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L'histoire de la série se passe dans un univers où la magie et les pouvoirs surnaturels existent. Elle se focalise autour d'un lycéen, Tohma Kamijyo, qui a le pouvoir d'annuler toutes magies ou pouvoirs. Il va faire la rencontre d'une nonne de l'Église d'Angleterre, Index, qui est poursuivie parce qu'elle a dans son cerveau, une connaissance interdite des 103 000 volumes de magie. Pourchassée par l'organisation de la Kaballe, Index sera aidée de Tohma pour survivre et livrer son savoir à l'église. Quand la science et la magie se rencontrent, l'histoire commence...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de To Aru Majutsu no Index

S01E01 Cité Universitaire 04/10/2008 T?ma Kamij? is chased by hooligans after he stops one of them from disturbing a girl. In reality he was trying save him as the girl is Level 5 Psychic Mikoto Misaka, who can control and generate electricity. After losing them, he meets Mikoto who wants a duel but he refuse citing he just a Level 0 psychic. Nevertheless, she "shoots" an electrical bolt at him but it is stop by T?ma right hand which has a power called Imagine Breaker. Angered, she attacks with a powerful lighting strike which only ends up causing a citywide blackout. The next morning, after lamenting his recent bad luck, he finds a young nun hanging outside of his veranda. After feeding her spoiled food, she introduces herself as Index, a nun from the Church of England and is being chase by magicians for she "possess" 103,000 grimoires. After both of them explain each other about their own worlds, Index doesn't believe that T?ma's right hand can nullify other powers while he doesn't believe magic exist. To test their proofs, T?ma use his powers on Index's magical garb which is unfortunately blown into pieces. After biting T?ma in revenge and fixing her garb, Index concludes that his powers are the cause of his bad luck, leaves and thanks him and he tells her to come again if she needs help. After coming back from summer classes, he meets Mikoto again who wants a rematch but when he refuse again, she stomps her foot in anger causing nearby electronics to go haywire including cleaning bots who sounds the alarm which forces both of them to quickly runaway. When he returns home, he finds Index laying on the ground bleeding and behind him a man who calls himself a magician.
S01E02 Innocentius ~Le roi de la chasse aux sorcières~ 12/10/2008 The magician reveal himself as Stiyl Magnus and explain that his partner Kaori unintentionally hurt Index as her Magical garb was suppose to stop the blow and his mission to 'protect' Index or actually the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum, the 103,000 books implanted in her mind as she possess photographic memory. Toma, angered by Stiyl's ill treatment of Index attacks him and he counterattack by using Fire magic but is surprised when Toma nullify s the spell. Styil then summons a fire creature named Innocentius which Toma can't stop as the creature keeps regenerating itself from his attacks. It is only when Index other personality, John's pen mode, reveals the creatures powers comes from Runes place around the building that Toma is able improvise and defeat Innocentius and Stiyl using the sprinklers to destroy the Runes as they were on paper and rescue Index. When he learns from Index that he can't help heal her wounds using magic as it can only be use by normal people, Toma brings her to the only normal person he knows for help, his teacher, Komoe Tsukuyomi.
S01E03 Necessarius ~L'Eglise du Mal Nécessaire~ 19/10/2008 While Komoe helps Index in healing her wounds using magic, Toma meets Stiyl's partner, Kaori Kanzaki and learns from her why they are hunting Index and the organization, Necessarius, The Church of Necessary Evil.
S01E04 La mémorisation parfaite 26/10/2008 Touma learns the truth about Index's perfect memorization and her loss of memories.
S01E05 Limite 02/11/2008 Touma tries desperately to save Index's memories before it is too late.
S01E06 Briseur d'imagination 09/11/2008 Following the events of last episode and the activation of Index's defense mechanism Touma struggles to hide his amnesia from Index.
S01E07 Le culte de la science 16/11/2008 Stiyl and Touma join forces to investigate the mysterious Misawa Cram School.
S01E08 L'alchimie de l'or ~Ars Magna~ 23/11/2008 Touma encounters Ars Magna the leader of Misawa Cram School and a man with his own connection to Index.
S01E09 Tueuse de vampires ~Deep Blood~ 30/11/2008 Touma confronts Ars Magna in a dangerous battle to rescue both Index and Deep Blood.
S01E10 Onee-Sama ~Misaka Mikoto~ 07/12/2008 Touma spends some time with Misaka Mikoto and makes a strange discovery.
S01E11 Sisters 14/12/2008 Touma goes in search of Misaka to investigate the clone experiment.
S01E12 Pouvoir absolu ~Niveau 6~ 20/12/2008 Touma discovers the reason behind the experiment and appears to grow closer to Misaka.
S01E13 Sens unique ~Accelerator~ 27/12/2008 Misaka and Touma hatch a plan to defeat Accelerator and end the experiment.
S01E14 Le plus fort VS le plus faible 08/01/2009 Touma faces off against Accelerator for the sake of Misaka and her 'sisters'.
S01E15 La déchéance d'un ange 15/01/2009 Touma and Index head to the beach to avoid the fallout from Touma's fight with Accelerator. They also plan to meet Touma's Family but when they arrive they aren't quite what Touma was expecting.
S01E16 Père ~Kamijyo Touya~ 22/01/2009 The Angel Fall spell remains in effect with only Toma, Kanzaki, Misha and Tsuchimikado relatively unaffected. However, the person responsible for casting the spell remains a mystery. Misha quickly becomes the prime suspect after a strange conversation with Toma. But when Toma follows up on his hunch he discovers that the real culprit is not Misha but his own father. As such he hurries to reach his father before Misha and the other mages can confront him.
S01E17 Archange Gabriel ~Le pouvoir de Dieu~ 29/01/2009 T?ma confronts his father about casting Angel Fall but discovers him as knowing absolutely nothing about it. When Misha appears to them, Kaori reveals that Misha is an imposter taking advantage of her appearance as Sasha Kruezhev, a member of Annihilatus. Misha subsequently reveals herself to be one known as "Power of God", Archangel Gabriel, the Angel who fell as a result of Angel Fall being cast, and uses her power to complete a spell to destroy the world so that she may return to Heaven. Kaori sends T?ma and his father to destroy the ritual site while she holds off the Angel. Tsuchimikado reveals that the ritual site is actually the Kamij?s' new residence and that T?ma's father accidentally cast the spell from coincidentally arranging occult souvenirs around the house in a particular way. When Tsuchimikado reveals that he's going to destroy the source of Angel Fall, T?ma tries to stop him from killing his father, but he knocks out T?ma's father and beats up T?ma so that he is unable to move. In a sudden twist, Tsuchimikado decides to sacrifices himself to cast a spell to destroy the ritual site (despite knowing he will die using magic), which causes Misha/Gabriel to return to Heaven. When T?ma returns to the hospital again, he finds Tsuchimikado alive and well despite using magic after becoming an esper (much to his surprise), thanks to his psychic healing ability, Auto Rebirth. Tsuchimikado also reveals that he is not only a spy for Necessarius but also a freelancer for Academy City and other organizations. As an apology, he brings T?ma's parents to visit him, but T?ma is outraged to learn that his family's new house was completely destroyed by Tsuchimikado's spell and then must suffer Index's wrath for being mistreated by T?ma while she was under the spell.
S01E18 Imposteur ~Réplique~ 05/02/2009 Mikoto's trying to enjoy her last day of summer vacation, but she is being stalked by Mitsuki Unabara, the Tokiwadai Middle School principal's grandson who's been chasing her since last week. In an attempt to make him give up, she pretends to go on a date with T?ma. During their fake date, T?ma learns that only 10 of the Sisters remain at Academy City while the rest went overseas for treatment. T?ma converses with Unabara but is surprised to see another person who looks exactly like the latter running into a restaurant that Mikoto has entered. As the second and injured Unabara warns Mikoto about an approaching danger, the first Unabara remarks to T?ma about espers who can shift appearances, and T?ma realizes that he is conversing with an imposter when the latter tries to hit him from behind. As T?ma flees, Index reveals by phone that the imposter is using the magic of Aztec priests to disguise himself with another person's skin and wields an obsidian spearhead as a replica of the lance of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli. When T?ma is forced to fight him, the imposter reveals that he had been sent to become close to T?ma's friends (such as Mikoto) to prevent the formation of the "Kamij? Faction", a group of mages and espers lead by T?ma which both the magic and science sides fear will destroy the truce between them. Since the imposter had fallen in love with Mikoto, he decided to protect her by killing T?ma, but, now defeated and severely injured, he asks T?ma to promise him to protect her since they'll be others like him after T?ma and his friends. Unknown to both of them, Mikoto is listening nearby and is embarrassed to hear T?ma's answer.
S01E19 Dénouement ~Last Order~ 12/02/2009 Since his defeat, Accelerator is no longer feared by others, though he remains powerful enough to get rid of troublemakers. During the last day of summer vacation, he is approached by a younger Misaka clone capable of showing emotions, who introduces herself as "Last Order" and begins to follow him around, much to his annoyance. Because she is hungry, Accelerator takes Last Order to a restaurant and sees Ao Amai, a former researcher for the "The Sisters" project, but does not pursue him. As Last Order eats, she converses with Accelerator on the Sisters and how she believes that Accelerator was an unwilling participant of the Level 6 Shift project. Tired of her comments, Accelerator leaves her at the restaurant to confront Yoshikawa, a researcher in charge of the Level 6 Shift project. She informs him that Last Order was not created for the Sisters project but for administrating the Misaka Network and that Ao Amai injected a virus into Last Order, which could spread to the other Misakas and cause them to go berserk and attack humans. To stop the virus, she gives Accelerator the choice of finding Ao Amai to explain how to stop the virus or returning Last Order to her incubator. Accelerator chooses the latter.
S01E20 Signal final ~Virus Code~ 19/02/2009 Accelerator returns to the diner only to find that Last Order has been kidnapped by Ao Amai. Accelerator manages to track down Ao Amai and knocks him out before he can escape with Last Order. However, the virus in Last Order activates earlier than expected and Yoshikawa is still en route with Last Order's incubator. To stop the virus, Accelerator uses his powers and a clean copy of Last Order's data to remove the virus. However, nearing the end of the process, Amai awakens and shoots Accelerator in the head; Accelerator is unable to fully stop the bullet, having chosen to finish removing the virus instead of protecting himself, and collapses afterward. Amai tries to finish him off but is shot by Yoshikawa who has arrived to put Last Order into her incubator. After discussing their roles as researchers and her dream of wanting to become a teacher, she and Amai shoot each other. When Yoshikawa awakens in the hospital, she learns from Heaven Canceller, who is none other than T?ma's frog-faced doctor, that Accelerator saved her but suffers from brain damage from the shot he took while saving Last Order and needs rehabilitation to regain his powers.
S01E21 Counter Stop ~Entitée inconnue~ 26/02/2009 T?ma returns to school after summer break, but is followed by Index, who thinks she won't have anything to eat for lunch while he's away at school. When Index arrives in class, Komoe sends her away with money to ride a taxi home and then introduces Aisa as a new transfer student. Index ends up befriending Hyoka Kazakiri, another transfer student; T?ma later finds them trying to change into less conspicuous clothing and when Komoe catches T?ma skipping the opening ceremony, Hyoka mysteriously vanishes. Aisa becomes suspicious of Hyoka, who was a student at Aisa's old school, and warns T?ma and Komoe about her. Meanwhile, Tsuchimikado meets with Aleister Crowley concerning the arrival of Necessarius mage Sherry Cromwell in Academy City and despite Tsuchimikado's offer to take care of Sherry discreetly, Crowley wants T?ma to defeat her. Meanwhile, Kuroko finds Sherry and attacks her unsuccessfully, but is saved by Mikoto while Sherry escapes and casts a spell to send eyeballs throughout the city.
S01E22 Golem 05/03/2009 Sherry Cromwell begins her assault on Academy City to start a war between Necessarius and Academy City. As a result, T?ma, Index, and Hyoka are locked in an underground shopping complex before they are evacuated with everyone else. Mikoto and Kuroko find them and Kuroko teleports Mikoto and Index, who become suspicious of the other's relationship with T?ma, away first. When T?ma hears an explosion, he goes to confront Sherry and leaves Hyoka to wait for Kuroko to return. As he tries to fight Sherry's golems, Hyoka arrives, but is hurt and T?ma ends up seeing a strange device in her head. When she flees, Sherry decides to pursue her while T?ma gets a call from Komoe, who explains that Hyoka's existence likely came to being from the collective extranaeous discharge of espers in the city. Meanwhile, Hyoka manages to regenerate her face, but Sherry, who knows Hyoka isn't human much like her golems, is about to crush Hyoka when T?ma appears and saves her.
S01E23 Kazakiri Hyouka ~Amis~ 12/03/2009 T?ma stops and successfully destroys Sherry's golem with Imagine Breaker. When she summons another one,T?ma coordinates with the Anti-Skills to put her on the defensive. Sherry attempts a simultaneous summoning of Ellis, destroying the ground beneath her and escaping. Wondering why Sherry would turn to escape so quickly when her target, Hy?ka, was right in front of her causes T?ma to realize that her true target was Index all along. Chasing after a runaway Sphinx, Index is attacked by Ellis. At first she is able to hold her own against the remote controlled Ellis by interfering with the control mechanism, when Ellis switches to automated control things turn worse. Index can only call T?ma's name as Ellis prepares to crush her.
S01E24 Secteur du nombre imaginaire ~Institution des Cinq Eléments~ 19/03/2009 T?ma pursues Hy?ka but encounters Sherry instead and is forced to fight her. He learns that Ellis was once a friend of Sherry who suffered painful consequences from an attempt by Necessarius and Academy City to reconcile magic and science; to prevent this tragedy from occurring again, Sherry intends to divide them forever through conflict. Outraged that Sherry does not believe that people who are different like Index and Hy?ka could be friends, T?ma successfully defeats Sherry. However, doing so results in Golem Ellis above ground losing control, and Index is cornered until Hy?ka suddenly appears and destroys the Golem each time it reforms. After T?ma arrives to deliver the finishing blow, Index and Hy?ka reconcile just as Hy?ka fades away to the Imaginary Number Sector. Meanwhile, Tsuchimikado confronts Aleister Crowley on why he is interested in the Imaginary Numbers Sector. As each of the characters settle back into their daily lives, Stiyl meets with the Archbishop of Necessarius, Laura Stuart, who decides that Necessarius will need Index and T?ma's help for an upcoming problem meanwhile Kaori Kanzaki is missing in Japan after the events of the Angel Fall.
S02E01 The Last Day (August 31) 08/10/2010 Following the fake boyfriend incident with Mikoto, T?ma still hasn't finished his summer homework and Index isn't helping much. Whilst T?ma takes Index to a restaurant for a change of location, they are attacked by magician named Ouma Yamisaka who kidnaps Index and runs off. As T?ma tries to find her, running into Mikoto along the way, Ouma prepares a ceremony that will allow him to access the grimoires inside Index's head in order to find a cure for a curse inflicted on a woman he has fallen in love with. As the ceremony begins, Ouma's body and mind is put through excruciating pain trying to access the grimoires. Thanks to Index using her new cellphone, T?ma is able to find her and stop the ceremony. T?ma gets Ouma to snap out his pitiful state and offers to cure the woman's curse using his Imagine Breaker. Meanwhile, Kanzaki is seen fighting the Knights of England.
S02E02 The Book of the Law 15/10/2010 Archbishop Laura informs Stiyl that the Liber AL vel Legis has been stolen by the Amakusa Catholics and sends him to Japan along with a group of Catholic battle nuns known as the Agnese Forces, to search for the grimoire and Orsola Aquinas, the only one who can decode it who was also kidnapped by the Amakusas. In order to get T?ma's assistance, Stiyl pretends to kidnap Index. While T?ma coincidentally runs into Orsola on the way to save Index, the Amakusas appear and abduct her via a hole in the ground. After determining that the Amakusa's goal is to use a special teleport magic to escape with Orsola before midnight, T?ma, Index, Stiyl and the Agnese Forces set up camp at the required location, where T?ma gets into a lot of awkward situations with the group's leader, Agnese Sanctis. Because Kaori was once an Amakusa Catholic, Stiyl knows he may have to fight her if necessary. Meanwhile, the Amakusas prepare to make their move.
S02E03 Amakusa Style 22/10/2010 The Agnese Forces face off against the Amakusas as a diversion while T?ma, Stiyl and Index sneak inside the amusement park. While escaping from some Amakusa warriors, T?ma manages to find Orsola and gives her a crucifix that Styil gave him earlier. The two are reunited with Stiyl and Index, who are facing against the leader of the Amakusas, Saiji Tatemiya. Working together, T?ma and Stiyl defeat Saiji and the rest of the Amakusas are captured by Agnese's battle nuns. However, the captured Saiji reveals to T?ma and Index that the Amakusas have never stolen the Liber AL vel Legis, as the real reason the Catholic Church wanted Orsola was to kill her to prevent the secrets of the grimoire from being abused. The Amakusas only got involved as Orsola sought them for protection but ran away as she didn't trust them. Troubled by this revelation, T?ma asks two of the Battle Nuns, Luccia and Angelene to see Orsola again but he accidentally angers Luccia who tries to kill him, Index and Saiji. However, she and Angelene are forced to retreat when Index uses spell interception on Angelene's magic and counters Luccia's attack.
S02E04 Voice Of Destruction Of Evil (Sheol Fear) 29/10/2010 Stiyl explains that the Catholics won't kill Orsola until they can prove her to be a heretic. As Saiji leaves to free his comrades, Stiyl tells T?ma and Index to go home, since they have no further stake in this matter. T?ma, however, goes by himself to where Orsola is being held and tortured by Agnese's battle nuns, who reveal they deceived Necessarius to assist them. He is later joined by Stiyl, who reveals the crucifix T?ma gave to Orsola means she is under protection of the Church of England, followed by Index and the Amasukas. Whilst T?ma is put in charge in protecting Orsola, the others fend off the battle nuns, with Index utilizing the power "Sheol Fear", to deafen and paralyze some of the battle nuns. However, Luccia brings another force of battle nuns who willingly stab their ears to protect themselves from Sheol Fear.
S02E05 Lotus Wand (Rotasuwando) 05/11/2010 As T?ma, Index, Stiyl, Saiji and Orsola barricade themselves from the battle nuns, T?ma and Index come up with an idea that Orsola could help them decipher the Liber AL vel Legis in Index's head to their advantage. When Orsola mentions her deciphering method, Index reveals her translations is a fake, revealing Orsola was never able to really decode the grimoire all along. Whilst the others fend off against the battle nuns, T?ma confronts Agnese who attacks him with her Lotus Wand. However, T?ma manages to learn its attack patterns and land a hit on Agnese. As Agnese tries to bluff that T?ma sacrificed his friends as decoys, they arrive with Innocentius, who Stiyl managed to summon thanks to the Amasukas. Her confidence broken, Agnese is knocked out by T?ma, breaking the battle nuns morale, before T?ma himself falls unconscious. Waking up in a hospital in Academy City, T?ma is greeted and taken care by Kaori, who thanks him for helping and tells him that Orsola and the Amasukas are now under the protection of the Church of England. Meanwhile, back in London, Laura reveals to Stiyl that the true reason she got involved with the Orsola incident was to get the Amakusa Catholics under her control and use them as leverage to ensure Kaori's loyalty to Necessarius.
S02E06 Wreckage (Remnant) 12/11/2010 Kuroko's day of shopping with Mikoto is interrupted by reports of robbers stealing an aerospace carrycase. Kuroko subdues the thieves but is then attacked and wounded by their leader, another teleporter named Awaki Musujime. She reveals to Kuroko about Tree Diagram's destruction and how various factions are gathering of its remnants, the contents of the carrycase being one of them. Kuroko manages to escape, but becomes concerned over what Awaki had told her, particularly concerning how Mikoto had been trying to stop them for reasons she had kept from her, (namely being that if Tree Diagram were rebuilt, the Level 6 Shift experiment would start over again). As Mikoto goes out that night to confront Awaki, Kuroko decides to follow her and overhears their conversation before Awaki escapes. As Kuroko decides to take matters into her own hands, Misaka 10032 decides to take action.
S02E07 Move Target (Move Point) 19/11/2010 Kuroko finds Awaki at a nearby building and uses the latter's trauma of self-teleportion to make the first strike but during their battle, her injuries make her unable to concentrate on teleporting and she is trapped under a pile of furniture. Awaki explains to Kuroko that she and her organization, the Science Syndicate, plan to build a new Tree Diagram in order to create other species of espers. Awaki tries to persuade Kuroko to join her, believing her powers is a curse that caused her to become how she is. Kuroko rejects her offer, verbally abuses Awaki for making excuses for her own behavior, breaks loose and tries to attack Awaki, but is shot by her. After a brief traumatic loss of control over her powers, Awaki attempts to kill Kuroko by dropping the building on top of her, but she is saved by Mikoto and T?ma, who came to rescue her after he was alerted by Misaka 10032. As the Anti-Skill's stop the Science Syndicate, Awaki tries to escape but to her horror, is confronted by Accelerator who, using the Misaka Network to utilize his powers, defeats her and destroys the Tree Diagram remnant. As everyone recovers, Mikoto gives her thanks to Kuroko.
S02E08 Grand Champion Star Festival 26/11/2010 Academy City is hosting the Grand Champion Star Festival, a sports competition between the various schools of the city, during which visitors from outside the city are allowed entry. Whilst T?ma's parents, T?ya and Shiina, as well as Misuzu, a relative of Mikoto's, get to know each other, T?ma and Mikoto decide to make a bet in which the loser does anything the winner wants. Meanwhile, Laura contacts Aleister to inform him that magicians have infiltrated Academy City in order to make a transaction with a magical weapon called the Stab Sword, which has the power to kill a Saint. Meanwhile, T?ma has several troubles with a hungry Index and awkward situations with the class representative, Seiri Fukiyose. Later, T?ma runs into Stiyl and Tsuchimikado, who tell him about the intruding magicians and asks him not to get Index involved. Whilst getting scolded by Seiri after an awkward incident with Index and Komoe, T?ma runs into a woman named Oriana Thomson. When his Imagine Breaker reacts to her, he realizes she is one of the magicians in question and starts to follow her.
S02E09 Tracking Seal (Route Disturb) 03/12/2010 As Oriana realizes she's being followed and runs away, T?ma, Stiyl and Tsuchimikado chase her through a bus station filled with booby traps, but she manages to escape and uses a counter magic called Short Hand to avoid being traced. Despite T?ma's objections, Tsuchimikado and Stiyl undergo a painful magical spell in order to locate the Short Hand spell, which happens to be right in the center of a middle school ball throwing tournament. With the competitors in danger of being hurt by the spell if they touch it, T?ma and Tsuchimikado infiltrate the match as contestants in order to find it, only to find the opposing team is Mikoto's school. T?ma tries to protect Mikoto from one of the basket poles which he believes has the Short Hand, only for Seiri to end up touching the real one and gets hit by magic and falls unconscious before T?ma destroys the spell. As Seiri is taken to the hospital, T?ma vows to make Oriana pay on what she did.
S02E10 Shorthand Original (Shorthand) 10/12/2010 Whilst Heaven Canceler attends to Seiri, Stiyl manages to lead T?ma and Tsuchimikado to Oriana's location. Oriana inflicts a curse on Tsuchimikado and gives T?ma trouble with her variety of spells, yet T?ma's determination allows him to land a hit on her. Oriana escapes but leaves behind her cargo, which is later revealed to be a decoy. Laura soon learns that the Stab Sword is actually St. Peter's Cross, which she fears the Catholic Church will use to put Academy City under their control if the trade goes through. After T?ma, Stiyl and Tsuchimikado are informed of this, T?ma has lunch with Index, his parents, Mikoto and Misuzu, and is surprise to learn Misuzu is Mikoto's mother.
S02E11 Piercing Antisword (Stab Sword) 17/12/2010 After T?ma has some women trouble with Index, Mikoto and Kuroko following lunch, Tsuchimikado manages to find Oriana's location and instructs him and Stiyl to go there. However, whilst Tsuchikimado tries to track Oriana, she goes straight to him and attacks him. She defeats Tsuchikimado and destroys his search spell, but he manages to pull off a bluff that he has summoned reinforcements to trick her into running away before finishing him off. Meanwhile, Aisa becomes worried about T?ma, with Komoe suggesting she should invite him to a night parade at the end of the festival. However, when they bump into Oriana as she makes her escape, she sees Aisa's magic Celtic Cross and mistakes her for a Necessarius magician, attacking her with a vicious spell which leaves her brutally wounded. As T?ma falls into despair upon witnessing her state, Komoe recalls the healing spell she performed on Index, so Stiyl stays to help her perform it whilst T?ma chases after Oriana.
S02E12 Astronomical Observatory (Beautiful View) 24/12/2010 T?ma hears more from Tsuchimikado about the Croce di Pietro, which uses a similar type of magic to what Misha used, and have Orsola look further into it. Meanwhile, Stiyl manages to successfully heal Aisa, and later, Komoe is questioned by T?ma's parents about him. T?ma, Stiyl and Tsuchimikado head towards the meetup point of the trade, where they once again face against Oriana and find themselves at a disadvantage.
S02E13 Disciple's Cross (Peter's Cross) 07/01/2011 As Oriana and T?ma continue to battle, Stiyl recovers and summons Innocentius to help him. Refusing to give up, Oriana uses her full powers to defeat Stiyl and all of her spells on T?ma. As he is about to lose conscious, T?ma remember his promises to his friends and recuperate himself to finally defeat Oriana. However, Lidvia contacts them and reveals that she and St. Peter's Cross are outside the city and there's nothing they can do to stop her from activating the spell. Luckily, the Night Parade, the festival's fireworks event has started which blocks out the stars and prevents the cross from activating. As T?ma is checked into the hospital, he is visited by Index, Kuroko and Mikoto which the latter informs he has lost their bet. Meanwhile, Lidvia escapes by a private jet but is tracked down by Laura via Stiyl's rune cards and has her ejected out of the plane. Despite Laura offering to save her if she surrenders, Lidvia refuses and chooses to fall to her death while protecting the cross. At the same time, Aleister decides to take action personally due to these recent events. The next morning, Aisa is visited by Index and later, to her joy, T?ma.
S02E14 Capital of Water 14/01/2011 Despite a chain of bad luck with his female companions during the festival, T?ma gets lucky on the last day when he wins a lottery for a one week trip to Chioggia, Italy. After he and Index arrive at Chioggia, T?ma tries to find Index after she gets lost but is found by Orsola who manages to find Index. Later, Orsola explains to them that she and the Amakusas are here at Chioggia to help move and pack her belongings to London. After helping them, T?ma and Index are about to go to their hotel when two assassins try to kill Orsola but their attempts are thwarted by T?ma and Index. The other assassin escapes by summoning a Sailing ship made of Ice in the canal where T?ma and Orsola accidentally board it. As they hide from their pursuers inside the ship, both of them realize the assassins were from the Catholic church and there is a fleet of Ice ships heading towards the Adriatic Sea. When someone tries to enter the room in which they're hiding, T?ma prepares himself and is surprised to find out it's Agnese.
S02E15 The Queen's Fleet 21/01/2011 Agnese explains the ship she is on is known as the Queen of the Adriatic Sea where she and her former group are being punished. She agrees to let T?ma and Orsola escape in exchange for the rescue of Luccia and Angelene, who are at risk of having their brains restructured to avoid casting a certain spell that would allow them to escape. T?ma agrees to help her rescue them, although in shaking hands, he accidentally dispels her magical clothing. As Agnese goes to the flagship to confront the squadron's leader, Bishop Biagio Busoni, T?ma and Orsola manage to find and rescue Luccia and Angelene, who tell him that Agnese is in danger of being used for a spell that would destroy her brain. Just then, the other ships start shooting at them, causing them to fall into the sea, but they are rescued by Index and the Amakusas using an underwater boat. After learning that the spell Biagio intends to use Agnese for has the power to destroys citys and erase their culture, the Amakusas agree to help T?ma and co. rescue Agnese. They launch an attack on the fleet, where they face up against an army of nuns, but when the allied ships try to sink the ship they're on with them, Angeline gets injured trying to keep one of the nuns being killed.
S02E16 Rosary of the Appointed Time 28/01/2011 Lucia and the Amasukas hold off the battle nuns while T?ma, Index and Orsola continue onwards to the flagship. While T?ma distracts an army of ice golems, he soon encounters Biagio, who uses his magic enlarging crosses and gravity magic to defeat him. Meanwhile, Orsola manages to finds Agnese but is soon found by Biagio who reveals he needs Agnese so he can use the Fleet's powers to destroy Academy City. As Biagio subdues them, T?ma arrives and knocks him down. With his plans foiled, Biagio activates the Fleet's self destruction spell that will cause a large explosion. T?ma orders Orsola to escape with Agnese and the others while he fights Biagio one more time, finally defeating him and stopping the spell despite the flagship sinking. As T?ma wakes up in a hospital, he gets a call from Heaven Canceler who informs him that he is being flown back to Academy City and reminds him of Mikoto's bet for him. In London, Kaori is informed of the recent events by Motoharu and greets Orsola, who has returned with Agnese. Meanwhile in the Vatican, a nun with a pierced face from God's Right Seat forces the Pope to sign an order to investigate T?ma and eliminate him if he is seen as an enemy.
S02E17 Penalty Game 04/02/2011 Autumn arrives at Academy City and the city's students change into their winter uniforms. Accelerator, Last Order and Kiky? move out of the hospital into Aiho's apartment, while Misaka 10032 and three other Sisters begin rehabilitation in the city. Meanwhile as promised in their bet, Mikoto has T?ma do whatever she wants, dragging him to a mobile phone shop which is offering a Gekota phone strap for those who take out a couples plan. However, in order to qualify for the offer, they have to take a photo of themselves as a loving couple, which is ruined when a jealous Kuroko intervenes. Elsewhere, Last Order gets herself locked out of the apartment which leads to Misaka 10032 making fun of her situation. Last Order is jealous that she is the only Misaka clone which doesn't have goggles, so Last Order steals and run off with Misaka 10032's goggles, which she doesn't take too kindly.
S02E18 Specimen Number (Serial Number) 11/02/2011 In London, the ladies of Necessarius try to learn to use a new washing machine. Back at Academy City, Mikoto finally claims her phone straps, while T?ma encounters Misaka 10032, who is searching for Last Order, and buys her a necklace so he can distinguish her from Mikoto. As Mikoto rejoins them, Misaka 10032 starts teasing her and clinging onto T?ma, attracting the attention of Last Order before Misaka 10032 chases after her again. Elsewhere, Hy?ka appears from the Imaginary District and is apprehended by AntiSkill. Accelerator heads to the underground mall to look for Last Order and ends up encountering Index, who decides to help search for her after he treats her to a meal. Meanwhile, Last Order approaches T?ma to thank him for stopping the Level 6 Shift experiment, mentioning how she hopes to protect Accelerator. T?ma and Last Order soon part ways and join up with Index and Accelerator respectively, though T?ma and Accelerator don't actually see each other, and start making their way home.
S02E19 Amata Kihara (Scientist) 18/02/2011 In Russia, Sasha Kruezhev tries to learn the side effects of her body after Archangel Gabriel possessed her but is harass by her superior Vassilisa. As Accelerator walks Last Order back home, she trips and scrapes her knees so he goes to buy her some bandages. However, he is soon attacked by a group of armed soldiers called the Hound Dogs led by his old mentor, Amata Kihara. While Accelerator easily deals with his men, Amata, who had helped Accelerator learn his powers, knows all the tricks to negate his ability and brutally beats him up. When the Hound Dogs attempt to kidnap Last Order, Accelerator manages to muster up enough strength to blow her away to safety, before Index, who wanted to return a tissue package to him appears on the scene. Meanwhile, T?ma goes looking for Index after she went off but witnesses a group of Anti-Skill officers mysteriously falling unconscious before running into Last Order, who asks for his help. At the same time, a magician from God's Right Seat named Vento of the Front has entered Academy City and contacts Aleister that she has neutralize the Anti-Skill and Judgment forces, killed three of his Board of Directors and is planning to kill him and everyone else in Academy City. Unfazed by her threats, Aleister orders Amata to deploy "FUSE=Kazakiri" and capture Last Order to eliminate Vento.
S02E20 Hound Dog 25/02/2011 Accelerator uses Index's presence as a distraction to force a driver to get him and Index away from the Hound Dogs. Before Amata can go after them, Vento appears and takes care of his men as he pursues after Accelerator. Meanwhile, as T?ma and Last Order search for Accelerator, they escape from the Hound Dogs chasing after her by hiding in a restaurant where everyone is also unconscious. Accelerator leaves Index in the care of Heaven Canceller, who informs him about Last Order's situation. In an attempt to take out the Hound Dogs hunting him, he lures them into a railway factory and kills them off one by one. As T?ma and Last Order continue to hide, they are confronted by Vento, whose image has caused several people, including Aiho and Kazari, to fall unconscious. T?ma defends the unconscious patrons of the restaurant from Vento's attacks and tells Last Order to run as Vento is after him but she soon starts coughing up blood and is forced to flee. Accelerator finally kills the last Hound Dog soldier hunting him but his actions have been witness by an Anti-Skill patrol unit, putting him as a wanted murder suspect. Meanwhile, Tsuchimikado is investigating Vento's actions, and comes across a white spectral being.
S02E21 Teaching Device (Testament) 04/03/2011 As Tsuchimikado battles against the spectral being who is working with Vento to kill the unconscious residents of Academy City, T?ma calls Accelerator from Last Order's cellphone to update him on her status. Accelerator soon learns that Amata has managed to capture Last Order, though is keeping her alive for some reason. Aleister then uses Testament, with Last Order's authorization, to summon an angel to appear in the city to target those who use magic. As T?ma, Mikoto and Index head towards where the angel is, Index realizes the angel is actually Hy?ka. As Mikoto holds off the Hound Dogs, Index explains the nature of Vento's Divine Punishment, which targets anyone who experiences a certain emotion towards her and how Hy?ka isn't an ordinary angel. T?ma tells her to work with Mikoto to combine their knowledge of magic and science to figure out how to help her. Meanwhile, Accelerator breaks into the Hound Dog's headquarters and confronts Amata. As T?ma witnesses Hy?ka's controlled state and feels helpless, since using his right hand would kill her, Vento appears before him again, threatening to kill them both, so T?ma stands to defend Hy?ka.
S02E22 Divine Punishment Spell 11/03/2011 Accelerator starts to fight Amata, but the battery for his link to the Misaka Network runs out, leaving him paralyzed and defenseless. However, he begins to move again by force of will and starts to come after Amata. Meanwhile, T?ma fights against Vento, who continues to be weakened by Testament, while Hy?ka makes snow appear over the city, protecting the unconscious civilians. Vento reveals her hatred towards science because both she and her little brother got into accident at a amusement park that was supposed to be the safest and the hospital only had enough blood to save her alone. T?ma argues against her reasoning for her actions and manages to punch and knock her out. Index appears in Amata's HQ and, thanks to Mikoto's knowledge of science, learns that Last Order is being used as a container to create the angel. She sings a song in order to sever the shackles controlling Last Order, which in turn resonates with Accelerator who awakens as a result and blasts Amata into the sky. In the end, Acqua of the Back from God's Right Seat appears and gives T?ma Vento's cross as her Divine Punishment has been dispelled before warning T?ma not to fight him as he is a Saint and leaves with Vento.
S02E23 Before the Outbreak of War 25/03/2011 Thanks to Index, Hy?ka returns to normal and, despite blaming herself for the chaos she caused, T?ma ensures her she also protected the city's populace. As Acqua retreats with Vento and the rest of her men from Academy City, Accelerator is captured by the City's security forces. As the city recovers from Vento's attack, Tsuchimikado and T?ma's class have dinner at a sukiyaki restaurant where they later talk about how a war will be coming to Academy City. Meanwhile, the City's Board of Directors punishes Accelerator for his actions by making him join a special Team called GROUP which compose of Tsuchimikado, Awaki and the mage who disguised himself as Mitsuki Unabara. After increasing the time limit of Accelerator's powers, GROUP first mission is to neutalzie the threat pose by the Skill-Outs, gangs of Level 0s lead by Ritoku Komaba, who are taking advantage of the lack security in the city after the Anti-Skills are forced to defend the city's outskirts to prepare themselves for more attacks by the Catholic church. As Accelerator and Awaki begin their attack at the Skill-Out's home turf, Awaki comes across Ritoku.
S02E24 Armed Group (Skill Out) 01/04/2011 Despite her abilities, Awaki finds herself at a disadvantage as Ritoku is using stolen military weapons including an exo-suit called 'Hard Taping' which gives him incredible speed and strength. After defeating her, Ritoku then confronts Accelerator, using a chaff grenade to interfere with his Misaka Network link. However, Accelerator manages to use a pistol to clear the air and land a shot on him, thanks to Awaki's assistance. After killing Ritoku, Accelerator decides to do some overtime and encounters a drunk Misuzu, who is searching for the Dangai University database center for a report. After sending her off in a taxi, where she exchanges numbers with T?ma, Accelerator is contacted by GROUP's mysterious head, who reveals that they have hired the Skill-Outs to kill Misuzu as she is the Parent-Student representative who are attempting to take their children out of Academy City before the impending war. When they cut off his powers after he refuses to help the Skill-Outs, Accelerator decides to head to Dangai University to rescue Misuzu despite spotting T?ma, who also goes there to save Misuzu after she called him for help. Thanks to Accelerator's unseen aid, T?ma is able to escape with Misuzu from the Skill-Outs, only to confront by one of them named Shiage Hamazura. Shiage is desperate to kill to Misuzu as the City's higher-ups will exterminate the Skill-Outs if they fail but T?ma berates Shiage's ideals of trampling over other lives and knocks him out. As T?ma is admitted into hospital, Mizusu admits she came to take Mikoto home, but feels safe knowing there are people like him to protect her. Accelerator later meets with the rest of GROUP who reveals the order on Misuzu's life has been canceled and the four of them decide to work together so they may one day take on the higher-ups. As each of the characters spend the night in their own ways, Hy?ka and Index visit the injured T?ma.

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