 9982's death, Mikoto charges at Accelerator head-on.
S02E06 Parce que je m'inquiète pour vous 17/05/2013 Mikoto unleashes her anger at Accelerator, who quickly deduces she is the original, becoming further enraged upon seeing Misaka 9982's torn leg and hearing Accelerator's selfish reasons for participating in the experiment. However, even her most powerful attacks are simply reflected back at her. Just then, the fight is halted by the arrival of dozens of other Sisters, who request that Accelerator stop fighting Mikoto to avoid throwing off the experiment's calculations. As Accelerator takes his leave, Mikoto feels no comfort in hearing the Sisters acknowledge themselves as nothing more than guinea pigs. After a restless night, Mikoto is approached by Shinobu, who explains why she chose to oppose the experiment. Having been called back from the Radio Noise Project to assist in the Level 6 Shift Project, Shinobu got to see the sensitive side of one of the Sisters and become unable to see them as anything other than human. Upon hearing this, Mikoto takes it upon herself to destroy the facilities involved in the experiment, keeping it a secret from Kuroko and the others.
S02E07 Je veux devenir votre force, Onee-sama 24/05/2013 As Mikoto secretly lays waste to each of the labs involved in the Level 6 Shift project, Kuroko continues to cover for her disappearances, but she grows increasingly concerned and starts to miss her friend. While on patrol she encounters a child called Minori searching for Shinobu's cash cards along with some friends, acting on an urban legend that the cards with certain serial numbers are lucky. Kuroko scolds them and confiscates the card they found, but later finds Minori continuing the search alone and saves her from getting hit by a car. Minori reveals that she is looking for the cards as a special gift for a close friend who is moving away, and so reminded of her partner, Kuroko decides to supervise her search along with Kazari and Ruiko, even while knowing that as members of Judgement they could not let Minori keep the card. Mii comes across them and offers a more 'analogue' suggestion- that they search for a four-leaf clover instead. During their search, Kuroko's concerns for Mikoto are revealed, and Ruiko and Kazari remind her that her efforts are appreciated, not just by Mikoto but by her other friends as well. Kuroko and Minori each find four-leaf clovers, and Kuroko decides to keep hers, resolving to continue her loyalty and hard work. Meanwhile, the engineers of the Level 6 Shift project discover Mikoto's sabotages and prepare to respond.
S02E08 ITEM 31/05/2013 With only two facilities remaining, the higher ups behind the Level 6 Shift project call upon the services of the underground group, ITEM. As Mikoto infiltrates one of these facilities, she finds herself against one of its members, Frenda Seivelun, who causes trouble for her using flammable tape and stuffed toys containing bombs. Meanwhile, Shinobu arrives at the other remaining facility, where they are attempting to transport the data whilst the other facility is being attacked. Mikoto chases down Frenda who, after a series of failed attacks, fills the room up with nitrogen, bluffing that it is an explosive gas, preventing Mikoto from using her electricity and putting her at a huge disadvantage. However, Mikoto, refusing to simply give up and be killed, manages to fight back against Frenda, leading to her bluff becoming exposed and a prompt electrical payback. As Mikoto tries to interrogate Frenda, who is unable to respond due to being shocked, she is suddenly attacked by ITEM's leader and the 4th ranked Level 5 esper, Shizuri Mugino.
S02E09 AIM Stalker 07/06/2013 Mikoto attempts to escape from Shizuri's attacks, which proves difficult due to ITEM's third member, Rik? Takitsubo, using her AIM Stalker ability to help Shizuri and Frenda home their attacks on her position. Meanwhile, Shinobu, who felt Mikoto shouldn't have to carry her burden alone, sneaks into the basement of her facility where the incubated Sisters are being held. There, she intends to install emotions into all of the remaining Sisters via the Misaka Network in the hopes it may move the organizers to suspend the experiments. However, she is apprehended by ITEM's fourth member, Saiai Kinuhata, who was guarding the facility in case a second party was involved in the attacks. Shinobu somehow manages to get the program installing, but it is suddenly blocked by an unforeseen error code, labelled "Breach code no. 20001". She attempts to use violence to save herself, but her attack proves futile against Saiai's Offense Armor ability and she is taken into custody. Back at the other facility, a weakened Mikoto is forced to use her ability to deflect Shizuri's Meltdowner attack, clueing her in on her true identity. Learning of this, Shizuri decides to send Frenda and Rik? away so she can settle things with Mikoto herself.
S02E10 Destructeur atomique (Meltdowner) 14/06/2013 As Mikoto eventually comes face to face with Shizuri, she manages to use some of Frenda's leftover doll bombs to compensate for her weakened powers. Shizuri fights off these dolls by using shards of prism glass to divide her lasers, but Mikoto manages to use her with to knock her out with one of the remaining dolls. After finding and destroying the facility's data bank, Mikoto finds herself on the run from an angered Shizuri. Fleeing to a bridge, Mikoto manages to get the best of Shizuri by using Frenda's ignitive tape to collapse the walkway underneath her and cause her to fall down. As Mikoto makes her escape, Shizuri manages to learn about the Level 6 Shift project and decides it would be more amusing to let Mikoto suffer. The next day, Mikoto investigates the remaining facility, only to find it abandoned, allegedly having gone bankrupt. As Mikoto believes this to be the end of the experiments, she comes across T?ma by the vending machines.
S02E11 Distributeur 21/06/2013 Mikoto runs into Touma, who, unbeknownst to her, has lost his memories of her, and ends up vandalising a vending machine to spit out drinks to compensate for some money it stole from Touma. Kuroko arrives on the scene and, despite not being pleased over the presence of a supposed 'boyfriend', feels relieved that Mikoto appears to be back to her cheerful self and takes her leave. However, Mikoto's joy is shortlived when another Sister, Misaka 10031, appears before her, telling her in private that the experiments are still ongoing. Horrified to learn more Sisters have died bacause of her, Mikoto ends up yelling at Misaka 10031 for reminding her of Misaka 9982. After learning countless other facilities have picked up the experiment, Mikoto comes to realise that her enemy is Academy City itself. Meanwhile, Accelerator recalls how he was first approached about the Level 6 Shift project. Deciding that she will need to do something drastic in order to stop the experiments, Mikoto feels relieved that Kuroko would still perform her duty as Judgment should she be labelled a criminal for doing so.
S02E12 Tree Diagram 28/06/2013 Mikoto resolves to destroy the Tree Diagram, the supercomputer responsible for the experiment's calculations, in the hope she may be able to stop them. Meanwhile, Touma encounters Misaka 10032, who coerces him into helping her look after an abandoned kitten she had found. As Touma goes into a book store to look for a book to help him with his own cat, Misaka 10032 goes off to observe Accelerator as he begins his scheduled battle with Misaka 10031. Arriving at Tree Diagram's control center, hoping to hack into Tree Diagram to order a halt to the experiment, Mikoto is confused to find it not only heavily low on security, but completely abandoned as well. Hacking into the system, she is horrified to learn the truth; Tree Diagram had been destroyed for months, with the experiments continueing regardless.
S02E13 AcceleratorUne seule issue (Accelerator) 05/07/2013 Mikoto falls in despair, realising that with the Tree Diagram destroyed, she has no way of stopping the experiments. She tries to cling onto her cause by mercilessly destroying another facility, but loses all hope when she sees a feed of Misaka 10031 being killed by Accelerator. As Accelerator reminisces about his first experiment and his first time killing a Sister, T?ma discovers Misaka 10031's corpse and calls AntiSkill to investigate it, only to find it gone when they arrive, with no evidence it ever occurred. After the AntiSkill leaves, Misaka 10032 appears before T?ma, who comes to learn the true nature of the Sisters. Upon learning this, T?ma heads for the Tokiwadai dorms to try and get some answers from Mikoto, who at the same time is contemplating her last resort.
S02E14 Promesse 12/07/2013 T?ma arrives at the Tokiwadai dorms, where he is reluctantly greeted by Kuroko, who decides to let him wait for Mikoto return. When the Dorm Supervisor comes by for an inspection, Kuroko is forced to hide T?ma under Mikoto's bed due to his powers negating her teleportation. There, he finds the details concerning the Level 6 Shift project stuffed inside her teddy bear, learning that Misaka 10032's experiment is next. T?ma follows a trail of windmills to a bridge where he eventually finds Mikoto and confronts her about the experiments. With all her other efforts failed, Mikoto feels convinced that the only way to stop the experiments now is to prove she doesn't live up to Tree Diagram's expectations of her power by letting herself be killed by Accelerator in a single move. However, T?ma, feeling her way won't save anyone, decides to stand in her way, refusing to fight back or even defend himself from Mikoto's lightning. Mikoto's emotions soon build up into a large shockwave that T?ma takes the full brunt of, helping her to see his resolve. After regaining conscienceness and being greeted by a tearful Mikoto, T?ma comes up with his own idea; that if he, a Level 0, can defeat the Level 5 Accelerator in a fight and prove him to be actually weak, the entire basis for the experiments would fall apart. Despite Mikoto's objection, T?ma heads off to where Misaka 10032's experiment is being held.
S02E15 Kamijou Touma 19/07/2013 Despite the injuries he received from Mikoto, T?ma goes off at full speed and arrives at the site where Accelerator and Misaka 10032 are fighting. T?ma states his firm desire to rescue Misaka 10032, saying that even if she is a clone, there's only one of her in the world. As their fight begins, T?ma intially struggles against Accelerator as he launches projectiles at him and sets off a dust explosion. However, Accelerator is shocked when T?ma is able to punch him with his right hand, also coming as a surprise to Mikoto, who had also rushed to the scene. Angered, Accelerator starts using his ability to manipulate the wind, creating a huge hurricane that deals a lot of damage to T?ma. Mikoto attempts to go with her original plan in order to save T?ma, only to realise it would be futile upon witnessing Accelerator using his power to create a large ball of plasma that would wipe out everything in the area. Realising what can be done to stop it, Mikoto goes over to Misaka 10032 and begs for her help in protecting T?ma's dream. Moved by these words, Misaka 10032 uses the Misaka Network to command the other Sisters in Academy City to use their electricity to manipulate the city's windmills, affecting the wind and disrupting Accelerator's calculations, preventing him from stabilising the plasma. As Mikoto prepares to stand off against Accelerator once more, T?ma gathers the strength to stand up.
S02E16 Soeurs 26/07/2013 Accelerator demands to know why Mikoto is protecting Misaka 10032 and is surprised to hear her answer that she is her sister. Before Accelerator tries to kill them, T?ma manages to regain his footing and uses the remainder of his strength to beat Accelerator with one final punch. As he is knocked out, Accelerator comes to the realization that the reason he wanted to become a Level 6 in the first place was so that he wouldn't have to hurt anyone anymore. After the experiments are cancelled as a result, Mikoto visits T?ma in hospital, who assures her that even though many Sisters died, it's thanks to Mikoto that they got to be born in the first place. Afterwards, Mikoto takes a walk with Misaka 10032, where they play with another pair of sisters and think about the future that lies ahead. The next day, Ruiko and Kazari discuss about Mikoto using Ruiko's kitchen to make some handmade cookies which are for T?ma as thanks for his help. Though she doesn't get much of an opportunity to give them to him, she does feel some happiness when he finally calls her by her proper name.
S02E17 Groupe d'étude 02/08/2013 When asked by the Dorm Supervisor to explain her absences, Mikoto bluffs that she was having study sessions with her friends. As Ruiko arranges a get together so she can hear who Mikoto was making cookies for the other day, Kuroko comes across Minori again before being dragged along by Mitsuko to a pet shop. Meanwhile, Mikoto visits Heaven Canceller to hear about the status of the Sisters, learning they are being reconfigured so they may live longer than their originally intended two year lifespan. Whilst arriving at the family restaurant to meet up with Kuroko, Mikoto comes across Shizuri and Frenda, leading to an awkward argument between Kuroko and Frenda over their respective partners. But when Kuroko and Frenda starts revealing perverted facts about theirs partners, both Mikoto and Shizuri angrily punish them. Later, Mikoto, Kuroko, Kazari and Ruiko have a nabe party, with Erii joining them. As Mikoto and Kuroko heads home before curfew, Kuroko is glad to see Mikoto is back to normal.
S02E18 Déménagement 16/08/2013 A curious organisation oversees ITEM as they fight against a group of mechs. The next day, Mikoto and the gang visit Banri, who is due to be discharged from hospital soon and will be moving into an apartment with Erii, who will be moving out of Kazari's apartment as a result. Meanwhile, Mitsuko uses her power to stop a purse thief, but her victory is short-lived when a curious man berates her for her actions. As the group get together to celebrate Banri's dischargement, Kuroko and Kazari are called off for Judgment duties when the traffic signals suddenly go out. After finishing her duties, Kazari gives a box of taiyaki to Erii, and the two have a tearful farewell as roommates. As the group take a detour home, they come across a curious white-haired girl named Febri, who appears to know Mikoto.
S02E19 La conférence de recherche de la Cité scolaire 23/08/2013 The girls are unable to find out any more information from Febri, as she appears to be a bit cautious around Mikoto and takes a liking with Ruiko. Kazari invites Ruiko and Febri to her apartment to spend the night. The next day, the group fails to find any background information on Febri, believing her to be a Child Error, so they make arrangements for her to be moved to the orphanage in Asunaro Park. As the gang heads out where the Academic Assembly Exhibit will be held, Ruiko sets up some time for Mikoto to get along with Febri on their own. However, Febri gets lost when she wanders off and follows a Gekota mascot who is actually Pierce Aogami whilst Mikoto wasn't looking. Aritomi spots her and sends some security bots after her, but Mikoto manages to save her in time. Afterwards, Ruiko has Febri apologize to Mikoto for worrying her which young girl finally accepts Mikoto. With Mikoto now involved, Aritomi and his colleagues decide to experiment on her as well.
S02E20 Febli 30/08/2013 As AntiSkill become curious over how the security bots functioned without any batteries, Mii treats the others by taking them to the public baths, where Mikoto starts to see Febri as something of a little sister, letting her have one of her rare Gekota finger puppets. Whilst heading home, the girls are led on a detour to a warehouse, where they are attacked by a mech. As Mikoto fights against the mech, which seems resiliant to her electricity, the mech suddenly stops functioning when it comes close to attacking Febri, allowing Mitsuko to defeat it with her Aero Hand ability. After Mikoto discovers the mech to be curiously unmanned, Febri comes down with a fever and is admitted into hospital. Meanwhile, it is shown that Shinobu is working with Artiomi's group. Back at the hospital, Mitsuko informs the others about how she, Wannai and Atsuki came to learn that Aritomi was attempting to 'reclaim' Febri. The next morning as Febri seems to make a full recovery, Heaven Canceller talks to Mikoto in private, telling her that Febri isn't actually human.
S02E21 Les ténèbres 06/09/2013 Heaven Canceler goes on to explain to Mikoto that Febri's body is poisoned, requiring her to suck special lollipops to keep herself alive, leaving her angry that another dark organization is performing twisted experiments. Whilst keeping this a secret from the others, Mikoto runs into Misaka 10032, who tells her that Febri had been wanting to meet her own big sister, also believing Febri to have a link to Testament, leading Mikoto to believe Shinobu is involved. After receiving a call from Mitsuko about the importance of friendship, Mikoto realises she shouldn't have to do this alone and decides to inform Kuroko and the others about Febri's condition, becoming surprised and relieved to find them more than willing to help. Upon analysing a strange object that Yomikawa found in the mech suit, which is revealed by Heaven Canceler deduces it to be a strand of hair similar to Febri's, possibly belonging to her sister, before revealing to Mikoto that Febri's life may be coming to an end. Deciding to once again face the darkness of Academy City's secrets, Mikoto goes to meet Therestina.
S02E22 STUDY 13/09/2013 With Mikoto refusing to leave until she gets information about Febri, Therestina points her towards an organisation called Chemicaloid, hinting that they are planning something for the Academic Assembly. As Mikoto relays this to the others, also informing them about the severity of Febri's condition, Mitsuko helps them to finger the man from before, identifying him as Haruki Aritomi. Kazari's research leads them to a group known as the Study Corporation, which they suspect may have the factory where Febri and her lollipops were produced. Mikoto heads to the factory, where they discover ITEM already facing up against a group of mechs, overhearing they are powered by some form of esper ability. After ITEM leaves, Mikoto infiltrates the factory and finds Shinobu, who gives her data on the lollipops. However, Aritomi arrives, revealing the data to be fake, ordering Shinobu to inject Mikoto with a serum that renders her immobile. Despite Shinobu doing as she was ordered, Aritomi destroys the real lollipop formula, claiming Febri is just a spare compared to his true project, Janie.
S02E23 L'aube d'une révolution (Silent Party) 20/09/2013 Aritomi explains how he started the Chemicaloid Project out of jealousy towards espers, hoping to bring forth a revolution. Forced to recuperate elsewhere, Shinobu reveals to Mikoto how she was roped into STUDY following her failed attempt to stop the Level 6 Shift experiment, explaining how the hair strands utilise Janie's ability, Diffusion Ghost, as an alternate power source. Noticing the guilt she feels, Mikoto assures Shinobu that the Sisters bare no ill will towards her, using her electricity to counter the paralysis in her body. Thanks to a nanodevice injects into her by Heaven Canceler, Mikoto manages to bring Kuroko to her location, with Shinobu choosing to stay behind to do her part. After Mikoto explains the situation to the others, the group unanimously decides to try and find Janie. After a night of planning, Mikoto and Febri set off to find Janie whilst the others prepare to fight off against STUDY's mechs.
S02E24 Eternal Party 27/09/2013 The entirety of Judgment joins Kuroko and the others in fighting off against STUDY's mechs. Meanwhile, Mikoto and Febri arrive at STUDY's hidden base at a stadium, fighting off against the mechs Aritomi sends against them. STUDY responds by sending a signal to cut off everyone's communications and sending more advanced mechs after each group. However, they overcome this thanks to Erii and Banri setting up a network of telepaths, with Kazari and Ruiko piloting their own mech that Mitsuko's father sent over and ITEM helping to destroy the mechs sent after Mikoto. Mikoto and Febri soon arrive at the underground base, where Aritomi initiates a final phase, which he launches Cluster missile from space containing Diffusion Ghost that will destroy Academy City by causing a chain reaction with the city's AIM fields. Aritomi attempts to kill himself, only to be stopped by Mikoto, who is determined to save everyone. With the assistance of the Sisters, Mikoto rides in Mitsuko's mech and launches into the atmosphere thanks to Mitsuko and uses the mech as ammunition for a massive railgun to destroy the missile and Shinobu is able to free Janie from STUDY's control. With Janie and Febri reunited and given more neutralizer lollipops, Shinobu plans to bring the twins to an overseas research facility to cure their condition. Kuroko, Ruiko and Kazari says goodbye to the twins while Shinobu learns that Mikoto, with the help of Misaki, erase all of Shinobu's criminal records to give her a new start. As everyone in the city sees Shinobu's plane leave, Mikoto and the gang discuss their upcoming vacation.
S02E25 [Bonus] All the Important Things I Learned in a Bathhouse 27/03/2014 As the local bathhouse comes under threat of being closed down, Mii enlists the help of Mikoto, Ruiko, Kuroko and Kazari to help promote interest, coming up with a Mikoto-powered 'electric bath' to bring in more customers. At first, the baths become a success which attracts the attention of Erii, Mitsuko, Wannai, Atsuki, Yomikawa, Tsuzuri, Komoe, Shizuri, Frenda, Saiai, Rik? and the Dorm Supervisor. However, the baths are almost ruined after Kuroko adds too much bubble bath soap in one of her schemes to seduce Mikoto. After the customers go home, the girls celebrate by having a bath and drinking milk.